Contest entry - Starts with the sentence "The morning after..."

The Morning After


The morning after I went to the bar I awoke with a nasty hangover and found myself in unfamiliar surroundings. Putting a hand to my head, I moaned. Then I realized I was in someone's bed, and naked. Did I get lucky? I don't remember. What a crock. I managed to meet someone and I forget everything!

"Feeling better?"

Startled, I looked up from my musings, and saw a tall, gorgeous looking woman with long, dark, shoulder length hair. Unfortunately she was fully dressed. She was older than I was, about ten years, but she was so beautiful.

"Uhm, I think so. Who are you?"

"Your savior." She smiled sweetly. "You stumbled out of the bar last night drunk as a skuck and I brought your back to my beach house. I then undressed you and put you in bed. You had vomited all over your clothes. They just finished going through the wash but aren't dry yet."

I swallowed nervously. She had large breasts, and she was leaning over. I could see straight down her low-cut top. I put my hands in front of me pressing the bed sheets down to cover an impeding embarrassment.

She seemed to foreshadow my cover-up and chuckled. "That's okay. It's perfectly natural. It's probably due to all the alcohol in your system. Or unless you find me utterly attractive."

I felt my face flush with embarrassment. "Where are my clothes? I better go. Thank you for your help."

She took a set of clothes she had chosen and handed them to me. It was a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. "Sorry I don't have anything more formal, but I don't get a lot of male callers on the beach. I borrowed these from a friend. I estimated your size."

I dressed underneath the sheets. Once clothed, I got to my feet. But then the blazing sun that shone through her bedroom window knocked me down. Or it may have been something to do with my hangover. I fell back, sitting on the bed. I felt my head, and moaned. "I have a major headache."

"I anticipated that. This is the perfect remedy for a hangover." She handed me a cup with what looked like tea. I took a sip and swallowed it. I was never one for drinking tea, but it tasted good. "Herbal medicine. Family recipe."

"Tastes good, and I think it's helping. My head's stopped spinning." I tried to stand up, but fell back down. "Well, for the most part."

She smiled. "It'll take some time to work its way through your system. Think baby steps."

She lead me out onto a large wooden deck and I gazed across the horizon. Her beach house overlooked a white sandy beach and the Pacific Ocean. It reminded me of the Bahamas.

I was visiting a friend in the Bahamas; that's why I originally came. Then we went to that bar to pick up some girls. . . I tried to make clear of my thoughts, but the rest was blank. I never could handle my liquor.

I sipped more tea; she smiled at me. "How did I get here?"

"You asked me to bring you."

"I asked you to bring me here? Oh, no. I didn't say anything stupid, did I?"

"You said you thought I was beautiful. Then you vomited all over your clothes. Anything else you had in mind; that took the romance out of it. You asked me to help you."

"I'm sorry for the inconvenience this might've caused you. Thank you for helping me. Do you know where my friend is?"

"The last time I saw him, he was going somewhere with some young girl. He drove her somewhere. A prostitute, I think."

"Just like him. Always leaving me to fend for myself."

"You're a big boy. I think you can handle yourself. On an off topic, I think you're kinda cute. How old you are?"


"I overheard you in the bar. I was sitting next to your table. A woman was hustling you for drinks. You said you weren't into older women; you like them younger. Any possible change in that policy?"

My eyes widened with shock. Was she asking what I think she was asking? I gazed across her ample frame. I smiled. "Nothing's ever written in stone."

Our heights were close, but I had to stand on my toes to reach her as we kissed. And as I had very little on I had very little to take off, as we got into bed. "Your clothes should be done in an hour, so we have a least an hour."

"With my track record, I'll probable be done in five minutes." My whole face flushed red. "Oh crap, I didn't just say that?"

She laughed, and then leaned over and kissed me.