The nagging beep weaved its way through my subconscious. I couldn't figure out what was happening to me. I felt as if I was underwater. Everything was slow and muted. The beeping grew louder and clearer. The realization that I was asleep came slowly over me. Not quite conscience, I lifted my head with great difficulty and broke through the surface of the water. I took a deep breath of morning air, it was cool and clean feeling. I held my head up long enough to catch a blurry glimpse of my alarm clock. I raised my fist and hit it repeatedly until the silence came back. Then I relaxed all of my muscles and let gravity pull me back down, my head plunged back to my bed and sank into the depths of my pillow. This time a current took me into a vivid dream which only seemed to last for a few seconds before the familiar beeping noise seeped back into my subconscious.

I tried to ignore it but it seemed to grow louder, and louder. I reluctantly sat up and pressed the off button. I stayed perfectly still and stared at the wall opposite me, my dreams seemed determined to lull me back to sleep. They kept creeping back into my head. I fought their attempts at seduction with all of my might, but I couldn't tell what was real. I finally got my bearings long enough to put my feet flat on the ground and stand up. I was dizzy at first but I felt my dreams recoil and return to my bed where they would wait for me. I took a slow, melancholy, breath and left behind the part of my life that I preferred to live in, and entered into reality.