Slow Burn

Little Jamie lithely padded down the school's tiled hallway, humming a happy little tune to himself. His step was light, as if he didn't have a care in the world.

He continued ambling down the corridor for a while, not in any particular kind of rush, before he was slammed roughly against the cold, metal lockers. His breath left his chest as a hand was pressed to his throat, wrapping around his collar. Jamie's gaze slid from the hand, up a muscular arm to lock eyes with his biggest fear: Rave.

Rave was infamous at the school: the bad boy that every girl wanted and every boy wanted to be. Only a fortunate few were called his friends, and there they were, standing a few meters behind him. Rave's notorious smirk was pasted to his face as he tightened his grip, pressing poor little Jamie into the lockers harder.

A soft whimper escaped Jamie's lips as his feet left the ground. His vision became a little fuzzy at the edges from the lack of oxygen, but his small, delicate hands still scratched at Rave's rough ones, trying to pull them away.

Rave's friends laughed cruelly at the display as Rave leaned in close, his nose mere centimeters from Jamie's. He exhaled slowly, his minty breath leaving his plush lips to be sucked desperately into Jamie's discoloring ones. Rave's grip loosened a bit as his grin widened.

"Aww… poor Jamie," he sneered. He drew a hand back before landing a harsh slap across Jamie's delicate face, surely leaving a mark.

Jamie's thin limbs pushed against Rave's chest and arms, but he was next to useless in anything involving strength. Rave's hand drew back again, this time landing a hard blow to the small boy's already bruised stomach.

Jamie groaned in pain, drawing more laughter from Rave and his entourage. "S-s-stop…" Jamie struggled to stutter out.

Rave tightened his grip, his smirk continuing to flash. "And what can you do to save yourself, fairy? Nothing." The tall boy jeered in front of Jamie's pain-filled eyes.

Jamie was gay. Everyone knew that. No one really had a problem with it. What they did have a problem with was Rave, who always seemed to have a huge problem with anyone who ever dared to associate themselves with little Jamie.

Rave pressed himself against Jamie. He growled threateningly to him, causing Jamie's ocean blue eyes to widen almost humorously. To Rave's friends, it seemed Rave was choking Jamie harder, pressing his bruised body into the lockers, but Jamie knew better, or rather he felt it. That not-so-little something hard pressing into his own groin. This made Jamie struggle even harder, producing more laughter from Rave's buddies.

Rave slammed Jamie into the lockers one final time before dropping him, the tiny boy's light little body crumpling to the floor.

The tall boy bent down, grinning, grabbing Jamie's chin to pull his eyes towards him. "See you later, fairy," he laughed, and smacked the small boy's tear-stained face hard, before standing and walking away with his friends.

"Too bad you have to live next to the little fag," one of them chuckled. Rave turned and sent a secretive smirk towards the thin boy, who still lay limp on the floor.

"Yeah…too bad," he stated slowly, almost sarcastically, but no one questioned him, no one noticed, but poor little Jamie, near passed out on the cold tile.

As their laughter faded away, Jamie shifted a bit, checking for any serious injuries. When he was sure he had none, he sat up, moaning a bit at the pain of pressure on new and old bruises marring his otherwise perfect skin. He lightly lifted the edge of his shirt, gazing down at his flat stomach, riddled with purple bruises. It was beautiful the way the color contrasted with the pearly white skin. I'm sick, he thought, as he dropped the cotton t shirt.

He stood slowly, finding himself wondering when he would see Rave again. Oh, how that boy treated him, abusing his already beaten body. It was painful. It was terrible. It was delicious. I really am sick, he pondered as he continued to his class, almost anticipating his next encounter with the older teen.

As lunch rolled around, Jamie once again found himself wandering the deserted halls, with nothing to do. He simply roamed the bland corridors for no particular reason other than boredom. He was turning a corner when he collided with another, more solid body, causing the small boy to tumble, landing on his bum.

"Oww…" he mumbled as he rubbed his now sore behind.

"Ooooh my god! I am sooooo sorry!!!" came a smooth voice. Jamie lifted his gaze to see another teen, much taller than his puny 5 foot 2 frame. He had blonde hair, tossed around his head in a messy, but cute style to go with his bright, sky blue eyes. The boy held out a hand to help little Jamie up.

The small boy smiled and took the hand, hoisting himself up. He hadn't ever seen this boy before. But the way he was looking at him was a little bit off…he must be new.

"I'm Shawn," the blonde boy said, offering a toothy grin.

"Jamie," the short brunette replied. "Where are you going?"

"I'm actually looking for the office. I've been looking for it for forever…" the tall blonde replied. A coy smile worked its way onto his features. "You wouldn't happen to know where it is, would you?"

"Yeah, follow me." Jamie answered, turning in the direction of the office, failing to notice the smirk on Shawn's face. The two teens walked for a few minutes, passing a few other students on the way.

"So you're new?" the short boy asked, breaking the silence.

"Yep…and you see, Jamie…" he trailed off. The small boy turned to him with a confused glance. Suddenly, Shawn whipped around, grabbing Jamie roughly, pulling him into an empty classroom. He slammed poor Jamie against a wall, receiving a yelp of pain from the slight teen. He pressed his body flush against the small boy, pinning him.

"I was thinking that you and I could be really good friends…"

Jamie tried his hardest to struggle out of the stronger boy's grasp. "N-n-no…"

Cold fingers crept up his shirt, pulling it up and over his head, to be tossed carelessly to the side. Tears leaked from the small boy's eyes. He felt awful, even as Shawn gently caressed his pale cheek. Why does this feel so much worse than when it's Rave? He thought…Why am I even thinking of Rave at a time like this…

He was pulled from his thoughts by a mouth sucking on the soft flesh of his thin neck. "S-s-stop!" he insisted, only to have a hand cover his mouth.

"Shh…don't worry. It'll be ok…" Shawn unsuccessfully reassured.

No it won't be!! Thought Jamie, shaking his head vehemently. Calloused hands ran over the expanse of his chest, making him shudder in the worst of ways.

Suddenly, Shawn was ripped away from the small boy, thrown halfway across the room. Jamie opened his eyes that he didn't even realized were squeezed shut to see, to his surprise, Rave, who had Shawn by the hair. He yanked hard, pulling a squeal of pain from the no longer threatening blonde, before leaning down to growl something into his ear. A look of pure terror spread across Shawn's face as Rave dropped him. He scrambled towards the door, but not fast enough. The tall brunette kicked him in the ribs, hard, sending him a few more feet towards the door.

Rave stalked over and grabbed the blonde by the back of his collar, picking him up off the ground entirely, before tossing him out the door and slamming it shut. He clicked it locked, and turned around to see a shaken Jamie huddling in the corner, teary eyes wide.

The tall boy softly walked towards little Jamie, crouching down in front of him, frowning as the small boy winced away from him. He reached out and touched his soft cheek, thumbs brushing tears away, only to make room for more. Poor Jamie sniffed as he blinked back tears, finally bringing them to a stop.

"You okay, Jamie?" Rave asked softly.

The small brunette nodded softly, sniffling wiping his face with the backs of his hands.

"Good," the taller boy smirked. Jamie looked up at his change in tone just in time to see Rave pull his hand back to slap him hard across the cheek, leaving a bright red hand print on the snow white, tear-stained skin.

The older boy grabbed Jamie's delicate face in his hands roughly, bringing their gazes together. "Don't you remember what I told you, Jamie?," Rave growled, pleased when the smaller boy's eyes filled with fear. "You're mine. No one else is allowed to touch you. No one but me." He slammed the small boy against the wall once more before pressing his lips to his small, plump ones, moaning at the sweet taste.

Little Jamie pushed at the strong chest in front of him, but to no avail. The taller boy grabbed his thin wrists in one hand, pinning them above his head to the wall before pulling away, slapping him with his free hand.

"You're mine. You do everything I say, when I say it. Don't disobey me." He hissed as he ran his rough hand down Jamie's smooth chest.

The small boy whimpered as he tried to pull away, his stomach twisting in delight, but his mind telling him this was wrong. "N-no…" he whispered.

"You don't mean that." The older boy pointed out the thin boys growing bulge. Jamie blushed as he continued to struggle. He yipped when Rave suddenly grabbed his groin, palming it to hardness. "You're such a slut." The older boy, growled.

Jamie moaned, thrusting his small hips into Rave's grasp, begging for more. Rave sunk his teeth into the soft flesh of the smaller boy's neck. "God, you're so cute."

The older boy abruptly stood up, grabbing a chunk of Jamie's soft brown hair, pulling the lithe boy to his knees.

"How about you use that cute little mouth of yours?" he smirked, pushing Jamie's face towards his center.

Jamie moaned, the thrill of being forced to do such a thing at school and the anticipation of what he was about to do strengthening his arousal.

He slowly leaned forward, unbuttoning the metal button of Rave's jeans and slowly pulling down the zipper with his teeth. The older boy's large member proudly popped out, revealing the taller boy's lack of underwear.

Jamie licked his lips, strangely turned on by this treatment, and nipped gently at the side of the older boy's shaft before placing a soft kiss on the leaking tip.

Rave released a low guttural moan, throwing his head back in pleasure. "Just suck me, you whore."

The small boy complied, gently taking the head into his hot little mouth, sliding his tongue over and teasing the slit within the tip.

Rave groaned in response and grabbed the back of Jamie's head, shoving the rest of his pulsing member down the smaller boy's throat. Jamie mewled loudly, sending incredible vibrations through the flesh in his mouth, drawing a deep moan from Rave.

Jamie reached down to palm himself through his pants, desperate for relief, when Rave cruelly yanked his hair, painfully hard, tearing a yelp from the tiny boy's throat. "No, no, no, you're not allowed to do that, Jamie."

The younger boy whimpered as he worked his mouth, running his tongue down and up Rave's shaft before teasing the slit and repeating the pattern, occasionally raking his teeth across the stiff flesh. The larger boy leaned his hands on the wall in front of him, scratching at the ugly white paint. He thrust his hips forward, mercilessly fucking poor little Jamie's face.

Jamie grazed his teeth gently along the pulsing flesh between his full lips before inhaling deeply and releasing the loudest, lowest moan he could muster while swallowing around Rave's member.

Rave bit his lip as he felt cum moving through his balls and up his shaft. His hips thrust faster and harder as Jamie's head bobbed faster and faster. The small boy was swallowing at the thick member as quick as possible as pre cum leaked down his throat.

The older boy shuddered as he shot into the shorter boy's mouth. The smaller boy continued sucking to milk out his orgasm, trying to swallow all of the white sticky substance, yet some still spilled from the corner of his mouth.

The younger of the two pulled off of Rave's now limp member and sat back, dazedly gazing up at the older boy.

Rave stared right back, humming in appreciation at the sight. Jamie looked absolutely delicious at the moment: clothes rumpled and riding up, eyes clouded and glazed with lust, hair messily strewn around that lewd face, and those swollen, shiny red lips, hanging slightly open with a trickle of white cum dribbling from the corner. Absolutely tantalizing…

"Fuck, Jamie, you're so…mmm." The taller boy threw the tiny boy onto his hands and knees, quickly snatching something from his own pants pocket.

"Strip, slut" the boy commanded, receiving immediate obedience as the smaller boy hastily shed his unnecessary clothing, all the way down to his socks. As soon as he was finished revealing his smooth, milky skin, he was pushed back into position, his bum pulled high into the air.

Rave gently kissed the base of the silent boy's spine as he softly groped at the soft round globes of his ass. Jamie mewled as he felt calloused fingers slip between his cheeks.

"I have a present for you, Jamie. I really think you'd like it." The muscular boy whispered, almost sweetly. He slipped a finger into Jamie's ass, eliciting an enthusiastic moan from his small mouth.

Rave wiggled his finger around in the tight channel, making the thin boy whimper and buck his hips back, trying to take in more. His body thrummed in excitement and he panted heavily as he moaned for more.

The older teen retracted his finger, drawing an unwilling groan at the loss from his little toy. He chuckled before pulled back to kiss the quiet boy's round buttocks. His strong hands pried apart the smooth orbs, exposing hot, moist skin to cool air. He groaned at the sight of Jamie's tiny, puckered entrance before dipping his head down to slowly run his hot tongue over it, savoring the taste of the small boy. It was clean and sweet, yet overwhelmingly erotic, just like him.

Jamie gave a loud whorish moan at the sensation, arching his back more than he thought he ever could. Rave chuckled at this even more before placing a quick and a little nibble on the sweet flesh of Jamie's ass before coming up to murmur in his ear.

"Ready for you surprise, Jamie baby?" the older boy whispered sweetly, his sadistic smirk hidden from the younger boy's view.

The thin boy had no choice but to nod, which he did quite fervently, much to Rave's amusement. His member ached in need of release which was so close, yet so incredibly out of reach.

"Please," he begged urgently, lifting his ass further into the air in hopes of persuading the older boy.

Rave groaned at the action before he picked up the item he had retrieved from his pocket, which had lain forgotten on the cool floor.

"I really think you're going to enjoy this, Jamie," Rave grinned as he slipped the small, egg-shaped object into Jamie's awaiting hole.

"Cold…" the quiet boy complained as the unknown-to-him object slowly glided inside, penetrating him. He whined at the feeling, the cold plastic making him quiver.

"Don't worry, slut, it gets even better," Rave smirked as he reached back into his pocket, reemerging with a small plastic remote with a sliding switch. He slid the switch up just a bit, and watched as a slight buzzing noise reached his ears and the small boy squirmed and cried out.

"W-w-what?" Jamie stuttered out in between pants and moans, his hips rocking. The thing inside him vibrated and made his insides squirm.

"It's my new toy. I got is especially for you, Jamie. Don't you like it?" he licked his lips as he slid the switch up a little more, until it was about a quarter of the way up.

The small boy moaned in response as he flipped onto his back, his hands pressing on his lower stomach, trying to relieve the slightly ticklish feeling inside of him.

Right then, the bell rang, signaling the end of the lunch period.

"Oh, looks like we're out of time, little Jamie." The taller boy smirked sadistically. "Time to get back to class."

Jamie's clear blue eyes widened and he gasped at the command. "B-b-but.."

The muscular boy frowned. "But what, Jamie?"

The small boy shook as he looked back down, tremblingly pulling his clothes on, still feeling the thing move inside of him.

He stood up, his knees weak as he leaned against the wall to steady himself.

Rave grinned evilly as he kissed the short boy's hair before pulling himself up. "Good boy, Jamie."

He slapped Jamie's bum, jolting him as the object inside him moved. He took out the remote, and slid the switch down, reducing the buzzing noise to a barely noticeable hum.

"Let's go." Rave pushed Jamie into the hall and watched as he staggered to their final class.

As they walked past a restroom, Jamie started heading towards the dingy door, but the taller boy grabbed his delicate arm.

"Nope, you're not allowed to take it out." He grinned like the Cheshire cat as the small boy grasped his bag in front of him, trying to cover his painfully obvious erection, and whimpered.

The taller boy laughed as he walked ahead to class, leacing his toy to stumble to class shakily.

Jamie finally made it to the room, late, and slowly and carefully sat down at his desk, barely holding back a moan behind swollen lips as he was scolded by a grumpy, wrinkled teacher.

Rave smirked from his seat behind the poor boy as he silently slipped the little black remote from his pocket, slowing sliding it up a notch.

The younger boy jolted as he felt the thing inside him vibrate harder than before, making a few people glance at him oddly as the teacher continued to ramble endlessly.

Poor Jamie did anything he could to distract himself from the object shaking his lithe frame. He panted softly and he could feel a bit of sweat gathering on the back of his neck.

Unfortunately for him, the teacher decided to call on him to answer the nearly impossible math equation on the board.

Jamie bit his lip and looked down, hoping to have the hard plastic school chair swallow him entirely.

"Jamie," the coarse voice of the teacher bellowed. "stand up and answer the question."

The small boy shakily sighed and stood and tried his best to solve the equation, facing the board so he missed the devious smirk the spread across the face of the older boy behind him. Rave slowly slid the switch up to the highest point, to the end labeled max.

"Ah!" Jamie squealed in surprise as he jumped before bending forward, grasping at the edges of his desk, trying to keep any other sounds from slipping past his lips. The toy inside of him was shaking insanely, sending bolts of pleasure through his small body.

"Jamie? Is there a problem?" the wrinkled man in the front prodded.

"N-no…" the thin boy stammered to reply as classmates around him checked their phones in the response to the vibrating, buzzing him that now permeated the room.

"Do you know the answer?" the man asked, looking over the small glasses perched precariously over his nose to inspect the shaking teen.

"Umm…" Jamie stalled, trying to focus through the pleasure wracking through his body. "F-f-four?"

"Good." He nodded, moving on as the lithe boy sat down again, his hands balled into tight fists, knuckles white as Rave sniggered as his slid the control down to just above off.

Jamie sighed in relief as the teacher began assigning homework, indicating the approaching end of school.

As the bell rang, Jamie clamored to shove all his belongings into his bag before rushing to the bathroom, cheeks flushed and panting, but he was jerked back by strong arms wrapping around his thin waist.

"Oh no you don't, not yet." Rave chided him, leading him to the buses.

Jamie sat in a seat a few feet from the front as Rave headed straight towards the back. Other students began filing in and filling the seats. A girl sat next to Jamie, sending him a small shy smile.

The small boy was about the return the gesture when the thing inside him began to vibrate intensely, causing him to yelp and jerk his thin arm, successfully thwacking the poor girl's jean covered leg. She frowned before tossing him a confused look before standing to choose another seat mate.

Jamie whipped around to face Rave, sending him the most exasperated look. The tall boy simply smirked and turned the toy up to max, reveling in Jamie's discomfort. The small boy simply turned back around and squirmed in his seat the whole way home.

Eventually, the yellow bus slowed to a stop. The two teens stood, moving towards the door. Jamie's tiny feet pattered unsteadily as he staggered towards the exit until they collided with large sneakers thrust into his path. He squeaked as his arms flew in front of his face, preparing to meet the disgusting black bus floor. A large hand shot out and grasped his upper arm, stopping the potential disaster. Rave glared at the now cowering boy who had dared to try to hurt his Jamie before tugging the small boy out of the vehicle, shoes slapping the pavement as he dragged the poor boy into his empty house.

The older of the two pulled Jamie up the stairs to his room two steps at a time and he licked at his lips in anticipation.

He threw open his door before unceremoniously picking up and tossing Jamie onto his comforter covered bed. He reached under his bed swiftly, snagging up four pairs of handcuffs he kept exclusively for his cute little Jamie. The muscular boy quickly ripped the obviously unnecessary clothing from both of their bodies before securing four thin limps to his bed posts, spreading Jamie eagle, leaving nothing to the imagination.

The small boy trembled on the sheets, half from the cold as his bare skin met the air, half from fear as he weakly tugged at his restraints, panting as the round object inside him continued to shake him. Rave groaned at the sight of the quiet boy unconsciously rocking his hips softly on the bed, a slight sheen of sweat glistening on his smooth, pale skin.

"T-take it o-out," Jamie whined, biting his lip softly as his ground his bum into the bed, attempting to entice the older boy. Rave slowly climbed on top of him, careful not the crush his tiny body with his eight. His tongue slid over the shell of the smaller boy's ear.

"mmm nope," the older boy groaned his he ran his nose along the small boy's jaw line. "I want you to take it out yourself." He whispered into Jamie's ear. The small boy's eyes widened almost comically.

"B-but…" he glanced up and jingled the metal restraints a bit, protesting at the request.

Rave grinned at his predicament before kissing down the slim, pale neck, sucking on his collar bone, trailing light kisses down the smooth chest. A pink tongue darted out to play with a pert, pink nipple, teasing it to a hard peak before continuing down. Jamie's hips bucked when the wet muscle slipped inside his navel, a groan leaking from between his perfect lips.

Rave pulled back and placed a kiss between Jamie's hips.

"I want you to get it out using your muscles here." He grinned, tapping a few fingers just about the small boy's extremely erect member.

"I…I c-can't," Jamie whimpered as he rocked his hips harder, panting in arousal and effort.

"It's not coming out any other way, babe," Rave growled, sinking his teeth into the sweet flesh of Jamie's thigh. The small boy whined as he thought through his options.

After a few moments, he sighed in defeat, not seeing any way out of his predicament. He arches he back as he clenched the muscles inside of him around the still vibrating toy, moaning as the movements intensified. He tried to push the invader out of his tight channel, groaning as his felt the smooth plastic slide through the cavity slowly, almost painfully.

"Good boy, Jamie," Rave whispered as he petted up and down Jamie's smooth legs, feeling the soft, heated skin as he watched the hole that he loved so much twitch in the small boy's effort.

A soft moan blew past the thin boy's lips as he struggles to force the toy from his body. He shuddered as he felt his entrance start to stretch around the end of the round object, the vibrations still sending pleasure shooting up his spine.

Rave moaned at the sight of the silver plastic starting to peek through the small boy's opening. He leaned forward, running the tip of his tongue softly over and around the hot entrance. Jamie gasped, his hips leaving the bed as he arched, unclenching his body.

The round vibrating toy slipped back inside, making the thin boy groan in disappointment.

"So close, baby," Rave whispered as he nibbled on the inside of Jamie's thigh, chuckling at his frustration. Jamie moaned as he tried to push the intrusive object out again.

"Oh, there it is," Rave grinned as the silver began peeking out, slipping out little by little.

Jamie gave a loud moan as he felt the toy finally drop out of his hole, though it left him feeling a bit empty. He began grinding his ass into the bed, until two strong hands held his hips still. Rave turned the toy off before tossing it aside and turning his attention back to the desperately panting boy on his bed.

"God, you're so hot, Jamie," he praised as he leaned up to press his lips to the small boy's perfectly soft ones. He reached down and pressed two digits into his waiting hole, watching as the small boy mewled in appreciation.

"You're so hot here, Jamie, so tight," he moaned and whispered wetly into the boy's ear. Jamie panted as his bucked his hips onto the thrusting fingers, his skin starting to develop a sheen of sweat.

The muscular boy was dying to make little Jamie take all of him inside that beautiful little body. His erection was painful now, he could feel it throbbing in between his legs.

"P-please…" the thin boy begged. "I need… I-I need…"

"What is it? What do you need?"

"I need you! Please!" Jamie whimpered desperately.

Rave grinned as he reached under his bed, grabbing a bottle of lube. He squeezed a dollop of the cold, clear gel into his hand. He massaged some into and around Jamie's twinging hole. He slid the remaining substance onto his member before positioning himself in between the thin, widely spread legs.

He leaned down and sunk his teeth into the soft next, and pinching an alert nipple, making the small boy groan loudly.

"You ready, Jamie?" the taller boy asked throatily.

Jamie nodded enthusiastically and arched more than he thought was possible as he felt Rave begin to push into him.

Rave eased the head of his cock in slowly and groaned at the tight heat that gripped at his member. He froze with just the tip inside.

Jamie's lips parted as he panted and tried to thrust his hips, but was held still by the handcuffs. Rave started to thrust shallowly, just enough to tease, not enough to satisfy.

The short boy whined in frustration, "Harder!"

The taller boy simple shook his head as he continued to such on the sweet skin, leaving dark marks that would certainly raise questions.

"Just…just..f-fuck me!" Jamie screamed in desperation, his throat growing sore from the volume.

Rave grinned as he pulled out completely, not giving the small boy a chance to protest before slamming in all the way, as hard as he could. The tiny boy screamed in pain and pleasure as the taller boy thrust in and out of him roughly, digging his nails into the slim hips, leaving small little crescent shaped marks.

Jamie bucked his hips to meet the powerful thrusts coming from above him.

"You like it?" Rave asked huskily. "You like it when I thrust into you like this?" he aimed a particularly rough thrust at the small boy's prostate.

Jamie arched off the bed completely, moaning louder than ever before. His dick twitched in pleasure as his oversensitive bundle of nerves was struck repeatedly.

The older boy groaned as Jamie tightened around him.

"Babe, you're so tight," he growled through clenched teeth while the small boy moaned profanities and pleas that would make a porn star blush.

Jamie groaned loudly, those turning into shouts as a hand wrapped around his throbbing member, pumping him in time with their synchronized thrusts.

"Ah! Mmm I-I'm c-c-close!" he wailed as he felt the heat coiling tightly in his core.

Rave continued to thrust straight into the sensitive bundle of nerves inside the small boy, nearing his own orgasm. The tight heat wrapped around his cock was too much as he increased his pace, making sure that the boy beneath him was feeling just as much pleasure as he was.

Jamie moaned as the knot in his belly suddenly became undone as his seed spilled from the end of his member, screaming the older boy's name. He tightened, milking the older teen's orgasm from him.

Rave growled deeply as he sunk his teeth into Jamie's delicate neck as he came inside of him, thickly coating his insides with the most intense orgasm that he had in a long time.

He continued thrusting, riding out his orgasm while his hand helped Jamie with his. As his hips slowed, he gently pulled out of Jamie's trembling body, quickly undoing Jamie's bindings before falling back onto his bed panting. They both laid there as their oversensitive nerves made them shiver at the feeling of the sweat rolling across their skin.

After a few minutes, the small boy curled into his side as the older teen placed a soft, slow kiss to his hair, then to his lips before sighing.

"I love you, Jamie," he whispered as he drifted off to sleep.

Jamie sighed in contentment. He supposed this kind of relationship would kill him. He also supposed that it would be fine with him, and with that thought, his tired ocean blue eyes slipped shut in sleep.