Chloe, our heart to tare.

Chloe you sat perfectly still, in the centre of my room.

$50 bought a love that could not lie.

My heart exploded, I knew I was doomed,

A love that will last past the day we die.

You were thin and frail,

And I was hopeless and pale.

Someone should have warned me of giving my heart to tear.

A friendship like no other,

I still would've given it, without a care.

Because you were closer than any other.

I remember mom broke your jaw,

And you peed on our floor.

You collected balls,

And got me into all sorts of brawls.

You were not a dog of grace,

But something of your own race.

Sloppy boisterous and kind,

I loved you,

And I didn't mind,

And you loved me too.

We had other pets, Nickita and Nulla. and we loved them aswel

But they are not like you,

I could always tell,

None were quiet as true.

I used to dress you up,

We ran we played.

You were so loud and abrupt,

But Our friendship never dimmed, never frayed.

You trusted me, you always would.

You never slept unless I tucked you into bed.

And pats not given by me were only half as good,

We spoke when nothing was said.

You were always loyal.

We grew together, until we became one,

One that could not spoil,

Together always having fun.

You never hurt me,

Like so many others did.

You just let me be.

And it's with you that I always place my bid.

You saved me with your love,

A lick and a all-knowing look.

You were my angel, sent from above,

You gave and gave and never took.

And when I cried,

you caught every tear.

You never lied,

You were always near,

You bottled my pain,

Like it was the most precious thing in the world.

You made me sure I never felt it again.

And because of you, I was the safest little girl.

Protector of my heart,

Right from the start.

You made me smile.

Like I forgot how to,

You made laugh for a while,

And I smiled for you.

Because you were more than a dog,

You were my best friend.

Half hippo, half frog,

You grew ugly, although I defend,

Your heart remained whole,

A truly pure soul.

You became what no dog had been before,

You were a part of me,

And I loved you all the more,

You became real, you see.

And eventually your face turned grey,

And your brown eyes, blue,

You couldn't hear what I say,

But your heart remained true.

Your spirit was strong,

And you buried pain with pride.

You left quiet a pong ,

and winced with each stride.

And so I carried you,

And time took a little longer,

You showed me what I already knew,

My love made you stronger.

We got a pup to keep you on your toes,

You ran again, and I saw you smile,

Of course she chewed moms clothes,

And she threw up bile.

But you loved her,

And so did I.

And now I rest my face on her fur,

And she watches me cry.

Just like you,

You taught her to do the things you do.

I weep now for you, and I feel a little blue,

I never wanted memories, or whispers of what once was,

I only ever wanted you,

I wanted you just becauseā€¦.

Chloe your age was past all expectations,

And so were your qualifications.

You were a god send,

And my very best friend.

But the buety and life were slowly leaving,

I had you for as long as god permitted.

You were in pain, you were heaving,

You were riddled in cancer, and then you fitted.

And I knew the time had come,

Because you silently begged with those wounded eyes of yours.

And I knew what must be done,

So I hugged you and kissed each of your paws.

I couldn't deny you, when you had never before asked anything from me,

You'd cared for me and now my time had come.

And I knew how great my pain would be,

But you would feel none.

If my love alone could've saved you,

You'd be living strong, never ending.

You know that's true,

I would've done anything.

So I tended you with such care,

I gave you a day of happiness and hope.

Even though the pain for me was unfair.

You promised I would cope.

And so I did what must be done,

This battle was not to be won,

You broke my heart.

An angel like you could've never ended any other way.

I knew that from the start,

But I thought I had just dreamt this day.

Your soul gone,

But your body remains.

My soul torn,

But my heart refrains.

And I must've forgot how to listen to you,

Because as I watched your eyes dull, you taught me something I didn't know,

Something so pure and true.

Something you could only show.

And it hurt like a thousand knives,

Your eyes faded and glistened,

And you were no longer alive,

But I had to remember to listen.

You weren't going anywhere,

You weren't bound for heaven or the ground,

You were bound for the heart that tears,

You'd stay in my heart, safe and sound.

Your soul is not dead, you will not lie in the ground,

And I am the only who will feel and find,

In a small limp lifeless bundle,

A soul that lies dormant with mine.

I'll put you in a locket around my neck,

you'll rest on my heart.

And each day I will check,

That your in your rightful place, the one I gave you from the start.

The heart is no longer mine.

But it is yours too,

And if you listen you will find,

What once beated for one, now beats for two.

Others will come and go,

But you will stay,

Others will be loved and their love will show.

But all will be reserved, and lie at bay,

Because nothing will be you,

None will do what you do.

We have a secret you and I,

Your not a dog anymore.

That's not a lie,

Because I loved you so much more.

You live forever,

In my dreams.

And we must part never,

In my dreams we are happy it seems.

We will always be together,

Our souls entwined,


In a place no one else can find.

You're everywhere.

Your smiling and running free,

You're without a care,

Your always with me.

Chloe in the sun,

Chloe in the rivers reflection.

Chloe having fun,

Chloe's sweet brindle completion.

Chloe in the night sky,

Chloe full of love.

Chloe in Bindii's eyes,

And Chloe in the stars above.

And whenever I need to see you,

I whisper your name.

I know what to do,

Anytime I ever called you, you always came.

So I close my eyes and you are there,

You will always be there.

Chloe my angel in our heart,

Chloe where she belonged from the very start.

Love always my Aiyana Sarah