Elizabeth,20 (soon to be 21), nicknamed Liz, is a cheerful, enthusiastic girl who is terrible at art, horrible at science, and horrendous at math. However, she aces literature – any aspect of literature. She's someone in which after you get to know, you would stick around with for a long time. She is pretty average in terms of academics.

Kyle, 23, nicknamed Sky, is a pretty reserved, sensitive, but irrational guy when it comes to his greatest passion or desire in life. He knew Elizabeth through literature class in Secondary school and has been close friends with her ever since. He happens to be in the same literature course in the same University as her. He is rather casual and often pretty crazy around with Elizabeth due to the time he has spent with her. Kyle is bright student, but tends to fluctuate with his results because of is inconsistent effort. President of the school's Debate Team, he is also a key debater of this team.

Heckles, 17, nicknamed Reckless, is a wild, boisterous and careless teenager. He is basically what his nickname suggests, reckless. He adores adventures, and loves the unexpected. He is the source of greatest worry for his parents and elder siblings. However, all he cares about is his own fun and entertainment. Well, he can be a lot of trouble, but he is usually the one who is the most creative and out of the box. He is able to solve problems which his siblings have thought over for months in a short period of time. Aside from recklessness, he's otherwise a loveable teen, who is easy to get along with. Although he does not have the patience to stay in class to study, but when it comes to term examinations, he just needs to mug a night before the exam. Most of all, he has photographic memory (something he learnt during summer break in grade 12). He is in an elite Junior College. He is taking up Art and Design as his co-curricular activity (CCA).

Jessica, 26, nicknamed Jess, is an outgoing shopaholic, who would idolize to the extent of taking a plane to wherever the band she loves is having a concert, just to watch their concert. She also has quite a circle of friends because of her extensive general knowledge, especially regarding singers, actors/actresses, and entertainment industries. She graduated from University with a degree in Business when she was 25. She is currently working full-time as a marketing director to save up money to start her own business (something she dreams of doing).

Kimberly, 17, nicknamed Berry, is a sweet, gentle, soft-spoken girl, who has a brain that is not that of a normal human. She aces all her examinations and tests without effort and tuition. She knows 7 languages, 4 instruments, 3 dialects, and has time for games. Everyone looks up to her, and she has a lot of suitors. She is in the same CCA as Heckles, known him since Secondary School.

Chester, 27, nicknamed Chess, is helpful, generous and caring. He and Jessica has been dating for a little more than 4 years. He would stay overnight for the three years she was taking her degree in business, to revise with her. Chess is a talented person; he holds a doctorate in medicine, and a degree in neurology. He is currently working in the General Hospital (largest hospital in the country) as a neurologist under probation (first two months of work). He was a chess champion when he was in College and High School, and that was how he attained his nickname.

Dorella, 23, nicknamed Dora, is Liz and Jess's childhood friend. They kept in contact ever since they came to know each other (as neighbours).

Elizabeth's friends: Patricia,22; Jason, 21
Jessica's friends: Zack, 27; Tricia, 24
Kimberly's Friends: Helen, 18; Marcia, 17; Catherine, 18 (all are in the same Junior College as her)
Heckles' friends: George,17; Martin, 18; Joshua, 18 (All are from the same Junior College as him)
Mom, Dad: Parents of Heckles, Elizabeth and Jessica.