Phillip Shawn Kaeding was a season ticket holder of the San Diego Chargers having a failing relationship with his girlfriend due to his political stand. Being the staunch left-wing believer of the government conspiracies, he would try to stuff his beliefs into other people's faces. Above all else, he have always been a die hard Chargers fan since birth. In 1995, his entire family thought the Chargers would win the Super Bowl only to see them blown out by the 49ers and being the sore losers they are, Phil's family accused the game of being rigged.

Then in 2004, after what happened in the draft day, Phil wrote several death threats to Eli Manning only to mistakenly send the letters to a resident in Britain. Fortunately the letters were believed to be nothing more but a harmless prank or otherwise it would have been a problem. Then in 2008, Phil was talked out of suicide after watching the Super Bowl game where the person he hated did what his Chargers failed to do, winning a Super Bowl game (not to mention it came against the Patriots). It gets worse later on as he starts to verbally abuse his girlfriend Sandra just because her brother is in Iraq (he still is).

Then one day at the internet cafe, Sandra couldn't take it anymore and decides to break up with Phil. Angry Phil starts screaming before he got slapped by Sandra for insulting her brother and soon he tries to follow her but to his further embarrassment, the door swung and hits him. Everyone in the room laughed and in response, Phil turns and said, "Fuck all of you!"

After leaving the cafe, Sandra was nowhere to be seen. Knowing that there's no use trying to confront her, he decides to go to the park where he saw a group of people burning several effigies in protest. He decides to join in believing that he'll might as well take out his anger on the effigies representing the people he hated. People includes sports athletes such as Eli Manning, Junior Seau (For turning on the Chargers), and Mariano Rivera (Padre fans still refuse to accept the fact that Trevor Hoffman isn't the greatest closer in baseball and grew irrationally angry as a result). Then there's politicians including the president of the United States…this would prove to be the effigy burners' undoing.

"Burn baby burn!" he shouts

"Ya feel that Bush?" another yelled

What they didn't realize is that burning an effigy representing the president is considered a threat no matter what anyone thinks of him. With that said, any threat against the president is considered a felony even if it seemed to be in a harmless jest. They would have gotten away with it but the mass were doing it at the public in broad daylight. As a result, a tourist who happens to be from New York was at the park taking a walk when by chance came upon the effigy burning ceremony. Seeing this, he went to the payphone and report the incident to the F.B.I.

The F.B.I. did came and most of the demonstrators including Phil fled. But while that happened, he saw the person who reported them. He and his posse decides to wait for a perfect time to attack the tourist hoping to teach him a lesson for "ratting" them out.

Minutes later the tourist was seen running for some reason and soon the group went and confront him.

"What do you want" he said

"You think that was funny? You called F.B.I. on us for burning effigies!" said Phil

Then the tourist answered, "Well you shouldn't have done this in the first place considering the fact that any threat can get you into trouble!"

Before Phil can attack, the SWAT team came and launched a round of tear gas into the mass. The tourist got out of the way while Phil and others were caught in the storm cloud of tear gas. Once it's over, most of the mass got arrested. But Phil remembering the person's face since then have vowed to find the man who placed him in this mess and kill him despite the fact that the loser brought it on himself. After his release, Phil went to hunt down the tourist but was never heard from since…and aside from his relatives, no one cares.