I lean over and kiss your lips

That simple action,

It should light my soul on fire,

I feel nothing.


I kiss you harder,

I feel you lips curl into a smile,

Around mine,

The smell of whiskey,

Fills the air between us,

I move my hands down your chest,

I feel your heart pound,

Why won't my heart beat like that?


I push you down to your bed,

Unexpectedly you grab my hips,

Throw me down beside you,

You take control,

Kiss my neck,

Nibble my shoulder,

I try to feel that spark,

I try to feel anything,


I shove you off of me,

Surprise fills your eyes,

Don't look at me like that,

I take control,

Pin you down,

I won't let you leave me,

I'd do anything to love you,

I fill with rage,

It's your fault I don't love you,

I bite your lip,


I feel it recoil,

The faint taste of blood appears,

I want you to hurt me back,

It's my fault I don't love you,

You take control,

Grab my hair,

Hold me down with it,

Move one hand down to my neck,

I kick your shin,

Your grip on my neck tightens,

I struggle to breath,

Slap your face,

Claw my eyes,

Kick you,

Slap me,

Bite you,

No one is in control,

I feel a spark.