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My Graduation.

Four and a half years can go by fast. Jamie and me had officially started dating and even continued though we went to college.

I know knew that Jamie had always kinda had feelings for me but only realized how strong they were after he kissed me at the ball. I found out that he apparently loved me most in a pair of sweatpants and a tang top, and that he had always wanted to call a girl "Kitten" but none were special enough until me.

Both our families were thrilled because were all so close but now Jamie's sister, Natasha, hardly ever leaved us alone when we are each other's houses.

So when I walked across that stage and was handed my diploma, I looked into the sea of people and saw my Jamie smile, stand up and start to hoot and holler. I also got quite a few cheers from my big group of friends.

When the ceremony was about to end, the Principal went back to the podium and says: "We now have a little speech from a graduate of last year, James O'Halloran. Jamie walked up to the stage and I looked at him questioningly. He just winked back at me.

Jamie stepped up to the podium and cleared his throat. "A lot can change in a short time. I know they did for me. I found my calling as a children's doctor. I am now on the peace day committee for Canada, and I am now a better person. None of that would have happened if it hadn't of been for someone very special. This someone you all know well. She's always there for those in need and she will do anything to make you happy." Jamie took the mike and walked over to me, grabbing my hand and pulling me back onstage.

"She's Renee. She loves to sing and dance and I love her most in sweats and a tang top." There were a few chuckles from the audience.

Jamie looks out into the audience.

"Four and a half years ago, I found myself, and that was with you." He looks back at me. "Renee, Kitten, you complete me. I know I will never love anyone as much as I love you. I know we're young, and people might think we're stupid but," he gets down on one knee and a few people (myself included) gasp.

"I know that I want to spend everyday with you by my side until I die, and even after that." Jamie pulls a ring out of his pocket and holds it up for me to see.

"So, will you marry me?"

The audience collectively holds there breath as I gape at my Jamie. My beautiful lovely sun on a rainy day and I know my answer.

"Yes," I whisper. "Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES!" Jamie beams and jumps up to slip the ring onto my finger. Perfect fit. He then cups my face and gives me a sweet gentle kiss. I wrap my arms around his neck and and he spins me around in the air.

The audience is thunderous and then we are swarmed by friends. I show of my ring to my girls which is a heart shaped diamond with a white gold band.

The principal welcomes us as the graduating class and we toss our caps in the air.

Jamie kisses me on my for head, cheeks, and my nose before finally my lips. When we break apart he whispers "I love you," with a huge smile. "I love you too," I say and smile back.

Looking into the eyes of my FIANCE (!!!) I know that my happily ever after is just beginning.

The End.

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