The actor tries on many masks.

He's got his share of faces.

He puts them on for different tasks

At many different places.

He's a hero and a monster both,

A jester and a scholar.

He's a sinner lacking moral growth

And a saint who dares stand taller.

He finds and loses himself in

Great tales of fantasy--

Quests that noble warriors win

For all the world to see.

As he walks through home or school or church,

Each part's played with perfect preening.

He lives each character in search

Of an Author to give them meaning.

He puts on comedies for his fans

While tragedies play behind the scenes.

They laugh and cheer and clap their hands

For the Greek word that his title means.

The actor smiles to the world,

But frowns into the mirror,

For then he sees himself unfurled,

And all his faults much clearer.

So what the actor shows is filtered;

You only see what he wants you to,

Because he always gets bewildered

As to which of his faces may be the true.