Note: This is an older piece of mine. I've edited it to read a little better but the writing style is still about 3 years old. Whether that's good or bad is entirely up to you. :)


Through dim hallways, past cracked and shattered windows, the glass of which mingles with whatever unidentifiable bits of its victims remains, it pads around its new domain with confidence. The beast surveys the destruction and yawns, golden eyes burning steadily in the darkness as it romps through the chaos.

The beast sniffs something on the floor: a man's finger, it is delighted to discover. Taking it tenderly in its mouth, it crunches the little bones between bloodstained teeth and languorously strolls down an unexplored hallway.

Deep in the heart of the compound, where desperation drove them in the first moments of bloodshed, the Four remain, amongst the shelves, boxes, and bags of the pantry. There is the woman, one hand grasping the silver crucifix at her neck, the other grasping the boy, her son. The boy holds the girl close; the girl watches the man intently but he does not look at her at all and won't until his weapon is complete.

"You're wasting what time you have left," the woman says. "The Beast is coming. All that's left now is prayer." She covers the boy's ears with her hands. "You've seen what It will do, rip us to pieces and the children next. Think of your daughter!"

The girl shivers and looks to the door.

The man doesn't look up from his weapon but admonishes the woman, saying, "I am thinking of my daughter. More than you seem to be thinking of your son." He puts the final touch on the weapon, an unwieldy object nonetheless sturdily assembled from the resources at hand, and looks down at her. "You can pray all you want, but God won't get you out of this situation. This 'Beast' of yours is an animal, plain and simple, and it can be killed."

The beast spots an odd soft thing on the floor. It sniffs the thing, which smells strongly of humans but, as it discovers upon biting into it, tastes only of the second skins the humans wear. Shredding the soft thing with a shake of its great head, the beast moves on, testing the air now for the human who had touched that curious item.

Destroyed, the doll lies in pieces on the floor, marking the beginning of an end.

"The Beast killed all the others in minutes," the woman sneers. "It has shown Its power. What could your fake weapon possibly do to it?"

The man kneels down and hugs his daughter close, before taking the girl's hand and the boy's hand and leading them to the back of the pantry, as far away from the door as the space allows. "The others were taken by surprise. We know what to expect now and together we should be able to kill it."

"It's in God's hands now."

"We'll see."

Rounding a corner, the beast hears the arcane noises the humans make when not screaming. Its jaws open in anticipation, slavering around its hellish grin. Eager for more, it charges.

With the first crash at the door, the wood splinters and hinges rattle. The girl screams, the boy cringes further into the corner, but the door does not give. Crucifix in one hand, the woman grabs a bag of flour in the other, screaming in prayer the whole time. The man flinches away from the woman's screeching voice but holds steady.

Enraged by this last resistance and the irritating sound of the human's voice, the beast charges a second time, crashing through the barrier and into the final battleground.

With a shout, the woman heaves the bag of flour at the beast. The projectile explodes in a cloud of white, confusing man and beast both. Lost in the strange haze, the beast lashes out with its teeth, biting down on the first thing it finds. The woman shrieks in agony as the bones in her leg fracture and pierce skin, much like the jaws of the beast itself. Delighted, the beast pounces upon her.

Before it can kill again, the man strikes with his weapon. He punches hard, tearing through flesh and sinew, the blade cutting deep. Hot liquid gushes from the beast's neck, pelting the tile floor with heavy crimson drops of blood. Unaware of its imminent demise, the beast bellows a war cry and rakes its claws into the man, who falls to the ground holding his own intestines.

The beast thrashes about on the floor, groaning his fury to the slick tile. Beside him lies the body of the woman, already lifeless, and the man, whose eyes have clouded over but show he is marginally alive. In the middle of the gore of its last two victims, the beast is finally defeated as one last gasp wracks its body and it stills. The man follows soon after.

A little later, the boy and the girl creep out of their corner. They stop briefly to weep over the bodies of their respective parents. Then, hand in hand, they step over the beast's corpse, walk out of the compound, and into the sunshine.