My heart stopped beating today.

Because you broke it into a million pieces when you left.

You took my soul and memories,

And turned it into pain and everlasting darkness.

The pale tears I shed fall heavily down my cheek.

While you fade out of my life.

My body is nothing but an echo of pain;

An echo of your midnight mind.

Your abyss pierces and floods my heart.

As I choke back my empty emotional tears.

I feel empty without you.

Those snake green eyes…

…Will forever haunt me.

As they play masterful games with my sapphire eyes.

Which turn to every point in time…searching.

Searching…Waiting…Existing only for you.

The beats of my heart have travelled with you,

To rest deeply and solely within the padlocks of yours.

And now I slowly die inside the dark crevices of my heart.

As I lie down…

Openly crying…and…

Left unfinished by you…