My last class, Math, seemed to take longer than I expected. I kept glancing at the clock, expecting the hands to magically point at two. I sighed and tapped my pencil on my desk as the lesson dragged on.

Finally, when I thought I could take no more, the bell finally rang. I ran to Charlie's class, taking obscure routes to avoid the heavy flow of traffic.

When I finally reached the class, Mr. Gonzales, the history teacher, was locking the door.

"Excuse me? Mr. Gonzales?" He turned around quickly.


"Where's Charlie?" He blinked.

"Red hair…" I hinted.

"Ah, he left with Eric." I froze.

"Was he not supposed to…?" He trailed off. I shook my head and ran to the back of the school, fearing the worse.

I opened the emergency exit and my heart stilled at what I saw. The sky was overcast, gray and ominous. The wind picked up and whipped leaves everywhere. And Charlie… Charlie was on the ground holding his bleeding mouth while Eric was yelling incoherently above him.

"You stay away from her you mother-!"

"What the hell Eric!" I cried as I threw myself against him. He fell with a small "fuck" and groaned as my elbow connected with his stomach roughly. I picked myself up and nearly ran to where Charlie was. I placed a hand on his arm.

"Charlie." I whispered as he spat out blood. He turned to me. I gasped.

"I-I thought he just wanted to t-talk." He said shakily. On his cheek was the angriest looking bruise I've ever seen. His pale skin merely magnified the bruise's color. I reached out and brushed a few angry tears away from his face. I skimmed over his bruise with my fingertips and finally his lips where a large amount of blood was dripping off of them.

"Where is he?" He asked me, anger rolling off him in waves. He tried to get up but I held him down.

"And do what? Fight him?" We both knew he wouldn't win. Eric was too strong.

"I'll…I'll…" He looked down at the ground. I touched my forehead with his.

"Shhhhh…." I whispered softly. I heard Eric swear behind me.

"He's a fucking punk." Eric sneered as he stood up. His voice sounded raw, hurt. It cracked on the word "punk". I didn't answer him as Charlie pulled away from me, sighing, and stood up, helping me afterward.

"Let's go." I whispered to Charlie. He paused and glared at Eric, but complied with my request.

"Pussy!" Eric yelled. Charlie grit his teeth and was about to turn around when I squeezed his hand gently and uttered a small "Please". Giving Eric one last glare, he took my hand and we walked around the school to the parking lot leaving a snarling Eric behind.

"I don't have my car…" Charlie began. I squeezed his hand.

"I'll drive you." I said as I let go of his hand to grab my keys from inside my backpack.

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