Hello all, If you haven't read the summary, read it, or be prepared to read a lame first draft of a story that I thought was pretty cool at one point in time around when I just started my writing hobby. Enjoy :P

This is a discontinued story and will not be edited or changed for sentimental purposes.


"What is he doing?" An aphiry asked.

"It looks like he's readying a large scale attack. Almost as if he wants to wipe all of us out all at once," One of the remaining five dark aphiry leaders said.

"He doesn't have the training to perform that kind of magic," A second leader said.

"Wait! Look!" Another aphiry said.

"Who's that with him?"

"No... that's... that's Artimys... why is she still alive?" The first of the remaining leaders said. "His mission was to kill her!"


Lightning bursted from Eragon in all directions and then he released his power.


Eragon held a large red, glowing blade above his head. Then something blue started glowing from Artimys. The red and blue just got brighter and brighter and brighter.



I was born during an on-going war. When I turned 3, battles started erupting between the elves and the orks. Elves being a race that look like humans, just with pointed ears, live off the land and live about two times longer than humans. Orks are beastly green humanoids with bad habits and are kind of gross at times. They aren't that bad once you get to know them, they're just different. They never really liked each-other and it was natural they started to fight. The elves were the first to kill someone and the orks took that as a way to declare war.

On my seventh birthday, the humans joined the war. The humans were friends with both races. Disagreements kept occurring and the human race split in two. Half fought along side the orks, and half fought along side the elves. Some humans like them and their ways and some orks like humans and their ways. Same goes for the humans and elves.

By the time I was thirteen, the humans were begging the 'all-powerful' aphiries to join them. The aphiries are believed to be 'gods', even though they look almost exactly like humans just with odder hair colours, slightly different skin tones, their wings and their powers. Their wings look as though it is part of their powers, but I have never seen an aphiry take it off. The shields are coloured depending on who the person is. Sometimes it can change colours as the person gets older but they are all see-through. Of course, not all aphiries have wings. The eldest aphiries claimed to have created the planet for them to live on peacefully. They refused to help and kept to themselves. They are believed to have created the human and elf races. It is not believed they had created the orks, but the orks are believed to be here to control the population of the other two races. If another race created them, I'd think the aphiries kept secrets.

I am 17 now and this is where I come in. We live among the aphiries but only the elders know that. We hide using sight shields to make us look like aphiries. Or at least most of us do, I just need to keep my ears under my hair since I look human enough to be overlooked as a wingless aphiry. The only thing that could really give me away, other than my ears, is my hair which is more elven than human. Of course, no one would notice unless they've been around elves long enough to recognize the difference.

I was told my father was human and my mother was an elf-aphiry. A friend, his name in Johnithyn, he is an elf-aphiry, like my mom. He looks completely elven except that he has the wings of an aphiry. He has to have a sight shield up at all times.

Another friend of mine named Emily looks completely human even though she is really a human-aphiry. Lots of aphiries all think she is a real human because she hides her powers.

We live in the centre of aphiry City. Though it didn't seem big, aphiry City is massive and well hidden. You could not see the city from the sky no matter how hard you looked. The whole city is covered in trees, the aphiries just lived beneath them. And there are trees everywhere except in small clearing where most aphiries play games.

I got up this morning expecting Johnithyn to be waiting for me outside, but instead an aphiry, carrying a strangely familiar bow, was waiting for me. The bow looks oddly familiar like it was from a dream I once had.

He was the first to say something. "Are you the aphiry-elf-human?" It's funny really, there were at least 600 of us in aphiry City and I was the only one who was aphiry, human, and elven. I'm not one hundred percent sure but I might be the only one in aphiry City that is a cross between three different races. All of the others are just a cross between two.

"Yes," I answered him.

He handed me the bow with the arrow. "Shoot the arrow at... that tree." He pointed at a random tree. I don't even get a lesson? My arms ended up acted on their own. I placed the arrow on the bow, pulled back, aimed, and fired. Then I looked back at the aphiry. By his expression, I could tell he was surprised.

"You are going to need some training before you leave the city. Pack up and bring three others of your kind with you to the training ground."

Why? I looked at the tree. Is it because the tree split down the centre?

Johnithyn and Emily will be thrilled I've chosen them; they've talked about leaving the city for years now. Joanna was another friend our age. She's aphiry-human and looks mostly human but can be recognized to be aphiry quite easily. I went and found her first. She sat by a creek her favourite spot. She thought I was joking at first after I told her about being chosen to leave the city. I eventually convinced her I wasn't lying and she accepted my offer. Emily and Johnithyn were always easy to find. They took my offer as soon as I said we were leaving the city. Well, they asked if they could come.

I lead them to the aphiry training ground and waited for the aphiry who was eventually kind enough to show up. "

"Us aphiries can control the elements and posses other powers. We manipulate nature to grow in such a way we can live in and not be seen by our enemy. We have been in a war we have kept secret for a long time."

"You're at war?" Emily asked.

"Yes, with our opposites. Ever since it started no one has gained an advantage over the other. Only the elders seem to be affective when they enter but even then, their elders seem to do the same. You will be helping us in this war."

Their opposites? Maybe they're the ones to have created the orks.

"Okay... uh, how exactly are we to be of some help? And why exactly haven't we heard of this war before?" Johnithyn asked.

"Only the elders know this along with any aphiry who has left."

I opened my mouth to say something but a bolt was shot into the air. A duel. I have never witnessed a duel. I have been 'too young' for the last ten years. Since I turned seventeen I've been meaning to see one; just never got around to it.

"Perfect timing, you get to see a duel. I want you to witness the fight."

Just as I was sitting down, a wingless aphiry came flying to the centre of the arena from above. The aphiry stopped falling a split-second before he hit the ground and levitated safely onto his feet. That was pretty cool. I looked over at Johnithyn. I know he likes this kind of thing, but he was already a little too exited. He wasn't showing it yet but I know him better and I know his mind is blown away.

"Ground aphiries have their shields as their main focus and air aphiries have their wings. All of us have powers but only the differences give us the advantages. Occasionally an aphiry may focus on their powers and just have their shield or wings as a bonus, but they are in for more of a challenge."

"What about that levitating thing he just did to stop his fall?" Johnithyn asked.

"That is raw power and usually takes away a lot of energy. Either he is quite powerful, or he's already breathing heavily," Our aphiry 'friend' said.

Johnithyn is still sixteen, turning seventeen in about a month. This is also his first time seeing a fight between two aphiries. What makes it worse is that our 'friend' is explaining the fight and the powers they are using. If Johnithyn gets too exited and attacks someone. Don't blame me.

A bolt of lightning came down from above the clouds and was blocked by the ground aphiry's bare hands. Wow. I believe he is the powerful type. The ground aphiry shot a fireball in the direction the bolt came from and it disappeared into the clouds. A second later, an air aphiry burst through the clouds and continuously shot lightning bolts. Another bolt of lightning was shot into the air not too far away. The ground aphiry, while blocking with one hand, levitated some earth out of the ground with his other hand and shot it towards the air aphiry. The air aphiry crashed through the large sphere of dirt and shot a few more bolts at him. Another ground aphiry flew in and rammed into the air aphiry, smashing him into the ground.

"That isn't good. I'll help him," Our friend hovered into the arena and shot a bolt into the air. Strange, it is almost as if he knows the air aphiry.

The ground aphiries instantly attacked him. He, I guess, summoned a shield and blocked their attacks. The air aphiry got up and took flight as if nothing happened to him. With the ground aphiries side by side, and the sky aphiries (our friend with a shield) side by side in the air, the ground aphiries each let out huge, powerful attacks in the form of large fireballs. One missed his target but the other hit with a large explosion. Then, out of the explosion came an endless amount of lightning bolts all shooting the ground aphiries until they had disappeared, dead. That was almost depressing. What emerged from after the explosion were the two air aphiries that only looked a bit tired from using too much power.

"That was... AWESOME!" Johnithyn jumped to his feet. "You have got to teach me how to fight like that."

"What did I do that was so 'awesome'?" Our 'friend' asked.

"Everything! From when you shot that lightning bolt into the air, to when you emerged from what was left of the explosion!" Johnithyn continued.

I Guess Johnithyn didn't find it depressing, I guess it did look awesome, but I was curious. "Why shoot the bolt into the air?" I asked. "It wasn't in the rules."

"The bolt tells everyone you are in the fight," he answered.

"I thought that was pretty obvious," Joanna said.

"I just wanted to make sure," I replied.

We started our training after they cleaned up the place, which only took around five minutes. I had just learned how to summon my shield when our friend walked up to me. "With you drawing attention being new and all, I'm starting to be recognized. I will have to teach you somewhere else. Get the others and follow me," Now what? Is he an outlaw? Now that I think about it, where did the air aphiry from the fight go? And how did he summon a shield when he already had wings? I gathered the other three and we were led to a relatively large building guarded by many aphiries. Our friend went over to a wall and opened a hidden door, he walked in, pulled out a shield for light and we followed. It was like a secret passage leading underground. When we exited the passageway, it revealed a large area that definitely has been used for training. There were craters all over like a battle of power had taken place.

"Us elders have to train down here to keep our powers a secret..."

" 'Us elders?' You're an elder?" Joanna asked.

"There used to be seven of us. I am one of the remaining two. Call me Ed, or Edward, or even sensei if you want."

"I guess that explains how you pulled out a shield even though you have wings," Emily said.

I guess I wasn't the only one that noticed.

"You noticed that... to tell the truth, aphiry wings and shields are both made from power, they are basically the same thing..." His wings disappeared and a shield was summoned into his hand.

Explains why they look so similar

"I have killed, which is why I have more than one..." he summoned another into his other hand.

"Okay. what exactly do you want us to do?" I asked.

"I want you to travel and learn how to fight in as many ways as possible. You can start with the elves and the humans, if you get the chance, the orks as well."

"Why?" Joanna asked. "Why learn to fight from a bunch of different races?"

"The more you learn, the more different you will become. You will not only learn to fight in their ways but I want you to master their ways. This war between our opposites is so predictable it's pathetic. With a difference, we can gain an advantage. First lesson: Shields survive from absorbing power from their wielder. It is not much so you can't really feel it and you probably gain that power faster than you lose it. If you kill someone and his or her shield stays behind for the split-second it does. You have that chance to take it and it survives off of you. For this reason, you cannot part with a shield or it will vanish," He then combined the two shields into one. "This is only two, I have more but this is the amount I used to block the ground aphiry's attack."

"What about the air aphiry? What did he say when you blocked that attack?" Joanna asked.

"That was awesome," Johnithyn mentioned.

"I didn't really have to say anything when he blocked the attack. I was more interested in you four," the air aphiry from the fight came out of the shadows, only he didn't have wings on. "I knew it was you ever since you shot that bolt into the air, brother. By the way..." He turned to us. "...call me Dimetry, the other elder."

Apparently, they live underground in secret so they don't attract attention to themselves, but they fly through the city randomly looking for aphiries breaking the rules and put them to rest. Not something I'd like to do for a living. They live in separate parts of the city to keep it under control, so they don't get to talk to each other very often.

We began our training, again, after having a snack. Ed took me somewhere else while Dimetry took the others. "You are going to be their leader, Owen."

Great... wait, he knows my name?

"Do you want to hear about your parents? They are one of a kind those two."

My parents? I was told... forget it, I want to know what he has to say. "What about my parents?"

"They are quite the legend those two, they've won countless battles on their own. Eragon, your father, was famous for his dragon wings; he also had countless injuries from the countless battles he's fought. He was not human like you were told and you are not only three different races. He was born on the dark aphiry planet as a human-dragon-dark aphiry being. The dark aphiries created him for battle but when he met your mother, both of them fought to protect the aphiry races from each other. Artimys, your mother, was created here specifically to put an end to your father. We found out about him just after he was born so we combined the elf, light aphiry, and cat-human. Your mother had never gotten an injury in battle, and was quite famous for her ability to dodge any attack. Through them, you are a myth. Rumour has it that the son of Artimys and Eragon destroyed an entire village the day he was born. Your mother died that day and your father carried you here. After leaving you here, word spread that he was killed by some bandits... I don't believe that but he was in pretty bad shape when he left."

I was tearing; the story just seemed so sad and unreal. Yet, he seemed to be telling the story from his heart, which means he was telling the truth. The fact that he was talking about me had me not believe him; I couldn't bring myself to believe it.

"Are you okay?"

No. "I think so," I'm going to go crazy thinking about this later on.

"I wish I could tell you more but I wasn't exactly friends with them. No one was. They travelled with each other trusting no-one ending battles and even a few wars with only their own power to help them."

He just told me a little more. I think he knows more but can't put it into words. "I'm mainly here to train right?" I'm done learning about my parents.

"Right, follow me."

Over a period of seven days, we learned how to do everything from summoning our shields, mine was completely white, to using the attack the ground aphiries used in that battle. I found everything very easy after summoning the shield. We learned that lightning and fire are the two main attack powers of an aphiry. Not to my liking. Lightning is used when you just want them to die. Fire is used when you want them to suffer first before they die. Ice is rarely used but it can be helpful. I like using it though. It makes a good defensive power. Using the earth requires levitation. In other words, it takes up a lot of energy and power. Not in my opinion. 'It isn't hard to summon the power, the hard part is controlling it.' I found both very easy. 'Wielding such a power can lead to our own destruction if not practised.' Very true. I had to join the others because I made the area we were in collapse in on us.

Throughout the week after learning about our powers, we were taught how to fight with numerous weapons I found this fun, we reviewed how to use sight shields to hide our real self not really my style, I'm not one to like hiding. We were taught how to 'charge' our attacks basically to make our attacks stronger. We were also taught how to fly this was fun. To get these weapons, we transformed our shields into blades, staves, clubs...name it. We also learned to fight with just what we have when we have no power left. 'It is not known by many aphiries anymore. They use their powers in all of their fights; and when they have no power left, they self destruct just so they die taking their enemy with them,' The elders told us.

After the week, Dimetry called to speak to us, Edward was with him.

"You now know more than any average aphiry knows, and most of what we know. Go find an aphiry in Aphiry City, have him duel you, and you can leave the city after taking his or her shield," Dimetry said.

"Try to fight only the ones that break the rules. I don't want to lose anyone who did nothing wrong," Ed said.

"Ya, ya," I know Johnithyn was exited, he was just holding it back.

"One more thing. Owen, follow me," Ed led me through a door that I didn't even notice was there. It was a small room but in a case, on a stand, sat the bow I shot, along with a large number of arrows. The bow from my dream. "This was your mother's. When you touched it, its power was activated even if it was just a small bit. It carries an enormous amount of power and you are the only being able to use it, maybe even wield it. It is yours now. Your father brought it here when he carried you here, he wished for you to have it."

If I don't take it, I'd go crazy wanting it later. I felt the power now that I had the training. The arrows also had power in them.I shattered the case and placed my hand on the bow. The bow's power flickered a blue colour as if it recognized me and accepted me as its wielder. It feels similar to the power of a light shield, but also different, and a lot more powerful. It's as if the bow is alive. After putting the arrows on my back, I levitated the shattered glass and put it all back together into it's spot as if it had never shattered in the first place.

We left the 'underground' and split up. I was going to suggest hiding our real selves but I was a little too late for that. The first of our kind was finally revealed. Of course I was the same as always so I wasn't the one everyone was looking at until someone looked closer and pointed out my difference.

After around half an hour, two bolts were shot into the air. I went to the arena to watch. Johnithyn was the first to fly in. No surprise there, he probably picked the fight. He just kind of hovered over the wall and waited in the centre. A few seconds later, an air aphiry flew in already attacking. I could tell Johnithyn wasn't expecting that. He was almost hit five times. In a panic, he took off his wings and blocked the aphiry's next attack. That is when I noticed the large crowd. You took off your wings! Johnithyn you... forget it. It's too late now.

"How did he do that?!"

"I thought he was half air aphiry!"

"I'm joining this fight!" An air aphiry floated into the arena and fired a bolt into the air.

"I'm in!" A ground aphiry jumped in and fired a bolt into the air.

"Owen!" Johnithyn called for my help.

You're an idiot Johnithyn!

"That's right, you're with him," A ground aphiry close by came up in front of me. "You going to tell me how he did that?"

Wasn't anyone watching Ed's fight? Maybe they never noticed the fact he summoned a shield while wearing wings. "Look, I'm here to watch, don't push me to join the fight," I said.

"Maybe I want you to fight... you have to protect your friend, right?" He shot a bolt into the air and joined the slaughter.

Dimetry found me. "What did you do?!"

"I didn't do anything. Johnithyn took off his wings..." I blurted.

"To be a leader, they're your responsibility..."

Another ground aphiry came out of the sky and hit the arena floor. He immediately started firing at Johnithyn. Then a shower of lightning came down into the arena, Johnithyn seemed to be unaffected. One hit but it only wounded. Emily Shot down from the sky and bashed into one of the opposing ground aphiries. She then shot a fireball at another and grabbed the shield of the dead aphiry underneath her. Another air aphiry floated out of the audience and shot a bolt into the air. Joanna came down out of the sky following her own meteor. Her meteor smashed into an air aphiry and she crashed into a ground aphiry. She also took the shield of the dead aphiry underneath her. Two opposing aphiries shot a charged attack. Emily and Joanna were the ones who were targeted. They did put their shields in the path of the explosions but it was too much. They were sent flying and crashed into the wall of the arena, they weren't moving after that. Johnithyn was left, and he was left to hurt, not kill. As the remaining aphiries surrounded him, I jumped down into the arena unnoticed.

"Looks like the aphiries win," an air aphiry said.

Ha! You forgot about the most important of us! "Think again!" As they spun around, I shot a bolt into the air, summoned a shield, turned it into a sword, and attacked. They did not know what to do; I cut through one, pushed my sword through the stomach of another, kicked away from him and spun into the last. The crowd was silent when I walked over to each of them collecting their shields. "Anyone else?!" I yelled out as I vanished all of the shields and walked over to Joanna. Joanna was okay so I went to Emily, she didn't look her one hundred percent. "You okay?" I asked her. Stupid question... but necessary.

"I'll be fine. I knew I should have dodged it," as she slowly rose to her feet, I noticed another aphiry had shot a bolt into the air and started charging an attack.

You're an idiot to underestimate me. I helped Emily get to her feet and that is when he let his attack go. I dropped Emily, and took control of the air around me. The vapour in the air turned to ice. I created a dome, using the ice and had it big enough to surround Emily, Joanna and I. Johnithyn was out of the line of fire. The aphiry's attack exploded on impact but the dome held, his fire attack only melted through a bit of it. Then he summoned a shield of his own and shot at us with lightning. Not the best idea, his shot deflected and hit the shield of a ground aphiry in the crowd. I took control of a pebble, levitating it, I sent it towards him, had it go around and through his back, which alone was enough to kill him. Johnithyn went over and took his shield.

"Sorry about that..." I said to Emily and offered her my hand.

"That's okay, you had to do it or..." Emily took my hand.

"It's rude to drop someone you're helping up."

"And it is foolish not to protect that someone."

I guess so.

Dimetry flew over. "You better leave before any others decide they want to fight."

Good idea.

After Emily got some rest under my command. Dimetry took us to Ed and both of them escorted the four of us to the edge of the city. Which was the end of the forest. Beyond the forest, there was a large desert and beyond that, mountains. Quite a big challenge for anyone who wants to meet the aphiries.

"I wish all of you the best of luck," Dimetry said.

"Go and learn what you can," Ed said.

"See ya," Johnithyn started walking.

"See you when we do," I said. I miss them already. Well, not really, listening to their instructions got annoying when I couldn't figure out how to do things on my own.

"Bye," the girls said together and followed Johnithyn.

I summoned wings and flew above them. "Come on, let's fly!" They put on wings and chased after me.

It was a long flight. Funny, Johnithyn's wings have a little pink in them. Joanna's was greenish and Emily's was bluish. Every shield had a base of white and then the colour. Mine was the only one that was all white. Edward and Dimetry both had black. After we flew over the mountains. There was a rather large and thick forest. We landed a ways through the forest and I vanished my wings. The girls did the same and Johnithyn after them. "We'll walk for a while," I began walking away from the mountains. This forest was not as covered like the one in aphiry city. The trees were taller and the grass was longer. There were random plants all over the place. It is actually pretty nice here.

After a bit, we started hearing yelling. The forest not as thick. The closer we got, the more it sounded like a battle. At least we get to witness a fight before learning how to fight in their ways.

"Look out!" Johnithyn summoned a shield and blocked an arrow. The archer was human and was in a tree.

Good job Johnithyn, now he has an idea on what we are.

Emily summoned wings and flew over to him. He just stared a little frightened. "Take us to your camp or... the place you stay. Don't tell anyone who you think we are until we leave," Emily commanded.

The human nodded and jumped down from the tree. On the way, Emily and Johnithyn vanished their shields and Joanna put a barrier up to make her look completely human. The human led us into a human camp. Beside it was an ork camp. We were lead right into a large tent. A large ork and a well-dressed human were in there.

"You bring an elf?!" The ork was already mad.

Hostile towards elves. "Let me explain..." I said. "...We are here only to learn to fight in the human and ork ways," This is when I thought we should have hid our real selves, at least Joanna did. She could probably get us into trouble with some of her aphiry characteristics. "We aren't part of your war."

"Freelancers? I'm interested," the well-dressed human said. "I say give them what they want; but, you will have to do something for us. It better be of equal value."

"We will show you something after our training. It will be of greater value," I said. Not really, I want to show them who we really are so we stand on equal ground and so I don't have to hide anything.

"Deal." It was that simple, promise them something and we got training. Are they stupid? Or does that human think he can take control of us?

It took about a week to complete our training. No one in the camp didn't seem to care about Johnithyn being an elf. Though, no one came close to him or talked to him. The training was fun in my opinion; I think the others had a difficult time not summoning their powers and destroying the teachers, but they pulled it off. I can't shake the feeling something is wrong, that they might ambush us. I was right. They interrupted and surrounded us before we could escape. They don't know who we are yet. I counted ten orks and fifteen humans. The well-dressed human came in after we were surrounded. "I just realized, you said you would show us something of greater value than our training. To 'show' us something. What can you 'show' us that can be of greater value then our training?"

He acted calm but he was beyond calm.

"You are quite wrong about that," Joanna said. "Our real identities are worth a lot more than your training."

I don't know about that.

He began to laugh.

Fine, I'll do the honours.

I summoned a shield and his laughter stopped. His eyes got wide, then he went back to normal. "Who are you?"

He's afraid, and he is good at hiding it. "We are just 'Freelancers' looking for knowledge. You do not need to know anything else," I said. "We will leave now," I turned to walk away.

"Aphiries... I gave aphiries permission to train in our ways... WAIT!"

I turned back, "What?"

"Fight for us."

"Sorry, I already said we are not part of your war, I don't plan to be either."

We left safely and headed back to the battle. I lead us around and we were again shot at. This time Emily blocked the arrow with her powers and Johnithyn followed through with giving the instructions in the same manner.

We entered the tent where an elf and a human waited. "Freelancers? Why are you here?" The elf leader asked.

"We're here to learn to fight the elven way," I answered.

"Why? You aren't elven..."

I showed one of my ears for a second. "I am part elven."

"That's... interesting. I guess I could put you under the command of Alex. He teaches the youngsters how to fight and ends up having a lot of free time on his hands anyway."

"Thank you," Our elven guide led us to this 'Alex'. He was teaching when we found him. Alex looked different from any other elf; he looked like he's seen battle many times before.

"Train this group..?" He looked at my mother's bow which I carried on my back. Covered. "Very well..." He turned to us. "My name is Alex, I am very honoured to meet you," He shook my hand. It almost seems like he knows who I am.

We trained with him.

After learning almost too much, he led us to a place we can sleep. Or so he said. It was a tree house, there were two trees close together and Alex used them to jump to the tree house, I followed after him and Johnithyn followed after me.

He sent down a rope ladder for the others to climb up. There was another elf inside. He was also kind of strange. "You... you are Anthony's brother. I recognize the similarity in power."

A brother? Anthony? It does sort of make sense.

"This is Nelson. He's one of the four that escaped Aphiry City."

"Escaped?" I asked.

"Yes, Alexandra lead us out of there."

I turned to 'Alex'. "You, you're not Alex," You are Anthony... but I have a brother?

"You are good, I'll give you that much. I'm Anthony. Sarah and Alex will be here shortly," After the girls climbed up the ladder two people in cloaks came in through the only window.

I have a brother?

"Sarah," she lifted her hood. She actually looked like an aphiry-elf. "I've already met you all."

"You trained us at the other camp," Joanna said. "No one can hide their powers from me."

That is probably why we didn't get attacked before we finished our training. Her presents that I couldn't detect.

"Alexandra," Alex lifted her hood. She looked like an aphiry-elf-human. "I am the leader of this group. Your brother took my name for my protection. Actually, your brother helped us escape. He was top secret among the aphiry elders. He had a bunch of us escape with him but his leadership sucks and got all but four of us killed. The fourth one was killed later on after making a poor decision on his own."

I just had the biggest flashback, it was the day Anthony left. A bunch of our kind flew off over the forest and into the desert. Some were hunted down and killed before making it over the desert... flashback ended there. "What made me forget?"

"The aphiries have that kind of power. It is just not that powerful, if any traces are left behind, you will be able to remember," Sarah said. "Like us, you remember because we are in front of you right now."

"It is a weak spell and yet it is quite effective," Nelson was staring at an idem as if it could hold the key to the end of the world or something.

Nelson just seemed too weird, as if he lost his mind or something.

"You are here now, the aphiries are planning something, and we have failed our original objective. We will go back to Aphiry City and help the aphiries, you keep learning what you must to bring this war to an end," Alex summoned a shield and put it on her back as wings.

What will Edward do to you? You ran away. The elders don't seem like the ones to hold a grudge but...

"I need to talk to you, Owen." Anthony put on wings and hovered out the window.

"Okay..." I summoned wings and followed him.

We landed a little ways away. "You have your mother's bow. I was given father's blade even though I cannot wield it. We are only half brothers you and I. Father had a thing for half-human beings."

"You knew him?"

"Only at a very young age... here," he drew a small red blade. I could feel it's power. Almost similar to the shield's power but different and a lot more powerful. It is very different from the bow's. Actually, the way they react to one another is like they are complete opposites. "It wants to reunite with the bow. I think the very existence of father and your mother still live on through their weapons."

'Their very existence'? Does that mean they could talk to me at one point?

I touched the blade, it glowed red and it grew into a sword. The handle sat very comfortably in my hand. It grew from the other side of the handle and another blade formed. I had to hold it with both hands. Then the handle split and I held two blades.

Comfortable, it's like the blades were made to fit my hands. As if they are extensions of my arms themselves. I swung them around a few times. The blades are weightless.

"Figured as much... It's yours now."

Wait... I don't want to take father's blades from you. They're yours!

"Owen. I taught you everything you need to know about the elven ways. Just tell the others to practice what I taught you."

Nelson and Sarah raced overhead. Alexandra flew just over us. "We have to go!"

"Sorry, but..." Anthony Apologized.

"Go do what you can," I managed. I didn't know what to say.

"I doubt we will meet again... Just don't die. When you die, it is all over," He flew off after the others.

'Don't die'. That is all he had to say?

I put the blades with the bow and returned to the others.

We found an archer willing to train us, he handed us each a bow and a quiver of arrows, I didn't take out my mother's. Just in case.

He demonstrated and shot an arrow into near centre of the target. Johnithyn went first, he shot his first, and it hit the outer ring of the target. His second hit in between the second and the third rings. The third hit the centre ring, he almost missed his fourth shot.

Pretty good.

I lined myself up at another target, my first shot hit the centre of the target.

Even without my mother's bow? How can I do that?

I looked back at our 'teacher'. "Try again, beginners luck." I tried again, the arrow split my first. I shot again, that arrow split my second. I looked back at him.

Answer this: How can I hit the centre of the target with this being the second time wielding a bow?

"Maybe not... come with me," He led me into a larger area not too far away.

Where are we going..? Wow...

There were many targets set up here, the ones further away looked difficult to accomplish. "Here is where only the best of us train, starting with this one," He shot an arrow hitting the very centre of the target this time. "Some I haven't been able to get yet. Good luck."

'Good luck'. I wouldn't be surprised if he was bad with 'good-byes'.

He left towards the others and I shot an arrow at the first target. It split the archer's arrow. I picked up a quiver full of arrows and began shooting. I shot for a while and went back to take a break. I Also wanted to see how the others were doing.

"How far did you get?"

"I'm up to the sixteenth one, I haven't missed the centre yet," they are quite easy in my opinion.

"Really? Wow. The fourteenth one took me forever to figure out."

"I was about to just wing it but I saw the trick into doing it when I pulled back the bow..."

"Oh look, Owen is here," Johnithyn said pulling back an arrow. I went up to him and placed a hand on his shoulder. He fired his arrow, missed the target, ricocheted off of a tree and went into the grass. Johnithyn looked at me and smiled. "Split that arrow."

Okay. I smiled back and began to walk away drawing an arrow from the quiver on my back. I turned and fired at the tree Johnithyn's arrow deflected off of. The arrow got stuck in the tree.

"Ha! So you aren't a perfect archer."

Just wait... I took out another arrow and fired, it deflected off of my previous arrow and went into the grass where Johnithyn's went.

"No way," Johnithyn went to retrieve it. He picked up his arrow, mine was hanging half way through it.

"Looks like I'm just a natural," I looked back at the archer, he just starred at me with wide eyes. Is it really that amazing?

I couldn't sleep that night. Something bugged me, almost like I missed something important, like something was coming. What is that? Power, the power of many aphiries. Too much power, too many aphiries. I almost flew through the door I was so quick to get outside.

I then felt a power more powerful than the rest, a little below the power level of an elder's... I looked up, dark aphiries... what are they doing here? They looked the same as aphiries in every way except the colour of their skin, their wings and their shields which are all dark, not light like the light aphiries.

I then felt a familiar power... Anthony.

"Archers!" Sarah was in a tree, Alex beside her. They pulled back their bows and waited along with the elves.

Nice of you guys to come back. I pulled back three arrows and fired, they flew far enough but I couldn't tell if they hit.

"We came back, we saw the dark aphiries coming," Anthony was beside me with an arrow at the ready. "Oh, shit..."

It began to rain black lightning, I quickly summoned two light shields and combined them. Blocking the lightning, I looked around.

Death was everywhere around me, the only one that seemed not to die was Anthony. He had a light shield out protecting him. I couldn't see any of the others. Where are you guys? After the first of the enemy aphiries landed, the lightning stopped and it just turned into a slaughter. The now landed aphiries took off their wings, turned them into shields and began killing everyone with their magic. After most of the first cloud of aphiries landed, it almost seemed I was the only one left alive. After I ran out of arrows, I turned my double light shield into a staff with blades at each end and a handle in the centre. Entering close combat, I jumped from one to another stabbing, cutting, and slicing them with my staff. Finally, someone blocked my staff from cutting his head off. I brought it down, cut through one of his legs, stabbed his stomach and took his shield before it disappeared. The dark aphiry's shield is black originally and it changed to all black when it touched my power.

What happens if the dark is combined with light?

"STOP!" One of the dark aphiries yelled out. Everyone stopped, I vanished my staff, summoned one of my other light shields, then held out the two different shields in front of me, ready to combine them. The aphiry with the power level just a bit lower than an elder's walked up to me.. "I am one of many leaders leading this army. Drop your weapons if you wish to keep your life."

My life? You would probably kill me anyway! Plus, I wasn't about to lose my parent's weapons, and why did you slaughter the elves? I'm not about to let you live. "My life? Who sent you here? I want to learn who made the poor decision to attack where the most powerful race happens to be and even try to kill him," I stayed focused on him still aware that any aphiry can attack at any moment.

"The most powerful race? Are you a power hunter?" He began making his way towards me. Then he stopped and looked at the shields I was holding. He smiled, "Go ahead! Maybe you will kill yourself so I don't have to go through the trouble of doing it for you!" He said for all to hear.

What's a 'power hunter'. Wait, why is he smiling? Why is he bigger than the rest of the army? And why is that he seems... different from the rest? "Do you know what will happen if I combine these?" I asked.

"One of two things can happen."

Really? "What are they? Maybe I'll reconsider."

"Okay, what happens ninety percent of the time, the two shields cancel each other out and kills the wielder."

Bummer. "And the other ten percent?"

"You create a chaos shield and gain a great deal of power that can be difficult to control."

Chaos power? "How do you know this?"

"I've seen it a few times and heard of it too many times."

I don't trust that smile. "I'll take my chances," I combined the two shields together.

The shields grew in power while at the same time, started dissolving into each other. The power took control of the weather. It suddenly became very windy, clouds came closing in fast, and lightning started to strike down at the dark aphiry army. Then a bolt of lightning struck the shield I held. The power all made it's way into the shield and the shield all changed colours all at once. It now was a purple/black colour with swirling grays and other blacks going through it. The shield never stays the same, it's always changing. The colours don't change though. I held the shield in both hands. He was right, A great deal of power...


This is when I noticed the power they all summoned. They were charging their attacks the whole time. I quickly summoned my three light shields, combined them all together, put my chaos shield out in front and blocked their attack I knew I wouldn't be able to dodge. The dark attacks they fired all disappeared when they hit my chaos shield like they were absorbed. Then, all of that power shot back at them all at once in one explosion of light... and yet it wasn't light. When I looked up, there were dark aphiries shot away in a semi-circle. I quickly rushed forward using the confusion to my advantage and killed two aphiries. I took their dark shields, combined them, and flew up. I flew straight to Johnithyn, he was the first I spotted, and dropped down in front of him facing the dark aphiry army.

"Owen... right? You don't look like Owen," he said.

What do you mean? "Let's get out of here," I flew him to Joanna, who was not doing very well. She was tied to a tree. Why was she tied to a tree? "I'll go find Emily." Emily had herself covered in light shields where did she get that many? which was easy to spot. I quickly got her out of there and went back to the others.

After a bunch of fighting. I felt the same powerful being coming towards us. Doesn't matter, I'm mad as it is.

"I am your opponent!" He had a light shield and a dark shield in his hands. He combined them and they turned into a chaos shield. After, he summoned three more chaos shields and combined them into two double chaos shields. "You will die now."

Ya, you might have power, but... wait, what?

Out of know where, a poorly made sword flew by my head. The aphiry holding the chaos shields moved out of the way and the sword cut through some aphiries behind him. I stepped forward about to attack but another poorly made blade flew by my head, this time too close for comfort.

What the..?

The aphiry holding the chaos shields put a shield in the blade's path.

Just then, a shoe flew by my head a lot faster than the blade did. The shoe just nicked the blade's handle and the blade flew straight into the dark aphiry's head. The shoe hit the chaos shield and disappeared as if absorbed by the shield.

I leaped forward and grabbed the chaos shields before they disappeared.

"Sorry!" A voice called out from behind us.

I looked to see who it was that just killed someone who may have been able to kill me.

He was human, and he looked like he was standing up from tripping over something. "I take full responsibility," he said as he got up. "Did I kill him?"

I looked back at the aphiry, he did not vanish like an aphiry would after death. He kind of looks like an ork. "Yes you did," I answered. Who was this guy?

"I'm very sorry for that... can I have my sword back?"

"I guess..." I took it out of the large aphiry and tossed it back to him. He caught it no problem, then he fell under its weight, flipped over and threw the sword up. It came down and killed another dark aphiry.

Who is this guy?

"Kill them! They killed one of our leaders!" The dark aphiries rushed toward us.

"Let's get out of here," I summoned dark wings on my back, picked up the clumsy swordsman, and flew off.

"I don't really like flying..." The swordsmen barfed all over the dark aphiry army and passed out. Then another poor quality blade or something fell from him and took out a few more dark aphiries.

Anthony flew up beside me. "Everyone's okay... There's a nice spot," he pointed to a clearing quite a ways from the dark aphiry army. I went to land, Anthony stayed in the air to signal the rest.

After everyone got settled and after we got a fire going, the swordsman woke up. "I... Where am I?" He sat up.

"You are with me."

"And you are?"

"My name is Owen… you are?"

"My official name is Tyler, I've been called numerous different names like: loser, or, jerk, the clumsy swordsmen and recently been called 'lucky'."

"Lucky definitely suits you," Johnithyn giggled.

It does. So does 'the clumsy swordsman'.

Anthony stood up, "We need some more fire wood, would anyone like to help?" Joanna, Sarah, and Nelson stood up.

"What are your names..? Before you go," Tyler asked.

Alex rose to her feet. "I'm Alex, sorry for being rude, but I will be in the clearing if anyone needs me."

"Anthony…" He left.

"Nelson…" He followed.

"Sarah," She followed after Nelson.

"I'm Emily..." Emily said.

"You already know my name, that is Joanna and this is Johnithyn..." I said. Joanna followed after Sarah. "I lead this group of four."

"Awesome, I'm not too good with names so I probably won't remember most of them... Out of curiosity, where are you headed?" He asked.

"I haven't decided that yet."

"Awesome. I think I'll stick with you guys, if that is okay, of course," Tyler said.

"I think you can hang around a bit. No one will mind your company."

Anthony woke me up in the middle of the night. "We're leaving... Alex ordered we go to the dark aphiry's planet."

"I can't stop you, thank you for everything..." I summoned a chaos shield. "Take it, it's the least I can do...ah!"

A shoe popped out of the shield. I caught it by reflex. I looked back at Tyler. He was missing a shoe but the two shoes were quite different. Does he wear what he can find? "I'll give this back to him."

"Okay..." Anthony sounded surprised and confused. "Just promise me you won't go power crazy, and don't use your parent's weapons unless you absolutely have to. Make a name for yourself but don't mention you are their kid. They can do the research themselves."

"I promise to only gain the power I need."

"It is never enough power."

"Then I will never stop gaining power."

"Just remember to live, no matter what happens... If you die, it is all over."

"I'll remember."

Alex, Nelson and Sarah flew overhead. "They're fast...well, bye. Again." Anthony put on dark wings and flew off after them.

He didn't take the chaos shield.

I didn't fall asleep easily and Tyler woke up early. "They left then?" He asked.


"Less names to remember."

"Oh, this is yours, I believe," I handed him the shoe.

"I was wondering where my shoe went. I thought it fell when you flew me here after I passed out," he put the shoe on.

You didn't notice the shoe was the reason for the large aphiry's death..? Who is this guy?

I decided to experiment with my chaos shields until the others woke. Using Tyler's help, I found out that he could not wield aphiry shields. I lost a light shield in the process. Tyler pointed out that I kept changing the more I played with my shields. It was like I was unstable, changing appearances from human to elf to aphiry. I don't feel as if anything is changing so I don't really mind it. I also found a new power within myself. It felt similar to the powers I had already. I summoned enough to fire a bolt into the air and fired it. It was a dark bolt, which meant I have dark powers. My father's powers. I tried again but it came out a light bolt. This is a power I will have to learn to control.

The next day, we went back to the elf/human camp. Everything was destroyed and there was no sign of life anywhere. "Owen!" Tyler tripped and the shoe I gave back to him flew up and blocked an arrow from killing me. "Ouch... that one hurt."

I picked up the shoe. What on aphiry planet isn't possible?

"That didn't surprise me," Johnithyn lied.

Why are you staring at the shoe if you aren't surprised?

"Come out, we mean you no harm!" I yelled out while handing Tyler his shoe.

"Cool. Another arrow for the collection I keep losing," Tyler yanked out the arrow and put his shoe back on.

"How can we trust you?!" A voice came from the trees. "We know what you aphiries are capable of."

"These are our true selves..." I summoned a light shield. "We're here to help."

"A light aphiry..." There were just a few of them, I heard them whispering among each-other. "Show your face. You hide something underneath that hair."

"If I show you, it won't change anything."

"Common…" Tyler placed his hand on my shoulder.

We now stood in the place I called home. "Where are we?" The wall that was my room was half destroyed. Dark aphiries flew overhead, there were a few battles raging on and you could just tell that a lot of people have been killed. I felt an attack come from the sky and rolled to the side. I watched as Tyler lifted up a sword and hid behind it. The attack reflected right back to the attacker and killed him.

"Where did you get the sword?" I asked.

"I found it lying around in the grass just before we teleported."

What luck.

Two more dark aphiries attacked. I summoned a dark shield, rolled in front of Tyler and blocked the attack. The aphiries landed, I turned my dark shield into a sword and quickly made my way to them. The first aphiry blocked my first swing with his shield. I quickly summoned a light sword and cut through him from below his shield. Then I jumped at the other and stabbed through him before he could react at all. I took his Dark shield before it disappeared.

"You never answered my question..." Tyler said.

I vanished my shields. "We're in the centre of Aphiry City," I looked around my bedroom wall and stopped.

Tyler looked too. "Wow..."

There was a large army of dark aphiries watching a fight between two other aphiries. I recognized one of them to be Dimetry and the other was just some dark aphiry. Dimetry didn't seem to be doing very well. They had their shields out constantly switching them to an appropriate weapon for the attacks they're making and for their defence. They were all over the place and the fight seemed to be going nowhere fast. Dimetry's power is nothing compared to Ed's. Despite having the power disadvantage, Dimetry seems to be doing well.

I placed barriers around us so we wouldn't be noticed but Tyler's lack of power may give us away. "Don't do anything stupid, you look like an aphiry in their eyes," I whispered.

We began making our way through the crowd and made it to the front. Dimetry was holding back... why... he's going to lose this fight. I stepped forward in front of the crowd, Tyler behind me, and they stopped fighting.

"I told everyone not to interfere!" The dark aphiry came over to me.

So what?

"I'm sorry, I didn't hear that... I'm not part of your army... The elders need you back. The light aphiries are attacking your city and winning."

"What?! That's impossible!"

"I guess not..."

"Damn... aphiries! FLY!"

That was too easy.

The aphiries flew off. Dimetry already knew who I was and thanked me through a smile. "If you don't mind, I'd like to finish this fight," he said.

"Be my guest... that is... if your friend here wishes to as well."

"Are you a damn fool?! Why do you think I'm still here! I'm no coward!" For not being a coward, he made a very cowardly move. He moved unexpectedly and killed Dimetry with one last swing with his light sword.

I caught him before he fell to the ground. "He is powerful, make him an ally..." Dimetry managed and disappeared.

What?! I want to... Fine! I'll fulfil a dead man's wish.

I took Dimetry's light shield. It turned into a sword. "Fight me... I won't kill you."


I let down my barrier.

"Oh, you sent away my army... you lied..."

Not exactly. "Actually, I'm not sure where the light aphiries are," I said. "If anything at all, they could be winning a fight in the Dark Aphiry City."

"You are a coward."

"Look who's talking!" Tyler didn't say loud enough. "You are the coward here, you going to try that move on him too?!"

He did, right then, I blocked the attack and had my sword on his neck. That was when I felt a large presents of power come from him. It was all coming out of him all at once. I backed off, He fired a large attack at me but I simply sliced at the attack with my sword. "That could have killed me if you could control that anger, you could become a very powerful being... I'm interested in leading you to that power but you have to join me."

"Lead me to power? You have no idea what I have been through to get to where I am now," His anger led him to attack me repeatedly. I turned my dark sword into a shield and blocked his attacks putting no effort into it. Then his attacks got much more powerful much too quickly. I summoned three chaos shields and began absorbing his attacks. After he became exhausted, my shield acted on it's own and fired all of that power right back. That power exploded. It wasn't a huge explosion but it was enough to kill. I rushed over as soon as the explosion was over. "What was that?" He asked.

"That was all of your power all at once…" His light shield flickered. "Damn, I can't help you."

"What? Why would you save me?" He asked.

"You have the power, I wanted to teach you how to use it."

And grant a dead man's wish.

"You speak as if I'm already dead, I know how to use my power."

"No… you turn most of your power into anger, you could have killed me easily… If you had a chance to change, would you?"

"I… I don't know if I would. I can't go against my elders…"

"You wouldn't have to… I was only told to put an end to this war, I wasn't planning on doing it through battle. Of course I'll have to fight at times, that's why I have this power, but I won't battle when I don't need to."

I want to save him… I feel so helpless. Then one of his shields tore itself apart and turned into a state where it was about to disappear then made it's way into the dark aphiry, it began to heal him. "What? What did you do to me?!"

"Nothing, your shield…" Then he healed instantly and fell unconscious.

"As far as I know, that hasn't happened before," Tyler was standing over us.

You're telling me.

We spent the next two days training ourselves on one another in the underground training area we trained in under the light aphiry elders where we first learned to fight. The dark aphiry continued sleeping but he was changing. That light shield was turning him into a light aphiry whether he liked it or not. And just before the shield became a part of him, I thought I felt a presents similar to my parent's weapons, but not quite the same.

Three more days passed. Tyler was outside doing whatever and I was experimenting with my powers when the dark aphiry walked in on me. Great... let us get this over with.

"Where am I?" he asked before he remembered who I was.

"Under Light Aphiry City," I answered.

"You, I fought with you… I should be dead."

"Yes… your shield saved your life." Funny thing to say.


"Look at yourself…"

He did.

"...your light shield somehow became a part of you, it healed you almost instantly. You are now half light aphiry, I wouldn't be surprised if you've gained their powers along with their looks."

He fell to his knees, then a huge power began to rage from him. He shot a light bolt at the wall. "What is happening to me?!"

Here we go. I summoned a chaos shield and three dark shields, which I instantly combined. Then his breakdown started. I set my triple dark shield out in front. He began attacking randomly, slowly destroying the place. Then he spotted me. "You! It was you! You will die for what you have done to me!" He began attacking me, "DIE!" His attacks never seemed to stop. He began charging his attacks, they got more powerful after every third shot. It came to the point where I could no longer deflect his attacks with my triple dark shield. I summoned a second chaos shield and added it to the first. Just don't kill him. I put the double chaos shield in front and it began absorbing his attacks.

He did eventually stop. I vanished my chaos shields and I felt a huge mass of power overwhelm me. Too much. I shot it up, it went through the roof and exploded in the sky far above Light Aphiry City. Beautiful, but it will attract unwanted visitors. It was beautiful, the light and dark powers coloured the sky. I watched it until it disappeared and walked over to the former dark aphiry. He was on his knees crying.

"You know, destroying me isn't going to get you anywhere," I said.

"You…" he looked up at me. "You can't use light and dark magic."

"Think again."

"You can?" he became calm.

"Yes… only I can't use my dark power at will yet," I held out a hand.

He took it and I helped him stand. "I can help you… control your dark power."

"I would like that, but for now, we need to go. Your explosion would have attracted a lot of attention."

"My explosion?"

"It was your power, I just redirected it."

"And how did you manage that?" Ed came out of the shadows.

"Ed… your brother…"

"I know. He died, but he talked to the one he was waiting for. He wanted more than anything to teach you how to use your power… William. Before you showed up, his purpose was to protect my sister, she is the second elder."

I knew Dimetry wasn't an elder.

A beautiful aphiry came out of the shadows. "William, I'm here to persuade you to join Owen. He is the only leader who will welcome you as a friend."

That voice, it almost sounds like it can hypnotize men. She is quite pretty... what am I thinking? Owen, you're an idiot...

"I've already chosen which path I am to take. Owen said he wasn't an enemy to anyone. A freelancer that wants to end this war. I will help him reach that goal."

I felt a powerful presents. Power hunters, Tyler!

"Nice to know everyone is here and awake," Tyler said with his sword drawn. "But we are under attack," He blocked an attack from the shadows.

How does he do this? "Go Edward, we'll take care of them," I summoned a light shield and a dark sword. "Tyler…"

"I got this one," he ran after the one in the shadows.

One of two power hunters teleported right behind me. "You are well organized…"

I teleported away. That was new.

"...And well trained. This will be a fun fight," the hunter summoned three chaos shields, combined two, and turned then third into a sword.

"Owen!" It was William. He shot dark bolts at the hunter. His attacks were absorbed.

"Get away! I can handle him!" Run William!

"Looks like I found a weakness…" He teleported behind William.

"No…" I teleported between them. "…you just made this a lot easier," I attacked.

After cutting the power hunter apart and claiming his chaos shields as my own. William and I found Tyler playing with his opponent, or at least that's what it looked like. I looked at William who was just staring at the fight, eyes wide, mouth open and with a 'what the?' expression on his face. "He surprised me at first too." Tyler is one funny human.

"He's like… cursed with luck."

I teleported into the fight.

"How many times is that now? Teleporting, that is." Tyler blocked an attack.

"I figured it out," I swung and the hunter blocked. "I can teleport at will now."

Tyler laughed. "Who ever gets rid of him, wins."

The power hunter summoned two more chaos shield into the two he already had out. I blocked one of his attacks, then he attacked with his other weapon completely ignoring Tyler.

Bad move. Tyler cut him and I had an opening. We cut him apart quickly. I took his chaos swords.

"Wow," Tyler sat down. "I need to improve my endurance so I don't crash after every time I fight."

William made his way to us. "Where did you get all of that luck?"

"That's a silly question…" Tyler couldn't help but to laugh. "I couldn't tell you."

Damn. There are more coming. "We have to go," I touched both of them and teleported.

"OWEN!" Joanna looked surprised.

"Who's that?" Emily gestured to William.

"Who am I? Who are you?" William asked.

"Everyone!" I got their attention. Can't they just ask and get to know each other? "This is William, treat him as a friend."

"Why should we?" Johnithyn asked.

Why not? "He has decided to join us..."

"An aphiry?" Joanna walked to William and held out her hand. "I'm Joanna."

William took the hand in a hand shake. "It is nice to meet you."

Emily followed Joanna's lead followed by Johnithyn even though I knew he was against it. They will have to become good friends. Thank you Joanna for being a good influence. "Now that we all know each other..." I looked at our surroundings.

"The elves put us in here after you 'disappeared'," Joanna said. "Johnithyn gave them a hard time before I knocked him out."

I looked at Johnithyn. "Okay, from now on Joanna will be in charge when I'm not around. Johnithyn, don't ever pick a fight with anyone without power. Emily, try to keep Johnithyn under control," I teleported just outside the cage.

"That is cool," Johnithyn said.

"I will be right back," Okay, first: get the elves to trust us... after that... I'm not sure.


Shit! Five of my chaos shields summoned themselves and completely surrounded me in a semi-circle blocking about 13 well-aimed arrows. That was new. I vanished my shields. "Talk to me. I'm not here to fight."

"Who are you?"

Who do you think? "Do you know of the aphiries you have hostage?"

"What about them?"

"I would be their leader and have come to ask for their freedom," I said. "Also, it is quite pointless to have them in there. They can get out of there any time they want."

The elf that was talking showed himself. "Follow me."

He led me through the camp into a tent. I was stared at like I was a freak. I'm different, just get over it. Two elves drew their swords as soon as I walked through the door to the tent. The elf I followed here put his hand in between us. "That wouldn't be the best of ideas." The elves lowered their weapons but kept them at the ready. "He is the leader of our captives, show him some respect."

He led me further and another elf waited looking at a set of very fancy armour. "I am glad you made it back," he turned to face me. "Where were you?"

Is this how you get to trust strangers. "If you must know. I teleported to the now destroyed Light Aphiry City and gained an ally that is now with the others."

"You are quite good at bluffing..."

"I was not bluffing," Do you always treat strangers like this? "Why are my friends in a cage? And would you be so kind as to let them out?"

"Friends? I thought you lead them."

"They are friends. I would not lead anyone who is not."

He pretended to think. "Alright. I will let them go if you care to join my army in a fight against the orks. We are greatly outnumbered and I think aphiries are with them."

Aphiries? Dark aphiries? "Okay, we will accompany your army but because this is your war, we may or may not join the fight."

"Fair enough."

"Owen! Tell me we are getting out of here," Johnithyn said.

"Ya, everyone but you. The elves don't trust you for some reason," I lied and smiled because it seemed he almost believed me.

"Don't do that!"

"Common. Lets go see what the dark aphiries are doing helping the orks," If they are, that is.

It didn't take long for the elf leader to send for us, and it did not take long for us to get to what was so-pose to be the battleground. Right now they were in a seize-fire. Why are there no humans fighting along side the orks? There are some humans with the elves...

Someone tugged on my shirt. "Are you Owen?"

Why is an elven child attending a war? "Yes I am, what can I do for you?"

"Our leader wants you to attend a meeting."

Great. Why do I have to attend a meeting? I crouched down to about the child's size. "You want to see something only I can do on this side of the battle field?"

The child nodded slowly.

"I will vanish..."

I stood beside the elf leader looking at other human and elf leaders of this army. There wasn't very many. "You called?" I asked.

Everyone but the elf leader I know, looked surprised to see me. Maybe I shouldn't have teleported if front of all of them.

"Who is he?" One of the non-friendly looking elves asked.

"He is the one leading the aphiries," the leader I knew said.

"He is not aphiry! aphiries have wings!"

This guy does not know much. "Alright..." I summoned light wings onto my back. "...how's that?" Now everyone stared in amazement and some even looked frightened. I vanished my wings. "Need any other proof? Or can I keep my powers to myself?"

"That is quite enough... now... of course the orks want a fight and the dark aphiries are willing to help them..."

"I want to speak with them," I interrupted.

"How are you going to do that?! We already set our terms. The only way we will communicate without bloodshed is if one of us raises a white flag to surrender."

"There is another way. I want to find out if the dark aphiries have some of the rules the light aphiries do. You are all welcome to watch. The entire army is welcome to watch. You might just witness aphiry magic at it's peak."

I teleported into the centre of the two armies and shot a light bolt into the air. "I challenge the one who leads the dark aphiries allied with the orks!" That caught a lot of attention. "I challenge the one who leads the dark aphiries allied with the orks!" I repeated... There you are.

Finally, a dark aphiry glided over and landed in front of the orks. Then he slowly walked towards me. When he finally got to me he spoke. "You must have a death wish to challenge me."

"Who exactly are you?" I asked.

"I am one of the two remaining dark aphiry elders."

He's lying. He doesn't have the power to be an elder. He's not even at the same power level the power hunters are at. He's a decoy like Dimetry was. But, it would be wise not to underestimate him, he was chosen to be a decoy. "Why help the orks, and where are the humans allied with the orks?"

"I killed the humans and orks who defended them. The humans make them weak when they are to be strong. We dark aphiries created the orks to keep control of your puny humans. We know their true intentions. They have the power to destroy worlds, even travel through time. All they need is time."

Any race can do all that with time... except maybe orks. I do agree, humans can be dangerous... but, they aren't bad. "I thank you for that, and it is you who has a death wish if you accept my challenge. You do not have the power to be one of your elders," as soon as I said that, he shot a bolt into the air, summoned two dark swords and attacked. I also summoned two dark shields and defended. "You are going to die now." I teleported behind him, he was quick to defend against my swords. I then froze the ground behind him forming spikes. He swung at me again. I teleported away and sent my spikes at him. He is quick. Like something Tyler would do, he blocked and dodged every spike I threw at him. This could actually be fun. I attached my two swords by the handles. The dark aphiry surrounded his swords in his power adding a dark lightning look. That's pretty cool... He came at me. ...That's not. I block the first swing, the second, moved to the side dodging the third. I attacked and he blocked that with both of his blades. Then the lightning from his blades cracked and I teleported away before he shot a hole through my head. That is... different. His swords cracked again. I summoned a chaos shield and absorbed the dark lightning. That was close.

"Where did you get that?"

He stopped to ask that question? "Actually, I created this one."

"Impossible. No half aphiry is capable of doing that."

"Obviously you haven't had a close enough look at me," I vanished my chaos shield and readied my double sword. "I am two parts aphiry," I used his power I absorbed and covered my blade in power. One side was ice and the other side turned to fire. This is... just epic. I looked up at the dark aphiry and smiled.

"Looks like you aren't quite out of tricks," the aphiry crouched and put a hand on the ground. The earth shook underneath me and then a wall of earth circled me and trapped me in a cone-shaped style.

That won't work. Using the same idea, I created not a dome but an ice sphere surrounding me with a layer of dirt over that. He's not as powerful as I am. My sphere defence blocked everything he threw at me. Eventually I saw light so I think he stopped with the cone. I let down my dirt. Through the ice, the aphiry looked very tired. I let down the ice defence.

"No one has survived that," the aphiry was on his knees breathing heavily. "No one but the aphiry who taught me could survive such an attack."

"You agreed to this fight. I am not to be underestimated," I took control of two pebbles and shot them through the aphiry. He disapeared along with his shields. I stood the victor.

Throughout the day, the dark aphiries left the orks until I could no longer feel any dark aphiry presents. There is no longer a reason I should be here.

I found the elf leader, he spoke first. "That is quite the power you have..."

"That fight? That was actually quite educating. I'm still in training and that aphiry taught me a few things. I say he put up a good fight and probably could have won if I wasn't his opponent."

"Why you?"

"Just because I have more power any aphiry I've ever fought put together excluding the elders."

We said our good-byes. After a bit of flying, Joanna landed in a small clearing amongst the trees. I landed after her, followed by Emily, William and Johnithyn who placed passed-out Tyler against a tree.

"We talked when you teleported away on us..." Joanna started. "I want to go back and train under the aphiries. Emily wants to as well."

I looked at Johnithyn.

"I'm with you," he said looking innocent.

I looked at Tyler. "I'll take the girls back. William is in charge just because he has already had experience in leading. Joanna... Emily." They stood in front of me. I put my hands on their shoulders.

"That is a lot quicker than I thought," Emily said.

"It felt like a dream, one of those dreams you can't remember after you wake up no matter how hard you try to remember it," Joanna said.

We stood back in the underground training area I destroyed with William's power. The city was very dark and gloomy and you couldn't see far because it was quite foggy too. I felt only one other presents in the entire city and it wasn't anyone I knew.

"Edward is not here," Joanna said.

"Where..?" Emily was interrupted.

I summoned all three of my dark shields, combined them, and blocked a dark bolt that was about to go through Emily's head. This guy has power and a lot of experience. He could kill me if I make a mistake.

"You are quite right."


"That's right. I can read your thoughts..."

Shit... I blocked another attack from another direction. "He can teleport too?" I quietly said to myself.

"Clever, but I will still kill you."

I found him. His power gave him away... wait. His power is growing? There are two of them? Three of them? Shit... I created a sphere of ice and surrounded the girls in it. Then I put a layer of earth on top of that. If you are still listening... I challenge you to a fight. I shot a light bolt into the air.

"I gladly accept," About fifty bolts were shot into the air from all around me.

Are they all you?

"Find out for yourself."

I blocked a dark sword attack, the dark aphiry smiled. I dodged another dark sword, blocked a third and sliced through the three of them with my dark shield. The dark aphiries disappeared into the fog. Three down.

"And many more to go."

I summoned my two light shields, combined them and turned it into a sword. Bring it.

Hours passed. I lost count at 705. One of them finally managed to hit me.

"You are tiring! I think I'll kill you now!"

Shit! I summoned six chaos shields and combined them. It absorbed everyone of his attacks. Then I shot all of his attacks right back at him.

"How did you...?" I stood up with a chaos sphere around me. There was only three of him left. I looked at the one with the most power. A smile spread across his face and he looked at my defence I had the girls in. He moved. I moved faster and shot a dark bolt.

"Impossible." He fell to his knees.

I walked up to him.

"You are truly powerful to have beaten me that easily. Now I know why they told my not to fight you."


"I have been sent to deliver a message..." Images flashed in my head. The images were all of a place quite the opposite of this planet. Everything was dark, A huge city with a tower in the centre... dark creatures... "The dark aphiry elders have requested the presents of a powerful kid, the son of Eragon. The tower is where you will find them, I'm happy I got to fight you." He disappeared.

I vanished my chaos shields and rid of the defence I had around the girls. Why? Why was he smiling?

Emily squinted and blocked the sun from getting into her eyes. "It's dark in there. You should work on that."

Joanna did the same but spotted something on me. "You're hurt!"

I covered my wound with my hand. "It's nothing..."

"You are quite something," Edward and his sister landed in front of us. "We've been suppressing our powers waiting of the right time to attack but you killed him quite easily."

"I knew you haven't left."

"Actually, we have. We just came back to visit."

"Joanna, Emily. You are no longer under my command... I leave the girls under your command, the light aphiry elders. I am going to visit the dark aphiry elders... anything you want to tell them?" You don't really look surprised...

"I guess the dark aphiries finally got to talk to you, good luck."

"I will take care of Emily and Joanna," Ed's sister said. "They will be my students."

"Don't let them find where you are hiding," I teleported.

"What did you do while you were away?" Tyler asked. "You look as though you had a tough time."

"I ran into a dark aphiry messenger who didn't want to deliver the message but fight me. After I beat him he delivered his message. The dark aphiry elders have requested to see me on dark aphiry planet."

"Awesome! When are we going?" Johnithyn asked.

"I will go. I am certain this may turn into a trap..."

"Take Tyler," William said. "You might need him, and you don't really need to look after him if a fight breaks out."

"Very true," I placed a hand on Tyler's shoulder. "We will be back. Don't go far."

We stood in Dark Aphiry City. There were dark aphiries everywhere. It only seemed like there are more dark aphiries than light aphiries but this city was a lot more cramped and had huge buildings. Light Aphiry City was spread out in a forest.

"Where to?" Tyler asked.

"That," I pointed to a tower.

"I've always wanted to see inside a building that towered over it's surroundings."

I teleported us through the city and now stood in front of the tower. There were two guards there. One was ready for a fight. "You must be the son of Eragon... it is a pleasure to have met you. My name is Ewan and I will be the one to be escorting you anywhere you go inside Dark Aphiry City."

"Are you going to be one to try to control me? You need a great deal of power for that." You're a fool if you try it.

"I'm not called the 'Lightning Mage' for nothing."

He led us through the tower. It was very dark and the roof was really high up too big for a couple of leaders. There were dark aphiries everywhere bodyguards, a lot of them questioned the 'Lightning Mage' about me. It took a long time to reach the top of the tower where the elders were. After we started climbing a swirly stair case it didn't take too long. The thrown room was huge and very empty accept for about seven large chairs near the end. Only two of the seats were there aphiries seated the aphiry elders. They did not look to be as old as Edward, but they have the same power level and they may be hiding their true selves.

Ewan knelt down in front of them.

"You may leave us, Ewan..." One of the elders said.

Ewan stood up and left.

"Owen, I am Erk, this is Chloe, my sister..."

"It is nice to finally meet the son of Eragon," Chloe said.

"Why did you seek my audience?" I asked.

"Quick with the questions, are we?"

I stayed silent.

"All right, I want you to help us in something we can not do on our own. The light aphiries were always better in keeping their city under control. We have had numerous attacks toward us from inside the city by an organized group led by a council we created so that they can keep the city under control. Instead, over time, they decided to form a rebellion and tear us down..."

"You have power enough for that," I said.

"I cannot..." Chloe managed. "The last time I released my powers it...it killed...to many..."

These are the elders leading a war to fight the light aphiries? No, there is someone else leading the army. Always ' aphiry elder' decoys leading a group. And the elders aren't lying. "There are dark aphiries attacking the light aphiries on their planet as we speak. Their leaders claim to be dark aphiry elders."

"That is also the doing of that group. They have basically took over the city already. I've tried to reason with them but they named us cowards"

"If you send me in there, it will make you look like more of a coward. If you can't fight your own battles... why are you leaders?"

"We try to rule through peace..."

"There will always be conflict..." I interrupted. "The idea of freedom has boundaries...flaws, the idea of peace... peace can only go so far. You have to be willing to fight, you don't have to destroy but you have to be willing to protect."

"That's just it!" Chloe started. "I can not fight without..."

"You think your powers are too strong? Mine power is stronger. I will fight this battle for you but you won't always have me."

Ewan led me to the location where the council took place. Hundreds of aphiries were gathered. The council was only seventeen aphiries but hundreds had come to watch and maybe take part. If this council is as bad as the elders say. I will end up doing something stupid.

"Brother's and sister's!" It began. "Today we destroy the light aphiry's planet and the war will be over!"

The crowd cheered.

"That's not good," Tyler said.

"Do you want to go first or should I?"

"Doesn't matter."

"...STOP!" A creature stepped up in front of the council. He wasn't quite dark aphiry, but he defiantly used to be. It looks as though another race was absorbed and became a part of him. "I will not allow it!"

"Erwin. You've been here countless times to stop us..."

"There is someone among us who will destroy this council. You are making poor choices as one. The aphiry elders..."

"Yes yes... you've said it thousands of times... The elders are no longer the leaders of this city. We rule, not them. After we destroy the light aphiries we will destroy the elders and claim the tower."

"You will die before any of those things happen."

He knows we're here. Who is this... Erwin?

"Erwin, you refuse to use your powers just like the elders. You are the only one who has even a chance of bringing us down."

"No. This someone you will recognize but you haven't seen him before. He has already became friends with both light and dark aphiry elders. And he will not hesitate to kill few to save many."

Powerful words... but not quite true.

"Okay, I think you've said enough..."

"I will destroy this council myself if that is what it takes for you to listen to me."

"Erwin, get out or be destroyed."

Erwin stopped what he was doing and just starred at who had said that. It was like all of the fight left him.

"I'll go first," I said to Tyler. "Walk in when you feel is appropriate."

A gasp from the crowd, silence, and then... "Who do you think you are? You're interrupting our..."

"In a matter of minutes this council won't exist..." I looked at Erwin. "Erwin. Right? Don't get in my way and you won't get hurt."

I felt the rage from the crowd and the council. I also felt the power.

"Our time is short, just kill them."

The council fired first. I surrounded myself in air, earth, ice, and six combined chaos shields... funny, nothing exploded. What happened? I released my defence and vanished my shields. The power just disappeared, all of it, and Tyler was now standing at my side.

Everyone was silent.

Erwin collapsed.

What power. He stopped all attacks and teleported Tyler to my side.

Everyone stayed silent until a council member broke the silence. "Kill them."

No one hesitated, everyone attacked... again.

A few teleportations later, I had Erwin out of the city, safe.

Tyler went to get us firewood.

A few hours after, Erwin woke up. "I never thought you would be the one to get me out of there," He sat up. "The council used to listen to me."

"How did you know I was coming?"

"The wind," he looked up into the sky. "It can tell you quite a lot when it isn't being controlled."

The wind? "How does that work?"

"I'll have to train you, it isn't something that can be explained."

"I'd like that."

We all stared at the fire for a while.

Erwin broke the silence. "I'd like to fight you."

That caught me a little off guard.

"I want to see what you can do."

I felt his power rise. "Your power... it's different then everyone else."

"I trained too hard one day. Well, it was more like experimenting with my powers. I wanted to become stronger. Mastering both light and dark aphiry's powers wasn't enough for me... I thought I had lost all of it at first... until I felt a completely different power. I taught myself how to control it and now I only try to use it without reaching my limit. I don't want to become any more powerful than this."

"Alright. Where do you want to have our duel?"

"The dark aphiry arena."

"I guess it would be nice if I was no longer underestimated."

"It's agreed then, lets go," He raised a hand and the fire just burned out. Then, he teleported the three of us into an arena.

Tyler was in the stands but I could not find him. He must look like a dark aphiry right now. "Lets begin," Erwin shot a bolt into the air.

I shot a bolt into the air and rushed toward him summoning a dark and a light sword. He summoned a barrier just before I could get close enough. What? A wind barrier? He then placed his hand on the ground. Multiple Dirt and sand piles rose up and formed into Erwin. Great. A different weapon formed in each of their hands and attacked. I dodged the first and cut him in half, nothing happened and I barely dodged from having minus one leg. Damn. The battle is just starting and I've already been hit. Then the sand Erwins all placed a hand on the ground and sand balls began flying at me. I turned my light sword into a shield and began blocking. What should I do?

Erwin let down his barrier. "Don't let me win this quickly."

I teleported behind him and cut him in half. Nothing. I only earned another wound before teleporting away. I shot a fire ball at one of the Erwins. As I thought, where I hit him turned to glass. Then he went up in flames and extinguished just as quickly. He was now a glass Erwin.

He attacked again and again, the others slowly coming towards me. Fine, I'll use this. I surrounded my swords in my power. A crack and lightning shot through two Erwins. They dropped back into sand piles. Two others rushed me. I cut through them and they too dropped into sand piles. The glass Erwin shattered.

"Usually lighting is used first. Try these ones."

The wind picked up. Then, from air, Tylers formed and drew their swords. That's just cruel. They attacked, I easily cut through one of them but I just ended up with another wound. Change the element. The lightning on my swords turned to fire. I cut through all of them quickly and attacked Erwin. He blocked my attack with a... fire sword? Earth wrapped around my ankles and threw me into the air.

"The elements are my power!"

Fire, water, earth, air... He fired it all at me. Even lightning was coming out of the sky to strike me down. Nowhere to teleport. Too much power... I need more power. I summoned seven chaos shields and combined them...

Not that much power! The chaos shield exploded in power and kept growing. It transformed. It no longer looked like chaos, more like dark and light mixed together. This is my new power?

Erwin's attack had disappeared and he was on his knees breathing hard. "Where did that come from? I haven't seen that kind of power since the old elders."

I vanished my power shield and helped him up. "It just... happened."

I began feeling dark aphiries charging their attacks.

"Time to go," I found a powerless spot in the front row and teleported Erwin, whom ever was in that spot and me back to where we were before the fight.

"Let me guess, I'm starting the fire," Tyler stood in front of us.

"Not at all," Erwin said. "I know a safe place we can go."

An image flashed in my head and I teleported us into a camp.

"Go a head and make some friends. I have to take care of some things. Try not to get into any fights," Erwin ducked into a tent.

The camp looked more like a war camp. Only this camp was filled with all sorts of different creatures. Dark aphiries, elves, a few orks, humans, and other dark beings. Most of them held weapons and the ones that didn't, wielded a power of some kind. They could kill me if they tried. No one except maybe a few orks and humans seemed to notice us as new comers.

"Well, I'll be visiting if you need me," Tyler went and sat down next to some dark creatures.

I teleported.

"You're back!" William said. "Johnithyn was planning on leaving... well, he was planning to go after you, he wanted me to come up with a plan... What have you been up to exactly?"

Johnithyn... you are too impatient, if I was gone a week, then you can start looking for me. "I became friends with a former dark aphiry elder... also, it isn't the dark fairy elders that are attacking us. They had set up a council to take care of the city for them and now that council is taking command planning to rebel against the elders after they take care of the war."

"I thought I was under the command of the elders..."

"Decoys, if you didn't use rage and actually concentrated, you would have figured out that you had more power than the aphiry commanding you."


"Where is Johnithyn..?" I spoke too soon.

"WILLIAM! HELP!" Johnithyn was flying towards us at a great speed and behind him were about thirty dark aphiries. "OWEN!"

Johnithyn! I will kill you myself if you do something stupid like this ever again. I used the earth and created a large wall after Johnithyn flew past us. Johnithyn crash-landed the same time one of the aphiries crashed into the wall, and was stopped dead, the wall not moving at all. The aphiry disappeared, dead. The rest of the aphiries slew down enough to use the wall to complete stop themselves. I then dropped the wall. That had a tole on my strength. Johnithyn came up beside me.

"What did you do now?" I asked him.

"I walked around the wrong tree," he answered.

"Fine, I'll ask them..."

"I walked into a trap. They all looked like elves. One of them shook my hand, I felt his power and bolted into the air faster than even I expected I could."

"Yep, I'm asking them..."

"Fine! The one thing I left out was that I kind of called them powerless and destroyed... something to prove a point, and I didn't shake their hand."

"He destroyed the entire camp!" One of the aphiries half yelled. "He would have definitely killed us if we were elves."

"I lost control of my own powers for a second. I was only so-pose to blow up their camp fire," Johnithyn claimed.

"Well..." I summoned two dark shields already combined and turned it into a double sided sword. Johnithyn, you will be the death of me. "I've already killed one of your comrades..."

"You going to believe that crap!?"

"No, not really, but we are enemies..." unless, "...who are you fighting for?" I asked.

"The elders..."

"You wouldn't be here if you were fighting under the elders. Who are you fighting for?" I asked again.

"Owen..." William said to warn me.

I looked at Johnithyn and then at William. They had dark apharies behind them each with a dark sword at their necks. Stupid! I let my guard down! I am the leader... wait... this will work. I smiled and put up a sight shield making it look as if I dropped it. The dark apharies gasped except the two behind William and Johnithyn.

"Elder Erk... What are you doing on the battlefield?" One of them asked.

I looked at Johnithyn, and then at William. There was definitely fear behind their eyes. Good, the more they believe, the more the others will believe.

"We sensed your presents as soon as you got here. You changed your mind about the war then?" The aphiry behind William asked.

"Owen fell into our trap. He wont survive no matter how much help he has. His human friend was easy enough to kill. All that is left is these two."

Johnithyn was charging an attack. William shot lightning in all directions. You get mad too easily. Now free, he shot a bolt at me and then a second. "You... no one can kill Owen! He... he was my hope... he said he'd be back, and he will be..!"

"Look around! He gave your location and begged to be freed! I left him to die! And now I will destroy the two of you..."

Johnithyn fired his charged attack at me. Johnithyn, you already know? I dodged the attack and it hit the crowd of thirty aphiries. I teleported behind the aphiry behind Johnithyn and placed the double sword's blade on his neck. "Your elder is actually a friend of mine..."

"And he is a fool."



I felt an instant of pain and then no pain at all. I forgot about the one that was holding William.

"Owen... Owen..."


"You are dead... Owen... it is all over... You are dead... and now I get to do what I want with you."

I found myself sitting in darkness. All of my senses useless. Then a white figure appeared in front of me.

"You can't have all of the fun dark. This is my world too."

Then the place was split in two. Half was darkness, the other half light.

"You usually let me do this alone."

"This... Owen... is different."

"I can handle him."

A dark figure showed up in the light part.

"Lets start with this. This may hurt."

My stomach... it hurts... my arms won't move... I can't stand... my eyes...

Pain! I can feel pain! I can feel... power.

"What!? What's happening!"

"Kill him before..!"


Who's that?

Owen... live... Owen... live on my son, I've had worse wounds than that.

I vanished my double dark sword and reached for the glowing red sword on my back.

"Impossible! I put my sword through your heart!" The aphiry backed off.

William's anger disappeared. Johnithyn looked confused.

"Owen, I am Eragon, this is my power, use it to your will."

I held out the glowing double sword in front of me. "I am the son of Eragon. I do not die with such a weak wound," I blocked an attack from the other aphiry behind me and smiled.

His eyes widened.

I cut him apart, then I teleported in front of the other dark aphiry. "Tell the council I will hunt them down if they don't bow to their elders," I touched his shoulder and he disappeared into Dark Aphiry City.

The other thirty were already gone, dead from Johnithyn's attack.

"Owen..." Johnithyn was staring at me as if it was his first time seeing me in years. "You've changed again."