Every cinderlla has her midnight. But sometimes, when your hours are dwindling, you don't feel them fading from your fingertips until all that's left is a single flame of hope, reminding you that happily ever after is merely on pause, not gone forever.

But patience never was a virture I possessed. I am thirty thousand miles above the earth and yet I can feel my heart grounded in the city that I've only seen once. I feel as if my whole life has come down to decisions, but they aren't mine to make. I am twenty years old and my choices have been taken away from me becasue money refuses to come my way. I feel helpless, and controlled.

I have to keep the flame alive, feed it words of reassurance. I refuse to give up. I know what I want, who I want, I just have to wait for the path to outline itself in front of me, instead of floating somewhere above my head.