Chapter One:

Stonemoore Academy. A boarding school in the beautiful English countryside. 70 acres of land surrounded by a tall stone wall. The only entrance into the grounds is via a set of strong metal gates, protected by two guards. It is a mile long path to get to the central courtyard of the Academy. The building itself dates back to the 17th century. It was huge building, in a square shape, hollowed out in the centre for the courtyard. A picturesque wood covered most of the land around the front and side of the building, and a river ran right through the grounds. It was the kind of place that seemed to be only real in fairy tales, yet here it was in the deep country.

The land and building had been bought by a mysterious man, who paid in full cash up front. No one had even noticed that he had transformed the building into a boarding school until many years later. However, it was not a school you could apply for. Only those chosen and asked were able to go to the school, and it was all very secretive. It was believed only around ten pupils actually attended the school at a time, but of course no one was allowed in the grounds without special permission so nobody really knew anything about this strange school.

The school was in the middle of nowhere. Surrounded by defences that could challenge the Queen's. Located in a huge plot of woodland, riverbank and grassland. In an age old building that you could run a marathon around. The perfect hiding place for the pupils that attended.

Because Stonemoore Academy is not just any boarding school. It is an academy for extraordinary children in extraordinary circumstances.

Francis, a vampire, and lost all his memories from age.

Mara, a girl gifted with amazing magical powers.

Chad, a super genius.

Clara, a ghost.

Iris, the daughter of Death.

Onyx, the daughter of the Devil.

Will, a boy caught up in the fight between Death and the Devil.

Diane, a girl whose family was slaughtered and now is hunted by their murderers.

Liam, a young boy who transforms into a rabbit whenever he has contact with a human.

Zachery, a half-elf who can't remember his past.

Penelope, escaped from her fate to become one of the US's top spies.

Calvin, a boy who, after serious abuse, refuses to speak.

Rose, Haunted by the ghosts of her family.

Alice, a small girl with super strength.

Fourteen children. Fourteen pasts. Fourteen futures. Yet all living and working together in order to survive the present. Because pain, suffering, difficulty, hardships. This is what it means to be a student at Stonemoore Academy.