Damien and Angel

A sick grin slid onto Damien's flawless features. He licked his lips as he stood cloaked by the shadows. The object of his current interest was approaching, slinking quietly through the alley he traveled every night on his journey home from work.

Easy money, Damien thought as he felt the weight of $15,000 in clean bills burning a hole in his jacket pocket. Sharp footsteps neared and he sighed. What greed could cause… it caused the death of his parents, and his dear beloved brother, and it was about to take the approaching man who was now in sight.

When the middle-aged man was in reach, Damien's hand, quick as lightning, flashed out, striking him to the ground. "What the fuck!" the short business man yelped at the impact.

Damien stepped into the scanty moonlight, his steel dagger glinting in the silver beams. The now trembling man's eyes widened at the sight of the razor-sharp blade.

"No…", he whimpered as he scrambled back in his futile attempt at escape, his hands forward as a useless barrier between him and a painful death.

Damien chuckled as he snapped his wrist forward, easily slicing a single digit from the man's protruding hand. The man fell back shrieking as he pleaded. "Please!! I'll pay you anything!" he sobbed as he clutched his leaking hand to his chest.

At the proposition, Damien flicked a strand of black hair from his eyes, threw his head back, and laughed aloud. He looked down at the sniveling mess beneath him. "Your life is the one thing your dirty money can't buy."

An ear-shattering scream rang through the polluted city air as Damien sank the blade deep into the man's chest. Blood dribbled down from his mouth as he sputtered, gurgled, fighting for every breath.

Damien grinned as he slid the blade from the gash, watching with unbridled interest as blood ran down to the tip of the tainted blade before falling to spatter on the soiled pavement.

Suddenly, the man hacked, spitting up crimson blood onto his killer's crisp white button down shirt.

"Bitch! Look what you did! Angel's gonna have to clean that!" Damien yelled as his whipped the blade into the man's face, slicing deeply into the weathered skin.

Only moans of pain spilled from the dying man's lips now. The whimpers and groans brought Damien's thoughts to the delicious treat waiting for him back home. Just the idea sent his blood rushing south.

He decided to finish up quickly and hurry on home. He quickly sliced limbs and chunks off the flabby body, leaving behind nothing more than an indistinguishable heap of dismembered chunks of flesh.

Damien sighed as he turned to leave the cramped alleyway. He climbed into an indiscriminant black car a few blocks down and drove off, his mind still on his toy at home. He wondered how he was doing. How much does he need him?

Damien drove for a good twenty minutes before pulling up to a quaint house on the outskirts of town, just a simple living common living place, nothing special. He bit his lip in anticipation as he walked through the door. He could hear soft whimpers coming from the cold basement, and he smiled to himself. The sound aroused him as he moved to wash his hands in the kitchen sink. He didn't want to get his Angel dirty…

The black-haired man hurriedly dried his hands before walking downstairs to stand in front of the basement door. He shed his jacket, tossing it on the floor. He could pick it up later. Damien licked his lips as soft whines continued to slip from behind the wooden door before him.

He smirked as his wrenched the door open, swinging it wide open as he stepped inside.

His breath caught in his throat as he laid eyes on his Angel.

The beautiful blonde boy was writhing, nude, suspended in the air of the bare concrete room. His wrists were bound by leather cuffs and chains to the ceiling, spreading his arms wide. His long, sexily thin legs were spread also, chained to the ground, stretching his lithe body into an X. He whined behind the ball gag that had been placed between his plush, pink lips.

A delightful hum sounded through the room, and Damien grinned as he eyed the device of his own design. He walked around the room, licking his lips as he watched the sweat drip down Angel's beautifully pale body. He stopped directly behind the blonde boy, his eyes landing on his contraption, a steel post, about four feet high, the vibrating steel plug at the top disappearing into Angel's trembling body, making him squirm and groan behind the gag.

Damien walked up behind his Angel in the air, pressing his still-clothed body to his bare sweaty one. He slid a warm tongue over the shell of Angel's ear, gently blowing into it. He chuckled as he whispered into the panting boy's ear, "Did you enjoy the toy, my Angel?"

The small blue-eyed boy moaned in response behind the gag, wiggling his slight body against Damien's much larger one as much as he could in his bound state.

Damien smirked as he reached down into the side of his toy, flipping a switch and marveled at Angel's reaction as the vibrating plug began to thrust up and down, in and out of the thin boy's entrance.

Angel's squeal was muffled by the gag as the steel plug pounded at his prostate. His little body tried to curl in on itself, but was held back by the chains. His core burned with the desire to come, but he was held back by a leather ring encircling his straining cock.

"How do you like it now?" Damien murmured deeply into his ear. His hand reached around to absentmindedly stroke at Angel's restrained dick.

The thin boy kept mewling and groaning behind the gag, tears starting to run down his flushed cheeks.

"Mmm, you're so sexy" Damien growled into his ear. He reached back down and turned a knob.

The plug began to vibrate harder, and thrust faster and deeper. Angel's eyes widened, black pupils consuming ocean blue irises as he screamed, orgasming dry as pleasure flooded through his veins. He rocked his hips as much as possible, as he rode out his orgasm on the plug, his cock still rock hard and straining against the band.

Damien smirked before finally turning off his toy, pressing another button to send the pole into the floor. Angel hung limply from the chains, breathing heavily and his eyes glazed over with lust, whining as the plug withdrew from inside him.

Damien released Angel's legs, then his arms, catching the small boy as he fell into his arms. He undid the gag and smiled as Angel sighed, finally being able to close his mouth. Angel stretched and bent his limps, groaning as they cracked in protest after being stretched for so long.

The small blonde boy reached down to palm at the pounding flesh between his legs, but his small hand was slapped away by Damien's larger one. "We're not done yet, my little Angel."

The lithe boy whined as he was slung over Damien's shoulder. He yelped as the older man slapped his ass a few times as he walked upstairs to the bedroom.

He tossed the small boy face down onto the mattress, pulling his ass up by his hips. He gave Angel's tight hole a few slow licks, running his tongue over the abused entrance softly. He chuckled as the hole clenched as he licked over it. "Such a slut for it, aren't you?"

Angel only moaned in response, crying out as he felt fingers enter him.

Damien bit his lip as he roughly thrust two fingers into Angel's clenching orifice. He groaned as Angel's silky insides squeezed tight around the intrusion. God, the boy was sexy. "Fuck," he growled as he rubbed the digits against Angel's soft walls. "Stretched all day, and you're still as tight as a virgin."

Angel mewled and clamped down on the intruding fingers as they poked at his tiny bundle of nerves.

Damien chuckled and pulled his fingers from the small blonde's entrance. He peeled his clothing from his body, flinging them to an unknown part of the room. Angel rolled over and sighed dreamily as he let his eyes roam over the man's flawless skin stretched over toned, defined muscles. He reached out and ran his delicate fingers over the bumps and grooves of Damien's stomach, marveling at the hard muscle before looking down at his own thin body in contempt.

The black haired man rolled his green eyes before leaning down and planting a kiss on Angel's soft rose petal lips. "You're beautiful, absolutely gorgeous." He murmured as he flipped the small boy back over before climbing on top of him. He reached over and grabbed an almost empty bottle of lube from the night stand before slathering it all over his cock.

Damien set the tip at the blonde boy's entrance, rubbing it into him, just enough to tease, but not yet pushing in. Angel whined in want as he tried to thrust his hips back to impale himself, but Damien had a tight grip on his hips, keeping him still.

"Do you want it?" the older of the two asked as he grinded harder into Angel's ass.

The thin boy nodded frantically, whispering "I want it", as tears of need started to trickle down his porcelain cheeks.

Damien reached forward, grasping a fist full of Angel's shaggy, but soft blonde hair, yanking him up, pressing the tiny boy's delicate body to his own. "What do you want?" he spoke wetly into his ear before latching his teeth onto his soft neck. His fingers reached around to pluck at Angel's pert nipples, pinching and tugging at the hard little nubs of flesh, colored a pink that not every body had.

Angel groaned and arched as he pleaded in a breathy moan, "I want you to fuck me."

Damien smirked as he grasped the light boy's hips hard enough to bruise before thrusting his member all the way into Angel's small body in a single push. He moaned as the small boy's ass gripped tightly at his member, greedily sucking it in.

Angel cried out at the intrusion. He was being spread open so wide, stretched to his limit. He moaned as the organ inside him began to thrust in and out, creating delicious friction inside him. He began to thrust his hips with Damien, meeting his ministrations, moans falling from his lips like sweet rain. He loved, craved for the feeling of another's heat inside him, he couldn't get enough of the it.

"You like that?" Damien growled into his ear, shifting his hips to aim his thrusts straight into Angel's spot. Angel yelled out in response, reaching out to fist the sheets, anything to keep him in reality. Any stray thoughts swimming around in his mind were now mush as the blackette behind him continued his assault on his prostate.

Damien smirked as an idea ran through his mind. He lifted Angel up by the back of his thighs, leaning his back onto his chest. He quickly strode over to the bathroom, flicking the light on. He set Angel's feet on the counter, spreading his knees and licked his lips at the sight in the mirror in front of him.

Angel cracked open his eyes he didn't even realize that he had clamped closed and gasped. His face flushed brighter as he gazed into the glass and saw all of the naughty bits of himself that he had never seen before. His breath caught in his throat as his eyes took in the sight of Damien's cock plunged all the way into him. He blushed harder and cried out in embarrassment as he watched the older man's dick begin to thrust shallowly in and out. He began to wiggle his body and struggle, trying to get away from the mirror, but Damien held him to his body tightly, thrusting deeper.

Angel reached out to pull away, but Damien caught his thin wrists and held them with one hand, he sank his teeth into the small boy's neck, before grabbing his chin and making him face the mirror. He ran his down over Angel's body, softly caressing over his neck, over his pectorals, pausing to tweak at his nipples, before continuing down over his abdomen, over his pulsing, bound cock, past his balls, stopping between his wide open legs.

Angel gasped and moaned, still weekly trying to pull away his wrists, but they were held tightly in Damien's grasp. He moaned as he felt feather soft touches all over his body.

Damien grinned as he sank his teeth into Angel's shoulder before running his tongue over the wound in apology. His finger traced Angel's pink entrance, stretched tight around his thrusting cock.

Angel's eyes shot open at the probing digit at his stretched entrance. He gawked incredulously at Damien's reflection.

The older boy smirked evilly as he groaned deep into the tiny boy's pierced ear. "Here," he whispered as the thrust his index finger in along with his cock. Angel cried out as he was stretched further. "is where you belong to me." He pushed another finger in. Angel whimpered as he arched his back. The blackette bit down on the juncture between Angel's neck and shoulder, before suckling at the leaking wound. "No," he mumbled into his shoulder as he entered another third digit along with his thrusting member into Angel. The tiny blonde was almost sobbing from the pain and pleasure coursing through his veins. "You belong to me entirely." Damien said. He stopped.

Angel whimpered as Damien stilled, thrusting his hips in a vain attempt to continue.

Damien pulled his fingers from Angel's body. He released his delicate wrists and paused as Angel leaned fully on his chest, still impaled on his rather large, pounding cock. He reached for a hairbrush that was lying on the counter as he began to thrust his dick in and out of Angel again.

"Look at you, greedily taking in all of my cock. I bet you're enjoying this aren't you? Slut." Damien murmured into the small boy's ear.

Angel moaned in pleasure as Damien's cock repeatedly struck his prostate. "Ah! Agh. Mmm. N-n-no…"

"It's not enough for you, is it? Your ass is so greedy, hungry for more." Damien continued. Angel's whole body darkened in a blush as he struggled to pull a response from his cloudy mind. "I think you need more."

The older of the two shoved the handle of the hairbrush, dry, into Angel's entrance, moaning at the tightness as Angel's walls struggled to accommodate the intrusion along with Damien's member.

Angel screamed as he was stretched even further. He moaned at the feeling of being filled to the brim. His dick ached ferociously, still begging to come, but being held back by the leather cock ring.

Damien grasped the end of the hairbrush and began to thrust it in and out opposite the rhythm of his cock. He was about to fucking explode inside his Angel. He was so tight, so hot, so fucking amazing. His cries of pleasure were music to his ears, egging him on to thrust harder, faster, deeper. "You wanna come, baby?" he panted into the blonde boy's ear. "Mmm, you're so tight. I want come deep inside your ass."

"Please… L-let me c-c-come…" Angel whimpered. His mind was so hazy from the pleasure and pain of being stretched so far. He reached down to stroke at the raw, red flesh of his cock, but his wrists were captured once again by Damien's hand.

"Do you deserve to come, hmm?" the older of the two whispered throatily. "Have you been a good boy?" He began thrusting the hairbrush and his hips faster, harder.

Angel arched and cried out as he sobbed from the overload of pleasure from having his prostate struck repeatedly. "I've been a good boy!" he screamed. "P-please let me come!" Tears streamed down his flushed, pale cheeks as his mouth opened to release a loud, high-pitched moan.

Damien smirked as he pet at Angel's silky soft blonde hair. "Good boy." He grinned as he reached to pluck the cock ring from around Angel's straining member. He palmed at the pulsing flesh, smearing his palm with the precum from the leaking tip for lubrication, while thrusting the brush with the other hand. He could feel his core tightening as he neared his climax. He moaned deeply as he nibbled and sucked at Angel's neck.

Angel's cries increased in volume as he could feel the cum flowing through his balls. He could feel Damien's cock twitching and pulsing inside him. He could feel himself tightening as his prostate suffered continuous abuse as the tip of Damien's dick slid across it again and again, sending waves of pleasure washing over his tiny body. The sight in the mirror only turned him on more. The shame of having his body used and humiliated intensified every sensation, he felt like he was about to pass out from the blinding pleasure.

Damien released a deep, throaty groan in Angel's ear as he came deep inside of him. Angel moaned as he felt the thick, white hot cum coating his insides, filling his tight channel. He cried out his release as he exploded as well, shooting his load onto the mirror before him. Damien continued thrusting his hips, riding out his orgasm while his hand absentmindedly rode Angel's softening erection, helping him with his. Angel slumped back onto Damien's chest, grasping at the arm that held his waist for support. Both of their breaths came in harsh pants as Damien's knees threatened to buckle from such an intense orgasm.

After a few moments, Damien regained his composure, pulling the brush and his now soft member from Angel's abused body. He carried his Angel back to the bed, tossing him face down on it as if he weighed nothing.

Angel groaned as his hips were pulled up. He could feel Damien's cum slipping from inside him, running down his milky thighs. The slight tickle minutely aroused him, his cock hardening slightly. Damien swiped a finger at Angel's stretched hole, groaning at the sight of his cum leaking from the blonde's body. He licked a stripe along Angel's round ass before sinking his teeth into the sweet flesh. "Jesus fuck. Still want more, don't you? You're such a slut…"

Angel moaned in response. He turned his head to see Damien laying himself down next to him on the large king-sized bed. His large, throbbing cock stood at attention once again as a big shit-eating grin worked its way onto the man's face.

"Ride me." He commanded as he smirked menacingly at the small boy, daring him to defy him.

Never one for disobeying Damien, the thin boy pulled his tired, little body up to straddle Damien's hips. He stroked at Damien's pounding flesh for a few short moments, receiving a small groan from the man. Angel rose to his knees before guiding Damien's cock to his waiting entrance.

He took a deep breath before sitting back hard, taking all of Damien into him in a single thrust. His pretty little mouth opened wide, releasing a beautiful throaty moan. Damien's hands flew to his delicate hips, helping him to lift, then slam back down onto this thrusting member. As Angel went down, Damien's hips went up to meet in sweet thrusts.

Angel moaned and screamed as Damien's cock pounded mercilessly at his prostate. His back arched in pleasure as he rode the man's member. Damien groaned as he delivered an unusually hard thrust to the bundle of nerves inside Angel.

The thin boy was a screaming, mewling mess as he thrusted his hips down roughly, impaling himself on Damien's thick cock. Damien guided his hips, slamming his lithe frame onto his dick, pounding at his prostate. Angel dragged his nails down the older man's chest, leaving angry red trails in their wake.

Damien moaned as he felt his balls tightening. "Baby, you feel so, so good." He grunted as his thrusts began to lose their rhythm.

Angel cried out in response as he shot his seed onto Damien's smooth chest, his walls clamping down on Damien's member.

Angel was so hot, so tight, so fucking incredible, Damien moaned deeply as he came inside of Angel once again. His seed filled the small boy's body, and Angel whined. He loved the feeling of the older man's hot seed spraying his insides.

They both continued to thrust, riding out their orgasms as they both moaned and gasped in their post-orgasmic euphoria.

Damien sighed and lifted the small, half-passed out boy off his limp member and laid him on his chest.

Angel whimpered at the feeling of Damien's member exiting from inside him. He laid limp in Damien's arms as they snaked around his waist, holding him to his hard body.

Damien softly kissed Angel's temple, sighing satisfied, as he gripped him tighter. "You okay, baby? I wasn't too rough on you, was I?"

Angel looked up and smiled softly at the older boy. "No, it was amazing." He mumbled as he snuggled deeper into the man's chest, seeking his warmth, despite his own cooling and congealing cum.

"Good." Damien whispered as he ran his fingers through the small boy's silky blonde hair. "Oh. My shirt got a little dirty today."

"I'll wash it tomorrow," a tired Angel murmured, sleep taking him over. Just as sleep's grip took a hold of him, he softly hummed as a quiet "I love you." was whispered in his ear.