Pairs I will be doing

Firestar x Sandstorm
Ferncloud x Dustpelt
Crowfeather x Leafpool
Squirrelflight x Brambleclaw
Daisy x Spiderleg
Tigerstar x Sasha
Rowanclaw x Tawnypelt
Graystripe x Silverstream
Heathertail x Lionblaze
Hawkfrost x Ivypaw

Now, all of these couplings will take time. If you want me to do a specific couple, tell me and I'll put it into consideration. No promises, though. Now, let's read through the magic of mating, shall we?

Firestar and Sandstorm

Firestar, a handsome ginger tom, sat upon the Highrock, looking down proudly upon his Clanmates. They had won the battle against Scourge, a tom who was set on ruling the forest. Sure, he had lost one life in the process, but it was better than them losing. But he couldn't get over the shock that he had lost one of his lives so easily. Oh, well. His end would come, like all leaders.

"Firestar," purred Sandstorm. The pale ginger she-cat greeted her mate by rubbing her flank against his as she purred softly.

Firestar shifted uncomfortably. Don't get him wrong, he loved the tingling feeling Sandstorm left his body with, but he was on Highrock. Some cats were even turning to look! If his pelt wasn't so red, he would've turned redder. "Follow me," he mewed, brushing his tail under her chin. Without waiting to see if she heard him, he leapt from the Highrock and padded confidently into the forest. He was careful to make sure to move as far away from camp as possible; he didn't want any cats hearing whatever was going to be happening next. Just thinking about the next few events, his dick slipped out of its furry sheath. In an attempt to hide his erection, he sat a bit awkwardly, crossing his front legs in order to conceal the pink rod that was starting to show itself.

Quickly, Sandstorm followed. For weeks, she's been masturbating, trying to get the lust off of her mind. But lately, it's only getting even worse. Oh, I hope this is what I think it is. StarClan, bless me, she pleaded silently as she weaved through the trees. Finally, she sat down and stayed silent. Toms are always so naïve and Firestar is no exception. I will make the first move, she decided. With a coy smile sprawled across her lips, she pulled herself to her paws and walked towards Firestar, her hips swaying sexily. Between her legs, she felt her pussy becoming moist with each step. Seduction is torture, but it works.

As if confirming her thoughts, Firestar stiffened at her walking style. With a smile of his own, he uncrossed his legs, revealing his long, fat dick that was fully erect. No fear lay in his heart right now; only lust and desire did. As Sandstorm moved closer, he felt a tickling, funny sensation on his hindquarters. Peeking down at his dick, he saw the rod starting to throb violently. He needed Sandstorm's pussy wrapped around his dick. "When did you turn into a slut?" he pondered, raising an 'eyebrow.'

"Since when you refused to fuck me," Sandstorm mewed, her voice in a mock sadness. "You've been abusing this beauty, Firestar," she scolded. Turning her back to Firestar, she moved her tail to the side so Firestar can see her pink, puckered, moist pussy.

Firestar gave a chuckle, "Well, shall I take care of that now?" Taking a step closer, he breathed in Sandstorm's sweet, lustful scent and shuddered as tingles ran up and down his spine. The ginger tom wrapped himself around his mate, twining his tail with hers. Slowly, he licked her neck, eliciting a low moan from Sandstorm. Moving down swiftly, he nudged Sandstorm's flank, a sign to roll over.

Obediently, she dropped to her back and exposed her belly to Firestar. "Take me," she pleaded.

Grunting in consent, he crouched and started to lick the fur around her sensitive pussy. He paid extra attention to occasionally 'messing up' and rasping his tongue right over her core, making her moans and groans more louder.

"Enough of games," Sandstorm growled. Tingles, a wonderful sensation, ran up and down her spine as Firestar licked her core.

Silently, Firestar licked her core. Rasping his tongue violently over her pussy, he stuck his tongue inside his mate's opening. He was rewarded by a moan and her bucking hips, begging for more. Nodding, Firestar licked her pussy some more. His tongue slipped inside, and he kept them there. He bobbed his head up and down, his rough tongue sliding in and out of Sandstorm's pussy. A slosh sound, followed by a beautiful, salty taste overwhelming his senses were his only cues to go faster. His own dick throbbed, pleading to be relieved of its torture.

"I'm going to come!" Sandstorm squealed, bucking her hips violently. Her green eyes rolled in pleasure as his warm, rough tongue slid in and out.

"You're not supposed to come before I'm finished," he replied, lust filling his eyes and taking over his senses. Sliding his tongue out of her slit, he pushed her back onto her stomach. He positioned his hips behind Sandstorm, looking down to see if his dick would hit home. "Ready?" he asked.

"Of course."

With a grunt of effort, Firestar thrust his hips forward. His dick immediately buried itself into the soft, once virgin folds of Sandstorm's pussy, making him moan. "Oh, oh," he groaned. He thrust even faster, his hips slamming with Sandstorm's haunches.

Sandstorm let out a yowl of pleasure and pain. When Firestar had thrust in, she hadn't expected his large tool to find its mark easily. But she was wrong. She bucked her hips backwards, an attempt to get more of that pleasuring tool Firestar had. "Faster, faster!" she yowled. She unsheathed her claws and started to claw the grass, sending stray blades of grass flying everywhere. It felt strange to have something shoved into your pussy, but it felt awesome. It felt as if she was in StarClan. No, a place even better than StarClan.

Firestar nodded in an agreement. Slamming his hips even faster, he reached for the heavens. Oh, no one could stop them now! His ragged gasps came out unevenly, disturbed by his moans, yowls, and groans of pleasure. Who knew the magic of mating was this powerful? He could feel something tingling in his balls as he slammed faster. What was that? "Ah!" he groaned, shoving himself inside one last time. White goop spurted from the head of his dick. It felt as if his tool was being ripped in half, but it was also pleasurable. The white goop shot into the walls of Sandstorm's pussy, and as he pulled out, white sperm still shot from his dick. What an orgasm!

When Firestar came, Sandstorm yowled her pleasures to StarClan. It didn't matter if her Clanmates could hear her. In fact, she couldn't even remember them. As she turned, she still saw white sperm shooting out of his dick. "I'll take care of that problem," she mewed sexily. Before Firestar could question her, she shot her head down. Her mouth encased itself around the pink tool that tasted of her pussy, the sperm slipping down her throat. She bobbed her head up and down of his shaft, greedily milking for more of that delicious sperm. When it was all gone, she straightened her back and licked her muzzle in pleasure. "We should do that more often," she suggested.

Firestar was too busy groaning on pleasure when her mouth bobbed up and down his shaft, and almost forgot how to groan when Sandstorm talked. "We will," he promised. Pressing his flank against his, he led her back to camp.