Blind Devotion

I don't know how many times I had seen this type of love…Blind devotion. They were all totally and utterly in love. It was disgusting. Although I'm not sure I can say that…

"Milly! Can I please borrow $25, I ran out of money! I promise to pay you back!"

"Uh…sure Chad! Here ya go a 20 and a 5." Smiling like an idiot I watched his retreating form waving the money with a certain triumph at another girl. I knew what kind of relationship I was in with Chad. Especially because this wasn't the first time he has borrowed my money with the promise of paying it back at a later date. He of course still owes me a hefty amount of money. Surprisingly I was aright with the emptiness in my wallet where I had just given away my lunch money for that week. I couldn't help it. I mean it all started as a sort of dream that a guy like Chad would even talk to little ol' me. And as I watched him hug that lucky girl I sighed with knowingness. I was indeed hopeless…no I was Blindly Devoted.

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