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I usually never get up before the sun does, but that morning, I jumped out of bed faster than you can say 'get up'. I checked my clock, and it was four in the morning. I couldn't even sleep, just tossed and turned.

Why so enthusiastic, you might ask? Natalie is coming!

I took a shower, then scrunched my hair. I shook my head in disapproval, then wet my hair again and blow dried it. After, i curled my hair. My nose scrunched up in disgust. Nah. I straightened my hair out, and shook my head again. Too plain. I curled my hair slightly, so it looked a little bit more than wavy, and decided on that. I squirted a bit of hairspray on it and smiled.

I usually don't wear makeup unless i have alot of time to do it, And i do have alot of time. So i applied the usual. Not too much, just some eyeliner on the top and mascara. Maybe some eye shadow, but i didn't feel like wearing eye shadow today. I put on my usual chapstick, and then fruity lipgloss on top of it.

I rumaged through my drawers and closet of clothes. Funny how i have way too much clothes, yet i still have trouble finding something to wear.

I decided on dark jean shorts, torn at the pockets and a snug gray Kentucky t-shirt. Nothing fancy. I glanced at all my clothes before I shut the closet door. No white. I don't wear white, ever. It gets dirty too easily and you can't keep white clothing too long without it fading to gray.

I slipped on blue flip-flops and grabbed my cell phone, a book, and headed downstairs. I went outside and sat on the porch steps.

It was still dark, the pretty yellow stars shining upon half the world. I layed down on the big patch of grass that I call my front yard. Too keep myself from thinking too much, I began to read.

It felt like minutes later, but really it was hours later, I woke up to a red van pulling in my driveway. I sat up, the book falling off my face and the sun blinding me, then looked around drowsily. Realization hit me. I had fallen asleep! I jumped up and ran as fast as i could. Natalie jumped out of the van and we hugged while jumping up and down and screaming at the top of our lungs. Her mom rolled her eyes and smiled, then hugged me when we were done.

"Oh, how have you been, darling?" Her mom smiled at me kindly.

"I've been pretty good! Glad to be with my sister now. How about you, Mrs. Webber?" She grabbed my hand and squeezed lightly. She has always been like a mom to me. I have stayed at Natalie's house for weeks at a time before.

"I'm getting by. Working alot though. Natalie's been a mess without you!" She squeezed my hand once more before she let go.

We grabbed Natalie's things and got them in the house.

Her mom wrapped her in a tight goodbye hug. "Can't. Breath." Natalie yelped, and we all laughed.

"I'll miss you." Her mom stroked her daughters jet black hair. It was the first time they ever really spent any time apart, and it was for the whole summer. I could see her mom was taking it hard.

"And you too." She said as she wrapped me in hug. "Things aren't the same without you around." She whispered in my hair.

I squeezed my eyes shut and hugged her back before I pulled away. "You're like the mom I never had. Take it easy." I patted her arm. She climbed into the car and we waved as she drove away.

After she disappeared down the street, I sighed as we walked inside so I can show Nat around. We talked all day, catching up. I even told her about the Bieber concert, and she flipped out on me. She's convinced she is in love with him.

She says their first date is going to be at an ice cream shop in London, and he's gonna give her a dozen roses made out of chocolate. She also thinks their honeymoon will be in Miami, and he'll take her there on his private jet. She's lame.

Well, I wish her luck. She's a dreamer, and I admire that!

"I missed you!" I hugged her tightly. "I missed you too, so much!" She gushed. Then she put on her Justin Bieber cd, and I smacked her upside her head.

"Go unpack your stuff." I ordered, pointing to the door. She grunted, then marched out the door and into the guest room, rubbing the back of her head the whole way.

After she was done unpacking and I gave her sheets for the bed and such, I walked into the room she was staying in and looked around. It looked suprising good for Natalie. Neat and clean. The boxes were finally gone!

I took my phone out and tweeted.

Natalie's here! Broke the news to her about the concert.. Oh yeaaah, I know Bieber's #1 fan. She's deff one of a kind! She's gonna make my summer awesome.

I looked over at Nat and smiled as her phone vibrated and she read what I just tweeted. Her thumbs began moving.

Alexis is amazing! Lex, I love you, your my best friend forever 3

I laughed when I read her tweet. Then my phone vibrated again. I looked down.

Really? I'd like to know my number one fan too (;

Justin tweeted back to me, AGAIN! I looked at Nat, and realized I forgot to tell her that Bieber keeps trying to talk to me on twitter.. I know she's gonna flip out worse than the concert news.

I looked up from my phone and saw her staring at me out of curiousity.

"Bieber-" I started.

"Justin." She corrected, cutting me off. I raised an eyebrow.

"Justin tweeted me. Like two times already." I said, and I couldn't help but smirk. She screamed at the top of her lungs, only the reaction I expected. I dropped my phone and covered my ears. She talked wildly and really fast. She seemed like a mad, crazy woman.

"What'd he say?" She hollered. "Here." I handed her my phone so she could read them.

"OMG, he wants to meet me, his number one fan!" She yelled. I squeezed her shoulders hard and pushed her backwards on the bed. She stayed there, looking like she was frozen just staring up at the ceiling.

"Calm down! Natalie, you are meeting him at the concert remember? Luce got the passes." I sighed. Fans..

"Oh yeah." She gulped, screamed one more time, then tried to settle down when I shot her a glare.

I tweeted once more.

Her screams made my head ache. Going to find some Aspirin. And yes, world.. I'm bored and have nothing better to do then waste my time tweeting like you guys actually care what I'm doing. Haha.

I pranced down the stairs and went rumaging through the cabinets. No Aspirin. Damn it. I grabbed the tylenol and took some. Bieber didn't tweet back this time. Good. Maybe he was too busy getting pictures taken of himself, or getting interviewed, or trampled by fans. Or... Maybe he's wondering why I'm not tweeting him back. Nah. But who knows.

I walked back upstairs, and as soon as I walked in the door a pillow collided with my face.

"Argggghhhh!" I picked the pillow up and lunged at her, smacking her with it several times. She laughed and grabbed another pillow, wacking me in the butt and then the back of my head. I laughed as we hit each other several times. It continued until we were both rolling around on the floor in a fit of laughter, laughing too hard to hit each other anymore.

We pulled out our phones and tweeted at the same time.

Pillow Fight! ;)

We rolled over and looked at each other, then started laughing again. My phone buzzed and I grabbed it.

Heyyyyy , Mind if i join? Or watch? haha ;D

I rolled my eyes, and tossed my phone at Nat. "Such a boy." I laughed.

She read it and shrieked. "He's sooooo cute!"

I ignored her and put on a movie. We popped popcorn and relaxed until Luce got home with Matt.

"Hey, Lucy!" Natalie hugged her and Matt at the same time.

"Hey, hon. Long time no see." She put down her groceries and looked at me. "How was yall's day?"

"Pillow fight!" Natalie exclaimed, making us both laugh again. Lucy grinned widely. I know she likes it when I'm happy, but truth is.. It makes me happy just to see her happy. She's my big sister thats always been there for me.. She's my world. She should know that.

"Well I have another suprise!" Lucy's grin got bigger. I rolled my eyes, but still smiled. Natalie jumped up and down in excitement.

"Soooo?" Nat urged her to continue, eager to hear.

"Oh, i can't tell you yet." Lucy turned away and started putting away groceries. "One suprise at a time."

"Ughhhh!" Me and Natalie said in unison.

"You still sing and play guitar, right Lexy?" Lucy chimed up, eyeing me. I looked down at my feet and nodded.

"She writes music too." Natalie smiled.

"Aw, C'mon Nat!" I complained and shoved her lightly. Then I grabbed her wrist and pulled her to the stairs.

"Oh, and-" I started, turning around one last time before going upstairs. "Get some Aspirin."

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