I've written all ten journals we did in class. The average length of these journals is about a page on average-sized sheet of notebook paper. A few of them reach to the bottom or a few lines from the bottom of the front page of the paper. Most of them extend to various points on the back of the sheet, and a couple of them are a bit short at about three-quarters of a page.


I think that the three really short journals were hard to write. I think that this was because I knew what I wanted to write about in them, but I didn't know how exactly to use what I wanted to write about to answer all of the questions to be addressed in the journals. The really long journals all are about different subjects. Some of the entries, mostly the short ones, are all about when I volunteered for the "Arts by George!" event on campus. Even though the longer ones are about varied topics, some of them have references to movies and TV shows. I don't really know if the journals I wrote improved or not length-wise, since they varied in length every time. I think that with the longer entries, I tended to be more specific and detailed than in the shorter entries. In the shorter entries, I had trouble with figuring out how to specifically relate the details I remembered about the subjects to answer the questions.


I think that the journal as a whole is worthwhile. I think that the entries will help me remember my first semester of college. I think that the first entry could also help me remember different things about some of the photos my family has. Two of the quotes from that entry are "We'd stopped in Iowa for the night, and in one of the photos we took on the playground at the campground were and my sister and I playing on a purple dinosaur toy," and "If we didn't have the photos, we wouldn't be able to remember the fun times we had as a family as well." I have used a lot of personal journals over the years outside of English classes and other classes. Some of the entries for classes I kept. I usually write a lot to remember things, because I'm kind of forgetful, and I just think some things are worth remembering. I think that the entries I chose reflect that I enjoy spending time with family, as well as some of the movies and TV shows that helped inspire me to be a film major at GMU.