Just a little story I had write for English class. Enjoy!


Evelyn smiled gleefully as she walked home with her best friend Christie. Not even the sludgy gray snow that she detested could dampen her moods today. The reason for that being, she was going to get to see her older brother Damon when she got home. He was finally back home from college for the holidays. Evelyn loved Damon and had always looked up to him ever since she was little. To her, he was the best brother in the whole universe.

"Why are you so happy Eve?" Christie inquired. Her friend was naturally a cheerful girl but due to the post snowy days it still puzzling to why she was so happy.

"Do you know what day it is today?" Evelyn asked cheerily.

"Monday?" the other girl replied. Evelyn shook her head. She tried again, "the second to last day before winter break?" Once again Evelyn shook her head. Getting impatient, she burst out, "My brother's coming home today!"

"That's great!" Christie said. The duo went parted ways when they reached the intersection.

Evelyn skipped the rest of way eager to get home. Ever since her parents divorce 3 years ago when she was 10 it was rare for to be so happy about being in that house. It was filled with memories of her parents and brother and her when they were a happy family. Before everything fell apart and her father moved out and her brother went to college leaving her behind with a mother that wasn't even home half the time. Evelyn knew nothing would make her parents get back together but Evelyn couldn't help but wishing that her shattered family would become one again.

When Evelyn got home, she was shocked to see her father's blue Ford mustang in the driveway. Next to the it was her mother's silver corvette.

In the living room, she saw her parents talking. The atmosphere was thick with sadness. An uneasy feeling sat in her stomach.

"What's going on?" Evelyn asked.

"Sweetie, your home." Her parents jumped up from the sofa seeing their daughter. They both looked jumpy; anxious.

"What's going on?" Evelyn asked again, her voice demanding answers. Her mom's voice was sad, "Sweetie, we have some news for you." Evelyn wished the news would be that her parents would get back together but she seriously doubted it. Her mom didn't say anything making Evelyn anxious.

"Just tell me already!" Evelyn shouted. She couldn't take it anymore, she just had to know.

"It's about your brother." Her dad said. Evelyn started to question him really fast, "Can he not come home for Christmas? Is he okay? Where is he? Why can't her come?"

"Evelyn," Her mom said sadly, your brother is gone. Sweetie, I'm sorry but he's dead." Evelyn didn't anything, she was frozen with shock. She couldn't even believe it, her only brother was gone.

Running past the parents, she ran up the stairs and into the room, collapsing on the bed. The rest of the week Evelyn didn't go to school. She just laid in her bed, numbly.

On Saturday, the day of Damon's funeral, Evelyn didn't bother getting out of bed. What was the point anyways. Of course despite her protests, she was forced out of bed and dressed for the funeral. She didn't want to say goodbye forever. The thought of Damon dead still didn't catch on.

At the funeral, Evelyn was faced with people and family members' unwanted sympathy. The whole thing felt like a joke to her, filled with people that knew nothing about the real Damon with the exception of his friends and her.

When the people began lowering his casket into the ground only then did the whole situation hit Evelyn. Her brother was dead; he was never coming back. Damon used to protect her, who would do that now? Evelyn used to trust him everything, who could she trust now? All her life, Damon had been there for her, now he left her all alone. Right there and then Evelyn wanted to burst into tears and cry.

She couldn't. She had to be brave now. Damon wasn't there to take care of her anymore so she had to be tough. Evelyn couldn't look weak in front of others, there was no one to protect her.

Evelyn's tough front started that day. Barriers were placed in her heart so she wouldn't get hurt. She didn't let anyone in and trusted no one. Before Evelyn was happy despite her parents divorce and her brother moving out because he was still there. Far, but he was there. Now she was filled with sadness and bitterness.

Inside the tough exterior, Evelyn nonetheless wished. No more did Evelyn wish for her parents to get back together anymore. She didn't care whether they got back together or not, it didn't matter. All she wanted was her dead brother back. It was impossible for the dead to come back alive but Evelyn wished.

Still, Evelyn wished.

How was it?