Fourteen years ago, the alpha of the pack of werewolves I belonged too was out in the forest with his 3 year old daughter. During the birth of his daughter, Lucifina, his mate had died and he was left raising her. The alpha loved his daughter very much. He would do anything to protect her. That's why he sent his daughter to hide when he first scented the rogue.

She shifted into her wolf form, that of a white wolf. She was still a small pup in that form, so she could squeeze into smaller spaces. She hid in a small hollow at the base of a nearby tree. She had just gotten herself situated when the rogue, in human form, showed up.

"Alpha Jonathon Ever, I, Jackson Gaunt, challenge you in the name of King Alpha Aiden Heart for the title of alpha of the Texas Pack," the rogue stated in the traditionally binding challenge ceremony. Anything he said, he was bound to keep. He physically couldn't break it without dying.

"Conditions?" the current alpha asked.

"A fight in the form of wolf. No weapons. After the drawing a blood, the fight is over. At this point, the strongest wolf shall be given control of the pack," Jackson replied.


A second later, 2 wolves were launching themselves at each other. The scratched and bit, but they were both fast enough to dodge the other. The fighting was drawing the attention of the rest of the pack. The hidden girl could instinctually feel them running to the spot they were at. From another part of her, she could sense another wolf running to them. He was always close by and prepared to help her.

In the blink of the eye, her father was pinned beneath the other wolf. A gash on his chest was welling up with blood. Simultaneously, both wolves shifted back into their human forms, neither bothered by their nudity. As werewolves, they had to get used to it at an early age.

"As alpha of the Texas Pack, I relinquish my position as alpha to the strongest wolf at the time of the fight," the girl's father stated.

The Texas Pack was just arriving at this point. They crowded around them to see what was happening. Only one last wolf was on his way and he was almost there.


The rogue turned toward the pack and told them, "As alpha of this pack, I see it not fit to let scum in. I want you to kill all who are not pureblooded wolves."

The pack stood frozen for a second before they all glanced at each other. Off to the side, the young werewolf crawled out from her spot and shifted to human.

"Check on Daddy," she told the pack just as the last werewolf arrived. Immediately, the pack that was there, around 50 wolves, moved toward the werewolf that was once alpha.

"No!" the rogue shouted. "Kill those of unpure blood!"

Not even one glanced at him or faltered. They all moved to the fallen man. It only took a second for the rogue to realize what was going on. He jumped toward the young girl and growled.

"How ever did a tiny child like you become alpha! You'll pay for taking what is rightfully mine," he hissed before shifting to wolf.


Every wolf around immediately froze. They all turned to glance at the one commanding them. As soon as they saw who it was, many bowed their heads or dropped to their knees, depending on their rank in the pack. Everyone knew who it was. It was King Alpha Aiden Heart.

"It is werewolf custom to fight for everything, but Pack Law states that no child, human or werewolf, shall be hurt for any reason. Breaking this law is punishable by death," he stated.

He looked at the alpha before looking at the little girl hugging his legs. After a while, he growled and stalked away. The King Alpha let out the breath he was holding as he looked down protectively at the girl. He had been close to her from the moment he first laid eyes on her.

While he was looking at Lucifina Ever, he didn't see Jackson Gaunt move toward where the girl's father was fallen. He only looked up just in time to see the rogue lock his mouth around the neck of the fallen werewolf. In just a few seconds, the girl's father lay lifeless on the ground and the other wolf was bounding off into the forest.

The next day, the blood of Lucifina Heart was found. Nobody was ever found. Three year old Lucifina Ever, alpha of the Texas Pack, had been killed.