The sight before her eyes took the phrase 'crystal clear' to a whole new level. She could see everything. And no, it wasn't just ordinary perfect vision. No, it was so much more.

Specks of dust floated aimlessly through the air while a ladybug on a half chewed leaf scurried along the surface that laid about three metres above the forest floor. The towering trees with trunks as wide as an elephant created a dream-like canopy that swayed with the night breeze. Sort of like a trance.

Alexis' piercing grey eyes took in the sights. An insect that probably wasn't visible to the naked eye flitted straight past Alexis' line of vision, startling her out of her daze.

What's wrong with me?

Then, she was running. Why she was running, she had no idea. All she knew was that her legs felt the need to pump up and down and carry her through the deserted forest. And just as quick as it had begun, her legs stopped... in the middle of a clearing. The canopy had suddenly disappeared, leaving the open space vulnerable and the moon didn't help either. The light illuminated the area, making it known that the clearing was indeed in the shape of a circle.

Alexis strained her ears for any sound of life as she cautiously moved forward, the grass soft under her bare feet. Unable to slow her steps, her feet carried her to a spot marked with a big, black X. Alexis tried to move away from it since she knew that X marked the spot and it always meant bad news, but her legs felt like lead and wouldn't budge. She took a shaky look around her, absorbing in the scene.

And then she saw it.

A normal pair of eyes would never have seen it but Alexis didn't really have a normal pair at the moment. It was flying straight for her, beak first. Its eyes were a startling yellow that seemed to be able to penetrate her very heart and kill her in a second. But that wasn't the problem right now. The problem was that the eagle seemed to like to speed and travel over 60km/hour.

Try 100km/hour.

Alexis' eyes had spotted the eagle at least two kilometres away but now, the distance was much shorter. She couldn't ignore the inevitable. She was going to die and there was nothing she could do about it. I love you, Dad.

She closed her eyes.

Author's Note: I know this prologue is a bit confusing but stick with me here. It'll get better... hopefully. :)