1: Leaving Devin

(Warning: There are a few swears in this story. So if you don't really like swears read over them.)

Everyone's name has been changed for the safety of them.

By RatgutsTheOmega


Okay. Listen. I have had issues with bullies and jerks all my life. They have always seen me as the loser. The one that can be beat up easily. The one to vent out steam on.

And looking back at 6th grade, when I officially left school to become home schooled, I realized the reason why I was made fun of and beat up. And now I know that I wouldn't change anything about that reason.

Chapter 1: Daybreak

I sat in the car. The school was in front of me. My stomach hurt so bad. I knew if I stayed in that car just staring into the distance any longer I would have started crying. Which is saying something for a boy age 12. Most boys are taught not to cry at a very young age. I was always different. I was never the "macho" man every other boy was. I hated sports, and I wasn't popular. I had a very annoying voice, and I had irritable fears and just strange actions (for example, I am afraid of public restrooms, I am afraid of clowns, I avoid towns and people at all costs. I'm a loner).

I got out of the car and looked at the kids playing in the yard before they had to go into class.

This wasn't my type of school. This was a school for kids who had been in jail and juvy, or were just plain idiots.

You see, there was a brain dead kid, and he was the nicest kid in this school, but everyone made fun of him. Probably because he was actually smarter than all of them.

I walked up to my three friends. Cian (pronounced Shawn) Devin. And Kevin. They were nice. Even thought Cian and Kevin would hit me sometimes, I still felt safe with them.

Devin was probably my best friend out of all of them. Because he just understands me. I have known Cian since kindergarten. And I just met Kevin a few weeks ago.

Life was horrible even then. And that day, while sitting in math class, the worst thing of all happened. The shadow I was running from caught up with me. It was bringing back horrible memories


I was sitting in another school known as Proto (name has been changed for safety of all mentioned in the story)

There was a kid named Jacob. I was sort of friends with him, even though I could tell he was a big jerk. And he could beat me up any second. I was scared of him, but he wouldn't leave me alone.

I left that school however, for a few reasons:

1) They made us do college type work, like really, really, really hard math. I got 1 question right out of a hundred on a test,

2) The kids there were all stuck up losers who looked at me strangely and talked behind my back.

Anyways after I left I went to the school I am focusing on in this story: Flight.

Flashback Ends

So, I saw Jacob standing outside the hall. Looking at me. What was he doing here?

I wanted to leave so badly. Just walk away from everything. But no man would do that. And I didn't want to be called a girly guy anymore.


So at lunch, I told a friend of mine, Nathan, that Jacob was really rude, and that we probably shouldn't hang out with him. He agreed with me.

Guess what happened two days later? Nathan and him were best friends. Inseparable. Perfect. Just my damn luck.


And guess what, Jacob was at the top of the food chain in a matter of days. He was famous. Every girl loved him. Every guy loved. They all just, looked up to him.

Then, Jacob walked up to me one day. "Hey RJ, I have a proposition for you. You, sir, can become my right-hand man. We would share all the fame, and the glory." Jacob said. He wasn't lying. I would have loved to do it. I then asked one simple question "Can Devin join too?"

Jacob laughed. "That faggot? Hell no, he stays where he belongs!"

"Then I guess I will too." I said and I turned away. I walked over to Devin, and that is the reason he ridiculed me the rest of the year. Cause I chose a real friend over some loser.


Soon, Devin told me a secret. That he would ditch math class, and I would too, and we would hide out in the bathrooms. Perfection! Devin had a great mind.

We ditched in the bathrooms a lot for a few weeks. no one noticed. It was perfect.

It seemed like we had tricked the devil. Escaped hell. But nope. It was the devil who tricked us. He made us feel safe for once. And then, he destroyed that good feeling.

A few weeks later we were caught in the bathrooms, ditching class.

For some reason, my stupid teacher, sent me back to class, and yelled at Devin. I was so ticked off.

I was sitting in class. Waiting for Devin to arrive. There he came, head down, walking slowly. I didn't need anyone to tell me he was crying.

Devin walked out of the school. I followed him. We were out in the parking lot. Alone. Sitting down on a curb. I put my arm around him.

"Devin it's okay. You know the teachers a bitch. You don't need to you know, take it to heart." Devin shook his head. "It would be great if we got expelled." He chuckled. "I wouldn't have to deal with this shit." He picked up a rock and through it. Unluckily, it hit a car. Good thing it didn't do any permanent damage.

"All teachers should go to hell!" Devin said sadly, sobbing. Boys. The ones who are supposed to be tough. They are the alphas who lead the pack.

No one messes with them. And however, here one was. Devin. The alpha. Crying. He was in a very destroyed state. What he had been through, at this school, you would be surprised he wasn't suicidal. This school had drained him. Taken all his dignity and thrown it away. The alpha had become the omega. We sat there silently for a while. Him crying. Me comforting him.

----------Then the front door to the school opened. There was a male teacher with a class standing beside him.

"It's PE time." he said. Not noticing us. "Today we are going to practice basketball moves.". Then Jacob, out of all people pointed to us. Alerting the teacher."What are you doing out here alone?" he asked. "You know you need a teacher to be out here!"

Devin was not in the mood for this I could tell. "Yeah we know!" I said with a very annoyed tone, that of a teenager who his parents said he couldn't go to a party.

"Don't talk with me in that tone. Now I can forget about this, lets just play some basketball."

He leaned down to Devin. "Come one get up! Your going to play too!" he said. Obviously irritated that Devin was crying, and not participating. And that was the only moment I ever really thought about how great it would be, if he just dropped dead. He didn't care about Devin. He didn't care about his problems, he just wanted to make him play some fucking basketball.

I looked at every kid there. Everything they had done to me.

Maddy, the girl who ripped my book in half.

Jacob, the boy who gave me hell.

Nathan, the kid who lied.

Devonte, the one who always insulted me.

Eric, the one who started rumors about me.

And everyone else. I realized right then and there. I Do NOT belong here. Neither does Devin.

A few months later I left that school. And everyone in it, including Devin.

Last I heard of Devin, he was a very quiet kid…still stuck in that school. His humor? Gone. His dignity? Out the door.

He needs to get out.

Or I need to go back.