Scene II– Elizabeth is in her room, preparing herself for the once in a lifetime party. She's working on her hair.


-Phone rings-

Liz: -Fumbles around her bag for her phone for awhile and finally picks it up- Hello?

Sky: Hey Lizzie! How's preparation going for you?

Liz: Hi Sky, was hoping you'd call soon! Mind coming around in err… -checks watch- half an hour?

Sky: Must be your make-up ri-ight?

Liz: -laughs- I'm learning, I'd just like your guidance.

Enter KYLE

Sky: Alright, come get the window. –taps on the window-

Liz: -puts down phone in surprise and spins her chair around- Is he a cat or something? –rolls eyes and opens window-

Sky: I was just opposite at Alex's house, doing some preparations for our project.

Liz: There's a door downstairs. –moves aside-

Sky: -climbs through window and straightens his shirt-Well, that's the rule of 'entering using the right method'.

Liz: -Says in a pretentious thoughtful tone, but sarcastically- Is it that you don't know how to follow rules? Or is it that you don't know how to be a normal human?

Sky: -Plays along- Hmm… I don't know, but I guess you haven't heard of the phrase 'Rules are made to be broken', am I wrong about that? –grins widely-

Liz: -grumbles- What was I thinking? Trying to debate with the president of debate? –Turns to pack things up-

Sky: -Stops her by tilting her face upwards and squints- Ma-an! Is this even a face anymore? –Disgust-

Liz: -pouts- That's why I called Mr Professional here, didn't I?

Sky: -ruffles her hair- Smart.

Liz: -frowns- Thanks for wasting half an hour of my time~

Sky: -laughs till he chokes- You spent that long doing up this crap?

Liz: -Folds arms- It's not crap, It's pretty hair. Pweetie hair!

Sky: Yes, that's right. It is pweetie, not pretty.

Liz: I know where you're driving at. Stop picking on my language! –throws herself into the chair-

Sky: -shuts window- Anyway, let the pro show you what 'Pretty' is defined as. –steps into the mess of tissue waste-

Liz: -giggles- Sky: -flat tone- What. The. Hell. Is. This.

Sky: -frowns at Liz- The pro orders you to clean up the room and stop the inane giggle.

Liz: -shrugs- I didn't know someone would be that smart to step into a pile of trash.

Sky: -frown deepens- Until the day you step on something far worse than this.

Liz: -shuts up and cleans up the mess-

Sky: -watches her back as she does her cleaning in a daze-

Liz: -stands up and accidentally hits Sky's chest- Done… Ow! –rubs head- Sorry!

Sky: -startled, but quickly regains composure- Uhh… No issue, are you okay? –rubs his chest-

Liz: -back against him- It isn't if you're saying my face or hair.

Sky: -checks time- Oh, and hour and a half to party time. Get on your seat and be ready Miss!

Liz: -sits down and closes her eyes-

Sky: -begins to do her make-up-

Lights dim out

Exit ALL