Title: The Beginning of Happily Ever After

I looked in to the mirror and saw my reflection starring back. Hazel eyes with a mop of curls and a pale face. Unusually pale at the moment. I looked down at my shaking hands as my eyes filled with tears. 'Who knew he wasn't the right one,' I asked myself. You did! a sickeningly perky voice said in the back of my mind.

I screwed my eyes up tight like I did every time I herd that voice. I only herd it when I was trashing myself once in a while. I'm a big girl, with a tummy, hips, boobs and a butt, although I actually love my body and have loads of confidence. Anyways, I was crying over a guy.

This guy was James. My Jamie as I called him. He's the really hot popular guy who you've been BFF's with since you were twelve and always wanted to go out with. Yeah. And so I saw Jamie, my Jamie, making out with one of my "good friends". And even after I tell him what a B-I-T-C-H she is too. He is usually my protector. He recently saved me from a bunch of guys.

They were seriously trying to grab me if you know what I mean. I saw a glimpse of Jamie around the corner and started yelling at the top of my lungs. My hero came running and he jumped in front of me. He looked so mad that even I was kinda scared for a minute. The guys started backing off and when they were around the corner, he turned to me with a horrified look on his face. "Come here Baby Girl," he murmured. (That's his nickname for me since I'm a year younger than him.) I ran in to his warm hug and he tucked me head under his chin. (He's about 6'2 and I'm 5'6.) After a minute or two he lifted my chin up so he could look me in the eyes. He has the biggest brown eyes I've ever seen. "Are you okay Baby? Did they hurt you?" he asked softly staring right into my eyes, him knowing that I couldn't lie to him like that. "No, " I answered. "You showed up just in time." And with that we walked to the bus loading zone.

But now, my savior was going out with the worst girl immaginable, Marissa. Oh sure, she seems nice, but you turn your back and she stabs it. I was going to confront him about it tonight. Our family's were getting together as usual but his little sister would be at a sleepover giving me the perfect time to talk to him.

I was still putting the finishing touches on my newly reapplied make-up when Mom knocked on the bathroom door to say that we were leaving. I looked in the mirror at my bronze eyelids and off the shoulder top. "You can do this," I whispered. And with that, we left the house.

When we got to the house, I saw a pair of stilletos in my shoe space where my green converse were supposed to be. I started upstairs to where we chilled and I herd a flirty little giggle. Oh no! Oh hell no! Marissa was NOT under this roof!

"Yes Mom!" I yelled and I herd a scurrying sound coming from the landing. I took a deep breath and walked around through the doorway.

There he was. My sun on a rainy day, with his arm draped around the shoulders of that dog, while with the other hand he played the Wii.

"Hey Rene," piped up Marissa from myspot on the couch. Jamie looked up and said "Hey Baby Girl! What's going on?" and he opened his one remaining arm. I walked over and plopped myself on his lap which never bothered him but really seemed to bother Marissa tonight.

I turned my cheek towards Jamie and he leaned in and gave me a butterfly kiss. Marissa cleared her throat and leaned in to rub that part of Jamie's thigh that I wasn't sitting on. "Did James happen to tell you we're going out now? Isn't that great?" she asked. I turned and scorched my eyes into his, the way that makes him uncomfortable and said "No, he didn't."

Jamie looked down and blushed. "We just started day before yesterday," he said shyly. (My heart gave a little twinge of guilt.) "I was going to tell you , but I really didn't get to talk to you much," he continued.

That was actually true. We hadn't got to talk much in the past few days. Probably because Marissa was whisking him away from me.

"Baby Girl! What's going on? You gonna play Wii with me an' James and..." he paused looking at the girl in my spot on the couch. "The Skank?" he continued smiling after a minute. "Ass hole!" said Jamie. "This is Marissa, the girl that I was telling you about?" "Riiiiight..." said Jay shooting a glance in my direction. "Well Baby, we going to let these two have alone time or bug the hell outa them?" "Well, we'll leave them here for a minute since I need to talk to you..." I responded.

Jay backed out of the room with me following. Jay is Jamie's best friend. If anyone knew what he was doing with Marissa, Jay would. I looked at Jay with a glare and he put his hands up in surrender. "I have no idea what he's doing," said Jay. "I know you don't like her from James and he would never purposely try to hurt you, even if he doesn't feel the same way you do," he continued.

Jay had somehow guessed that I was like, in love with Jamie.

I felt the tears coming in a rush. A lone one fell onto my cheek with a faint splash. Jay looked absolutely horrified and said, loud enough for the others to hear in the next room "He did not! Oh Baby Girl! No one should be able to do that to anyone but especially you!"

Thatsent Jamie running to me without a glance back a Marissa. He wiped my tears with frantic fingers and asked me what had happened. Jay answered "She was telling me about a guy she turned down for the dance spreading rumours that she is a 'skank' and a 'slut'. Everyone who knows Baby Girl knows that she is neither!" he said.

Jamie looked almost deadly he was so angry. He actually dragged me over to the couch and sat me on his lap and cradled me against his chest. He rocked me and whispered "Shhhh..." over and over in my ear. I had almost forgotten about Marissa I was so comfy. She stood up and said to Jamie "I see you think more of that fat ass than you do me. This is sooo over!"

I could feel Jamie freeze and for a minute I thought it was because they were over. I looked up at his face and the death stair was back. "Get out," was all he said but she said it so low and gently that it looked like he would have danced on her grave if she had died right then.

Marissa turned and stormed out.

Jamie looked down and in his eyes I could see how sorry he was. He leaned down and pressed his lips against my forehead. We stayed like that for a few minutes and then he pulled away and said "May I escort you to the dance on Friday m'dear?" with a goofy smile.

I rolled my eyes and replied "Sure". Then us three being the dorks we are, settled down to watch Lord of the Rings, me comfortably stretched out across Jamie's chest and Jay's lap.

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