Summer Reid

by Lolly4Holly

Summary: Baseball season for Jayden is over and he's taken up a summer job where he spies his first crush. Reid isn't the kind of guy who usually goes for skinny cute boys. But in Jayden's case, he might just have to change that rule.

Warning's for: Male/Male relationship. Don't like, don't read. Simple as that.

Chapter One: Who is Reid?

Excited to have something to do now that baseball season was over, Jayden Voorhees hurried off to his summer job on the campus bookstore. He had already changed into his uniform back at his doorum to save time, even though he didn't much like it as it was a boring grey trouser suit with a single breasted jacket and a tie stripped with the school colours. He thought it made him look like somewhat of a dork and it made him look even skinner and younger then he actually was.

Jayden was a small boy that hadn't matured as fast as his older brothers. He didn't care for strong muscles, on him anyway. On other boys he quite admired them.

Reid Winslow was one such example. He was a senior at the college and had gained the position of assistant manager at the bookstore within a few months of working there. When Jayden was first told to report to the assistant manager for his uniform requirements, he assumed he would be meeting a bookstore nerd, but instead he was greeted by a brawny football player with a Hollywood smile to die for and sun kissed skin.

He was everything Jayden ever looked for in a boyfriend, but he couldn't just bluntly ask him out as most of the footballers at school were severely homophobic, despite the constant breaking of rules of touching while in uniform out on the field.

Jayden had never really been interested in books growing up. He read a few X-men comics and flipped through a few pages of Spiderman, but nothing really stuck.

Despite the modern stereotypes about football players being all brawn and no brains, Reid was a big reader. His parents probably figured that out for themselves from the day they named him, Reid.

Jayden wanted to get to know Reid better, so he started asking about the books he read and what he would recommend for him. Reid was completely clueless about the younger boy's school-boy crush that he had on him, but he gladly offered to help him with a reading list for the summer, even offered to help tutor him in some of the classes he was dragging behind in.

It wasn't until the day that Reid was involved in a car wreck with a few of his team mates that Jayden couldn't keep his feelings hidden from him any longer. The younger boy hurried straight off towards the hospital, spotting Hogan Klein the teams safety sat in the waiting room with an ice pack held to one side of his head with a smear of blood down the other side.

After months of knowing Reid, Jayden had learned the name and position of every member on his team. He wasn't some obsessed stalker, or so he assured himself constantly as he was always admiring Reid and desperately wanting to know more about him from his favourite colour to the foods he liked to eat. To him, he was merely taking an interest in the older boy's life.

Shoving his hands into his pockets, Jayden ambled his way off through the halls, looking around in each of the rooms to try and find Reid. He finally spotted Reid in one of the rooms with his arm up in a sling and a bandage around his head. He didn't look too badly injured, but that didn't stop Jayden from worrying about him.

The young boy gently tapped his knuckles on the frame of the door then reached for the icy door knob, giving it a good push as he entered the room. Reid glanced up at him surprised, but a smile of relief soon spread across his features as he realised it was Jayden and not his father come to moan at him about messing up his chances on the football team by doing a dumb stunt like that in his car.

"Jello?" Reid offered as he held up the bowl of wiggly red jelly to the younger boy.

"No, I'm fine." Jayden smiled as he made his way over to the side of Reid's bed. "Are you okay? You look pretty beat up."

"I feel beat up." Reid confessed as he attempted to hold the jello bowl in his bad arm while he fed himself with a spoon from the other. Jayden gently reached out for the pot that was about to spill in Reid's hand and held it steady for him in his own hand so he could continue to feed himself. "So, what are you doing here anyway? Doncha have class?" He queried as he scraped the edges of the pot to dig out every last piece of the tasty treat.

"Yeah." Jayden nodded then dropped onto the side of his bed, giving him a slight smile. "I had to come see how you were doing though. And a visit to the hospital seems way more interesting than a boring afternoon in the chem lab."

Reid smirked softly, shaking his head at the younger boy as he finished off the last bite. "You're gonna fail that test if you keep this up, dude. Your last excuse was that you needed more money so you were taking on a few extra hours at the shop. You can't keep this up forever."

"I don't even like chemistry. And besides, I wonna be an artist." Jayden reminded him. "The sports and dumb classes that I hate were for my parents benefit. They want to know I can get a real job should my art work ever fail me. It's their compromise."

"Well I've seen your drawings, and I really don't think you could ever fail. I like your work more than Van Dogh or that weird Picasso fella."

"That's Van Gogh." Jayden chuckled to himself then caught sight of the bruise on Reid's jaw line where his chin had collided with the glove compartment during the crash.

Without even thinking, Jayden slowly reached his hand forward and tenderly brushed his thumb across the bruised area. Reid looked deep into the younger boy's chocolate brown eyes a moment before the boy suddenly recoiled back from him, worrying about what any passersby might think. "Sorry." Jayden apologised softly.

"Don't worry about it." Reid dumped the empty jello pot onto his serving tray then leant back against the pillows behind him while he briefly ran his eyes across the younger boy's features that he had never taken the time to admire before.

Jayden wasn't ugly; he just wasn't his usual type.

Reid usually went for guys with more brawn then brains. He liked the feel of strong muscles around him, but Jayden had boyishly handsome good looks and he was too slender for his usual tastes. He admired the cute little smile that occasionally graced his lips, but cute wasn't something he usually went for either.

Reid was terribly confused.

"Does it hurt?" Jayden tried to change the subject by pointing to Reid's plastered arm. Reid just shrugged in response, avoiding a real answer as he continued to gaze at the younger boy's features. "I broke my arm once when I was kid," As the subject change didn't work, Jayden tried out his habit of nervously overtalking to take Reid's mind off the affectionate touch he just encountered from him. "My brother and I were playing rocket ships in our tree house when we were kids. We went through all the major obsessions from tractors, dinosaurs, comics and things, but the latest one was outer space. So I climbed up onto the roof of the tree house that we were pretending was the shuttle that would eventually take us off into space where we could meet aliens and things."

Reid couldn't help but chuckle at the thought of a young Jayden believing in aliens and wanting to explore space.

"Anyway, as we were doing the countdown, one of the boards on the roof came loose and I got my sneaker laces stuck in the gap. While my brother was still counting down from a hundred or something, I was struggling to get my laces out and I lost my balance, fell off the roof and landed on my arm."

"Ouch." Reid winced at the thought.

"The funny thing is that my foot slipped right out of my sneaker as I lost my balance, and I never got it down again as we were no longer allowed to go in the tree house. My mom worried too much about us breaking something else, and it's still stuck up there right now."

Reid laughed softly then adjusted his arm against his chest to a comfier position as he looked into the eyes of the boy he was starting to crush on. He didn't know why he had never noticed it before, but as Jayden stared back at him he realised that Jayden had been crushing on him for a while now.

As soon as Reid's parents arrived to scold him about his reckless act, Jayden slipped out of the room to leave them to talk. Reid's father threatened the usual rant of 'I'm cutting you off!' which would only last a few weeks as Reid was their only son. Reid had heard that threat dozens of times now, but it really didn't mean anything to him anymore as his parents always forgave him in the end.

Once Reid's parents were gone, the doctor discharged him so Jayden offered to drive him back to his place. He had never realised until now that Reid had his very own apartment very close to the school campus. He guessed it had something to do with having a rich daddy, but the apartment itself was rather nice. It wasn't the usual college boy tastes either that usually consisted of mess, heaps of clothes that were past their wear-by date and stale pizza box stench wafting through the air that usually made him gag.

In fact, it was nothing like that.

The kitchen towels were folded neatly, set down right against the corner edge of one of the counters. The pots and pans handles all faced the same way, even the plate's rim patterns were perfectly lined up. Jayden already knew that Reid was a bit of a neat freak as he had often caught him straightening up the books and constantly making sure that they were perfectly ordered so anyone who came in could easily find what they were looking for.

His apartment just proved his need for order and neatness knew no bounds.

"So Jayden, I've always wanted to ask you," Reid kicked off his busted up old sneakers that didn't match the rest of the decor then crashed back onto his couch, messing up the neatly arranged scatter cushions as he cradled his arm against his chest. "Have you ever had a serious relationship?" He blurted his curiosity.

"That was random." The younger boy smirked as he took a seat on the arm of the chair beside him. "Well, uh... does my mother count?" He joked, getting an un-amused reaction from Reid. "Then uh... no, not really." He truthfully admitted, shaking his head slightly.

"Why, you're beautiful." Reid voice his thoughts after a moment of staring at the beautiful boy perched on the arm of the sofa beside him.

Jayden was flabbergasted to say the least. He stared at the older boy open mouthed for a moment, then made a few strange sounds from his mouth as he attempted to speak. Anxiously scratching at his spiky brown hair, Jayden struggled to piece together his words, "Well... uh... thanks, I guess."

"That's it?" Reid laughed, shaking his head at the younger boy. "I thought an intelligent boy like you would come up with something better than that."

"Well," Sliding onto the sofa cushions beside Reid, Jayden anxiously rubbed his hands together on his lap as he looked into Reid's crystal clear blue eyes. "I didn't know that you were... you know, into guys." He tried his best not to offend him as he tried to explain himself. "See, I've been kinda crushing for guys since... puberty. But I've never dated one. I've always been too scared because I can never tell... who's gay and who's not."

"So you just decided to hung around me and hope your school-boy crush went away?" Reid smirked as he once again admired the cute smile spreading across Jayden's lips. "Well I'm not exactly out to the 'rents. My father would kill me if he knew. But the whole team knows about me, they're not so bad about it. They do give me some funny looks now and then. It's stupid how people think that the second you find out one of your friends is gay you always have to worry their checking you out. They don't do that with all the girls they know, so why would I be doing it with them?"

Jayden just responded with a shrug as he nervously chomped on his lower lip.

"Listen," Reid gently placed his hand on Jayden's shoulder, smiling softly as he looked into his eyes, attempting to advise the freshman on some lessons he had learned, "You're a virgin, right? Dead obvious. But don't worry about it. When I first started exploring my sexuality, I was really nervous about meeting guys too. My first time was so quick that I didn't know what hit me until he patted me on the back side and said 'Thanks'." He laughed at the memory as he watched Jayden's lips spreading into a slight smile.

"So, you've had boyfriends?"

"No, I've never exactly had a real boyfriend." He shook his head. "Guys on campus aren't like that. The few that are out of the closet are total queens. One guy I dated for quite a long time left school for no reason, and the other guys that are really into anything, are just looking for sex with anything. Not relationships." He pointed out to the freshman. "But you can't stay in the closet forever, Jayden. You're at your prime right now. Might as well start exploring." He advised, not noticing the dazed look in Jayden's eyes as he continued to talk.

What he didn't know was that the second he touched Jayden, the younger boy could feel a spark of lighting jolting through his whole body.

"I've never really told anyone about me before. You're the first person I've talked to that doesn't make me feel like I'm not normal though. I told my girlfriend, not a real girlfriend in that sense of the word," Jayden quickly rushed to explain, getting into his habit of rambling again, "I mean she was a girl and she was my friend, but she wasn't my 'girlfriend' because I've never had one of those either. But I told her about how I liked guys, and she suddenly went all fan-girl on me. You know how your parents give you the sex talk; well she gave me the gay sex talk. Every explicate detail, even how to give blow jobs on popsicles."

Reid snickered softly to himself as he recalled a few practice sessions of his own on random objects. "It's always good to have a friend. All of my friends were just talking about sex with girls and what they had done. Mostly just locker room bragging. So I surfed the web to find out just how the gay boys were doing it, and I kissed my first boy round the back of the equipment shed a week later." Locking eyes with his buddy, Reid smirked, "Do I have something on my face? You keep staring at me like that."

"Sorry." Jayden recoiled back in embarrassment then climbed to his feet off the couch. "You know, I should really get to class. Do you have food and stuff?" He thought he'd check before he left.

"Yeah." Reid nodded at him, smiling in awe at the younger boy's embarrassment. "I'm good, man."

"Okay, so I guess you won't be coming into work for a few days to let your arm rest," Taking a few steps back towards the door, Jayden awkwardly smiled in the direction of his secret crush that may have just been discovered while Reid was sharing his own secrets with him. "I could come by and check on you after class... or tomorrow maybe?"

"Okay." Reid chuckled as Jayden stumbled into the table beside the door. "Watch your step there, Jay. I'll see you later."

Jayden flashed a nervous smile through his bright ruby red face then hurried out the door before he embarrassed himself in front of Reid anymore. He quickly scaled the two flights of stairs towards the street below, finding his car right where he left it. As he inhaled a deep breath of the fresh air outside, Jayden couldn't help but wonder if Reid would be his first kiss.

Instead of thinking anymore into it though, Jayden decided to divert his attention towards his car as he was thinking too far ahead of himself. The poor beat up old Camero had seen better days; lately she was looking a little worn around the edges, but Jayden still couldn't bring himself to part with her as it was his granddads old car that he passed onto him while he was in Highschool.

Jayden sighed heavily as he dropped into the distressed leather seat of the driver's side, gripping his hands around the old worn steering wheel as he started thinking about Reid again. He had only just confirmed that Reid was into guys too, he couldn't rush into a first kiss straight away.

Author's note:

There's the first chapter. I never usually write college boys, I usually write mature men in relationships, so let me know what you think and whether I should continue.

Thanks for reading!

~ Holly