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Nike and Rosemarie

Written By: Jasmine Marie and Krystal Jo-Lynnelle

Sometimes things are meant to be a little backwards...

-Book Two

"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards." -Soren Kierkegaard

Rose: slept peacefully.


When Nike woke up, he found this note:


Thank you for all the good times but I can't live with you anymore. Please don't come after me.


Nike: sighed in a growl and crumpled up the note, "Whatever. I told her if she wanted to leave, she could." He went back to sleep.

When he woke up again, it was cold and deathly quiet in his house.

Nike: rubbed his face and stood with a groan. Sleep only masks pain for awhile. He grabbed the crumpled note off the floor harshly and went to his room. He un-crumpled the note and took a tack, stabbing the crinkled paper onto the wall. He sighed with a glance at it, and sat down at his computer. 'I'll miss you Rose.' He told her in his mind, through the mental connection they still shared; the connection he had worked so hard to get with her, risking everything. He supposed in the end it was too much of a risk if Rose still left him. He turned to his computer, turning it on, as he waited for Rose to respond with a mental thought; either by a Kientian message in his head, or something for him to hear her voice at least once more as a final goodbye. Even if she didn't answer, he was prepared in other way that she didn't know of. Just because he released her from the Prison of Sound doesn't mean she was completely free. What someone doesn't know doesn't hurt them, he thought to himself.

Rose: 'Nike, I…' the voice was cute off abruptly and all was silent again.

Nike: turned to his computer and flipped it around. A scanner was on the back. He leaned forward, light flashed across his eyes. He flipped the screen back to him and now rather than a normal background there were several lights that flickered on a city grid. "There she is." He said to himself, looking at one specific light. He was tracking her, and no one knew how, so it couldn't be stopped. He smirked and focused in on the screen to get a closer look.

The dot was in New York City, one of the busiest places in the United States.

Nike: "New York City?" he spoke aloud, "Why there?" he clicked on her dot to bring up satellite images that would show thermal heat outlines of what was around her. If Rose was secluded or not.

There were tons of them.

Nike: looked at the note on the wall. He ripped it down and studied it harder. Maybe she really did leave him. After everything that's happened the past few days…he wouldn't, and couldn't, blame her.

He noticed the highlighted letters on the note this time. "Did her pen go out periodically?" he wondered, and looked at them more closely, spelling them out like that word finding game in a newspaper.

Help Me

Nike stared at the words. She didn't mean what her note really said. It was a hidden message…

All of the dots on the screen continued to move.

Nike: teleported directly to Rose.

There was a barrier so he just appeared on the busiest of New York streets.

Nike: "Great." He shoved his hands in his pockets and focused on his mission so he wouldn't get distracted by the many people surrounding him as he wandered around. He wouldn't mind biting someone to relieve his tension…or even a lot of someone's…there were a lot of people here. No one would know if 10 or so went missing, would they? Missing people happened all the time in busy cities.

Person: knocked into him, "I'm sorry." She said quietly, and her eyes sparkled before she continued on.

Nike: stopped. His eyes flashed and he took hold of the girls arm, spinning her around to face him, "Hi." He said with a smile, and held out his hand, "I'm Nike." He couldn't help it; his eyes were slowly shifting from gold to black…the color creeping over his eyes.

Ali: she flinched, "Hi…I…I'm Ali." She said as her eyes turned to fear. She took a step back, trying to get out of his grip.

Nike: "Care to walk with me? Or are you busy?" he released her arm, keeping eye contact, "I'm looking for someone, and I'm new to town. You seem to know your way around, so you might be better acquainted with places. Maybe you could help me. I'd be eternally grateful for your generosity and kindness." He flashed her a dazzling smile.

Ali: "Ummm…sure. But I have to go to work soon." She said, still frightened of him.

Nike: "Yes, yes. Of course. I'll walk with you then. I'm sure it's on the way." Past a dark alley or two…

Ali: "What are you looking for?"

Nike: "My wife." He shrugged casually, as if Rose had wandered off too far down the street and into a shop, and he just needed to catch up with her. He glanced at a few shops behind where the girl Ali stood, for emphasis in his nonchalant attitude.

Ali: "Well I hope you find her." she looked for a man across from the crowd and nodded slightly.

Man: nodded and turned away disappearing in the crowd.

Nike: "Nice signal you have there. Care to actually lead me to my wife now?"

Ali: "I don't know who she is in fact I just met you."

Nike: smiled, "I know." he said. "But I'm cranky when I'm hungry. Shall we eat?"

Ali: "I have no desire in being lunch Mr. Ediuqil."

Nike: "Huh. Shocking you know my last name when I never even told you my first."

Ali: "You did tell me yours first. In fact, hence how I know your last name."

Nike: "Really? I didn't know you could guess someone's last name by their first name. There are so many other people in the world with the same first name." he gripped her arm and started walking again, pulling her with him.

Ali: "Let me go." she growled.

Nike: "I will in a bit darling. First of all, I need to get inside your head." he pulled her to a dark alley, no one else there. He pressed her against a wall, his arm at her throat, holding her there. "After that, I think I will satisfy my hunger. I know you know something about this...what's happening. Besides you knowing my last name, you also knew you are GOING to be lunch, not going to GO TO lunch with me." his fangs came down, "Which I assume means you know." he leaned closer, his hot breath tickling her face in the most menacing way, "What I am."

Ali: "I don't know anything; your eyes give you away. Now let me go." she pulled out her bloody rose and held it to his chest the silver burned his skin.

Nike: hissed. He stepped back. "Who are you?"

Ali: "Like I said, I am Ali. You don't really think that I am so stupid as to walk in the streets without protection. If you want a snack then I suggest you find it elsewhere."

Nike: "You forget...dear sweet Ali." he was in no mood to dance. He teleported directly beside her and gripping her wrist in a faster than human motion, it was so fast it blurred, he twisted her hand until she dropped the gun. He was careful to avoid it. He slammed her wrist and arm back into a wall of the alley way, the brick cracking from the impact. If the brick smashed you know her wrist was shattered. "You're only a human, playing with a toy."

Ali: didn't scream, "There are others and if you kill me then you will have no chance to find your wife."

Nike: narrowed his eyes. "You do know of her whereabouts you ignorant woman, don't you?" he hissed.

Ali: "Kill me and I swear you will never find her. Ever. Even if you have eternity."

Nike: "I wasn't planning on killing you in the first place." he gripped her chin with his right hand, still pressing her arm to the wall with his left. "But now YOU have no chance for me to let you go. Whereas before I was just going to bite and leave. Now I have a reason to KEEP you."

Ali: "If kept against my will I will not help. I have a job to do."

Nike: "And what job is that?"

Ali: "You will never know." she kicked him away with a surprisingly powerful kick and when Nike stumbled back she ran off.

Nike: teleported, he caught up to her and dragged her by her hair to another alley again, not caring who saw. "See," he spoke as he walked. "This is why I will keep you AGAINST your will because you won't help me otherwise." he threw her into a cement wall again, and held her chin. He looked into her eyes. "You are under my prison of sound, dear Ali. And you will not refuse because, no matter if you know of my kind or not, you are still a weak human. Whom I can crush like a bug at any moment. And don't think I won't. Especially not now, with my wife missing."

Ali: "I know of your actions and of your brother. I do not doubt your ability to destroy."

Nike: held her still and entered her mind, looking for any hints, tips, or something that would lead him to his wife. If Ali had been around another person, he memorized their faces to hunt them down too.

She just melted in his grip. He got nothing. The next thing he knew he was in a white room his powers gone, he had been unconscious.

Nike: growled. His vision still tinted dark and black from hungry. He let out a high, shrieking, piercing scream.

It all just bounced back in his ears.

Nike: stopped, he looked around the room and tried to run for the door, but realized he had no speed. He had no idea what was going on.

Suddenly Rose appeared behind him.

Rose: "Nike." she whispered.

Nike: whirled around as fast as a non-human could, "Rose!" he ran to her, hugged her.

Rose: groan, her neck was completely exposed and very close to his mouth.

Nike: couldn't resist from his strain in hunger. He bit her neck and drank, and drank. Until he was full.

Rose: collapsed unconscious. Then she vanished from his grip. Leaving him still stuck in the room, though now all alone

Nike: reached out for her. "ROSE!" he yelled. Where did she go? What did they do to her? Whoever THEY were. He growled. His sense of reasoning was returning now as his vision turned normal, the blackness gone.

Ali: "I hope you like the little box you have been put in Nike." her voice came over the intercom.

Nike: turned to face where the sound was coming from. Though it's not like he could smash the intercom easily. He didn't have his Snyde strength or speed anymore. He hated this. Though his voice contradicted his feelings. "You do have something to do with this Ali-kins." he said sweetly. "And know that it will be stopped."

Ali: "I don't think so. As for your wife, she will continue to be drained until I get bored and kill her and until she is dead you will be force to stay here."

Nike: "Drained!" he growled now. "What possible benefit could humans receive from that!"

Ali: "Humans for centuries have been called the weaker species. The benefit is watching the so important other species fall to their knees."

Nike: "Rose has nothing to do with this! You can't kill Kientians from lack of blood you idiots!"

Ali: "We know that, it just puts them in a sleep but fruit and vegetables; that is what kills. Draining blood just keeps her quiet."

Nike: "YOU CANNOT KILL MY WIFE! You will pay for this do you understand? Maybe not now, but sometime soon. I promise you that."

Ali: "After she dies and you watch this, then your death will follow."

Nike: "If she dies, then I welcome death. So thank you for your kindness." Humans really were idiotic morons.

Ali: "It won't be so easy. Good bye Nike."


Ali: was already gone.

Nike: growled again. He smashed his fist into the wall; though this time nothing happened except for the shot of pain that danced up his bones to his elbow. He dropped down to the floor on his knees, then turned and leaned his head back against the wall. He sat there, motionless, until something happened.

Ali: came back on, "Ready for dinner Nike?"

Nike: didn't answer her. All he could think about was how much he would like to tear that woman's head from her neck.

Rose: was thrown in again, she just laid there.

Ali: "Enjoy the time you have left with her."

Nike: scrambled over to her. "Rose?" he held her in his arms. He wasn't so hungry anymore. He didn't need to bite her.

Rose: was just limp in his arms, the look on her face peaceful.

Nike: kissed her face, all over. He hugged her tightly. "I'll get us out of here some way." he whispered in a promise.

Rose: groaned slightly.

Nike: "Are you hurt Rose? What have they done to you?" he checked her over for any wounds.

Rose: there were wounds all over her body even her clothes were ripped, "So many things." she whispered.

Nike: "God Rose. I am so sorry." he wished he could help her but he had no powers. He took off his shirt and slipped it on her.

Rose: "I didn't want to do it." she whispered.

Nike: "Do what Rose? I know Rose. The message you left me. I saw it." he kissed her again.

Rose: "They made me do it." she whispered.

Nike: "How could humans make you do anything love?"

Rose: "There are not just humans." she whispered, if you looked at her wounds, Kientian Vice was oozing from them.

Nike: wiped at her wounds, trying to clean them. "What else are they?"

Rose: "I don't know. I never had the find out."

Nike: "It's alright Rosemarie." he managed a smile at her. "I found you and I'm here now."

Rose: lightly rubbed her head against his arm.

Nike: savored the moments they left him with his wife. He tried to help her the best he could with what little he had.

Rose: she jumped as an electric current when through her body.

Nike: held her tighter. He bit her neck to divert the current from her body into his.

Rose: groaned as he bit her, she passed out not feeling.

Nike: leaned back. He licked her wound closed, and noticing for the first time that that worked, he licked at the other wounds on her body, to heal and close them.

At that moment she vanished again and him still without his powers.

Nike: leaned back against the wall again. Not complaining. Not moving. Of course they would treat him like a rat in a maze. Whatever. He could take it. He just waited for them to hurt him.

Ali: walked in this time, "Well, those are the last minutes you will ever get with her; I hope you used them wisely."

Nike: grunted. His eyes were closed. He wasn't about to give her the satisfaction of a proper welcome.

Ali: stopped in front of him, "Not a word, you know that is not proper manners."

Nike: smirked, he didn't open his eyes. "I was never one for manners. At least not around idiots like yourself."

Ali: "Explain yourself."

Nike: pressed his lips together.

Ali: "Answer me Nike."

Nike: "Go away you are disturbing my nap."

Ali: "Whatever, I will just go speak to mother then." she turned and walked towards the door, "Just because you can't see her doesn't mean I don't have to."

Nike: tackled her from behind and pressed her face into the floor. His mouth at her ear. "I don't think you realize what you've gotten yourself into." he bit her neck.

He ended up just biting a can.

Ali: "I believe I do." she said from behind him.

Nike: growled and stood. "You will start a war with this. I assure you. One very similar to what the Starz received. I wouldn't mind wiping humankind off the face of the earth. There are plenty of other food sources on other planets."

Ali: "It's sad you would hurt your own daughter but it is to be expected." she shrugged not caring.

Nike: rolled his eyes. "I don't have a daughter."

Ali: "Yea, sure. You should ask mom about that."

Nike: "I don't know your mother you ignorant girl!" he growled. He smirked, noticing her wrist was in a cast. He had done a great job in the alley.

Ali: "Your wife then." she turned and vanished.

Nike: She was wrong. All wrong. Rosemarie never had a child, and he never had a wife besides Rosemarie. Rose hadn't been gone THAT long to even bear a child...let alone one that looked to be in her late teens. He ignored it.

Rose: 'Nike...' she said softly in his head on this section of his power restored.

Nike: 'Rose! Yes Rose?'

Rose: 'Listen to her.'

Nike: 'Don't count on it. You want me to listen to a human girl who is trying to murder you and me? Who lied to me about your whereabouts and now is claiming falsities?' He scoffed.

Rose: ' our daughter...Nike.'

Nike: his heart stopped a moment. 'You never had a child. Whatever they did, they brainwashed you into thinking you did.'

Rose: 'No Nike, she had part of your blood in her. I didn't want you to know so I hid her from you.'

Nike: growled. 'She will die whether she is my offspring or not. As far as I am concerned she is lower than dirt in an ashen fire.'

Rose: there was a small cry made from her side, 'Please don't hurt her Nike. She just needs to be taught.'


Rose: 'I am just not denying the truth. She needs to be taught how she should be.'

Nike: 'I am not teaching someone who ultimately is controlling me at this moment. If you want her taught so badly, you do it Rose.'

Rose: 'She won't listen to me. She just wants your approval.'

Nike: laughed. 'Then she won't be taught because I do not give her my approval. If she wanted that she should have went about it another way then kidnapping you, harming you, then kidnapping me and threatening to kill us both. Let her. Like I care anymore.'

Rose: 'Then if you do not care then I will tell her if she wishes to kill me.'

Nike: 'Don't you dare Rose. I don't care about her. That doesn't mean I don't care for you. But I have no idea what you are anymore. Secrets...lies. You are just like her it seems. I never did know you.'

Rose: 'I'm sorry.' she whispered.

Nike: 'Have fun with YOUR daughter Rose. You should have sliced my heart out with that dagger of yours when you had the chance.' He put emphasis on the word YOUR, because really, the child was not his. Whether Rose said she was or not.

Rose: from a sound near-by there was a crying sound. 'I wish you would just kill me.'

Nike: 'Possibly. If we get out of here alive.' he said irritated, and looked around for the crying sound.

There was a glace window though it was frosted; inside looked like the same form as Rose had.

Rose: 'I will make sure of it.'

Nike: "ROSE!" he yelled and banged on the window loudly, trying to get the forms attention.

Rose: looked up at him before looking back down, "You don't love me anymore remember?"

Nike: "I never said that." he growled.

Rose: "Doesn't mean you didn't think it." she cried again. She took off the shirt that he had given her and it appeared beside him.

Nike: held it in his hand. "If I had thought it you would have heard it." he pressed the shirt to the window. "Take it back Rose! Right now!"

Rose: she looked up at him again, "Why?" she said softly.

Nike: "Because Rose. I love you. I wouldn't be here if I didn't. I would have ignored your letter. And the shirt is to remind you of me even when I am not around. SO TAKE IT!"

Rose: looked at him again her eyes sad, she took it and put it on again. The glass wall moved out of the way.

Nike: stepped back. Seemingly satisfied for now.

Rose: she kissed his feet wondering she was going to be kicked in the ribs but didn't let it show.

Nike: "Rose what- yes I like that but not right now while you aren't fully healthy." he lifted her up.

Rose: "It doesn't matter anymore. We are done here." she whispered.

Nike: "Done?" he asked confused.

Rose: "Ali has decided to let us leave."

Nike: nodded. "Interesting. Gives me a chance to kill her from far away."

Rose: closed her eyes, she started to fall but caught herself.

Nike: scooped her up. "Then I suppose you know the way out?" he asked as he held her.

Rose: shook her head, "You have to ask her."

Ali: "You can just teleport out all your powers have been restored father." she was on her knees before him.

Nike: kicked her in the chest hard. "I suppose you had your fun, didn't you? Hurting Rose?"

Ali: fell back but didn't make a sound. "Yes sir."

Nike: "Then now you can go, continue to hunt Snyde's and whatever else you do with your friends, and make sure you see those of the higher species fall to their knees. Have fun with your JOB. I will kill you soon." he swore. He vanished away.

Ali: "Yes father." she stood and walked out after taking one saddened glace at her mother.

Rose: relaxed in Nike's arms.

Nike: after taking Rose home and putting her on the bed, he ripped off her already torn clothing and started tending to her wounds. First things first. Then he would get to Ali. He knew where she lived now.

Rose: cried out every time she was touched.

Nike: "Shhh…" he tried to comfort her. He was almost done with healing her flesh wounds, "Drink this." He gave her a pill and a glass of water, helping her to sit up.

Rose: coughed and took it, "What was that?"

Nike: "A pill to counteract Kientian Vice. Gets rid of it from your system." He explained. "So you can heal faster, love."

Rose: "Thank you." She said as she felt it working. She closed her eyes. She remembered what he said, that he would possibly kill her if they ever got out of there. They did get out of there…so now she waited.

Nike: possibly means more than likely not, love. I wouldn't have risked my butt to save you if I just turned around and killed you when we were free. You don't possibly think I'm that retarded, do you? I'll take my frustrations out on Ali and her comrades. Not on my wife, thank you very much. I've worked too hard to get you, so I won't just throw you away." He kissed her cheek, "Now, where else does it hurt so I can make it better?"

Rose: "My back." She said; her voice strained from pain. She took a steady breath.

Nike: "Alright. Hold still…" he gently rolled her over on the bed so that he could reach her back. He ran his hand along it, fixing any broken boned or pinched nerved, healing the pain away. He gritted his teeth at his thoughts. "No daughter would do this to their mother." He rolled her back over, "My mom treated me worse than this, and I treated both of my parents with respect." He growled, but not at Rose. It was just to express his angered feelings at the idea of Ali.

Rose: "I know that there is good in her. We just have to find it."

Nike: "I'm not spending my time looking for it."

Rose: "Just give her one more chance." She begged.

Nike: "I would have killed her already, but I had to tend to you first. She is NOT my child. I don't have to do anything for her." He stood.

Rose: closed her eyes, "I understand." She sat up, and then slowly walked to the closet.

Nike: walked closely beside her to make sure she didn't fall.

Rose: rested against the wall for support. She picked a new outfit out and put it on.

Nike: "I don't understand how you can just act like everything is fine and peachy. Do you not remember the past days of pain you went through that she caused? How can you forgive her- daughter or not?" he took the note off his desk and showed it to her, "You forget this? What happened that day while I slept?"

Rose: "I could never forget, but she is a part of me too." She picked up the clothes that were now in half, and threw them away, "I was sleeping on the couch and I heard a light tapping. It was Ali. She said she wanted to show me something, and before I knew it the Vice was in my system. They forced me to write the note, and then I was knocked unconscious.

Nike: "So what did she who you? Or was that just a ploy to get you out of the house quicker?" he asked softly, more distressed by the details of the happening. He should have woken up to stop it. He should have done something for Rose.

Rose: "It was just a ploy, but it doesn't matter, nor does the fact that her plan was well thought out." She sat on the bed, tired and a little out of breath.

Nike: "Her plan did not, and does not even now, seem like it was well thought out to me." He watched her.

Rose: "A difference of opinion."

Nike: "No…just idiotic. I can't be a father of an idiot child. Rose, when did you get pregnant? When did you have this kid? And how in the world can she be 16 or so…and she says she's human! I have not been married to you for more than a year and I know for a fact that humans take 365 days to age ONE YEAR. But she's at least 16." He ignored the fact that Rose was tired and out of breath. He wanted answers, and he knew she was healed enough to give them. He crossed his arms and watched her with hard eyes.

Rose: she shrank back, "While you were gone is when I had her. She didn't used to be human. I changed her so the Starz wouldn't hurt her." She shivered and closed her eyes and sat on the bed. "Just do it." She moved, lying on her back, "Stab me. Kill me. I don't care how you do it."

Nike: "Rose, I'm not going to kill you. You sound like an idiot, saying stuff like that." He sighed, "I see where Ali gets it from."

Rose: nodded. She rolled onto her side.

Nike: "I don't think I can be a father." He continued to talk, though it was APPARENTLY to himself.

Rose: "You're a perfect husband." She sighed, "It doesn't matter anyways. You said you would kill her."

Nike: laughed dryly, "Yea, right." Perfect husband. Who was she kidding? "Husband doesn't mean father, anyways. And yes…either kill her or hold her hostage and make her suffer. She's not my child."

Rose: "You can convince yourself all you want, but the facts won't change."

Nike: climbed onto the bed next to her, without disturbing her side where she laid. "There are more ways I am a wrong husband than way as you say that I am a perfect husband." He said normally, hints of anger and hardness gone.

Rose: her breath was normal, "That's not true. You are perfect in every way."

Nike: "Really?" he wrapped his arm around her waist gently, and easily pulled her body into his. He nuzzled her cheek with his nose and then kissed it. He whispered, "So are you. I've missed you, my flower." He kissed her ear tenderly.

Rose: "I missed you too." She whispered.

Nike: moved his lips to hers and kissed her lovingly.

Rose: kissed him back.

Nike: "I've explained this to you before Rose. I've worked hard to get you. I love you. I NEVER want to lose you." He stressed. "And I'll do anything to make you stay." He told her softly.

Rose: she looked down, what she really wanted she couldn't have. There was nothing that could change his mind. "I know," she said softly, "And with luck you never will lose me. I'm never going to leave you again."

Nike: leaned down and kissed her, "Even if you do I will come get you. I've grown too attached."

Rose: "I see." She replied softly.

Nike: "What is it you really want, love? Please tell me." He asked just as softly, looking at her.

Rose: "You will get mad at me again. I will just remain silent."

Nike: "Tell me Rose." He repeated.

Rose: "What I want is you to leave Ali alone." She cringed as she waited for him to yell or do something.

Nike: he didn't yell. He just smirked, "I will. After I'm done with her."

Rose: shook her head.

Nike: sighed, "What? If she is your daughter, you don't seem too thrilled about me bringing her here." His eyes showed his annoyance, though his voice was normal.

Rose: "I do want her here but not for her to be hurt." She got off of the bed, "I'm going to take a shower."

Nike: stood also, "Sure, you need it to relax. I'll go take care of business then." He kissed Rose on the cheek and then teleported away.

Rose: was saddened, but she went to take her shower.


Nike: teleported back to the place where he had found Rose. Or rather, where Ali had shown she HELD Rose captive.

It was completely empty

Nike: "Well, if she wants to play it like that." he walked through the building, super angry now. If Ali was found, it would be worse.

There was only one person and that was a male throwing stuff away.

Nike: came up behind him and pushed him against the wall. He didn't get a look at his face because it was into the wall, a bit of the drywall crumbling from the pressure of the force. He locked the man's arms behind his back. Silently, he wondered if this was the man whom Ali had nodded too back in the alley way in the city when he had first seen her. "Tell me," he said harshly, "Where is Ali?"

Man: "Chill man. I don't know she said she was going to enjoy the time she had left like her father told her."

Nike: "And who are you?" he spun him around to face him, pressing the man's back into the wall. His eyes were completely black. "Have we met before?"

Man: "My name is Keith and no."

Nike: smiled wickedly. "Good. Then really, I have no use for you." he snapped the man's neck and let his lifeless body fall to the floor.

All was silent.

Nike: If he couldn't find Ali, he knew Rose could because she says she is her mother. And mothers and children always have connections. He teleported back home and went into the bathroom. "Rose, tell me where Ali is."

Rose: "She' a nightclub in the Rio Grande." she avoided eye contact

Nike: "Fine. Thank you dear." he saw which nightclub it was in Rose's mind and teleported there.

Ali: was dancing with some guy in a short and revealing red dress.

Nike: came up behind her, gripped her arm tightly, causing it to bruise, he knew, and teleported with her back to his house.

Ali: "So the time has come."

Nike: "Not exactly. But we will get there after a period of torture." he dragged her downstairs and threw her in the cellar room where he had kept Rose's father before. He knew if he couldn't get out, Ali, a mere human, couldn't even fathom it.

Ali: sat on the ground

Nike: "Tell me, who was your 'friend' I saw you nod to in the city a few days ago when you and I met?"

Ali: "he was just a friend."

Nike: "Tell me who Ali-kins, so I can kill him."

Ali "He's already dead."

Nike: smiled, "Should I believe you? I don't like liars Ali. And I can read your mind I hope you know. To decipher any lies you tell me."

Ali: "Then look for yourself."

Nike: went inside her mind and took a look.

What she said was truth

Nike: "I hope he died well there then. If I had gotten a hold of him his death would not have been. You should be grateful for him then."

Ali: "I am very thankful." she muttered softly

Nike: shook his head. "I thought a proclaimed Snyde Hunter could do SO MUCH better." he mocked. Not only pertaining to the man who had died, but also was taking a stab at Ali.

Ali: "Well they are how they are and he was killed by a non-Snyde."

Nike: shrugged. "Dead is dead." he knelt in from of Ali. "But YOU will die by a Snyde's hands." he breathed into her face, almost whispering; his voice dark like his words. Then he smirked, and, just to rub it in almost hypocritically, he kissed Ali's forehead.

Ali: closed her eyes. "I understand father."

Nike: "You are not my child. Do not call me father." he growled. He gripped her by the throat and lifted her up against the wall. Almost choking her. He took his free hand, his right hand, and smashed Ali's still broken left wrist into the wall. He spread her fingers apart with his on the cement wall, and then held it there. He released her throat with his left hand and took a knife out of his pocket. He moved his right hand but before Ali could move hers, he stabbed the knife into the palm of her hand, and through it into the wall. He stepped back; Ali's hand was now connected to the wall by the knife. Blood ran down her arm.

Ali: screamed "Nike I'm sorry!"

Nike: "Sorry isn't enough little girl. You will stay here, for the night. Like this. Just like this." he left then, shutting and locking the door behind him, not caring about Ali's screams and moans of pain. He went back up to the house.

Rose: was sitting on the couch she quickly dried her tears away.

Nike: "You are just as much to blame for this as I am Rose. So don't hate me, unless you hate yourself too." he went to the bathroom to shower.

Rose: stood she went down to the basement to comfort her daughter.

Nike: stopped her before she did. "No. She did not comfort you, you do not comfort her. She will suffer. You will not go down there." He ordered Rose firmly.

Rose: "Let me go. She is my daughter you will not keep me from her."

Nike: "I will not Rose. She hurt you once. It will not happen again. If I must, I will keep her far away from you in an undisclosed place so that you cannot see her, whether I let you or not."

Rose: "You can't do this to me!" she cried.

Nike: held firm, "I can and I will." he sealed the door to the basement, knowing Kientians didn't have the strength to open it anyways, and went back to take his shower.

Rose: got on her knees on the ground and cried as hard as she had ever before.

Nike: after is shower, he went out hunting, He was gone until the next afternoon.

Rose: cried the whole time.

Nike: "Stop crying Rose. Get up and do something." he said, though it wasn't an order.

Rose: "I can't."

Nike: "And why not?"

Rose: "Because I can't do anything when my daughter is in pain and suffering."

Nike: "She did a lot of things while you were in pain, and she was making you suffer."

Rose: "I don't care. When she hurts I do to."

Nike: "Then tune her out. Because it's going to get worse."

Rose: "NO! Please do whatever you want to me just stop. Please. Let me take her pain." she begged.

Nike: "NO! I don't want you to be hurt!"

Rose: "By hurting her you are hurting me!"

Nike: gave an exasperated sigh and closed his eyes. "So sad you say that, because when she was hurting you it did nothing to hurt her. I think she even enjoyed it."

Rose: "That doesn't matter to me."

Nike: He opened his eyes, they were hard but glowing a bright gold. "It should. Now, go relax while I go check on Ali." he opened the basement door after releasing the seal.

Rose: "Please let me see her." she said softly.

Nike: "Not right now. But later." he promised. He went down to Ali, shutting the door behind him so Rose could not follow.

Rose: remained on her knees by the door.

Ali: was mostly unconscious she groaned a little as she tried to move the rest of her body

Nike: walked up to her and looked at her hand. He nodded. Ali's hand was purplish and pus was oozing out along with blood. "Hmm." he analyzed the situation, and then yanked out the knife from her hand sharply.

Ali: fell flat on her face, she looked up to him. "May I please have something to eat?" she asked softly. "Or is that the punishment for today?"

Nike: "No, actually." he smirked, looking down at her. "But it's a good start."

Ali: she looked down at the floor again. "Another bone broken?" she wondered.

Nike: "Actually, your hand looks pretty bad. You probably don't want to risk blood poisoning getting into your system, the way it looks already like it's infected." he stopped, wondering if she got it.

Ali: nodded slowly, "Not a bad way to die. By infection."

Nike: "No, Ali, you are not going to die, yet." he shook his head. She didn't get it. "And most definitely not by infection. I will stop the spread before it gets worse."

Ali: "Yes sir."

Nike: he bent down by her and forced her up. He gripped her wrist in his hand. "Well, since you agree. And we might as well get rid of this cast too." he held the knife, and set the blade against her skin below her hand, and below the cast that held her broken wrist in place. He made the first slice.

Ali: didn't make a sound trying to ignore the pain.

Nike: "I hope you didn't need this hand, Ali-kins. Say goodbye to it." he made another slice, cutting through muscle this time.

Ali: cried out this time.

Nike: "Bone is a little tougher to cut through..." he set down the knife and pinched the bone between his first finger and thumb. He crushed the section he wanted cut, that easily, with his fingers.

Ali: passed out from the pain.

When Ali woke up, she was alone in the room. She had no hand.

Ali: "Someone please just kill me."

Rose: was passed out upstairs.

Nike: after cleaning everything up and washing the knife off, setting it aside, he picked up Rose and set her in the bed in their room.

Rose: didn't move and barely breathed.

Nike: "Rose," he nudged her face gently with his nose, "Are you hungry?" he whispered.

Rose: couldn't answer. It had been a day since the last time she had eaten, that combined with the pain she felt from Ali caused her to lose consciousness completely.

Nike: went and got some chocolate drink, he sat on the bed next to Rose and put his arm around her back, sitting her up. He gently poured the drink down her throat.

Rose: drank at first then stopped, "I don't want any more." she turned away from him.

Nike: he frowned, "Rose what's wrong?"

Rose: said nothing just shook her head.

Nike: "You can go see Ali now, if you wish." he set the drink aside, not going to force her to drink it.

Rose: stood immediately and went to the basement and walked down, "Oh Ali." she ran over and hugged her.

Ali: "Mom!" she hugged her with one hand.

Rose: saw her hand, "WHAT HAPPENED!"

Ali: "Just forget it mom. I'm just glad you're here."

Rose: "I will always be here for my baby. Always."

Ali: "Do you think you could kill me mom?"

Rose: "Oh Ali." she closed her eyes as a tear slide down her cheek.'

Nike: was behind holding a first aid kit. "You'll need to patch that up. Stop the bleeding. Because unlike Kientians, humans do die from lack of blood." Ali was missing her hand and halfway up her forearm, since Nike cut below the wrist.

Rose: she rubbed her hand over the cut healing it, "Does that feel better Honey?"

Ali: nodded, "Thank you mom."

Nike: growled, "I didn't tell you to heal it. I could have done that." he took out the knife he had re-pocketed after washing, and reopened the cut. "Ali NEVER healed your cuts and pains Rose! NOT ONCE! I saw what you were like!" he said angrily, disgusted by the whole ordeal.


Nike: his face fell, and his anger blazed, but not towards his wife, "They heal over time." his anger was directed at Ali now more than ever.

Rose: "Don't talk to me Nike. I don't want to hear it." she hugged Ali tighter.

Nike: "Rose, either get up and get food and water for your so-called daughter, or let her dehydrate to death. Yes, actually, death by dehydration wouldn't be too bad."

Rose: "If you touch her while I am gone I swear Nike you will pay." she growled and ran up to get her something.

Nike: "Oh Ali-kins, I think losing your hand is enough punishment for one day don't you?" he smirked. "I hope you didn't write things or draw or eat using your left hand."

Ali: "Why don't you just kill me?"

Nike: "Because you didn't kill Rose." he said simply for explanation.

Ali: "So you torture me then kill me." she shook her head.

Nike: "I never said you were going to die."

Ali: "Then what are you going to do with me?"

Nike: "Torture you until I feel vengeance has been served, then turn you over to Rose- oh excuse me you, 'mother'- or else keep you as a servant. I do dearly need one, and it will be entertaining watching you do things with only one hand."

Ali: nodded slowly.

Nike: waited for Rose to return.

Rose: came back she held the cup to Ali's lips for her to drink.

Ali: took a drink, "Thank you mom but I can do so for myself."

Rose: "I just want to be there for you my darling." she started to feed her as well.

Nike: "Time's up." he gripped Rose by the arm and lifted her.

Rose: "Don't touch me." she got out of his grip. She kissed Ali on the head.

Nike: "Just go then. Visiting time is over."

Rose: "Why don't you do that?" she hissed.

Nike: "Because I'm the enforcer. Like the guard to a prison."

Rose: "Then the guard can go because he is not needed right now."

Nike: "I. Said. Leave. Rose."

Rose: "What are you going to do? Pump some Vice in my system to make me listen?" she continued to feed Ali.

Nike: "Nope." he sighed. "I told you I wouldn't hurt YOU."

Rose: "Well, guess what. That's exactly what you are doing."

Nike: "Fine, the longer you stay the longer Ali suffers."

Rose: "Darling I have to go."

Ali: "Bye mom." she kissed her cheek.

Rose: quickly went upstairs.

Nike: stuck his finger down Ali's throat to make her puke up what she just ate. "There." he said, stepping back from the vomit, "Sleep in your own bile, eh?"

Ali: leaned against the wall.

Nike: went upstairs and locked all the doors again so there was no going in, and no coming out.

Rose: was making herself food. She ignored his entrance.

Nike: "How long were you gone Rose? Two days? Three?"

Rose: "Don't talk to me."

Nike: "Then of course I have to figure out how long we both were there. So I think maybe a week, right?" he calculated.

Rose: she finished and put it on a plate she sat down at the table and started to eat.

Nike: "So, I will double however long you were gone, so I will hold Ali for two weeks then. Then you can have her and she will be free from me and torture. She can be our servant instead, since you seem to be fond of her she should stay at the house."

Rose: "She will be my daughter, not my servant."

Nike: "Still going with the daughter thing, eh? I need to un-brainwash you."

Rose: "I am not brainwashed."

Nike: shrugged. "Seems to me you are."

Rose: "Look at this." she was so angry she tore his sleeve there on his shoulder was a mark that if he had been born then it would be a birth mark, "She has the same thing."

Nike: looked down, "Well, thanks for ruining my shirt."

Rose: "Anytime." she continued to eat.

Nike: "Everyone has marks, Rose."

Rose: "It's the same size, shape, and everything else."

Nike: "Coincidence is all."

Rose: "You call me the idiot."

Nike: rolled his eyes. "Rose, if she was my daughter, I would have known sooner."

Rose: ignored him. She cleaned up her plate and put it away.

Nike: "It's alright. I never wanted a child anyways. And if my wife WAS going to have a baby, I am sure she would have told me." he walked into the living room and flipped on the TV.

Rose: went and cleaned the house without saying a word.

Nike: "So what, you hate me now? Is this like when we first met?" he watched her.

Rose: continued her work, not talking to him.

Nike: "It's your FAULT too Rose." he accused.

Rose: ignored him, fully knowing that it was her fault. It was her fault that she didn't step in sooner.

Nike: "It's your fault I'm like this."

Rose: "HOW SO!" when she turned her eyes were filled with anger.




Rose: "EXACTLY!"


Rose: turned not having any more conversation with him.

Nike: "So since I do not know her, I cannot even THINK of her as my daughter. She is just another human to me." he sat back on the couch.


Nike: "Why in the WORLD would I want to become friendly with someone who hurt you? Better yet, why would YOU?"

Rose: "Because she is our daughter. Because she is a part of me. Because I actually CARE about people."

Nike: "She tried to kill me too Rose. Not just you."

Rose: "Was it her or someone else."

Nike: "Hmm, let me think, he name was Ali and she looked exactly like her. So, yes IT WAS HER."

Rose: opened the door and slammed it behind her.

Nike: sighed. Ali was making his wife hate him. It was all Ali's fault. Ali needed to pay. No, Ali needed to disappear. If Ali was gone, everything would be well, he reasoned.

Rose: was gone for an hour or so.

When she came back, Nike was cleaning off his knife again, and his shirt was torn in more than the sleeve.

Rose: went to the basement and opened the door and walked down.

Nike: pulled her back up and sealed the basement door again so she couldn't go.

Rose: got in his mind and just teleported down there.

Nike: growled. He'd have to fix that. Block teleportation's to the basement.

Ali was chained to the wall, a gash in her head and slices from a knife down her legs.

The room reeked of blood and vomit.

Rose: ran over to her. She kissed her forehead. Healing all wounds and also making it impossible to hurt her ever again.

Nike: he thought that was fine. If he couldn't hurt her, then he WOULD starve her to death. And all humans needed food. Rose was just making this more difficult on the both of them.

Rose: "Darling I promise to do whatever I can to help you."

Ali: smiled slightly.

Nike: came down into the basement. "Ali doesn't deserve help." he gripped Rose by her shirt collar and literally dragged her away. He was stronger. He could do that.

Rose: went into his mind and made him let go. She ran to her daughter she eased the grip on the chains so it wasn't so tight but the wall seemed to be the cleanest place.

Nike: "Come to bed Rose. Now." he ordered her.

Rose: kissed Ali one more time before she went upstairs but instead went to the bathroom and shut the door.

Nike: locked the doors again, though the attempts at keeping Rose out seemed futile. However, before he left, he got a look at Ali's arm, seeing the mark. He pushed her away and went upstairs, getting changed for the night.

Rose: stayed in the bathroom.

Nike: knocked on the bathroom door. "Rose, come to sleep." he asked softly.

Rose: "Go to sleep yourself."

Nike: "Do you hate me Rose?"

Rose: "What do you think?" she retorted.

Nike: "Enough to...leave me Rose?" he asked slowly, pain in his voice.

Rose: "Possibly."

Nike: opened the bathroom door. "You're so confusing."

Rose: it ended up hitting her since she was leaning by the door. She walked to the sink and brushed her hair.

Nike: "You wanted me to treat YOU like my father treated my mom, and I won't so you got mad. I treat Ali, ONE girl, like my father treated others at times and you hate me for it. I don't understand." he was confused and he spoke softly. No anger in his voice.

Rose: "Well, I guess that's because only stupid people understand it then." she walked out.

Nike: gripped her arm to make her stop walking. "Explain it to me then. Please Rose. I don't want to lose you."

Rose: "No."

Nike: let go of her arm. "Then it seems you have already made up your mind."

Rose: "You're the one that knows you're hurting me and still persists. This one is your fault."

Nike: "I am not hurting you, I am hurting Ali. You can't hurt a person unless you are physically handling them."

Rose: "There is such a thing as Emotional abuse and in any respect, I am connected to her in a way, I feel what she goes through even though I am not her."

Nike: "Oh." his face took on understanding, "Really?"

Rose: "Yes." she turned and walked to the kitchen getting a snack. She didn't plan on sleeping tonight.

Nike: followed her. "Why didn't she feel pain then when she hurt you?"

Rose: "Because she is not the mother, the mother has a special connection with the child, the child doesn't receive what the mother does and she isn't the one that abused me. She didn't even give the order. But you wouldn't know."

Nike: glanced at the basement door. "I didn't know that." he remembered Ali telling him that she didn't even know where Rose was. Was that the truth? "She just said she was going to hurt you, over the intercom, in the room, with me. And then brought you in to see me those couple times just to see me bite you and for you to suffer. So I assumed."

Rose: "Well then you assumed wrong."

Nike: his head snapped up. "So she didn't hurt you? Then who did?"

Rose: "Some man. I don't know his name."

Nike: "Keith?"

Rose: "Like I said, I don't know."

Nike: "Can I see your memories?"

Rose: "I don't care."

Nike: went inside her head and checked to see what she went through those nights, and who hurt her.

She was indeed right, the only time she saw Ali was when she brought her something that she needed food, water, healing stuff. All the rest were done by one who wore a doctor's coat and another man. Neither of them looking familiar.

Nike: memorized their faces. He'd find them and kill them after torture. He left Rose's mind. "I'll fix it Rose. I promise."

Rose: "You can't what you have done has made that impossible."

Nike: rolled his eyes. "I can fix a stupid humans hand."

Rose: "It doesn't matter you still did it to begin with."

Nike: "I'll start small then." he went down to the basement and using his power he restored Ali back to full health, and her hand and forearm was back. He carried her up the stairs and set her in the bathtub.

Ali: just laid there not understanding.

Nike: "You are healthy enough to shower. So do it." he left the room and went back to the basement, cleaning his mess until there was no trace left of anything down there.

Ali: took a shower, she wrapped the towel around her tired body.

Rose: had washed and dried her clothes, she brought them in for her.

Ali: "Thank you."

Rose: smiled and nodded.

Nike: came up soon later. It hadn't taken him that long to clean, using his Snyde speed. "You can sleep in my bed, with Rose. I'm..." he glanced at Rose. "Going out." he took his jacket and left.

Rose: "Come on, let's get you to bed."

Ali: "Mom, do you think Da...Nike is going to be back?"

Rose: "I don't know darling." she helped her get in bed, and then got in herself. She watched as Ali fell asleep. She did soon after.

Nike: was gone for a month and a day. And he kept his whereabouts secret from Rose. He came through the door on the 33rd day after his leave.

Rose: was making food for her and Ali and Nike like she did everyday but she would always just throw his away. She set it on the table.

Ali: looked stronger. "Thank you." she waited until her mom sat down and started to eat before she started to eat. "Mmmm...It's good."

Nike: went to take a shower.

Rose: looked up she had not noticed he had come. She excused herself and opened the door and got in the shower with him, "I see you're back." she whispered kissing him.

Nike: "What are you doing Rose?" he asked with no emotion in either voice or on his face.

Rose: "Kissing you, what else?"

Nike: "I'm leaving Rose." he stated simply.

Rose: "No! Why?"

Nike: shut off the water. "Because you are right. Even with Ali healed it doesn't change the fact that I did what I did. It has been done, and I agree with you, it is unforgivable." he climbed out of the shower and dried himself, wrapping the towel around his waist.

Rose: "We all said things we shouldn't have. Please don't go."

Nike: "I am glad you said it. It was one of the things that should have been said."

Rose: "No it wasn't. It wasn't right in the least bit. Please don't leave me."

Nike: shrugged, "You were going to leave me. There is no difference."

Rose: "No I was not."

Nike: "It doesn't matter. You and Ali can be happy together. It's not like she's my daughter anyways. She doesn't feel like it. Birthmarks or not."

Rose: "Get to know her, please. At least give it a shot and if it doesn't works out she said she will just go traveling or something."

Nike: "If she goes to travel then you will be at the house all alone." he walked out of the bathroom and got dressed in clean clothes.

Rose: "Not if you are here."

Nike: "But like I just said, I won't be."

Rose: "Then kill me before you leave cause I won't live without you."

Nike: sighed. He said nothing.

Rose: "I love you Nike." she whispered and kissed him.

Nike: "I killed them Rose."

Rose: nodded, "I know."

Nike: "How do you know? I told you nothing of what I did while I was gone. I blocked everything from you."

Rose: nodded, "I figured you would do that."

Nike: shook his head. "Anyways, get a husband who will be a good father to Ali who won't hurt her like I did."

Rose: "I don't want another husband, I want you."

Nike: "We all want a lot of things Rose. It's not good for you. This whole relationship was doomed from the beginning." he grabbed his jacket. "And it's because of me. I'm the problem, so I am eliminating myself from the picture."

Rose: "Kill me first then, I beg you Nike. You are not the problem, I am." she grabbed on to his arm.

Nike: "That, I am sure, would hurt Ali more than I hurt her with her arm and hand removal."

Rose: "Well, I will not live without you."

Nike: "Then stick some Kientian Vice in your system or order yourself too." he looked down at her hand on his arm.

Rose: "It won't work. Please Nike."

Nike: sighed.

Rose: looked at him her eyes pleading.

Nike: "For what reason? And it better be good."

Rose: "Because we need you and you need us."

Nike: "You don't need me. Your lives would be better." But he couldn't argue with her second point.

Rose: "I do need you, it is not better, it is worse. Much worse."

Nike: "Ali, then, doesn't need me."

Rose: "Do you know that every day she asked if you were coming back? She needs you to Nike."

Nike: "Why doesn't she hate me? After what I've done, she should at least fear me."

Rose: "Because she loves you to even though she thinks that you don't return the feelings. She knows you don't believe that she is really your daughter and for that she will do what pleases you. But her love for you makes everything else go away."

Nike: threw his jacket onto the bed. "You guys seemed to be doing fine when I walked through the door."

Rose: "Things aren't always what they seem."

Nike: "Fine. I'll stay."

Rose: "Thank you so much." she hugged him as tight as she could.

Nike: hugged her back softly. He had to say; it was a relief to hear that Rose still loved him and wanted him to stay, though he didn't let his feelings show.

Rose: she buried her face in his chest, she took in his scent.

Nike: smiled slightly. The feeling felt foreign- both Rose against him, and the smiling. He hadn't done that or felt that in so long. Over a month.

Rose: kissed him again, still pressing her body next to his.

Nike: actually kissed her back this time.

Rose: smiled, she put on of her hands through his hair.

Nike: "So I take it you want me to talk to you again?" he asked softly.

Rose: "Yes."

Nike: nodded. He kissed her again. Sure, he would talk, just not right now.

Rose: kissed her back wrapping her arms around his neck

Nike: smiled slightly.

Rose: tickled him or at least tried to.

Nike: actually laughed this time, he pushed her back. "Stop." he said with a smiled. He hadn't laughed in amusement and meant it, in even longer than a month.

Rose: smiled, she just came back but didn't tickle him this time.

Nike: "You should eat while the food is a bit warm."

Rose: "Food is always there. Though I did make something for you to eat to."

Nike: "That's alright I ate before I came home." Home...that word wasn't used often in his vocabulary either.

Rose: "Oh." she nodded, "Alright well I can do something with it."

Nike: "And Ali will be missing you."

Rose: "She knows that this is important."

Nike: "What is?"

Rose: "Being with you."

Nike: smiled slightly, "Alright." he agreed, and went and sat on the bed. He tossed his jacket onto the chair by his computer desk.

Rose: pushed him back on the bed, she kissed him over and over.

Nike: couldn't resist. He had to admit, he did miss her.


Rose: smiled as she lay in bed next to him.

Nike: "Now your food really is cold."

Rose: "That's ok, I wasn't really hungry anyway."

Nike: smiled slightly and kissed her again. "Sure."

Rose: kissed him back.

Nike: "You should get back to Ali, Rose."

Rose: "Will you come with me?"

Nike: nodded briefly. "Alright." he stood and dressed.

Rose: stood too and also got dressed.

Nike: went with Rose to the kitchen to see Ali.

Ali: was cleaning up. She turned and smiled slightly, "Hello." She hugged him shortly.

Nike: stiffened but returned the hug. He was not expecting that, after everything that he did to her.

Ali: "It's great to see you D…Nike." She changed it quickly because she knew he hated being referred with her. Her red eyes sparkled; in another light they looked blue.

Nike: red eyes? Humans didn't have red eyes. "Did you change her back, Rose?" he asked, while still looking at Ali. He tried to see some similarity of her to him, but he couldn't tell. Or maybe he just didn't want to tell.

Rose: "Yes. The danger is gone so I had her changed to what she was originally."

Nike: his eyes grew hard as he stared back at Ali, his voice emotionless, "Doesn't that make being a Snyde hunter just a tad bit hypocritical?"

Ali: "I got a new job. I am working at the postal office to help mom."

Nike: looked to Rose, "You got a job without consulting me first? How many more secrets do you have, Rose? First Ali, and now a job!"

Rose: "I don't have a job, Nike." She looked confused, wondering why he would come to that conclusion.

Ali: "Nike, I meant to help with the expenses."

Nike: turned back to Ali, a look of indignation on his face. "Rose and I don't need help with expenses. I have it covered."

Ali: "I'm sorry. I didn't mean disrespect."

Nike: "I'm sure you didn't." he snapped.

Ali: "I ummm…" she looked at her watch, "I need to go to work." She grabbed her purse.

Nike: "Have fun." He said coldly, watching her.

Ali: "Nike I don't know what I did to you but I am truly sorry. I would do anything to make it up to you." She waved sadly, "Bye." She vanished.

Nike: shook his head.

Rose: "What?"

Nike: "She keeps trying to make me like her. And I don't want to."

Rose: "Why don't you want to?" she sat in a chair.

Nike: "After everything that's happened, you figure it out."

Rose: sighed.

Nike: "What now?" he asked Rose while getting food to eat for supper.

Rose: "What do you mean?" she got up and made him a red liquid meal, and brought it to him.

Nike: "You sighed. I want to know why." He watched her.

Rose: handed it to him, "I didn't know I couldn't sigh. I didn't mean anything by it. I was just letting out air."

Nike: "Thanks." He started to eat the food, "See, I warned you if I came out here you wouldn't like what happened between Ali and me. And you don't."

Rose: "As long as you don't hurt her then it's fine."

Nike: his voice was low, yet harsh, "I told you I wouldn't. Not again."

Rose: "I know." She whispered.

Nike: finished his food, "I'm going to bed." He stood.

Rose: "May I come?"

Nike: nodded. He went to his and Rose's room and got changed. He climbed in bed.

Rose: got in after him.

Nike: "Night Rose. Sleep well." He turned to face the edge of the bed and shut his eyes.

Rose: "Good night." She said softly.

Nike: was already asleep.


Nike: was gone when Rose awoke.

Rose: was running around the house looking for him.

Nike: wasn't in the house. His jacket and shoes were gone too. No note either was left behind.

Rose: 'Nike?' she asked in his mind.

There was no answer. It was blank- though the connection was there, nothing else was.

Rose: sat on the couch and just cried.

Nike: burst open the door and ran to Rose, gathering her in his arms in a hug. He smothered her face in kisses. "Rose? Rose what's wrong? Did Ali do something to you? I swear if she did!" he wiped his fingers over her tear stained cheeks to dry them. He was sitting on the couch next to her, still holding Rose in his arms. His jacket was on, as were his shoes. His hair was windblown as if he'd been running for awhile.

Rose: "Nike!" she cried now but not sad and helpless anymore. She had relief running through her, finding the things she imagined were just that, an imagination. "I was worried something happened to you. When I woke up you weren't there. I was so worried about you. I couldn't find you anywhere, and I didn't see a note." She buried her face in his chest.

Nike: laughed softly and hugged her, "Yea, maybe I should leave notes from now on. I just thought you knew I went for my morning run each day. When I am running I block everything out. I didn't even know you wanted me until I was done running and I felt your distress in my head. So I hurried home." He explained softly.

Rose: nodded softly and hugged him back, "Please do leave a note, though I should remember."

Nike: "Will do, love. I apologize for scaring you, my flower." He kissed the top of her head and leaned back to look at her. His eyes were a glimmering gold. "Now, did you eat, my dear?"

Rose: shook her head, "Not yet."

Nike: "And where is Ali?"

Rose: shrugged, "I don't know. At work, I guess."

Nike: "Perhaps…" he shook his head, "I still can't believe she's my child. But you say she is yours. So unless Starnight fathered her, who else is there but me to be her father?" he was still confused by it all.

Rose: "If you want a blood test we can get one."

Nike: "Let's do that then." He said reluctantly.

Rose: "You don't want to?"

Nike: "I'm just not sure if I deserve to know the outcome of the test." Or even if he wanted to.

Rose: "You deserve every good thing, but I can feel you don't wish to know."

Nike: "After everything that's happened…she wouldn't like it if the test showed us related, Rose. It's in Ali's best interest to…be wrong about this whole thing. Your best interest too."

Rose: "She has forgotten about what happened. She doesn't care if you hurt her. She just wants your acceptance."

Nike: "That's hard to believe. But if you say so, let's go to the doctor."

Rose: nodded, "Now?"

Nike: "Yes." He agreed. "The sooner the better." He was ready.

Rose: "Let's go."

Nike: teleported him and Rose to the doctors.

Rose: looked around for a doctor.

Nike: "Well, I guess there is none. Let's go…" he got out of that one fast. He smirked, ready to leave just as fast as he was ready to come there in the first place.

Maxwell: "How can I help you folks?"

Nike: "Moment." He told the doctor and vanished to the post office. He grabbed Ali's arm and teleported back to the doctors. "Okay. Good now." He stepped back from her, not caring about interrupting her work. He stood to the side, arms crossed, watching the doctor and Ali.

Ali: "Doctor." She said, bowing her head softly. She looked up at him and then to her father for a moment. She wondered what she was doing here but kept her curiosity inside.

Maxwell: took out two syringes. He took her arm and after rubbing a liquid over her skin he then poked the needle into her arm.

Ali: made a small noise. There was only one thing that she thought could break through Snyde skin. Apparently she had been wrong.

Maxwell: took a blood sample. He took the needle out and cleaned it off, switching the syringe. He looked to Nike, "I need yours now."

Nike: rolled up his t-shirt sleeve to expose his upper arm near the shoulder. He turned towards Rose so his arm face the doctor. He waited.

Maxwell: did the same to Nike as he had done to Ali.

Rose: made a sound, she didn't like anyone hurting Nike. But this would settle it once and for all. She hoped it would, anyways.

Maxwell: "The results will be back in 10 minutes. If you will excuse me." He walked out of the room.

Nike: smirked at Rose and shook his head slightly as he rolled his sleeve back down, "Silly girl. It does not hurt. I didn't even feel it."

Rose: smiled slightly, "For that I am grateful. I guess it is what one is used to how it affects him."

Nike: shrugged slightly. He didn't like to think of his childhood much. Sure, Nicodemus was treated badly, but as a clone originally, The Parents thought it meant he wasn't really a person, so Nike got the worse end of the stick. "Now we wait." He went to a chair and sat down.

Ali: she sat down, "What is this for exactly?" she asked quietly.

Nike: "You will see." She needed no more answer than that. He leaned back against the window wall and closed his eyes.

Ali: nodded, "Yes sir."

Maxwell: returned to the room ten minutes later, "I have the results." He said to them, while walking in and closing the door behind him.

Nike: opened his eyes and stood. Perhaps just hoping that this would go his way would not do. He walked to the doctor and pulled him aside, "May I see the results for myself, in private for a moment before we reveal them to the others?"

Maxwell: nodded, "Of course." He handed him the papers that showed the results.

Nike: opened up the envelope and pulled the paper out, studying it. He made sure that his face stayed neutral, and he made sure to keep his thoughts and what he saw blocked from Rose.

It said that indeed Rose and Ali were right, that Nike was the father. In fact, the structure of her cells it was almost an exact copy to Nike, except for the tiny changes that was from Rose.

Nike: his eyes flashed a moment. He changed the paper words so that it said that there was no match. He put it back in the envelope. "Thank you doctor. You may go. I have it from here."

Maxwell: "Very well." He left.

Ali: "What does it say?"

Nike: handed the paper to Ali, "See for yourself." He teleported home as he left Rose and Ali to read it.

Ali: she closed her eyes as she read the paper, "I'm sorry M…Rose. But I must go now." She vanished, never to be seen from or heard from again.

Rose: she looked at the papers that had fallen to the floor as Ali vanished, leaving them behind. She shook her head, "It's not possible." She whispered in disbelief. She walked home, and sat on the couch as she went inside.

By the time Rose got home it was early hours of daylight that peeked through the windows.

Nike: walked out into the living room, "Rose." he said, "Are you finally getting home?" he was a bit confused. "What took you so long?"

Rose: "I walked. I'm going to bed Good-night Nike." she walked to the bedroom and changed and got in bed she just stared at the wall.

Nike: "Walked? But um..." he turned to follow her and then realized the reason why she had walked was through fault of his own. Since he was enabled to use her mind as much as she was his because of the mind link that Nike had so forcefully taken that one night, the thing about it was he was enabled to block certain mental sights and thoughts from Rose herself because he was also in her mind. He realized that ever since he had blocked his mind from her when he read the papers back at the doctor's office- not allowing her to see the true results- he had forgotten to open his mind again. "I apologize." he said to her, though not sure if she was listening.

Rose: "There is no reason to be so. It is my fault anyways. We wouldn't have gone if I wasn't so persistent. I am sorry to trouble you so." she stood, "I will make you breakfast, unless you would rather drink from me. If so then that's fine to."

Nike: "Why do you say it is your fault?"

Rose: "I really thought that she was yours and if she isn't then she isn't my child. So therefore it's my fault that I stopped you from hurting someone that I wrongly justified as our daughter. I will no longer be distracted." she went and started to make breakfast for him.

Nike: he looked down. "Rose it's not that." he said softly. He walked to the kitchen ahead of her.

Rose: "It isn't what?" she shook her head. "You know it doesn't even matter anymore. I don't wish to talk about it." her voice was breaking and she knew tears were next.

Nike: "I...didn't mean to hurt you. But it was in Ali's best interest." he sat at the kitchen table, keeping his eyes trained on his hands, outlining the wooden pattern of the grain of wood the table was made out of.

Rose: "I don't know what you're talking about and I don't want to know. Let's just focus on breakfast, do you want it from me or made? Or both."

Nike: shook his head. "You don't like to be bitten." he thought for sure Rose would be the one to protest it most. After all, if she was the mother she gave birth to Ali. Certainly she could not say because Nike and Ali were not matches that Rose herself was not Ali's mother.

Rose: "That doesn't matter. I don't care anymore."

Nike: "And what has caused you not to care, Rose?" he asked, still looking down.

Rose: "I realize that one of my main purposes to make sure you are alive and well, that is why I no longer can if you bite me and drain me completely dry in fact I plead with you to do so."

Nike: "Rose this isn't what I intended. It isn't what I want for a life for you."

Rose: "This is the life I want for me though. Don't I get a say on how my life turns out. I want to take care of you Nike." she turned around as not able to hold it in any longer a tear escaped her eyes.

Nike: " wanted a child."

Rose: "It doesn't matter anymore; I have you to take care of now. I will not downgrade my responsibilities anymore."

Nike: "You never did Rose." he was getting irritated now, slowly. Surely. He pounded his fist on the table and put his hands in his hair. God. She wasn't getting this at all, wasn't seeing. "Ali is your child Rose. But it was in her best interest that I make her believe that she was not mine." he stated firmly and stood with force he slammed the chair back under the table and left to his room, slamming the door closed.

Rose: she jumped. She just sat on the floor; she was able to stop the tears. So she just sat there.

Nike: stayed in the room for hours.

Rose: made every meal for him but when he didn't come and eat she put it in the fridge.

Nike: finally around midnight he got his jacket and left the house to hunt.

Rose: was asleep on the floor, there was no point in getting up. In the morning she made him breakfast.

Nike: came back home around three AM. He was carrying a bottle of wine in his hand. He took a drink as he stripped off his jacket and walked into the house. He set the bottle on the table in the kitchen.

Rose: was still asleep on the floor.

Nike: bent down next to her, "Rose, please wake up. You have a perfectly nice bed in our room. Though if you wish to have your own now, that can be arranged."

Rose: slowly opened her eyes, she nodded slowly, "Bed sounds comfier." she agreed and stood and walked to their bedroom she fell asleep as soon as she got there.

Nike: put the wine in the fridge and followed her into the room. He just sat on the edge of the bed, watching her as she slept, wondering what he was going to do. Nothing he supposed...because that was the wisest course for Ali. For everyone. He would let it be.

Rose: she started to have dreams, how she should have stopped Ali, she cried out. "Please come back." she whispered and repeated it.

Nike: held Rose hand in his. "Rose..." he whispered into the dark room. She didn't deserve to be treated like this. But it was the best thing. He couldn't be a father. Wouldn't. Never. Rose didn't understand. He would in no way become like his father. Ali deserved better than that. A better dad. Rose deserved a better husband than that. One who KNEW how to be a father. He did not. Last time Ali was was like he felt he didn't know how to treat her unless it was like how his father treated him. Ali didn't deserve that. He kissed the back of Rose hand, wondering what he was going to do to make this better for her.

Rose: she still cried out for Ali but she cleared her throat after a bit and said nothing more. She continued to sleep until six when she got up to make breakfast.

Nike: she'd get over it. He hoped she would. He sat on the bed. Their marriage was failing and it was because of Nike's lack of parenting. His lack of...humanity. Every sense in his being screamed that he was unworthy. He laid back and closed his eyes. Unworthy of what? Of just children? Of love? No, not just that. It was of everything. He wasn't even supposed to be here. Clones did Nathan once put it?

"Clone's are an embarrassment to the world as a whole." he told him.

"But," Nike would reply slowly, asking, "Then why did you create me?"

Nathan would just smirk and say, "To keep a list of how many wrongs you commit in your life. How many people you hurt. How many ways you can die without actually losing a breath. When your heart squeezes in pain and you double over in agony and you have done something that not even God can forgive you of. That is when you know you are dying Nike. That is what I will be waiting for."

Oh if only Nathan were here now.

This was a time he was sure he would never gain forgiveness.

He stared at the ceiling...flashbacks running through his head. Why was it when you did something right, sometimes it felt so wrong?

Rose: as she made breakfast she thought and decided something, that never again would she say anything about Ali or even think it, she would erase her daughter from her mind completely. She hadn't meant to make Nike angry last night but she would try the hardest she could to never to do that again. Never to be the cause of rage or anything else of that nature. The only thing was she didn't know how a proper wife should act. She had never experienced firsthand. Sure she viewed her sister and brother in law but it just seemed weird to watch them. She would have to think of something. After now finishing breakfast she put it on a plate she walked in and smiled as if nothing were wrong. "Breakfast is ready are you hungry?"

Nike: he just kept looking at the ceiling, "No thanks Rose. I am not hungry. Actually, I don't need to eat for a month- give or take a few days. I gorged myself enough last night on red liquid." And wine… "So save yourself the trouble of making me food. Just worry about yourself."

Rose: "If that's what you want." She said sadly and put the food away. After she put the food away, she went and lay on the couch. Well at least if I pass out it will have the same effect as being drained, she thought to herself, right before she passed out.

Nike: sighed. He got up and took his jacket and left, taking the bottle of wine from the fridge with him. But before he left, he made sure to leave Rose a note, like he promised her he would do. Not that it mattered now. He stuck it to the fridge door. It read;


This time with you has been great. I know you want a child, but in my current condition I am in no way able to be a father. That should not stop you from being the mother I know you will be great at being.

Ali is your child, just as much as she is mine. In fact, Ali and I are almost like twins in match, if not for a few of your perfect genes.

I changed the test to say Ali and I were not a match. It was blocked from you for a reason. This way, you did not know the true results so if Ali ever asked you about it; you could truthfully say you did not know.

I do not regret my choice. Ali is better off without me as her father, for the only way I know how to treat a child is how my father treated me. And I cannot bear that. So it is in Ali's best interest if she believes that I am not related to her in any way. No one wants an abusive father.

And I also cannot bear to see your pain, when you see I don't accept Ali as my child. I am so sorry.

This is why I am leaving, and will be gone until I can figure out a way to live without hurting everyone around me.

You have my permission to marry again. Marry a man who happily claims Ali as his daughter, who treats her right as much as you. And who doesn't cause you the sort of pain that you feel you need to knock yourself out in order to escape it. Please understand. I love you Rose, but it is better this way. For you and for Ali.

I hope the both of you have an amazing life. I have sent a message to Ali, letting her know to come back to you. You need her now. I cannot lay eyes on her. I am not sure how long the letter will take to get to her, for no one knows where she is. And if she never gets it, I will not pursue it.

The house and the bank account are yours. I need nothing.

Tell Ali that whoever your new husband is, that is her father.

-Nike Ediuqil

Nike walked out the door silently and solemnly. He was gone before Rose awoke.

Rose: never woke up because no one fed her and she couldn't do so herself. She hadn't known until it was too late, and she didn't have a chance to do anything.


Rose: nothing had changed.

Kah-Lee: came into the room. She held her arm and her face was pale. Kah-Lee walked into the kitchen and, not thinking she was strong enough to make food for her sister she just grabbed the jug of cold chocolate milk from the fridge. She didn't notice anything else. She was having a hard time focusing on just the milk, to hold it so she wouldn't drop it. She practically crawled over to her sister Rosemarie. The weight of the chocolate milk seemed like so much right now. She forced the cap off and weakly, slowly, began pouring the drink down her sister's throat. She spilled the contents a couple of times when she lost what little grip she did have on the jug. What was going on? She knew what was happening to her had nothing to do with Rose passing out.

Rose: slowly she opened her eyes as she gained her strength back. She helped Kah-Lee set the jug of cold chocolate milk aside as she sat up, "Kah-Lee what's wrong?" her body felt stiff from lying on the couch for so long without moving.

Kah-Lee: "My…arm…" Kah-Lee fainted.

Rosemarie: caught her. "Kah-lee." she set her on the couch, she searched her body for a reason why this was happening.

There was nothing to see that was out of the ordinary.

Rosemarie: she got her to eat something.

Nicodemus: had been there the whole time.

Katara: appeared there. "Mommy!" she cried.

Rosemarie: didn't look at Nicodemus, she couldn't, after finding the note in the kitchen.

Kah-Lee: stayed there passed out. Food did nothing to revive her.

Andraia: appeared in the room, frantic. "Shoot." she went over by Kah-Lee and pressed her fingers to her wrist to feel her pulse.

Nicodemus: "Mother what is it? What is wrong with my wife?"

Andraia: "Umm Nicodemus." she dropped Kah-Lee's wrist and turned to him. "Do you remember when your father and I were having that good old time with you and twisting around your time lines?" she gave a forced chuckle.

Nicodemus: "Yes..."

Andraia: "Well, do you remember that one timeline where Kah-Lee gripped her arm in pain? Dropping the bottle of red she couldn't move her arm and had you run to get her medicine but when you opened the door to get back to her you were in the cave again?" she spoke quickly.

Nicodemus: "Yes..."

Andraia: "Apparently, since I don't control the time streams anymore, some have combined and well...this is that time stream. That is what is happening to her."

Nicodemus: "What can I do to fix it?"

Andraia: "It's not a disease to be cured. It just has to run its may not like it."

Nicodemus: "How does it end mother?" he was starting to get angry.

Andraia: took a step back. "Mmm...well, your father made it up I am not sure. All he told me was that it would be something you hated."

Nicodemus: hissed, "Fix. The. Time. Lines. Now." he said his eyes turned to black.

Andraia: "I CAN'T! The avatar took it away from me!"

Rose: "Perhaps you have them back after all you are not human anymore. It's worth a try." she answered quietly.

Andraia: "Even if I did, I can't change it without changing everything there is in this time line, because the two have melted together." she pointed to Katara. "The change would include her. And you know how everything else turns out Nicodemus. Do you want me to do that?"

Nicodemus: he hissed and hit the wall leaving a giant hole in it. "Curse him." he hissed.

Andraia: "You're father is already dead. Isn't that enough, without you laying down curses to his name? It is not nice to disrespect the dead Nicodemus."


Katara: shied away.

Andraia: flinched and stepped back again. "Stop yelling please." her voice was low. "It will pass. I am sure of it. You know your father liked you to suffer more with life than killing people you love. He would rather see you endure pain over time, okay? So she will not die."

Nicodemus: "And even now he is dead he is still tormenting me." he hissed.

Andraia: "Only what he set in motion before he died. But once it runs its course...I am sure you will be free."

Nicodemus: growled, "Which will be until the day I die and no longer have to put up with this."

Andraia: "Nicodemus don't speak like that please. You are my only son."

Nicodemus: "No, you have Nike remember?"

Andraia: "A copy of you. He is not you. I never really considered him my son."

Nicodemus: "Yet you treated us the same exact way."

Andraia: "No." she looked back at Kah-Lee wanting to change the subject. "You father treated him worse."

Nicodemus: shook his head and rolled his eyes, "Yea sure."

Katara: shivered by Kah-lee's side, scared.

Rosemarie: closed her eyes stopping more tears.

Andraia: "You just don't know Nicodemus. So I wouldn't be so sure about it. My only children were you and your sister Abheri. If you think your father treated you badly, imagine what he did to someone who wasn't even a real person, and just a clone." looked at Katara. "It's okay honey. Kah-Lee will be alright." she said softly.

Katara: nodded slowly, she rubbed her head against her mother's hand.

Nicodemus: "Whatever this conversation is over."

Andraia: "Thank goodness. Now I can go."

Nicodemus: "You will not leave until my wife is better." he said firmly sounding very much like his father.

Andraia: "You can't make me stay! There is nothing I can do about it!"

Nicodemus: "Just challenge me mother and I will show you how I can make you stay. I gave you your power of being non-human and I can and will take it away just as easy."


Katara: "Daddy stop." she whispered.

Nicodemus: sighed calming down, his eyes turned back to red. "Your right, thank you for your help mother." he walked over to his wife and took her other hand.

Rosemarie: couldn't take it anymore, "Excuse me." she said as she walked to the bathroom and shut the door. She slid down to the floor. She had tried so long no to cry, but more and more she could feel her losing control.

Kah-Lee's hair was slowly turning white, like the elders hair on the Kientian planet.

Andraia: "Maybe...maybe you shouldn't stick around to see this, Nicodemus."

Nicodemus: "What is happening to her mother?" he asked softly.

Andraia: "I don't know for sure. All Nathan told me was it was something you hated."

Nicodemus: he thought of something but then dismissed it. He didn't hate it exactly so that couldn't be it.

Katara: cried, "Mommy." she whispered.

Andraia: "Even if you didn't hate it, he knew Kah-Lee would. And if either one of you were tormented by it, that would suffice Nathan." she looked away from Kah-Lee to the bathroom door.

Nicodemus: "I hope she isn't..." he said softly.

Rose: was crying softly from the bathroom even though it was muffled by the door, it was barely heard.

Andraia: "Isn't what?"

By now Kah-Lee's hair was completely white.

Nicodemus: "Turning into an elder." he said saying his thoughts out loud.

Andraia: "You mean, literally...or like one from her planet?"

Nicodemus: "Either. Mostly though one from her planet."

Andraia: she looked at Kah-Lee again. She had to say she was a bit intrigued...wanting to know what her husband had for a plan since he never told her. "Maybe I will stick around." she sat on the floor. "Katara honey you can come here."

Katara: "I don't want to leave my mommy."

Andraia: nodded. "Alright sweetie." she leaned against the couch that Kah-Lee laid on. "I wonder what is up with her sister."

Nicodemus: "Why don't you ask her?"

Andraia: "No, come to think of it...where is Nike? Doesn't he live here?"

Nicodemus: nodded, "I believe so."

Ali: was in the shadows it cloaked her nicely no one could see her and therefore they wouldn't kick her out even though she knew she had every right to.

Andraia: "I'm not a compassionate person when it comes to others besides Katara. So..." she shook her head. "I don't care enough to ask."

Nicodemus: "If Katara wants to see her uncle then what?"

Andraia: shrugged, "Not my problem. I told you he isn't really my son. Just a knock off of you. She can pretend you are him, for all I care."

Nicodemus: "Nice caring about her."

Andraia: "Has she even met him before?"

Nicodemus: "For a fact she has."

Andraia: looked to Katara. " you want to see your uncle?"

Katara: nodded and smiled, "Uncle Nike."

Andraia: "Fine." she pushed herself up and opened the bathroom door. "Girl, speak. What's your problem and where is Nike?" she asked Rosemarie.

Rosemarie: "I don't know where my husband is." she quickly wiped at her tears but not as fast as they were coming. "He left me and so I don't know." she whispered.

Andraia: "Well you better find him quick if Katara wants to see him."

Rosemarie: "I don't know where to look. He wouldn't want to see me anyways."

Andraia: "Why is that?"

Kah-Lee's skin was becoming less firm around her face, and on her hands that Katara and Nicodemus held. The elasticity was leaving it, and it started to form wrinkles.

Nicodemus: "No." he whispered, "No."

Rosemarie: "If he wanted to see me or be with me then he would still be here. I did something, I think, that made him mad."

Andraia: "Which was what? Do I have to pull everything out of you?"

Rose: "I don't know." she pulled out a note, "He left me this."

Andraia: took it and read it. Her facial expression changed. "Oh. A child?"

Rose: nodded slowly. "It was an accident. I didn't mean for it to happen."

Andraia: handed the note back to her. "I'm sure he's just...scared Rose. He thinks someone else will do a better job at fathering than him. I wouldn't blame him. The only father he ever knew was Nathan. And I know you don't know him wasn't good, you know." she turned her head towards Nicodemus. "What is it Nicodemus that you are whispering 'No' about?"

Nicodemus: "My wife is indeed turning into an elder but a human like elder."

Andraia: left the bathroom and went over to Nicodemus and Katara and Kah-Lee. Her hand went to her mouth. "Oh my."

Nicodemus: he growled, "He was indeed right."

Ali: watched Nicodemus, he was like her father, she smiled slightly.

Andraia: "Yes...maybe you should go Nicodemus. Not see this." she took a blanket off of the couch and put it over Kah-Lee's face.

Nicodemus: "I am fine."

Kah-Lee: stirred in her seat when the blanket touched her face. She tried to pull it off but her hands were being held down...

Nicodemus: moved the blanket.

Kah-Lee: opened her eyes and looked down at Nicodemus and Katara holding her hands. "Oh. That's why they didn't move."

Nicodemus: he kissed her forehead, it felt weird. He made a little face but cleared it. "Welcome back to the land of the living. Well almost."

Kah-Lee: lifted an eyebrow. "What do you mean? And can I have my hands back?" she moved her lips around..."Feels weird..."

Nicodemus: "There is a reason for that." he let go then made Katara do the same.

Andraia: "Whatever you do DON'T show her a mirror!"

Kah-Lee: sat up slowly, "Why?" she looked at her hand and her eyes widened as she gave a small scream of horror. There were wrinkles and...what were those brown dots on her hands? Sun spots!

Nicodemus: "Hon. Calm down."

Kah-Lee: "What the HECK IS THIS!" she held her hand in front of Nicodemus face. The exertion of the raised voice made her cough.

Nicodemus: "Don't strain yourself."

Kah-Lee: "I can strain myself. I strain myself all the time!" she got up off the couch and stood. Her hand went to her back. It hurt. What in the world happened to her?

Andraia: closed the bathroom door so Kah-Lee wouldn't see the mirrors.

Nicodemus: "Hon, why don't you rest?"

Rose: "Are you hungry Kah-lee?" she asked from the kitchen.

Ali: turned her attention to the kitchen.

Kah-Lee: "I am perfectly capable of making myself food. I actually feel a lot better than I did when I came here to save you Rose. So why do I need to rest?" she asked Nicodemus. She felt shorter than normal...she looked down. She was still wearing her high heels. So why was she shorter?

Nicodemus: "Let's just say you should."

Kah-Lee: "I have to fix my hand." she turned and started to walk towards the bathroom. "These shoes hurt my feet." she bent down and pulled them off. "Weird. Never did before." she continued to the bathroom.

Nicodemus: stopped her, "No you shouldn't go in there."

Kah-Lee: looked at him skeptically. "Did you get taller?"

Nicodemus: "No."

Kah-Lee: "What if I have to go to the bathroom?"

Nicodemus: "I guess you will have to hold it then or go outside. Where no mirrors exist."

Rose: walked out and stopped, "Oh my." she said in disbelief.

Kah-Lee: rolled her eyes. "You are being ridiculous. I can use my sister's restroom if I want to. Mirrors or not. She doesn't care if that is what you are worried about." she turned to Rose. "What?"

Rose: shook her head, her eyes wide.

Ali: moved more in the corner.

Kah-Lee: "What?" she lifted her hand to her face. "Something on my face?"

Rose: turned to them, "She's going to find out sooner or later."

Kah-Lee: her hand pressed against her skin on her cheek and then she lifted the other hand to her face. Her eyes widened. "How long was I sleeping? My face feels..." she looked horrified, unable to finish her sentence.

Andraia: "I know but we can prolong it best we can." she whispered to Rose.

Rose: nodded. She looked to her sister, she felt bad.

Kah-Lee: turned to Nicodemus. "Let me to the bathroom or give me a mirror!"

Nicodemus: "No."

Kah-Lee: "Fine!" she teleported outside to the water in the yard of her and Nicodemus' old house. The house with the water with the cave. She looked at her reflection and screamed.

Nicodemus: appeared, "Kah we were doing this for your own protection. I still love you."

Kah-Lee: started to cry. "What happened to me! I look like an old person!"

Nicodemus: "I am so sorry Kah." he held her in his arms.

Kah-Lee: put her hands over her face. "Don't look at me Nicodemus." she sobbed. "I'm ugly. I can't be ugly I am supposed to be 18!"

Nicodemus: "It shall come to pass Kah. Don't worry about it."

Kah-Lee: "How long?" she sniffed.

Nicodemus: "I don't know yet."

Kah-Lee: "I don't like this Nicodemus. I am ugly. I am old. And I don't feel like myself. Everything hurts!"

Nicodemus: "I will take care it. I promise."

Kah-Lee: "No I don't even want you to see me. You don't like ugliness."

Nicodemus: "You may look different but you're still my Kah."

Kah-Lee: "I need to sit down." she was weak both from age and from the shock.

Nicodemus: picked her up and teleported them back to Nike's house, he set her on the couch.

Kah-Lee: sat there. She pulled the blanket over her face.

Andraia: "So how'd it go?" she asked Nicodemus with a smile.

Nicodemus: "How do you think?"

Ali: watched Kah-lee from the shadows, what had Nicodemus' father done to Kah-lee?

Andraia: shrugged. "Maybe this will be good for her, you know. She was kind of conceited."

Nicodemus: rolled his eyes.

Andraia: "Well, I guess that's all I wanted to stick around to see."

Nicodemus: "Alright, good bye."

Ali: "Bye." she whispered and as soon as she did realizing her error she teleported away making sure that she couldn't be brought back by anything.

Katara: "Bye Grandma." she told Andraia.

Andraia: "Bye little Katara." she said back, and then turned towards the random voice. "Who was that?" she asked aloud.

Nicodemus: "Who was what?"

Andraia: "You said bye to me, Katara said bye to me...and someone else said bye to me..."

Nicodemus: "I think you're hearing things unless Rose said bye. But I didn't hear anything."

Andraia: "So you are telling me, even with YOUR Snyde super hearing like mine, you heard nothing?" she rolled her eyes. "Whatever."

Nicodemus: "I wasn't listening for voices in your head."

Andraia: teleported away.

Katara: "What about Uncle Nike?"

Nicodemus: "You won't be able to see him today."

Ali: teleported back.

Kah-Lee: "Which is a good thing because I hate him anyways." she said from under the blanket.

Nicodemus: "Why?"

Kah-Lee: "I thought you hated him too Nicodemus. Remember because he tried to get me to believe you are married to Sisera? Or was...before. I don't know." she said softly. "He was lying." she reached her hand out from under the blanket and grabbed a magazine and pulled it under the blanket with her to read.

Nicodemus: "Take that silly thing off your head." he pulled it off.

Kah-Lee: "No! Nicodemus!" she smothered her face in a pillow on the couch.

Nicodemus: took that away too.

Kah-Lee: closed her eyes tight and turned away from him. "You're being mean to me."

Nicodemus: "Come on, I want to see you Kah."

Kah-Lee: "Why so you can memorize my ugliness?"

Nicodemus: sighed, "No Kah."

Kah-Lee: "I don't want you to look at me like this. Only remember me as pretty."

Nicodemus: "You are."

Kah-Lee: sighed and shook her head. "I am not. Even I see that."

Nicodemus: "Sure you are...different. But you still have that pretty glow about you."

Kah-Lee: "Glow like what? My skin has lost its luster." she sighed again. "All of that moisturizing for nothing. I still have wrinkles."

Nicodemus: sighed, he stood. "Come talk to me when you have regained your mental powers." he walked outside.

Kah-Lee: 'I can talk to you like this.' she said in his mind.

Nicodemus: ignored her. He blocked his mind from her.

Kah-Lee: she whimpered and leaned onto the couch, face down. "My husband hates me because I'm ugly."

Rose: came in, "He doesn't hate you Kah-lee."

Kah-Lee: "He does. He just blocked his mind from me."

Rose: "Maybe he just needed time to think."

Kah-Lee: "Yes. About all the other pretty girls out there in the world." she turned her head sideways to look at Katara.

Rose: "He would never do that to you and you know it. Maybe he's just waiting for you not to hide from him. For you to embrace what you look like now."

Kah-Lee: "I can't! Kientians don't get old!"

Rose: took a step back, "I know but think about this you have been given a rare opportunity."

Kah-Lee: sniffed and wiped at her tears. "Opportunity for what? Being ugly?"

Rose: "No, the opportunity to see what it's like to be wiser to see how other species feel when they get older. They saw that grey or white hair is a sign of wisdom and beauty."

Kah-Lee: "You think me looking like this has caused me to gain wisdom? I don't see how it is beauty though. I can deal with the white hair. Just I don't want the wrinkles."

Rose: "Yes, there a moisturizers and such that fixes that."

Kah-Lee: her eyes brightened. "Really! Where!"

Rose: "There is some in the bathroom."

Kah-Lee: "You use it?"

Rose: "Sometimes."

Kah-Lee: stood and went to the bathroom, moving slower than she was used too, but got there anyways. She looked through the cupboards for the cream. "Does it get rid of all wrinkles? How long does it take to show results?"

Rose: "Yes and about ten minutes."

Kah-Lee: quickly applied the cream to her face, neck, and hands.

Rose: stayed in the living room, she prayed that it worked. She stood, "Are you hungry?"

Kah-Lee: "A little. The house seems a bit empty than normal don't you think?"

Rose: nodded, "It is."

Kah-Lee: looked at herself in the mirror. She decided to add the cream to the rest of her body as she talked to Rose. "That's okay. I wouldn't stay here long if Nike were here."

Rose: "I see." she said sadly, just the mention of his name made her want to cry.

Kah-Lee: "Actually, this is good. I can stay here so Nicodemus doesn't have to see me, as long as Nike is away. Is that alright if I stay here?"

Rose: "Sure if you want."

Kah-Lee: "I'd ask Nicodemus but since he's blocked me mentally I can't reach him. So whatever." she put the cream away and came out of the bathroom.

Rose: nodded, "I'm going to make food." she stood and went to the kitchen.

Kah-Lee: "Are you okay Rose?" she was concerned about her sister.

Rose: "I'm fine." she assured her.

Kah-Lee: "You don't feel fine. Emotionally I mean. Twins are connected like that I can sort of tell with you."

Rose: "I'm just..." she shook her head, "Never mind."

Kah-Lee: "So why were you passed out on the couch earlier?"

Rose: "I forgot to eat." she shrugged.

Kah-Lee: "Kientians don't forget stuff Rosie." she sat in a chair in the kitchen. She looked at her hands. They did look better. Not like normal, but better.

Rose: shrugged, "I wasn't hungry."

Kah-Lee: "Well...alright Rosie." she gave up asking her about it.

Rose: was thankful for that she didn't want to ruin her day anymore.

Kah-Lee: "Katara." she called her name, wondering if she was in here, or out with her father.

Katara: "Yes mommy?" she was on the couch.

Kah-Lee: "More like Grammy now." she sighed.

Katara: shook her head. "No."

Kah-Lee: smiled slightly. She'd eat first and then go try to find her husband.

Rose: set the food on the table. "There you go."

Kah-Lee: "You aren't eating?" she took a bite of the food.

Rose: "I'm not hungry."

Kah-Lee: nodded and finished her food. She stood. "I hate this. I would rather make the food myself but I feel too tired." she sighed.

Rose: "Maybe you should rest then."

Kah-Lee: "I should find Nicodemus first before he goes too far away."

Rose: "I'm sure he will be there for you when you wake."

Kah-Lee: "Well, fine then." she went back into the living room with Katara and laid down on the couch, pulling the blanket over her.

Katara: nuzzled her hand.

Kah-Lee: smiled slightly. "Going to take a nap with me my little Kat?"

Katara: smiled and nodded.

Kah-Lee: "Good. Because you know, 'kat's' need lots of rest." she patted the space on the couch for Katara, then closed her eyes.

Katara: climbed up on the couch beside her. She fell asleep.


Kah-Lee: woke up and looked at the skin on her hands again. She sighed. It wasn't a dream.

Rose: was sitting on the floor looking out the window.

Kah-Lee: looked over at Rose. "What are you watching for?"

Rose: "Nothing. Just looking outside."

Kah-Lee: "Fine. Don't talk to me." she sighed. No one wanted to do anything for her since she looked old. How long was she supposed to endure this? She sat up.

Rose: "I just don't want to burden you with my problems."

Kah-Lee: shrugged slightly. "I don't get burdened easily. Have you met my husband?"

Rose: she nodded, "Yea. I just miss Nike."

Kah-Lee: "He'll be back." she stood and walked towards the door.

Rose: "I don't think so."

Kah-Lee: "Then go get him."

Rose: "I don't know where he is, he blocked his mind from me. He doesn't want to see me."

Kah-Lee: "That's...peculiar. Did he explain why?"

Rose: handed her the note.

Kah-Lee: "He wants you to get married again?" she asked after she read the note. She held it.

Rose: "I don't know. But I won't anyways."

Kah-Lee: "Sounds like he doesn't want to disappoint you or Ali...Ali? You have a child?" she looked at Rose. "You never told me this."

Rose: shrugged. "It never came up."

Kah-Lee: "Well, maybe I can help later. Let me go get my husband." she opened the door and snuck out of the house to sneak up on Nicodemus without him knowing.


Kah-Lee: She walked back into the house and sat heavily on the couch, lying down again. Pulling the blanket over her.

Rose: "Everything okay?" she asked her, she was sitting on the floor her back against the wall

Kah-Lee: "No. I want to be pretty again. Have my husband kiss me. Do you know I can't even shape shift to look like you?"

Rose: "I'm sorry. What about that one thing that you guys left to go get? Some sort of flower?"

Kah-Lee: "Nicodemus won't let me have any."

Rose: "Why?"

Kah-Lee: "Because last time we were there I was saying I would wish to be queen."

Rose: nodded, "Oh."

Kah-Lee: "So...I can't." she sighed. "He picked the ones he has. So they only work for him."

Rose: hugged her. "I'm sorry to hear that."

Kah-Lee: hugged her back. "It's alright. Nicodemus left though. So at least I don't have to worry about him looking at me anymore."

Rose: "That's good I think."

Kah-Lee: "He went to see if he can track down Nike."

Rose: "Not about me I hope." she looked worried.

Kah-Lee: "Yes about you."

Rose: "I don't want to force him to come back; I worry if someone goes to talk to him then he really won't come home."

Kah-Lee: "I don't think you are the problem in him not coming home though."

Rose: "Somehow it is though."

Kah-Lee: "Nicodemus will see. Nicodemus fixes everything. Don't worry Rose." she smiled slightly at her.

Rose: smiled slightly and nodded, "Okay."

Kah-Lee: "I am tired and super cold though so I think I am going to sleep now, here. If that is alright. Could you watch Katara for me?"

Rose: nodded slowly, "Yes." she said softly.

Kah-Lee: "What?" she asked, just as soft, "Something wrong?"

Rose: "Nothing is wrong. It's just every time I see Katara she reminds me of Ali."

Kah-Lee: "Your Ali? Where is Ali?"

Rose: "I don't know. Our minds are no longer connected like they once were. Yes my Ali."

Kah-Lee: "Why not? Did Ali sever the connection?"

Rose: "I don't know, I think so. I have not seen or heard for a long while."

Kah-Lee: "I hope Katara never severs our connection." she grew even sadder at the thought.

Rose: "I am sure she won't. There isn't a reason to."

Kah-Lee: "And what was Ali's reason?"

Rose: "She thought she was a bother so she left and has never returned."

Kah-Lee: "I'm sorry Rose. Perhaps if Ali knew how much you needed her she would return and stay. And Nike did say he sent a letter to her. I wonder if she got it."

Rose: "Maybe but I'm just a lost cause anyways."

Ali: who had been in the shadows felt the letter in her pocket.

The letter read:


I don't know if you will get this letter or not. I hope you do. Your mother needs you. Just because the tests do not say we are related, that does not mean you should abandon your mother. I hope you will return to her, and stay with her right now. You have no idea how much she misses you. Don't worry; I will be gone so as not to bother you. It doesn't matter how much your mother says you forgive me for hurting you, I still know I did. And I will not let it happen again. I will find you someone to be your real father...someone who will treat you right and not hurt you. Someone who is deserving of both you, and Rose. Tell Rose I love her, when you see her. If you even do. Good bye.

-Nike Ediuqil

Ali: those words were fresh in her mind, she took a deep breath and took a step forward out of the shadows, she had been there all day and for once she was glad to be out of the shadows for now. She wondered if anyone would notice.

Kah-Lee: turned her head slightly, peeking out from under the blanket, "Who's that?"

Rose: turned to look, "Ali?" she didn't care if she looked like a fool hugging air, she got up immediately and ran to her hugging her.

Ali: smiled slightly, "Yes mom it's me." she hugged her tightly; the black cloak fit around her nicely obviously custom made.

Kah-Lee: pulled the blanket over her face.

Rose: "My daughter." she said as she hugged her tightly.

Ali: "I'm sorry for the problems I've caused but I won't be one anymore. I promise."

Kah-Lee: "How do you suppose to do that?" she asked from under the blanket. "Hi Ali. Nice to meet you."

Ali: "I won't get in the way anymore and not be a financial burden either." she looked to the couch. "Nice to meet you too, Aunt Kah-lee."

Kah-Lee: "I really don't think you should leave again. All Rose does is mope over you when you are gone."

Ali: "I won't unless Nike comes home. I know that I can't fill that kind of void. Not even close."

Kah-Lee: "Who knows, maybe Nike will find someone better that he sends over." she chuckled softly at the idea.

Rose: "Nothing can replace him."

Ali: "He wanted me to tell you that he loves you."

Kah-Lee: "In that letter he gave you?"

Ali: nodded, "Well he didn't give it to me exactly but yea."

Kah-Lee: "Well, if he loves you that much Rose he shouldn't be able to stay away long anyways."

Rose: "I will give him all the time he needs, forever if necessary."

Kah-Lee: "If you gave him forever, then there really would be no point in waiting. Would there?"

Rose: "There is because I will know that he has moved on and is happier than he was with me."

Kah-Lee: "Well...I can understand that." Even when she had thought Nicodemus to be dead, before Arsenrios fixed the time streams and changed it so he wasn't, she was never going to marry again. And if she did, she would never love another.

Rose: smiled slightly, "I am glad that it doesn't sound like I'm crazy."

Kah-Lee: smiled slightly, "You can't be crazy. You are my twin and so, since I am perfect, that means you are too." she paused. "Well, I was perfect, anyways."

Rose: "And you will be perfect again."

Kah-Lee: "You know what Nicodemus told me once. He said that if I wasn't pretty, his love for me would be different. And...I can sort of understand what he means by it now. I never thought I would have to though. I never thought I would go through being not pretty."

Rose: "How is it different?"

Kah-Lee: shrugged slightly. "Just feels different is all. Like the lack of affection even more than normal." she chuckled again shortly.

Rose: smiled, "What?" she asked as to what she was chuckling about.

Kah-Lee: "I can totally understand. I don't think I'd want to kiss him either if he looked as old as this." she lay back on the couch, looking up at the ceiling through the blanket holes. She thought about the time a few days ago when Nicodemus and her talked about the magic hands. Yes...that would be weird now, with her looking like this. She laughed again.

Rose: nodded, "I suppose so."

Kah-Lee: "I am going to sleep again Rose. Let me know if Nicodemus returns. Have fun Ali." She drifted to sleep with the blanket over her head to cover her hideous face.

Ali: went to the kitchen with Katara and made her something to eat. "It'll be done in about three minutes." She promised Katara, her black cloak still on. She put down her hood.


Nicodemus: had tracked him to a remote area. He knocked on the door.

You could hear shuffling inside, and then the door opened a part crack, stopped by the short chain lock. Nike looked through the door crack opening. His eyes widened.

Nike: "Nicodemus." He rubbed his own face with his hand. His words were groggy and slurred. "What are you doing here and how did you find me?"

Nicodemus: "Just here to talk. We think almost alike." He shrugged.

There were whimpering sounds from the room Nike was looking out from.

Nike: "Did someone send you Nicodemus? Because I know for a fact you wouldn't be coming on your own. Who sent you?" he still did not let him in.

Nicodemus: "No one sent me. I chose to come on my own." His eyes flickered to behind the door where Nike stood, and then back to Nike.

Nike: glanced behind him and then kicked the door open, breaking the chain lock, revealing the fact that he was wearing jeans and no shirt. "Alright." He motioned for Nicodemus to enter. Nike's eyes glowed a deep gold as he watched him for a moment before turning his attention back to his room. "Hungry?" he jumped across the opening and landed standing on his bed. You could see the bed from the doorway entrance into the room. It was a plain apartment; his bed consisted of a mattress with strewn blankets and sheets across, wrinkling even more as Nike stood on the bed. He bent down and picked up a few knives from a pile of many by his bed. Turning, he began throwing them at a wall in front of him, opposite where the bed was located. The entrance way to the kitchen area blocked see this wall from the room's entrance way, so Nicodemus could not see what he was throwing the knives at.

The whimpering sounds continued.

Nicodemus: walked forward, "Who is that?"

Nike: "Who, her?" he tossed a knife for emphasis. It stabbed the wall.

Girl: flinched. Chains, attached to her wrists, held her upright. Many knife blades had stabbed her clothes, pressing her against the wall. More chains tied around her ankles made sure her body held straight; she could not move. She bled a bit where the knife blades cut into her; on her cheek and on her arms from where Nike threw them at her.

Nike: shrugged, "I honestly have no idea." He kept throwing knives at the girl, piercing her clothes, which were by now torn to shreds. He tossed a few knives to Nicodemus, "So you come to talk. So talk. Talk and throw."

Nicodemus: threw one but stayed away from the vital organs so as not to kill her, "I just wondered what you were doing out here in the first place. Crap like that." while he spoke he knew three knives.

The girl whimpered. She shut her eyes tightly.

Nike: "Out here? Finding my sense of person. Giving Rose a chance to breathe, and trying to find Ali a good father."

Nicodemus: "Hmm...that's interesting."

Nike: "How so?" he threw his last knife. He jumped off of the bed.

Nicodemus: "I was just thinking that perhaps too much air could be a bad thing."

Nike: laughed slightly. "I haven't been gone that long." he walked over to the wall and pushed the girl aside. He pulled the knives out of the wall one by one.

Nicodemus: "From seeing briefly the looks of Rose it seems like you've been gone for years."

Nike: "Oh." he looked down and stabbed all the knives into the floor. "She'll get over it I'm sure." he brushed the girl's hair back from her neck. She had about five other bite marks there.

Nicodemus: raised an eyebrow, "Perhaps you overestimate her."

Nike: shrugged slightly. He pointed to the girl. "See things like this? Rose hates that. I can't do things like this around her." his fangs came down and he bit the girl's neck.

Nicodemus: "She lets you bite her remember?" he asked after he was done.

Nike: wiped off his mouth with the back of his hand. "She does. But she doesn't like it." he corrected. "Hungry?" he pointed to the girl again. "She's good for one more time then I think she's a goner."

Nicodemus: "Does it really matter if she does? Her happiness comes from yours." he smirked, "That sounds wonderful." he stepped up to the girl, and bit her neck in his usual hard way and started to drink.

Nike: watched him. He sort of liked that idea. "You a sort of way, even without the prison of sound, I control my wife because she cannot be happy without me?"

The girl screamed weakly out one more time at the bite, and then her cries softened as the life slowly drained out of her. He eyes closed and her body went limp.

Nicodemus: licked his lips as the dead body fell to the floor. "Exactly."

Nike: collected the chains. He tossed them in a corner. "It did not seem that way when she was threatening to leave me if I hurt her daughter."

Nicodemus: shook his head, "That is what some call a bluff. She couldn't do that and she knows it."

Nike: "So next time she tries, don't believe her?"

Nicodemus: nodded, "Basically. Most of the time women will say that when they are upset and don't really mean it."

Nike: "I still shouldn't look for things to do to upset her though. She may snap at some point. And I think if I hurt Ali again, that may be the trigger."

Nicodemus: "Well, the thing is to have a plausible reason. They will go along with it if it is a real reason. Then again to reduce the chance, you could always tell her never to come to the house when your there."

Nike: "I could do that." he shrugged slightly, "I've already made Ali believe I am not her father."

Nicodemus: nodded, "So then the job is already done."

Nike: "I just don't think I have it in me to be a father like you Nicodemus. Maybe if I grew up with the child...but I mean...imagine you only meeting Katara after she was in her late teens." he walked over to a chair and sat on it.

Nicodemus: "That would be hard but nevertheless, she is still my daughter, no matter how old she looks. Ali is still a child, she makes herself look like she is in her late teens but that's not really how old she is. "

Nike: "Rose said she aged that fast..." he shook his head."She has to be. Children do not wield bloody roses."

Nicodemus: "People can simple be mistaken. Ones who are trying to impress do. Besides she doesn't anymore."

Nike: "Then how old is she...really?" he asked slowly.

Nicodemus: "Only five or six."

Nike: stood from his chair instantly pacing nervously back and forth. "No, no, no." his hand went to his hair. "A five or six year old does not speak like that. A five or six year old does not get jobs at post offices!"

Nicodemus: "My 4 year old does and as for the job there are ways to falsifying information, most of the time though they just go by looks. She looks old enough to work."

Nike: "You. Can't. Be. Telling. Me. I. Hurt. A. Child." he spoke slowly. He had no idea what to do now. Rose told him nothing! Ever. Why did Rose not tell him these things!

Nicodemus: "I am simply telling you what I know."

Nike: "Okay. Alright." he stopped pacing and took a breath. "Rose, yes...Rose said Ali doesn't even remember me cutting off her hand. I healed it after all, right? She said Ali forgives me and loves me like her father. Well, though Ali doesn't know I really am her father." he changed thought processes. "No! She was partying in a revealing dress like a teenager! She can't be a child!"

Nicodemus: "Well you did say for her to enjoy the time she had. She probably figured it didn't matter anymore and was living it up."

Nike: shook his head to clear his thoughts. "I'll treat Ali the exact same way the parents treated us. It's in my genes. I don't want that to happen. You already know I've started to treat her like that."

Nicodemus: "Any treatment that you give her she will like. Even if it is like that."

Nike: "That's preposterous!" No one likes to be treated like that.

Nicodemus: "Is it? Think about it this way. You grew up to the age of five even though that was quickly to you it felt like forever, then all of a sudden you meet your dad for the first time, the one that your mom speaks so highly of. You are looking down wishing you could help him when he is in trouble. From that point forward you barely see him and the only attention you get is through that sort of way. You want to get to know him but you know that he hates you. What then would you go for? Rose, like you said already told you that she forgave you but in her eyes, it was nothing because in those moments you were showing her attention something that you hunger for when you are young. Rose also wished to be treated like that, remember? She knows about our parents and how they treated us. She doesn't expect any more kindness then what they showed you."

Nike: nodded slowly. "Yes. I do remember." he took a breath. "What did I get myself into? I am not meant for children. Heck! No, the parents didn't even want me to get married! They did not know Kah-Lee had a twin or else they probably would have kept me away from her too."

Nicodemus: "Exactly, parenting is about taking what your parents taught you and twisting it into your ways. She's fine with however you treat her Nike. She is like her mother in that aspect."

Nike: "Yes, but what if I can't live with it? Ali and her may allow it but what if I can't? Yet it happens anyways because I cannot stop myself?"

Nicodemus: "Then tell her to go on vacation for a bit or something; it's something you have to work out with yourself."

Nike: "I can't stop it if Ali and Rose let me do it."

Nicodemus: "Tell them not to let you do it. Have Rose stop you."

Nike: "But you just told me both of them like it. Why would they tell me stop if they like it?"

Nicodemus: "Because they will listen to your voice, even if they don't like they love you enough, want you to be around that they will do it."

Nike: "Do I seriously have that much control over my family Nicodemus?"

Nicodemus: "They give you that kind of control; they want you to have it so, yea."

Nike: shook his head. "Unbelievable. First I get Rose to love me after I force her to marry me, and then I have more control then I realize because she won't even leave me no matter what I do, having found out- from you- that I am one who makes her happiness. That is a type of control I never expected to receive."

Nicodemus: "The question is what you will do with it?"

Nike: "Well I can't very well have Rose suffer."

Nicodemus: "Well, the sooner you get home the better."

Nike: "I can't wait it out a few more days? I was quite enjoying my human dart board."

Nicodemus: "You can if you want to. It was just occurring to me that a lot can change in that long of a time."

Nike: "What do you mean? Like what?"

Nicodemus: shrugged, "Just stuff."

Nike: "Well, then...I guess. Let me take care of this body first." he picked up the girl and jumped out of the window, moving too fast for anyone to see.

There was a knock on the door.

Nicodemus: felt for the person's presence to see who it was.

It was a woman, her name was Adonia. It was a person Nicodemus had never met before.

Nicodemus: walked over to the door, "Hello?" He said as he opened it, though the chain was still on it.

Adonia: looked up at Nicodemus and smiled her perfect smile. Her black cloak hood falling off of her head to hang at her shoulder. "Nicodemus." she said in an elegant voice. "I've been looking for you. May we talk?" he brown hair was down and over her shoulder in a long braid that reached to her mid thigh. In her hands, covered by a black cloth, looked something like in the form of a box.

Nicodemus: "Talk about what?"

Adonia: "Your job."

Nicodemus: "I don't have a job so we have nothing to discuss."

Adonia: smiled slightly, "Of course you don't have one. But I know you were looking for one."

Nicodemus: "So what do you offer?"

Adonia: "Perhaps we can discuss it in a more secluded area."

Nike: stepped back through the window into the room.

Nicodemus: ''Secluded being where?''

Adonia: "I happen to know of a place near here close to Never's Canyon. There is a grove of orange trees."

Nicodemus: ''Very interesting but I must decline.'' he closed the door.

Adonia: was behind him in the house. "Then no job anywhere will be willing to accept you. Ever. Even if you live to be 3,000."

Nike: lifted his eyebrow. "What's with the girl in my house?" he stopped collecting his things for a moment.

Nicodemus: "That's why you make it unwilling."

Adonia: smirked, "Of course Mr. Ediuqil. That is something you would say."

Nicodemus: "What are the terms for this job?"

Adonia: "Those cannot be discussed here."

Nicodemus: "How long will this take? As you probably know my time is very valuable."

Adonia: "Depends how long it will take you to grasp the concept."

Nike: started packing again and threw his back pack towards the door when he was finished.

Nicodemus: "Fine. Let's go."

Nike: "Guess I'll go get another human girl." He left through the window again.

Adonia: vanished to the orange grove.

Nicodemus: followed suit.

Adonia: sat underneath the span of the grove trees. The box was placed before her on the grass. She looked ahead at Nicodemus upon his arrival. She was very beautiful- as her name suggested. "Have a seat Nicodemus." She motioned in front of her.

Nicodemus: sat down.

Adonia: "Each month you will be sent a box Nicodemus. Much like this box." She lifted the lid, revealing a red button inside.

Nicodemus: "Is this one of those things where you tell me not to press it so I am rebellious and do so?"

Adonia: smiled slightly, "I could tell you that but it would be a lie. The whole job entails you to press the button."

Nicodemus: "Okay, what's it do?"

Adonia: as she spoke she pulled a briefcase out from behind her. "You press this button and someone, somewhere in the world, whom you do not know, dies." She opened up the briefcase, showing a large sum of money. "And you will be paid a sum of one million dollars."

Nicodemus: "That's it?"

Adonia: nodded, "Yes. Sound simple enough for you?"

Nicodemus: nodded.

Adonia: "If you accept this job, and make it to the promotion, you will be given the right to have any job you wish to have for the remainder of your life Nicodemus. No matter how long that may be. All you have to do is ask and it will be given to you. This is a rare opportunity."

Nicodemus: "That does seem very rare. Now the question is what is the catch?"

Adonia: "Nothing more than one of the two choices for your sworn statement into the job." she pulled out a contract from beneath her cloak and unrolled it. "Your signature here." she pointed to a line. "Is one of the choices to prove your acceptance into the job?"

Nicodemus: his eyes scanned over the contract to make sure there wasn't anything that would bite him later.

Adonia: quickly rolled it up. "Catch for that choice is, you cannot read the contract." she set it beside her.

Nicodemus: "How do I know that I am not simply signing my life away or that of someone else? Or that I can trust you?"

Adonia: "I did say there were two options, if you chose not to sign the contract."

Nicodemus: "What's the other?'

Adonia: "A kiss from you. Only one, no more. No catch to it...once it is done I will be out of your hair until I come to deliver the box each month or so." she had no hint of a smile in her words. It was not amusing to her, she was serious. "And I do not mean a peck on the cheek either Nicodemus. You know exactly what it is I ask for." She knew which choice he would make. But sometimes she was surprised.

Nicodemus: "Why a kiss?"

Adonia: "It is tiring hiring men for work when I myself cannot marry because of the hours. I have no time for men. This is the only chance I get to kiss them. And it gives my job a dual purpose in life. I fulfill one of my workers needs- giving them a job and sense of security for years to come. And they fulfill one of my needs- affection."

Nicodemus: "Interesting, well as you already know I choose the last one.

Adonia: smiled slightly. "The kiss it is then?" she picked up the contract.

Nicodemus: "Yes."

Adonia: "Always is." she put the contract back beneath her cloak. She closed the lid on the button box and also her briefcase, latching it closed. She set the box on top of the briefcase.

Nicodemus: "So are you ready then?"

Adonia: "What a silly question to ask Mr. Ediuqil." she sat there, her lips pulled back slightly in a small smile.

Nicodemus: he leaned forward and kissed her, like his normal kisses went that swept women off their feet though of course he never did so on purpose.

Adonia: kissed him back. When she leaned back, her eyes were a bit brighter than normal. "Then here you are, Mr. Ediuqil." she slid the box to him. "Once you press the button, each time, if I am here, I will give you the one million personally. If not, then know it will be deposited into your account by the next day."

Nicodemus: nodded, "Nice doing business with you."

Adonia: "Always a pleasure." she stood. "Tell your wife hello, for me." she smiled slightly once more at him and disappeared with her briefcase.

Nicodemus: took the box, he teleported to Nike's place.

Nike: was throwing knives at the new human girl in chains by his wall. "Ready?" he turned towards Nicodemus.

Nicodemus: nodded, "Yup, so when you finish up here we can go."

Nike: tossed his last knife behind him to pierce the girl in the heart and she died. He stepped forward and quickly disposed of the body, collected the knives and put them in his back pack. Then slung it over his shoulder. "Yep. Done. How about you and the girl?"

Nicodemus: "What about us?" he shrugged like he didn't care. He figured he might as well; he opened the box and pressed the red button.

Nike: "And that is...?" he motioned to the box. "Just wondering if she's someone I should know."

Nicodemus: closed it, "Just a box."

Nike: looked at him for a moment. He shrugged and teleported home to his and Rose's house.

Nicodemus: did so as well.

Nike: threw his book bag into his room and went to take a shower, and shave.

Kah-Lee: was sleeping on the couch. She looked worse than before. Smaller and more frail.

Nicodemus: "Oh Kah." he whispered stroking her cheek lightly.

Ali: at seeing Nike and not wanting to make him angry she disappeared into the shadows then teleported away.

Rose: she was sitting at the kitchen table; she had been crying you could tell. She looked up, "Nike?" she asked softly.

Nike: didn't answer, he was in the shower so he wasn't even paying attention.

Kah-Lee: smiled slightly in her sleep. "Nicodemus." she whispered back. Her voice had changed also, showing the effects of old age.

Nicodemus: "I'm going to fix this I promise."

Rose: looked back down, she was probably just imagining things again.

Nike: stepped out of the shower and began whistling as he picked up a razor and shaved at his facial hair.

Kah-Lee: opened her eyes slowly. She couldn't make out the blurry image before her. Her eyebrows crinkled in thought...

Rose: she knew that it sounded like Nike but it was probably nothing just like a couple minutes ago. Fresh tears falling from her eyes, thoughts of how he might never be coming back.

Nicodemus: "What's wrong?"

Nike: dressed after he shaved and stepped out of the room. He walked into the kitchen, right passed Nicodemus. He kissed Rose on the cheek. "Hello babe." he said like nothing was ever the matter. He opened the fridge to get a bottle of red liquid out.

Kah-Lee: she understood now. "Oh. Nicodemus it is you. I didn't know. I can't see anything but blurriness." her face relaxed again. She put her arm in front of her face to cover it. Better to see an arm, she thought, than to see her face.

Rose: "Nike!" she ran over and hugged him as tight as she could. She kissed him over and over.

Nicodemus: "Come on hon. Let's get home we have some fixing to do."

Nike: spilled some of the red liquid onto the floor, as he was in the middle of opening it up. He used his free arm that did not hold the bottle, to hug her back. "Hello My Flower. How are you faring?"

Kah-Lee: "Mmmm...sleeping is better." she mumbled. Though now that she was awake she couldn't get back to sleep. She sighed.

Rose: "So much better now that you are back." she nuzzled his neck, "You can have some of mine if you want." she offered, "You don't have to eat refrigerated stuff."

Nicodemus: "Alright." he took her hand then.

Nike: "Well, technically I don't need any at all. I sort of just ate not too long ago." he set the bottle on the counter. "Where is Ali? I told her to be here with you while I was gone. Unless she didn't get my letter."

Kah-Lee: "I wonder if Rose has knitting stuff. You feel cold Nicodemus. I should knit you a scarf." she said after he held her hand for a moment.

Nicodemus: "Come on love, I'll carry you back home." he picked her up as well as Katara.

Rose: "She didn't want to be a bother when she saw that you came home she left so as not to make you angry."

Nike: "Oh good so she was here." he said. "Well, then all is fine. Though I don't think a 5 or 6 year old should leave their parents house do you?"

Kah-Lee: "Ow...careful." she said softly. Moving certain ways hurt. "Actually you are cold all over. Maybe I could knit you a sweater. And gloves. And a scarf. You feel as cold as the dead."

Nicodemus: chuckled, "Close enough."

Rose: shook her head, "No, I don't think so."

Nicodemus: teleported them home.

Nike: "Then she should not. Unless she is living with relatives or at an orphanage like you did when you were a child."

Rose: "If you want I can go get her."

Nike: " moment though." he teleported away and came back about twenty minutes later, walking up from the basement. He stepped back into the kitchen. "Alright. Call her."

Rose: nodded, she closed her eyes.

Ali: stepped out of the shadows, her cloak on her hood up again. "There is no need. Nike." she made a small bow to him.

Nike: "How is it badly you want me to be your father? 10%? 20%? What?" he asked Ali.

Ali: "100% sir, but as the test results show I am not your daughter." she looked down.

Nike: "That's a lie."

Ali: "I don't understand." she said softly, raising her eyes to look at him.

Nike: sighed. He pulled the folded up paper from his pocket and showed Ali the real results, handing the paper to her.

Ali: she took an intake of breath looking at them. "You are my dad." she whispered.

Nike: nodded slowly. "Yea. So...yea." he took the paper from her and stuffed it back in his pocket. "You can have the bed with your mom. I've got the couch."

Ali: "That's ok, that is yours and mom's room. I don't need to sleep." she pulled her hood back.

Nike: "Please don't argue with me."

Ali: nodded, "Yes dad." she said obediently.

Nike: nodded. He patted her cheek lightly then took his bottle of red liquid and went back out to the living room to watch television. He'd had enough excitement for today.

Ali: she basically beamed and she couldn't help it. Before she knew it she looked as she should.

Rose: sat next to him on the couch, she rubbed her hand on his arm kissing it.

Nike: put his arm around Rose. "So I hope you enjoyed that little breather of my absence while you could because, I don't plan on doing that again anytime soon."

Rose: "I am glad for that; I missed you so much while you were gone."

Nike: "You shouldn't do that."

Rose: "Shouldn't do what? Miss you?"

Nike: ran his fingers lightly across her arm as he watched the TV. "Yes. I don't mean you can't. I just said you shouldn't. I am not used to the idea."

Rose: "If you don't want me to then I won't." she promised softly, she leaned her head on him.

Nike: "You can do whatever you want. But I didn't think I was gone long enough to even be missed."

Rose: "Anytime you're gone, even for a moment, I miss you."

Nike: smirked, "Like when I shower alone and leave you in the other room?"

Rose: smiled, "Yes like that."

Nike: shook his head slightly. "I swear I will never understand you completely Rose. And I fear your father has had a hand in how you act because of the way he brought you up." he wondered for the briefest moment if, even though Rosemarie and Kah-Lee were twins, if Kah-Lee would take to physical abuse like Rose does. Or if she wouldn't stand for it. Then was Kah-Lee. And she did almost anything for Nicodemus.

Rose: "Is it a problem? How I was brought up that is."

Nike: shook his head slightly. "No my Rose. It just interests me is all." he kissed the top of her head.

Rose: smiled, "I'm glad it's not a bad thing."

Nike: "Where is Ali?" he asked, realizing she wasn't around. "I hope she did not leave."

Rose: "She didn't she's getting a bath, that's all."

Nike: nodded. "Alright." he flipped on a movie.

Ali: came out a towel wrapped around her, she quickly went to Nike and Rose's bedroom and got some clothes; she got them on then adjusted them to her size.

Nike: "Oh, don't go in the basement."

Rose: was about to ask why but she stopped herself, she nodded, "Okay." she agreed.

Nike: "So...who was that here? The old person?"

Rose: "That was my sister."

Nike: laughed slightly, "Kah-Lee? You've got to be kidding me."

Rose: smiled a little, "It was really her but she's okay now."

Nike: "Bet Nicodemus thinks we should have switched wives when I offered before." he thought back to that time in the store, before he had fallen in love with Rose, and had just met her.

Rose: "I don't think so; he loves Kah-lee too much."

Nike: "Seems that way don't it."

Rose: nodded, "Do you wish he would have accepted the offer?"

Ali: came out and sat down beside Rose

Nike: "I did, then. But not now. I love you too much."

Rose: smiled slightly, she felt reassured that he would never leave her for another woman. Well not her sister anyway

Nike: tried to remember if the basement walls were sound proof or not...

Rose: she ran her hand up and down his chest.

Nike: smiled. He looked over and saw Ali. Or what he supposed was Ali, though he wasn't sure. The girl was smaller than he found himself staring.

Ali: she looked up at him, her red eyes bright and sparkling. She waved a little, "Hi dad." She said softly.

Nike: his eyes widened and he quickly looked back at the TV screen. Ali looked like a five or six year old now...he had no idea how to react, except for being shamed even more.

Ali: "I'm gonna hunt." She said softly as she stood and got her cloak, "I'll see you guys later."

Nike: clamped his teeth together to keep from laughing out loud, though his body still shook from the laughter inside of him. It sounded so funny coming from a little child, barely out of toddler years. She acted too old.

Ali: vanished.

Nike: "Alone again, yet always together."

Rose: "What do you mean?"

Nike: "Do you ever get that feeling where you are alone, even if you are surrounded by people?"

Rose: nodded, "I know the feeling."

Nike: "I just suddenly felt that when Ali left to hunt." He shook his head, uncomprehending why.

Rose: "Maybe it's because you two are so similar."

Nike: peeled his eyes away from the TV screen to look at Rose. "Similar how?"

Rose: "Besides her DNA being extremely close to yours, she also sometimes acts and says things you would. She enjoys a challenge."

Nike: she amuses me. Sometimes. You say she is similar to me, I say she reminds me of you."

Rose: "How so?"

Nike: shrugged slightly and looked away, "Just some stuff Nicodemus told me about your personalities- your likes and dislikes."

Rose: "Which was?" she asked softly.

Nike: "You both like pain, and you link it with affection from whoever is administering the pain to you."

Rose: nodded, "That's true."

Nike: "I never linked pain with affection, ever, nor did I like it. I can't see how someone gets like that."

Rose: shrugged, "I don't know. Some people can't show love so that is how they do it. Maybe being around those kinds of people, or maybe they get it from a parent, like how Ali got it from me."

Nike: was slightly offended, "I can show my affections for you perfectly well WITHOUT pain. It's just more difficult for me to not hurt people because I'm so accustomed to it." He explained.

Rose: "I didn't mean you. I was just saying that's how some do it; but not you. You don't need to explain."

Nike: nodded, "Alright."

Rose: kissed him, "I love you."

Nike: kissed her back, "I love you too, my flower."

Ali: appeared; she looked like a teen again. She took off her cloak and then sat down on the floor by Rose. Her eyes were a bright red.

Nike: looked to Ali, "Can't you make up your mind? Either you look like a teen, or you look like a child. What's the point in switching back and forth?" he wondered.

Ali: "I was going to show my true looks, but I decided not to anymore."

Nike: "Why?" he was truly curious.

Ali: "I don't wish to bring any more shame."

Nike: "How have you done so already?"

Ali: she was hesitant, "I feel how you felt when you saw me." She said slowly.

Nike: looked away, "Yea, but that's my own fault. Not yours. You can look how you wish to look."

Ali: "I don't know how I should look."

Nike: "You act like a teenager."

Ali: nodded, "I've tried to learn quickly to what I've seen thus far in this spherical world."

Nike: "You only have ever lived in this 'spherical' world as you so call it."

Ali: nodded again, "I know."

Nike: "Alright." He looked to Rose, "We should go on a date."

Rose: "Sounds good."

Nike: got up slowly, "I need to check on something in the basement first."

Rose: smiled and nodded, "Okay."

Nike: left to the basement. He opened the door to the room and went inside. "Hello girl." He took out a knife, twisting it to make the blade gleam in the dim light. Oh how he loved knives. They were good for so many things.

Girl: whimpered, "Please don't." she backed into a corner, crouched low.

Nike: "Please don't...stop?" he smirked, "Okay. Sounds good." He pressed his hand to the girl's mouth so no one would hear her scream.


Nike: came back upstairs and went to the kitchen, washing the knife off. Then he went about sharpening it so it would slice anything like butter. Anything.

Rose: was in the kitchen. She saw the blood go down the drain. She remained silent, just putting away groceries.

Nike: focused on his knife. He smirked.

Rose: "That's sharp." She commented.

Nike: "I know. It's good for filleting skin off of muscle. Like fish." he continued with the sharpener and then paused to feel the edge with his thumb.

Rose: nodded, "Is everything okay downstairs?"

Nike: looked at her and smiled, "Yep. Everything is peachy. Are you ready for our date yet?"

Rose: nodded, "Yea."

Nike: "Oh. I didn't notice." he set the sharpener down on the counter and left to the basement again.

Rose: sighed, she went and got better ready, though she wasn't sure where it was that they were going.

Nike: came up about an hour later. He tossed the knife in the sink, dripping with blood. Spots fell on the wooden floor where Nike walked along in the path to the kitchen sink. Then he walked down the hall to his room and stripped, getting in the shower.

Rose: came out and cleaned the blood. She was careful not to get anything on her dress or shoes. Her mind reached out to whatever was in the basement, usually fish didn't bleed that much.

Suddenly a rush of pain hit her, so agonizing and dreadful it would knock the wise senseless. Rose realized that the pain was not hers, but whoever held it down in the basement room. It hurt too much to even cry, so it could not be done.

Rose: quickly got away but the pain still somewhat remained she sat on the ground to get a couple breaths.

Nike: came out of the shower and after drying himself off, he dressed- not too fancy. Not like what their date was last time. He came out into the kitchen. "Rose, why are you on the floor?" he lifted an eyebrow at her and chuckled.

Rose: she smiled and then when she got up she leapt for him and kissed him, "I was just waiting for you."

Nike: laughed and kissed her back. "Waiting for me on your knees. How nice." he took her hand, "You look wonderful." he noticed her this time.

Rose: smiled, "Thank you."

Nike: "Let's go." he looked towards Ali, "We will be back late."

Ali: nodded, "Okay. Have fun."

Nike: took Rose's hand and walked out the door with her, getting her purse and both of their jackets on the way out. He took out a car call from his pocket and pressed the button. Just like in the movie men in black, the car rolled around the circle driveway and parked in front of them. He let go of Rose's hand and walked towards his blue bugatti veyron car, with the black pin stripe down the middle of the car. "See, this is why I am poor. I spend all my money on this baby." he opened up Rose's car door for her to get in.

Rose: "Wow, it's beautiful. Thank you." she got in.

Nike: shut the door behind her and got in on the driver's side. He sped down the driveway and the road off to his destination. Can't have a sports car without driving fast.

Rose: enjoyed the ride.

Nike: pulled the car to a stop suddenly towards the building, using on the front brakes. The back tires kept spinning, swinging the car around to its side and into a parking spot when it finally stopped, so that Rose's passenger door faced the building. He shut off the car and got out; opening up his door he walked around to Rose's side and opened up her door for her.

Rose: she got out and looked around, she smiled.

When Rose stepped out she saw that the car had parked in front of a long strip of wooden plank that led out to the water's edge. If you looked closer, you could see a small cruise ship at the end of the pier.

Rose: "A cruise?" she asked amazed.

Nike: "Three hour long." he took her hand and pulled her to the edge of the pier and then stepped on the ship.

The sign read, "Murder Mystery Cruise- As Crime Goes By."

Rose: smiled, "This is going to be awesome."

Nike: "Have you ever heard of the game Clue?" he wasn't sure...considering she wasn't human.

Rose: nodded, "I've heard of it."

Nike: "It's like that. We have to find out who was murdered. We get to eat from a buffet dinner choice." he went up to the hostess podium and requested. "Ediuqil, two please."

Hostess: looked down at her paper and marked it, then directed them to a table.

Nike: sat down at his side.

Rose: sat down as well.

Nike: "So, Rose, tell me about Ali."

Rose: "Well what do you want to know?"

Nike: "Just...things. I figure if you tell me about her as your daughter, I might start to think of her as my daughter too."

Rose: ''Well her favor color is purple and like art even musical art.''

Nike: "Musical art? What is that?"

Rose: ''Like different types of instruments.''

Nike: "Interesting. I wonder where she got that from. Not me."

Rose: shrugged.

Nike: "Do you like this, 'musical art'?" he asked her.

A waiter came by, "Hello madam. Sir. What would you like to drink today?"

Nike: "Nothing for me. Thank you."

Rose: ''No thanks.'' she told the waiter. She turned back to her husband. ''It's ok; I don't go out looking for it.''

The waiter bowed and left.

Nike: "Well...then I wonder where Ali got her taste for it, if neither of her parents like it."

Rose: ''I don't know.'' she said honestly.

Nike: whispered to her, "You aren't going to drink anything on our date?"

Rose: ''I can if you want me to. I'm just not very thirsty right now.'' She whispered back

Nike: shrugged, his voice normal "I am sure they are going to start the 'murder mystery' soon anyways. I'll walk with you up to the buffet."

Rose: stood. ''Sounds good.''

Nike: stood and walked with her to the buffet, he handed her a plate. "Just avoid the vegetables and fruits, or else they might have a real murder mystery on their hands." he whispered to her.

Rose: nodded. She went through and found the non vegetables.

Nike: stood with her. He had plenty of food to choose from here, he thought as he looked around. It just wasn't actually on the buffet table

Rose: watched him.

Nike: "Don't look at me darling. Look at the food you are putting on your plate." he answered, without looking away from the people.

Rose: ''Please don't hurt anyone.'' she whispered. ''At least not here.

Nike: "But I'm hungry too you know." he looked down at her, his eyes flashing.

Rose: ''Then you can bite me.'' she whispered to him.

Nike: "No. Not unless you have that cream for the scarring. Do you?"

Rose: ''If you lick it closed it won't leave a mark.''

Nike: "Didn't I do that before and it still did?"

Rose: shrugged. ''I can make it look like it's not there until we get home.''

Nike: "I would rather not, not during our date. Maybe when we get home. I can wait." he walked with her back to their table.

Rose: nodded. ''I would rather not have you suffer though.''

Nike: "Yes. I really should have drunk some red liquid before we left. Should have cleaned up the blood from" he sat down.

Rose: nodded slowly starting to eat and knowing differently.

Nike: leaned over, he smiled, "Is it good?"

Rose: smiled. ''Very.''

Nike: "Good my love." he leaned back and twirled a fork on the table under his fingers. "So, do you like...having kids, Rose?" he finally asked her.

Rose: nodded slightly. ''I do like it.''

Nike: "If you were with someone many kids would you like to have for a family?"

Rose: ''If I was with anyone but you then I wouldn't want to have one.''

Nike: "Well, then...I mean," he looked up at her, "Say we were a normal human family, how many kids would you want to have with me?"

Rose: "As many as you wanted. Or that I could."

Nike: " you feel bad that...I don't want children?"

Rose: shook her head, "Like I said whatever you want. I will go with it no matter what."

Nike: "So whatever I choose is what will make you happy?" he asked slowly.

Rose: nodded, "Yes."

Nike: "Oh...okay. Rose I am trying here. To be a father to Ali. Do you think she wants it?"

Rose: nods, "No matter what happens to her she will always want to be yours."

Nike: "I think I need to go to a parenting class."

Rose: "Do they have those?"

Nike: chuckled softly, "Yes, they do. For humans. I wonder how it will work for..." he whispered, "Non humans though."

Rose: "I am sure that they are the same."

Nike: "Well, then yes. I might just go to those."

Rose: nodded, "But just know that no matter what she will love you. She actually misses how you treated her I believe."

Nike: sighed in a small growl, "You and her both."

Rose: was quiet, she was starting to make him mad so it would be best if she would just remain silent.

Nike: "Question...why do you like it so much Rose? No doubt Ali got her liking for it from you, so that's why I ask where yours came from."

Rose: "There is just something about it that to me seems to draw me to you. I figure that if you did then I must be worth the time."

Nike: "But...I know your father couldn't have treated you like that. Or your mother. Your mother is too weak and your father is just stuck up." he paused, studying her, "Most of your life you lived in an orphanage though. Did something happen there?"

Rose: she looked down, "I wasn't a well behaved child." she shrugged, "That's it, it used to happen all the time."

Nike: "Yea but punishment is different than...beatings or mistreatment." he whispered.

Rose: "The few times I returned home, my father would beat me repeatedly, or hurt me in some way. I guess I just grew used to it. Then after I left I started to miss it. I knew that my father only did it because he loved me." she shrugged. "Then there were his friends..." she continued to eat.

Nike: sighed, "He did this to you but not your sister?"

Rose: "I don't think so. But I don't know."

Nike: "Did your mother know?"

Rose: nodded, "She couldn't stop him and every time she tried he'd hurt her. I always begged her just to let him hurt me."

Nike: nodded, "This explains...things a bit. Like why you...wanted to stay with me ever after our 'wedding'."

Rose: nodded slowly.

Nike: "Well...I..." he shook his head, "I don't know."

Rose: "Don't know about what?"

Nike: "See, I can only do the things I do to people because I don't care about them."

Rose: "I see." she looked down again

Nike: "I am surprised you didn't want to keep Starnight."

Rose: "He wasn't you." she whispered.

Nike: "But he was a better version..."

Rose: shook his head, "You're the original. I want you not him."

Nike: "I am not the original though."

Rose: "You are the original Nike."

Nike: shrugged slightly, "I guess my love. Never really thought of it like that before."

Rose: finished eating.

Nike: "Let's go dancing after. Unless you don't wish to. I know you don't like it much."

Rose: "Dancing's good."

Nike: "Okay." he smiled at her.

The entertainment for the night started, and the remaining two hours on the cruise passed swiftly.

Rose: "I can't believe it's over already."

Nike: smiled, "I know. We can come again next time they have one." he took her arm in his and led her from the ship back to his car.

Rose: "Sounds like fun." she said happily walking with him

Nike: opened up the car door for Rose, and then got in the driver's side. He drove down to the dancing place, and parked the car in the lot. He smirked, sitting there. He shut the car off.

Rose: smiled, she reached in and got her other purse from the back

Nike: when Rose leaned back to get her purse, he leaned over his seat to her side of the car and using one hand, brushed the hair back from her neck and kissed it.

Rose: giggled.

Nike: "A giggle, I get a giggle. I can get that from tickling you." and so he did.

Rose: laughed the hardest that she had ever done

Nike: "Rose what perfume are you wearing, my flower?" he stopped tickling her and pressed his lips to hers.

Rose: smiled and kissed him back. "It's rosewater."

Nike: chuckled, "Roses for my Rose?" his fangs came down and he closed his eyes, pressing his nose to her neck, taking a breath.

Rose: "Mhm." she said closing her eyes waiting.

Nike: he wondered if he should bite her neck, or make her suffer in waiting. So in one swift movement he pulled back, and opened up his car door, stepping out. He breathed in the cool night air and walked around the car to Rose's side.

Rose: "So close." she whispered and got out when he opened the door.

Nike: "Can't have you sluggish while we dance, can we?" he smirked and took her inside the dance building. His fangs retracted.

Rose: "I guess not." she hoped that he would do it later.

Nike: chuckled. He wondered just how many times he could do that until it drove her crazy.

After dancing, they walked back out to the car, and after getting in, Nike drove them home.

Rose: went in the house and got changed, she sat on the bed, "Now?"

Nike: "Maybe." he pulled off his shirt and pushed her back on the bed. He straddled the top of her and bent down, kissing across her shoulders, neck, collar bone, and working back across. He slipped off her shirt and tossed it onto the bed.

Rose: smiled, "I love you so much."

Nike: "I love you too." he let his fangs come down, and dragged the points enticingly up her chest and to her neck.

Rose: smiled, she closed her eyes; it felt good, it was just a little bit more to a bite.

Nike: pulled back abruptly and finished changing into his pajama bottoms. He ran a hand through his hair and climbed into bed on his side. "Night Rose." he said, laying down, closing his eyes. A smirk was on his face.

Rose: "No. Please Nike." she begged sitting up.

Nike: pretended to be sleeping.

Rose: "Please don't do this to me." she said softly.

Nike: "You asked me to treat you like this. I am only doing it the way I can. I hope you had a fun time on our date. We should do it again sometimes love. Goodnight now. Sleep well." he shut off his light on the end table.

Rose: she lay down, but didn't close her eyes.

Nike: soon fell asleep. You could hear his gentle snores.

Rose: didn't fall asleep though, she stayed awake the whole night


Nike: got up and went to the basement before Rose got up for the day.

Rose: watched him go, she sighed softly and sat up, She got changed in a nice dressed that flared out at the waist it came above the knee, she pulled her hair back and started to make Ali breakfast, who was on the floor in kitchen sleeping.

Nike: came up later, he walked into the kitchen and kissed Rose cheek. "Morning my flower. What do you have for breakfast? I am starved."

Rose: "I have me." she offered. "If not though I do have something else."

Nike: "That's wonderful love." he kissed her again. "Yep you do taste good, but I think I'll take the something else."

Rose: "As you wish." she stepped over Ali and handed him some red liquid food.

Nike: didn't care to inquire about Ali. If she wanted to sleep on the floor, that was her discretion. There was a perfectly good couch in the living room with a pull out bed. He took the food from Rose and sat down. "I am going to have to go to town today." he started to eat.

Rose: "Why's that?"

Nike: "My fish died. Tragic really." he continued to eat, looking at his food, he smiled, "This is good."

Rose: "Thank you." she looked at him for a moment, "That is sad."

Nike: "I don't care. There are plenty of fish in the ocean."

Rose: nodded.

Nike: finished stuffing the last of the food in his mouth. He stood and swallowed. "Alright love I will be back later." he vanished.

Rose: "Bye." she said though it was to the air. She got Ali up and then fed her. She stayed on the couch.

Nike: came home a couple hours later. He was carrying a clear bag full of water. Inside swam a small fish.

Rose: "Hi."

Nike: "Hello." he leaned over the back of the couch and showed her the bag, "I got us a fish. What shall we name it?"

Rose: "Your choice." she smiled at the fish.

Nike: looked at the fish, "Let's call it Huckleberry."

Rose: nodded, "Huckleberry sounds good."

Nike: "And then, when I get another, we can name it Finn. So it'll be, Huckleberry Finn."

Rose: nodded, "That sounds cool."

Nike: set the bag on the couch.

The bag flopped over onto its side so the fish was swimming in about two inches of water.

Rose: "So it this one going to be kept on the basement too?" she fixed the bag

Nike: "No, that's for the fish I catch when I am out on the lake with my fishing pole." he ruffled Rose's hair and jumped over the back of the couch and sat next to her, the other side of the bag containing the fish. "This one is for you up here."

Rose: smiled, "Thank you."

Nike: "Mhm." he lifted her hand to his lips and kissed the top of it, and then worked his way up her arm to the top of her shoulder.

Rose: laughed.

Nike: let his fangs come down again as his lips made their way to her neck.

Rose: smiled, "Please bite me." she whispered.

Nike: "Why, my flower?" he whispered back. His eyes flashed red.

Rose: "My blood. Drain it."

Nike: "Mmmmmm..." he leaned back, "No, that's alright." he smiled at her, showing his fangs. His eyes stayed red for a moment before switching back to gold.

Rose: "Please Nike, I will do anything. Please." she begged getting on her knees before him,

Nike: leaned forward, "Anything?"

Rose: nodded, "Anything." she said quickly.

Nike: "Alright. Go put the fish in a fish bowl and feed it. I will wait for you to come back." he leaned back on the couch and closed his eyes.

Rose: quickly did so.

Nike: waited.

Rose: ran back. "Ready."

Nike: opened his eyes for a moment, and then closed them again. "No, never mind."

Rose: "Please." she begged she dropped to her knees again, she kissed his feet, "Please bite me."

Nike: chuckled, this was grand. "Go and change into your underclothes, and walk around the house like that for a week."

Rose: "Okay." she stood and went and got changed. She came back out. "There."

Nike: opened his eyes, "I like that. But I guess you have to wait a week."

Rose: she sighed and looked down. "Fine."

Nike: patted his knee, "Come sit my love. Don't look so sad." his mouth twitched as he tried to keep from laughing out loud.

Rose: sat where instructed, she put a smile on her face but she didn't at all feel it.

Nike: "Tell me what ails you love." he face grew serious and his voice deep as he took on a therapists role.

Rose: "Nothing ails me."

Nike: "You can tell me anything here Rose. This," he motioned with his hands around the couch, "Is the secret circle. Anything you say here is confidential."

Rose: "I'm fine." she assured him.

Nike: nuzzled her neck, "Really? Truly?"

Rose: "Yes." she said not looking or allowing herself to be sad. She closed her eyes.

Nike: "You're mind feels different..." his fangs came down again. Hmm...this was good exercise for them.

Rose: instantly changed her mind to so she appeared happy to him.

Nike: "Oh come on love. That's mean." he leaned back to look at her.

Rose: "What is?"

Nike: "Hiding stuff from me."

Rose: "I'm not hiding anything."

Nike: "Liar."

Rose: "See?" She opened her mind and all of it was happy just like she said.

Nike: "But you changed it. It wasn't like that before." he watched her, his eyes hard.

Rose: "You told me not to be sad so I just need a moment to get my emotions in order." she said stammering a few times.

Nike: chuckled, "Do I scare you?"

Rose: "A little." she permitted, "I don't wish to make you angry."

Nike: "I am not angry..." he kissed her and leaned her back on the couch.

Rose: kissed him back.

Nike: "How many times do you wish me to bite you?"

Rose: "At least three times."

Nike: "If I do that will you promise me to wear only your undergarment for the remainder of the month?"

Rose: "I swear I will."

Nike: smiled, "Alright then." he bent down and bit her neck hard.

Rose: smiled she closed her eyes, enjoying the moment.

Nike: drank a bit and then pulled back, biting her neck again. Then he switched to the other side and bit it a third time.

Rose: smiled, she loved it; she didn't even want them gone. She liked them too much.

Nike: "You are starting to sound like your sister." he said as he pulled back, licking the wounds closed and allowing his fangs to retract.

Rose: "What do you mean?" she whispered looking up at him, her eyes sparkled with delight

Nike: "You want to keep the scars like she does. You used to hate being bitten let alone letting the scars stay." he sat back, letting Rose stay lying in case she was tired a bit from the loss of blood.

Rose: sat up slowly. "Times have changed."

Nike: "Mmm, I see that." he pushed her back down.

Rose: stayed down this time.

Nike: "I am sorry my flower but it is easier for me to love you when your back is against the couch." he leaned over her again and kissed her.

Rose: "It's okay." she kissed him back


Rose: was sleeping on the couch.

Ali: walked past the couch, she didn't look.

Nike: watched Ali walk by. Oops...he forgot about her. Oh well. He kissed Rose's temple and pressed his face to her hair on the couch.

Rose: smiled in her sleep.


Nike: sat up, making sure not to disturb Rose.

Rose: moved a little but didn't wake.

Nike: went to the kitchen. "So what's up Ali?" he asked as he warmed himself up a cup of red liquid.

Ali: "Nothing much. Did you have a good time?"

Nike: nodded, "Yep, of course I did. And-" he pointed to her briefly as he made a point, "I didn't bite anyone."

Ali: nodded, "So I see." She smiled slightly and then continued to clean the kitchen.

Nike: watched her. "Do you want to see my fish?" he asked after a moment.

Ali: nodded slowly, "Sure." She said hesitantly.

Nike: smiled, "Okay, come on." He motioned for her to follow him and took a couple steps, "Oh, wait." He stopped and turned back to the microwave and took out his cup of red liquid. It was nice and warm to the touch on his cold fingertips. He took a gulp of it and let the thick liquid coat his throat. With the remaining drink still in the cup, and the cup in his hand, he turned back around and walked out of the kitchen and down the hall to the basement door. He opened it with his free hand and descended down the steps. He was in a REALLY happy mood today; almost giddy.

Ali: followed him, wondering why he was so excited, but said nothing.

Nike: "She's a pretty fish." He said from the bottom of the stairs. He turned right and entered the door to his right, leaving the left one closed.

Ali: looked at it but followed her father.

Nike: flipped on the light.

In front of him was a large tank of water, with glass walls. Inside, was a mermaid girl, with long blue wavy hair that held silver streaks in it. She pressed her hand to the glass wall.

Nike: his smile grew, "My fish." He walked towards the tank.

Ali: "Impressive." She commented, walking closer to the mermaid.

Nike: "I know. It's fun to watch her swim in blood."

Ali: "Her own blood?" she wondered.

Nike: "No, no. Blood I have in store. Mermaid's can't breathe well in it, though blood is 70% water." He tapped the glass and the mermaid jerked back.

Ali: smiled when she jerked back.

Nike: "Your mom has her own fish, but this is my fish." He smiled, "Is the mermaid hungry?" he turned to a bucket full of water by the tank and pulled out a small fish; but it didn't look like an edible kind. He dropped it in the mermaid's tank and you could see that it was not a good thing.

Mermaid: swam back against the opposite wall, her back against the glass furthest from the fish.

Nike: smiled, "She knows. She's a smart one." He watched as the fish opened its mouth. It had teeth. It was indeed a piranha fish.

Mermaid: there was fear in her eyes. She normally stayed away from piranhas. They were dangerous. As the fish swam towards her, she swam away, but she couldn't go very far in such a small area of water. The piranha nipped her fin a few times. Blood trickled into the water. Desperate, finally, the mermaid leaped from the tank of water so as to get away from the piranha. She landed hard on the floor. It was about a twenty foot drop. The fish leapt out after her, but landed somewhere on the basement cement floor away from the mermaid. She screamed in pain, and tilted the upper half of her body to inspect the damage the fish had inflicted on her tail. A couple of her fingers were broken, along with her right wrist, because of the fall and catching herself on her hands.

Nike: "Well that was stupid. Mermaids can't live too long without water." He picked up his piranha fish before it died and dropped it back into the bucket of water by the tank.

Ali: laughed.

Mermaid: "I would have been killed either way." She gasped out.

Nike: "Oh, Mermaid, meet my daughter Ali. Ali, this is Mermaid."

Mermaid: "I have a name." she seethed.

Nike: "That's nice."

Ali: "Hi fish girl."

Nike: laughed, "I like that."

Mermaid: though her hair was dripping wet, her tail was slowly drying.

Ali: smiled, she would enjoy watching this.

Mermaid: looked pleadingly at the door, and at Ali. "You're all sick!" she screamed, her sing-songy voice perfect even in anger. As her tail dried, her feet and legs slowly became prominent.

Rose: came down in her under clothes, "What's with the screaming?"

Nike: looked to Rose. He stepped in front of the mermaid, blocking her from Rose's view. "Nothing. Just playing with my fish and bonding with my daughter." He smirked at Ali.

Mermaid: "I AM NOT A FISH!" she yelled from behind Nike.

Nike: thrust his leg back and hit her in the face with his foot to shut her up.

Mermaid: yelped in pain. Her nose bled. She lifted her non broken hand to her face to try and stop the bleeding.

Rose: "What kind?"

Nike: "What do you mean what kind, love?" he walked towards her, "Want to come back upstairs with me?" he motioned to the steps, through the room door.

Mermaid: "I'm a mermaid." She sobbed out softly, looking at her bloody hand. He reminded her of a shark. Both the teenage girl and her father did. Both of them were sharks to her.

Rose: looked around him, "She's hurt." She sat on her knees next to her and healed her and her nose in the proper places, and gave her some water.

Nike: "HEY!" he said angrily.

Rose: "She was dying, Nike." Her back became slightly tense, waiting to be hit.

Nike: "I don't care." He gripped Rose shirt and pulled her to her feet with a jerk, "She's MY fish. NOT yours!" he turned her to face him.

Rose: "I'm sorry." She whispered. She didn't look at his eyes.

Nike: "Go stop your own fish from dying, okay?" he pushed her towards the door.

Rose: "Yes sir." She said softly, and walked up the stairs after glancing sadly at the mermaid.

Nike: shut the door behind her. He turned back to Ali and the mermaid. He smiled, "Where were we Ali?"

Ali: smiled, "I believe we were watching her suffer."

Nike: "Remind me again why I didn't want you to be my daughter? You're PERFECT."

Ali: smiled, "Thanks."

Nike: "I'll share my fish with you." He pulled one of the mermaid's scales off of what was still visible of her tail. As that vanished and her leg appeared, a piece of the mermaid's flesh was missing, and bleeding profusely.

Mermaid: screamed out in pain.

Nike: "You take a swat at her, hun. I'd like to see how you work." He told Ali, looking at the scale closely.

Ali: "With pleasure." She took a blade from her pocket and cut down the mermaid's arm and legs and walked over to her leg and placed her heel on it and crushed it.

Mermaid: screamed in agony and tried to push Ali off of her when she could. She gripped Ali's ankle when she stepped on her leg and flipped her off, but not before her leg was crushed, causing more screaming.

Ali: grabbed her hand and bent it back to her get to release it.

Mermaid: did so. She made a gush of water come from the tank and knock Ali flat on her back.

Nike: sighed, "Why must you be a pain?"

Ali: "Because, dad, she wants to suffer more." She said as she stood.

Mermaid: was practically passed out from exertion. Water had plashed on her and her tail slowly reappeared, all torn up and bleeding.

Nike: "You better no flood my house. It would upset my wife." He told the mermaid.

Ali: smiled.

Mermaid: passed out.

Nike: "Aww! All my fun is gone!" he complained, kicking the mermaid.

Ali: "What shall we do while she is passed out?"

Nike: "Do you have something in mind?"

Ali: "We could go hunting."

Nike: "Alright." He picked up the mermaid, who now looked like a normal girl since her tail had changed back to legs and feet, and tossed her in the tank of water.

Mermaid: her tail appeared back once again and her wounds started to heal now that she was submerged in water. The blood on her body slowly dissipated.

Ali: waited, "Ready?"

Nike: "Yea. Let's go." He walked back upstairs with Ali.

Ali: "Which city?"

Nike: waved to Rose, "We should go back to New York."

Rose: waved, and then turned back to the sink.

Ali: "Sounds good."

Nike: "We will meet where you and I first met." He teleported away.

Ali: followed.

Nike: looked around.

Ali: smiled, and started walking in a direction.

Nike: "At least you're going to let me EAT now instead of holding a bloody rose in my face." He laughed, "Bloody ROSE! My wife's name is Rose!"

Ali: smiled, "Funny."

Nike: "Mhm." He laughed hysterically.

Ali: she found a man and smiled, talking to him.

Nike: "I'm in the mood for Chinese food." He looked around for a Chinese girl.

Ali: pulled the man to the alley.

Nike: smiled at his daughter as she walked by. He walked around looking for his food.

Chinese Woman: was buying something to eat.

Nike: put his arm about her waist, "Do you come here often?" his eyes turned red as he used his persuasive voice on the human girl.

Chinese Woman: "Kind of."

Nike: waited till she got her food. He walked with her to an abandoned building.

Chinese Woman: "Where are we going?"

Nike: "A death bed." He smirked, "You asked me to take you." He looked at her.

Chinese Woman: "No I didn't!" she struggled against him, "Leave me alone!"

Nike: "Shh...calm. Look." They stepped into a room with an old bed frame and mattress.

Chinese Woman: "No!" she struggled harder.

Nike: sighed and pushed her on the bed. He climbed over her, pinning her down. "Please don't struggle. It's futile for you either way. But if you don't struggle," he smiled, "Makes it more fun. For both of us."

Chinese Woman: cried, "Please leave me alone." She continued to struggle.

Nike: "bent down and kissed her, then moved his lips to her throat. He spoke softly, brushing his lips against her neck, "I love Chinese food. Don't you?"

Chinese Woman: didn't answer. She just whimpered.

Nike: let his fangs come down. He bit her neck and at the same time, he ripped off her shirt.

Chinese Woman: cried out. She tried to push him off.

Nike: " Quiet. I'm not going to cheat on my wife, retard." He bit her neck harder, causing more pain.

Chinese Woman: she screamed, tears welled in her eyes.

Nike: finished taking off the woman's clothes. He went inside her head, 'I just like to make sure I get to see every angle of my food. Pity, I didn't ask your name.'

Chinese Woman: "Get out of my head!"

Nike: 'You have such nice thoughts. How am I supposed to converse with you if my teeth are in your neck, hmmm?'

Chinese Woman: "Please." She cried, "Stop hurting me." She gave up.

Nike: 'In a moment. Tell me your name.'

Chinese Woman: "Chung-Lee." She whispered.

Nike: 'I'll miss you. You taste delicious. It's just what I wanted. Hit the spot. Thank you.' He finished draining her.

Chung-Lee: her skin became cold as she died.

Nike: climbed off, not bothering to lick her wound closed. He wiped his mouth off with the back of his hand, looking at her body once more. "Beautiful, both body and soul." He covered her with a sheet and left the building.

Ali: was busy draining another man.

Nike: whistled as he waited.

Ali: dropped him to the ground.

Nike: "Having fun?" he smirked.

Ali: smirked, "Yes. You?"

Nike: "Always. I make sure of it."

Ali: smiled, "Good."

Nike: "You know what I seem to remember one time; I made you leave a dance club early. We might as well go have fun." He snapped his fingers and Ali was wearing that same revealing red dress she had been that day at the club.

Ali: smiled, "Fun."

Nike: took Ali to a dance club with him. The music blared and lights flashed.

Ali: found a guy and had a blast.

Nike: sat at the bar.


Ali: was making out with some guy.

Nike: found her, "He important or just some random person?" he pointed to the man.

Ali: broke the kiss, "A random person."

Nike: "Well, it's late. Your mom will be missing us."

Ali: bit the man's neck. She drank him then stood, "Okay."

Nike: teleported home.

Ali: teleported home.

Rose: was cleaning.

Nike: came up and wrapped his arms around her from behind. "Hello love." He smiled, gloriously happy still. He kissed her ear.

Rose: smiled slightly, "Hello."

Nike: "Ali and I had a father/daughter day."

Rose: "Sounds like fun."

Nike: "It was. How was your day?"

Rose: "It was fine." She continued to clean.

Nike: "Everything okay?"

Rose: nodded, "Of course."

Nike: "I'll be in the shower." He left.

Rose: continued to clean.

Nike: took his shower, and then climbed in bed naked.

Rose: made herself some food.

Nike: fell asleep.

Rose: fell asleep on the couch.


Nike: came out, after checking and filing his blog on the computer. He was dressed. He leaned over the couch watching Rose sleep.

Rose: slept restlessly.

Nike: placed his hand on her cheek.

Rose: jumped. She stood instantly. "I'll get your breakfast ready."

Nike: caught her arm, "Hun, what's wrong? Talk to me. Tell me."

Rose: "Nothing's wrong." She looked confused.

Nike: "Yet you sleep as if you have nightmares."

Rose: "It was just a dream."

Nike: "Of what, love?" he let go of her arm. "More like a nightmare."

Rose: walked to the kitchen, making him and Ali food, "It doesn't matter."

Nike: "It matters to me." He followed her and stood against the counter.

Rose: "Just of my childhood."

Nike: "You wish not to speak of it?"

Rose: "No."

Nike: "Okay, love." He sat at the chair by the kitchen table.

Rose: set his plate down then one for Ali.

Ali: sat down to eat.

Rose: cleaned the kitchen.

Nike: "Are you going to eat, Rosemarie?"

Rose: "No thanks."

Nike: looked at Ali as he started to eat.

Ali: already had half of her food gone.

Nike: wondered what he could do for Rose.

Rose: worked vigorously, cleaning the house again.

Nike: finished eating, "Rose...if my house is too clean, I'll die."

Rose: stopped, "Sorry."

Nike: looked at her, "Okay."

Rose: tried to think of something to do.

Nike: "You and I could do something fun."

Rose: stood. She went to do the laundry, "Like what?" she asked.

Nike: sighed, "I'm slowly dying here."

Rose: stopped. She sat on the floor.

Nike: "You can make it dirty again. Kientians remember everything so I am sure you can put it back, just how it was."

Rose: "Yes sir." She started to do so.

Nike: "It was a suggestion...not an order..."

Rose: "I wish to make you happy."

Nike: "I am happy. Even EXTREMELY happy these past couple of days."

Rose: "For that I am most grateful. Except yesterday, when I upset you."

Nike: "I forgot about that."

Rose: nodded. She continued working.

Nike: looked in her head.

Rose: closed him out quickly.

Nike: "Rose."

Rose: looked up, "Yes?"

Nike: "If you don't wish to talk about it, at least let me look so I can see what it is."

Rose: "It's no big deal. Please just drop it."

Nike: "Big or small, I still want, or would like, to know."

Rose: "Yes Nike." She let him through.

Nike: searched for what was eating at her. And about her nightmare. Or maybe they were one in the same.

Rose: there were time she was angry at herself, parts of her childhood she was beaten, and what Nike had said to the Chinese woman's body. All that he had did to her.

Nike: sighed, "Rose."

Rose: "No. It's alright. Please don't."

Nike: "I didn' anything. I wouldn't do that to you."

Rose: "I know I can't be the only one for you. I know I'm not perfect and can't fill that void. And I know I'm not as beautiful as she was."

Nike: rolled his eyes, "Right. Because you are more beautiful. If you don't believe me, look through my thoughts about you."

Rose: "I don't wish to see about hatred. Besides, I'm not going to get in your mind ever again."

Nike: "It's just what I've done to all my victims before I kill them. Not just now. I don't think of you with hatred. Never."

Rose: "When I go against you or do something that I shouldn't do."

Nike: "That lasts like five seconds at most."

Rose: "Still, it's there. I have decided never to do anything that makes you angry."

Nike: "I don't mind."

Rose: "You may not but I do."

Nike: "I thought you liked it."

Rose: "Yes. I like you hurting me but..." she got down on her knees and put her hands to her head, "I don't know." She cried.

Nike: knelt down in front of her, "Rose, I'm sorry. I'll change."

Rose: "No. I'll get over it. Please don't change."

Nike: he wrapped his arms around Rose, "Forgive me. I'll...get rid of my fish too."

Rose: "It is not you. IT's me. For all I've done I need to be punished, abused more than I have ever been."

Nike: "What could you possibly have done?"

Rose: "Everything I shouldn't have."

Nike: "Punish me then. We will punish each other."

Rose: "I can't punish you for something you haven't done."

Nike: "I stripped a girl naked and looked at her body. That's something I suppose. Even if I did kill her."

Rose: "Just forget I said anything and go on with your happy day. I shall ruin it no more."

Nike: "Anytime my day involves you, it is not ruined."

Rose: "Not this time."

Nike: "Yes this time. I'll change my hunting technique...and get rid of the fish."

Rose: "No, just forget it. Please Nike." She begged.

Nike: "I don't want to hurt you again. It's not right."

Rose: "I was meant to be hurt. I was brought into this galaxy to suffer."

Nike: "Not under my roof."

Rose: "Please Nike. Just hurt me and stop this suffering. I beg you."

Nike: "You're suffering?"

Rose: "Because you won't hurt me. Yes."

Nike: "What do you wish me to do?"

Rose: "Anything that will cause me to suffer. Pretend I'm a mermaid like the one downstairs."

Nike: "One time." He made her stand as he got up, "Okay?"

Rose: "Okay."

Nike: he leaned his head back, brought it forward, and knocked it against hers, putting her unconscious. He picked her up.

Rose: let out a breath before she became limp.

Nike: walked to the basement, carrying Rose.

Rose: slowly became conscious.

Nike: doused her with water.

Rose: didn't try to get away. She just waited.

Nike: connect a long electrical wire to her, one on her underwear and one on her bra at the back. He walked off to the electrical box.

Rose: waited.

Nike: flipped it on.

Rose: jumped as her skin tuned blue from the electricity going through her body. She didn't make one sound.

Nike: sighed and shut the electricity off. He entered her mind and exploited her worst fears.

Rose: screamed, putting her hands to her head.

Nike: he tried not to smile. Her scream was a beautiful sound. He took out a knife and placed it at the strap holding the front of her bra together, cutting it apart in one slice, and also hitting skin.

Rose: screamed loud as she bled. It was a special knife so it wouldn't heal as quickly.

Nike: wiped the blood off of her exposed chest.

Rose: cried out.

Nike: ripped off her underwear and forced himself upon her, at the same time biting her neck hard, painfully. He drained her dry.

Rose: laid there unconscious.

Nike: healed her cut and her burn marks. He left her in darkness for three days.


Rose: slowly woke up.

Nike: came down and few her hot chocolate to drink.

Rose: drank slowly. "I have to suffer more."

Nike: "Nope. That was one time. You'll have to suffer now by not suffering."

Rose: "Fair enough." She stood slowly; completely aware she had nothing on.

Nike: looked her up and down, "Spectacularly beautiful, my love."

Rose: "Thanks."

Nike: "Did it make you feel better now, though?"

Rose: nodded, "A lot better."

Nike: "Good."

Rose: "May I make one small request?"

Nike: "What?"

Rose: "Hit me. Right across the face."

Nike: did so without question, because really he had been wanting to do just that. Then after the smack, he punched her in the nose, causing it to break and bleed.

Rose: her hand went to her nose, "Thanks."

Nike: "Mhm."

Rose: wiped away some blood.

Nike: "Here." He wiped it off her.

Rose: smiled slightly.

Nike: healed her broken nose, "Now how do you feel?"

Rose: "Really good."

Nike: "You are a strange creature, love. With a beautiful scream."

Rose: "You'll have to do something to hear it sometime." She whispered.

Nike: "I could just make love to you. That's screams of pleasure."

Rose: "Then they'd be different."

Nike: "They are still screams, my flower."

Rose: "True."

Nike: "Shall we go upstairs?" he held his arm to her.

Rose: "Okay." She took his arm.

Nike: walked with her upstairs to their room so she could shower and get new undergarments.

Rose: protected her eyes when they got upstairs.

Nike: wondered where Ali was.

Ali: was watching T.V.

Rose: went to take a shower.

Nike: went to watch T.V. with Ali.

Rose: got on a new bra and underwear.

Nike: smiled at her, "Nice."

Rose: "Thanks."

Nike: stepped over to her and stroked her arm lightly, "You aren't mad at me, or upset at all, are you, my flower? If anything I ever do bothers you, I want you to tell me, okay? Then I can fix it. Or do things to redeem myself, making you feel better."

Rose: "I'm not mad or upset." She nodded slowly, looking down, "I will."

Nike: "I've...hurt you though. I can tell you don't like something. You are usually happier than this."

Rose: "I am happy." She smiled up at him.

Nike: stroked her cheek, "If you say so, love."

Rose: "I do."

Nike: "Come on. You need to eat a hearty meal." He pulled her to the kitchen.

Rose: went with him. She smiled slightly, "Okay."

Nike: "Sit down and I will make it for you, my flower." He opened the fridge.

Rose: "If you say so." She sat down.

Nike: got out some chocolate ingredients and whipped up Rose something nice. He placed it on the table before her and sat down across from her. He wondered if his fish was still alive. He hadn't fed it since he got it.

Rose: "Thank you." She ate quickly; as if afraid it would be taken away.

Nike: watched her, "Don't choke, love. I'd miss you if you died."

Rose: "I won't die." She said, still stuffing food in her mouth.

Nike: " least eat slow enough to taste your food."

Rose: slowed eating.

Nike: "Thank you. I can make you more at anytime."

Rose: "I wouldn't want to bother you like that."

Nike: "It's not a bother." Taking the hint that she was still hungry, he got up and started to make Rose more food, "Besides, I owe you."

Rose: "You don't owe me anything. If anything, I owe you everything."

Nike: "Mmmm...why do you think that?" he continued to make her food.

Rose: "For hurting me for the first time in a long time. For taking the time for me." She finished her plate and it was licked clean.

Nike: "Taking the time for you?" he paused as he handed her the second plate, "You think that if I don't...hurt you, I don't care about you?"

Rose: shrugged and starting eating, "Sorta."

Nike: "I'll have you know, I hurt people because I don't care about them. That's why it's hard for me to hurt you because I actually care about you. Like that Chinese woman, I don't even remember her name. It was food for the moment, and she satisfied my hunger. That's all I cared for from her was food."

Rose: "It's been like this my whole life. It's hard to adjust. But I'll do it. I promise."

Nike: "I don't mind occasionally hurting you if you REALLY want it. But only when you want it, and nothing more."

Rose: "I always want it."

Nike: "I won't do it all the time. You can handle that maybe, but not me. Take into consideration my feelings too, my flower." He reminded her kindly.

Rose: "I am, hence the reason I am letting you choose when you want to do it. Sometimes or not at all."

Nike: "Okay." He nodded, "Do you have plans for today, love?"

Rose: shook her head.

Nike: "Would you like to spend the day with Ali and I?" he asked her.

Rose: "I don't want to ruin your day."

Nike: sighed, "You wouldn't ruin my day. Will you stop all of this insecurity?"

Rose: "I'm sorry." She paused, "I would love to spend the day with you and Ali."

Nike: "Then we will go once you are ready." He called to Ali, "Ali!"

Ali: "Coming!" she said as she came out. She had changed since Rose has last seen her. She was more beautiful. She wore a spaghetti strap top and a skirt that went to her mid thigh, "Yes dad?" her long hair flowed behind her like a veil. She smiled slightly, her red eyes content.

Rose: finished eating. She looked up and froze, "Ali, you look beautiful."

Ali: smiled, "Thanks mom." She took her moms plate and set it in the sink.

Nike: "We should play a hunting game today, Ali." He smiled at her, "It'll be great. And yes, you do look nice." He said, not really caring.

Ali: smirked, "It's on. And I'll win...again." she taunted teasingly.

Nike: "Oh. But I have guidelines and rules now, with different levels." He smirked back, leaning against the counter, watching Ali. "We need to see how many humans we can incapacitate- not kill- while dressing first as beggars, then as business people, and then...well, sexy. One who gets the most to the final level of my game wins. I even found an island that seems to be a great use for the final level."

Ali: "Sounds cool. But prepare to lose."

Nike: "You can come, Rose." He told his wife after rolling his eyes at his daughter Ali.

Rose: "That sounds good. I would love to, but I do have a question. If we are going outside, can I be dressed?"

Nike: "Can you just wear a bikini? That's about as good as bra and underwear. And it's warm enough outside since it's summer." He smiled slightly at her, hoping she'd agree. He wanted her to. He liked seeing her barely dressed.

Rose: nodded slowly, "I guess."

Nike: "What?" he smiled and took her hand and pulled her close to his body. He kissed her. "You're beautiful. Don't be ashamed." He whispered, kissing her again.

Rose: kissed him back, "Thank you."

Nike: "Mhm." He smirked and kissed her again, his hand down at the small of her back. He stroked it up and down lightly.

Rose: put her arms around his neck.

Nike: put his hands under her thighs and lifted her up, hitching her legs around his waist to keep her up. He ignored the fact that Ali was in the room. He kissed his wife, moving his lips to her neck.

Rose: kissed him back. She nuzzled his neck.

Nike: lifted her chin up with his fingers and wish his lips at her neck, he bit her hard, possessively. He held her close to him as he drained her.

Rose: smiled. She closed her eyes, enjoying the thought of helping Nike however she could. She could stay like this forever. She loved it when he bit her. She could feel herself getting more and more weak. Only a little more and she would pass out.

Nike: soon his eyes were a swimming gold color. He pulled back and sealed Rose's wound by licking it. He picked her up in his arms, carrying her. He turned to Ali, "Okay. We can go now."

Rose: was sleeping in his arms from lack of blood.

Nike: "My flower is wilted a bit." He smiled down at his wife, and then kissed her forehead. He looked at Ali again, "Let's go to Las Vegas." He teleported there, bringing Rose with him.

Ali: teleported to Vegas.

Nike: "Your mother will fit in perfect here. Everyone is used to seeing people in their underclothes."

Ali: "That's good."

Nike: smirked, "Yes. Until she wakes up and yells at me for taking her out of the house before she was able to change into a bikini."

Ali: smirked, "She'll get over it."

Nike: "I certainly hope so. Let's get a hotel and then we can begin our games."

Ali: nodded, "Agreed."

Nike: hailed a cab. After they climbed in, he asked, "Where do you want to head first for our hunting game, Ali? A bar, a casino, or a racetrack?" Or you can choose something else."

Ali: smirked, "Casino."

Nike: "Feel like gambling, do you?" he chuckled at his daughter.

Ali: smirked, "But of course."

Nike: "Just as long as you win me money. Lose it...and I won't be happy with you. I'm as poor as it is."

Ali: smirked, "Okay."

When the cab pulled up to the hotel, Nike got out with his wife. When the cab driver complained about him not paying, Nike erased his mind and the man drove away without another word. He walked into the hotel, carrying his wife.

Ali: walked up with her parents.

After Nike got the room, he carried Rose up to it with him and had Ali open the door since his arms were full. He laid Rose on the bed. He kissed her forehead gently.

Nike: "Go call for hot chocolate, or a chocolate milkshake, and bring it to me so I can feed your mother to wake her up." He brushed Rosemarie's hair back from her face, stroking it softly while looking at her lovingly, though he spoke to Ali.

Ali: set it down beside him, "There."

Nike: fed it to Rose's lips, letting her drink it slowly, "Her own blood should be replenished by now, so she can wake up."

Rose: drank what Nike fed her. She slowly opened her eyes.

Nike: smiled down at her, "Hi babe. We're at the hotel already."

Rose: "Cool." She stretched.

Nike: leaned back so she could sit up. He smirked slightly, looking at her underclothes, wondering if and when Rose would notice she left the house half naked. Well, not really left...more like being carried in Nike's arms.

Rose: sighed and sat up.

Nike: "Hungry still?" he asked her.

Rose: "A little."

Nike: "Hurry up and eat then, my flower, so we can go."

Rose: she took the drink and ate more.

Nike: watched her. He ran his fingers through her hair.

Rose: "Finished." She went to get off the bed.

Nike: "Okay." He moved his hand and climbed off the bed. "You need a bikini, or you don't care?" he asked Rose, looking at her.

Rose: "Being as I am no longer in the house and can't get one, this is fine."

Nike: "Hun, it's Las Vegas. There are plenty of stores around that sell swimwear, I am sure." He smiled slightly at her.

Rose: "Then I suppose I'll have to go and get one."

Nike: "We must hurry then. Ali and I need to begin our game."

Rose: nodded, "Well, I suppose I can just go as is."

Nike: "Ahh...we can use you as bait!" he smiled, looking at Ali.

Rose: smiled and nodded.

Nike: "Let's get started then." He opened up the hotel room door.

Ali: walked out, followed by Rose.

Nike: he took Rose's hand and walked down to the Casino in the hotel. He was starving by now, and everything smelled delicious. His eyes burned gold.

Rose: pulled her hair in a pony tail, "So how am I bait?"

Nike: "Stand here, in your glorious undergarments, while Ali and I go hide. Watch the men come to you." He teleported away to hide. No one was around to see.

Rose: didn't move.

Ali: hid.

Almost instantly there was a group of men that came around the corner. Seeing Rose there alone, they approached, surrounding her like vultures on their prey.

Man 1: "Hello there girly. You shouldn't be out here alone."

Rose: "Well, I have no one who wants me." She said, playing along.

Man 2: "Wants you? How sad. A girl of your find stature"

Rose: looked down, "I don't know what to say."

Within the next instant, they were all dead.

Nike: "I win."

Rose: looked at him, then the dead bodies.

Ali: "Unfair."

Nike: "What? You're so slow. Probably busy gawking at them."

Ali: "I wasn't ready."

Nike: "Exactly. Round two."

Ali: "I'll beat you this time."

Nike: laughed, "Yea. Right." He paused and looked at the bodies again. "Oh, crap. I didn't win this round. I lost. You win by default, Ali."

Ali: smiled.

Nike: "Yea...according to my rules, we are supposed to incapacitate the humans, not kill them." he looked to Rose, "They were just making me angry some of the things they were saying to you." he looked at the bodies again, feeling no remorse but wondering what he was going to do with them to dispose of them...what a waste of blood. "My bad." he mumbled.

Rose: she hugged him. She didn't want to look at the bodies anymore.

Nike: wrapped an arm about her waist and turned to face Ali again, "Shall we move on?"

Ali: "We shall." she agreed looking over the city of Las Vegas, "Where to next?"

Nike: "We need to change outfits. Look like beggars or something."

Ali: nodded, "Alright well I'm going shopping in that case."

Nike: "I guess I'll...take care of the bodies. Here, take Rose with you."

Rose: "I want to stay with you." she whispered to him.

Nike: looked to Rose, "I have to take care of the bodies though. I thought you wanted to go shopping?"

Rose: "I suppose...that I could."

Nike: "You can stay with me if you want."

Rose: "I want to."

Nike: "Okay. Bye Ali." he said and let go of Rose's waist, bending to the first body and pulling him to the other body, and doing this a few more times until all of them were in a nice pile.

Ali: walked into a store on the other side of the city.

Nike: picked up all of the bodies at once and teleported away with them.

Rose: waited where she was.

Ali: she looked around and smiled, she would definitely have to go shopping for less hobo outfits while she was here.

Nike: teleported back a few minutes later. He threw something on the blood on the ground and it all disappeared.

Rose: stood from the steps, "All done?"

Nike: "Yes...I need to get my clothes changed first. Right now I look like a mass murderer, not a hobo." he smiled, "Oh. Maybe I am."

Rose: "Well do you have some upstairs?"

Nike: "In the hotel?"

Rose: nodded, "Or do you have to buy some?"

Nike: "No, I was preparing for this for a while. I have them packed."

Rose: nodded, "Okay."

Nike: "You coming?"

Rose: "Yes, I'm coming if you want me to come." she sat on the bed and watched him.

Nike: "You did a good job being bait." he said as he changed.

Rose: "Thank you."

Nike: smiled at her, then he took her hand and teleported them to a garden. He got down and rolled in the dirt.

Rose: smiled slightly, she just watched him standing up now.

Nike: "Okay how long does it take Ali to shop for hobo clothes?"

Rose: "I don't know she doesn't usually shop for hobo clothes."

Nike: chuckled, "Yea...I guess not." he got up.

Rose: "But what will we do in the meantime?"

Nike: "Well, I look like a hobo and you look like a stripper. So...I have no idea."

Rose: looked down at herself.

Nike: "What?"

Rose: "Nothing I didn't say anything." she looked back up at him.

Nike: smiled slightly, "Ever want to kiss a hobo?"

Rose: "When it's you, oh of course." she smiled and bent down and kissed him on the lips.

Nike: "Awesome." he pulled her down onto the soil with him. He looked up at the sky.

Rose: looked up, "When I was little, when I could, I would lay out in the grass and try to make pictures out of the clouds."

Nike: "Sounds like you had fun sometimes as a child."

Rose: "When I wasn't bad. Or when I snuck out."

Nike: "Why would you sneak out? Have people to meet?"

Rose: "No, just to relax for a little while and not have to have responsibilities or chores. It wasn't much fun at an orphanage."

Nike: "What did your day consist of at an orphanage? Lots of kids so lots of friends I assume."

Rose: "I actually didn't have any friends except one. But I would get up around 3, make the food, when everyone was up I would take care of their beds and rooms cleaning them up then I would take and wash the dishes, I did laundry, and watched the other kids have fun. I was reconcilable to take care of all the meals, making and cleaning up. I also did things that no one else wanted to do. Then wouldn't get to bed until around 12." she shrugged.

Nike: "Why were you the only one who cleaned the place?"

Rose: "Because my father told them that I was to be doing everything."

Nike: "You got up at 3 am you say?"

Rose: nodded.

Nike: "How do you survive on three hours of sleep a day? Didn't you ever just...crash?"

Rose: "I did a few times and was punished for it. I just barely got along."

Nike: "How old were you?"

Rose: "I went there when I was 4 so, starting at the age of 4. All the way till I was 18 and could leave on my own."

Nike: "At least being a Kientian, as long as you got to eat chocolate you had energy to stay

Rose: "Yes but chocolate was only for special occasions. Well a big amount of it. Like an ounce"

Nike: "But they did feed you, correct? Because if Kientians don't eat they do pass out. I know this from experience with you."

Rose: "Sometimes I would go through the cupboards when I was making something to eat for the others I would find something to eat. That was maybe once a day twice if I was lucky. They didn't let me eat with the other children."

Nike: "Your father say so?"

Rose: nodded.

Nike: "And where was your mother in all of this?"

Rose: "She was at home, she tried to stop him or change his mind but he would hurt her every time she tried to help me in some way or another. One time..." she smiled slightly, "She sent me a basket of chocolate without my dad's knowledge."

Nike: smiled over at Rose, "I bet you enjoyed that."

Rose: "I did, I even ate it quickly so it could not be taken away, any kind of chocolate you could imagine was in it."

Nike: shook his head, "And here, Kah-Lee was at home the whole time I bet just enjoying life."

Rose: "I don't know. I am sure that father made her life hard to."

Nike: "I doubt it if she was the favorite child. After all he did keep her home and send you away. Which was just stupidity. I mean, you two met and we saved the moon and sun."

Rose: "It's sort of interesting, she stayed home and she hates them but I just want to get their approval."

Nike: "Maybe because you never got a chance to earn it. You were sent away."

Rose: shrugged, "Maybe."

Nike: "Now you say you had one friend, who was this?"

Rose: "Tanya."

Nike: "That girl you called that one time?"

Rose: "Yes."

Nike: "You haven't really hung out much."

Rose: "We used to, but then things got hectic for both of us."

Nike: "You met at the orphanage you say?"

Rose: nodded, "Yes, she came about 2 years after I showed up and was different from the other children she also helped sometimes with my duties."

Nike: "That was nice of her. How is her life hectic? Is your life really that hectic with me?"

Rose: "She was accepted finally to a job so she has been working a lot of hours. No, not really but at the same time I don't want to go out in nothing but bra and underwear with her either."

Nike: chuckled, "Only for the week hun."

Rose: "Though it was a month for three bites."

Nike: " must have really wanted me to bite you."

Rose: "I did."

Nike: "Did you ever try to go home to see your sister? I know you knew about her. But she didn't know about you."

Rose: "I tried to run away but I was caught. I tried to call a few times. It failed though."

Nike: nodded slowly, learning all of this about his wife.

Rose: "But it's not important."

Nike: "If I didn't care I wouldn't ask questions. Kind of like Nicodemus."

Rose: nodded slowly.

Nike: "It seems you and Ali aren't as close anymore."

Rose: "She seems to be doing better off now."

Nike: "So you don't love her as much?"

Rose: "I love her very much, more even than before."

Nike: "Okay."

Rose: "I wonder if she is done."

Nike: "So do I."

Rose: "We should go check."

Nike: "Oh, right." he stood and teleported with Rose back to the spot they were at earlier.

Ali: was up in the room waiting, she looked very hoboish

Nike: "Okay, let's go get us some victims."

Ali: smiled, "Sounds good."

Nike: they went to stand among the streets of Las Vegas.

Ali: went to an adjacent corner.

Many people walked by.

Rose: watched.

Nike: knocked out as many people as who could, without being noticed. Whoever talked to him, whoever offered him money, and even people who just walked by. He counted the bodies and teleported the people to his little island. Then he came back.

Ali: did the same her count was 75

Nike: "I got 54."

Ali: "I win, I got 75."

Nike: "Yea,'s easier for a girl." that was his excuse.

Ali: laughed, "Just admit to defeat."

Nike: "Not yet, we have a few more rounds to go." he went and changed outfits. They headed to the casino.

They were dressed up like rich folk. It was a fancy casino.

Ali: dressed up in some of her most expensive clothing, then she followed her father.

Nike: walked around with Rose for a bit, "Okay hun, I gotta go get my flirt on."

Rose: nodded, "Okay, have fun."

Nike: walked off to trick some people.

Rose: sat back and watched like she had before.

Nike: was better at this. He knew how to flirt with girls. He'd had lots of practice with Rose. He reeled in 200 people; 125 women and 75 men. He made about 75 grand that he took from their wallets.

Ali: somewhat knew what she was doing she only got a total of 150 with 120 guys and 30 girls.

Nike: "Take them all to the island?"

Ali: nodded, "I suppose."

Nike: "Well did you or didn't you?"

Ali: "I have."

Nike: "Good. How much money did you make?"

Ali: "100 grand."

Nike: smiled slightly, "Well, you would have won that if it was going by how much money we make. However, since it wasn't, I win."

Ali: "But the game is not over yet."

Nike: "One more round for today."

Ali: smiled, "Well let's get to it."

Nike: "Okay. We need to change." he said, "We are going to go fishing. Fishing for fishermen."

Ali: "I have just the thing." she teleported back to the hotel.

Nike: wrapped his arm about Rose and followed Ali back to the hotel. He changed.

Ali: was already changed, "Wow dad you're getting slow in your old age."

Nike: "Hahahaha. Very funny." he finished changing, "To the beach." he teleported there after giving the coordinates.

Ali: followed right behind him.

Nike: "I'm going to hunt from below." he dived into the water.

Ali: smiled, and shook her head. She walked over to the fishermen and started talking to them; she got them before he could.

Nike: swam further out to the water and got the ones from far away while Ali talked to the ones close by. It was easy to sink their boats from underneath and then 'save' the people who were drowning by teleporting them to his island.

Ali: moved on.

Nike: returned later. He had gotten 30 fishermen. Not too many.

Ali: had about 31

Nike: "No fair!"

Ali: "How is it not fair?"

Nike: "You BARELY beat me."

Ali: smiled and shrugged, "Would you rather be in the dust more dad?"

Nike: grumbled, "No." he looked at Rose.

Rose: "You tried your best that's what matters." she told Nike

Nike: looked at Ali, "Okay, enough for today. Tomorrow, we hunt them on the island."

Ali: clapped with excitement

Nike: teleported home with Rose. "Well, I have enough money now. Want to go on a date?"

Rose: "Can I wear a dress?"

Nike: "Depends what it looks like."

Rose: pulled out a short dress that was up to her thigh and you could see some cleavage and it had no straps

Nike: "You know, they have this type of clothing now where it looks like an outfit, but is actually just paint on a person, decorated as such."

Rose: sat down on the bed, "Perhaps tomorrow then."

Nike: "Fine. Wear it."

Rose: "I don't wish to make you unhappy."

Nike: "Well, you are."

Rose: "I'm sorry, well I shall just go as is then." she set the dress aside.

Nike: "I like the paint idea."

Rose: "Paint it is then." she said wishing to make him happy again.

Nike: smiled, "Awesome. Just for that." he bent down and kissed her neck, letting his fangs come down.

Rose: smiled.

Nike: bit her neck.

Rose: smiled wider, she closed her eyes, feeling the full extent off of it.

Nike: pulled back after a moment and sealed her wound, "You want the scar or not? I brought that cream for it."

Rose: "I want the scar." she said without a moment's hesitation.

Nike: "You are turning into Kah-Lee after all." he said in realization, remembering how she used to hate the scar. How she used to hate being bitten at all. And now he could bribe her with a mere bite. He went into the bathroom.

Rose: "Is that a bad thing?"

Nike: "Not necessarily. I mean you are twins so it's kind of expected, isn't it?" he brushed his teeth.

Rose: "Not necessarily, I know twins who are completely different."

Nike: "Who?" he spat in the sink and set his toothbrush aside. He pulled off his shirt and came out of the bathroom and changed his jeans into flannel pajama pants.

Rose: "Kanatra and Katrina."

Nike: "I have no idea who that is." he jumped onto the bed and pulled Rose back with him as he laid back.

Rose: relaxed in his arms.

Ali: "Well I'll see you guys later then."

Nike: "Through that door there," he pointed, "Is your hotel room. I got you one separate."

Ali: smiled, "Thanks dad." she walked in and closed the door.

Nike: "Now what shall we do?" he asked Rosemarie once Ali left.

Rose: "I have a couple ideas." she kissed him passionately.

Nike: kissed her back, "This is your first, what's your second?"

Rose: "Do so all night."

Nike: "You aren't tired?"

Rose: "No. Should I be?"

Nike: "Well, I didn't know if you would be or not because I drained a teensy bit of blood when I bit you. However, I have enough for room service now and if needed, I can call for lots and lots of chocolate. Even more than your mother gave you in the basket that one time."

Rose: "I'm fine." she assured him.

Nike: smiled, "Okay." he said almost in a whisper, and continued to kiss her once again.

Rose: kissed him again, over and over


Nike: saw the daylight streams of the sun coming in through the hotel window of his and Rose's room.

Rose: laid close to him, her head on his chest. She smiled in her sleep.

Nike: "You fell asleep anyways." he whispered in her ear and then kissed it. He knew he should have called for that chocolate. Ah, well, he would do so now while she slept. He grabbed the phone and dialed room service. After he talked to them, he hung it up and just continued to lie back on the comfortable bed.

Rose: snuggled closer to him. "I love you Nike." she said softly.

Nike: "Now, do you say that in your sleep, or while you are awake?" he wondered quietly, with a small smile upon his lips.

Rose: smiled slightly, "Both."

Nike: "Oh, you are half asleep, half awake, are you?" he kissed her cheek.

Rose: smiled and nodded, "Mhm."

Nike: "And what are you half dreaming of?"

Rose: "You."

Nike: "Mmm...what about me?"

Rose: "How perfect you are and how lucky I am to have you."

Nike: "I like that dream."

Rose: smiled slightly, "I'm glad you think so."

Nike: "Are you going to come to the island today with Ali and me as we finish our game?"

Rose: "If I can."

Nike: "You can."

Rose: smiled, "Thank you."

Nike: "You are most welcome my flower." he got up at the knock on the door and pulled in the cart full of deserts, all sorts. "Chocolate one's for you," he told Rose. "Rest for...throwing at the people on the island."

Rose: stood and went and got some chocolate. She ate some.

Nike: "Ali and I don't get to eat until we get to the island. And then we feast! Muahahaha." he sat on the edge of the bed.

Rose: smiled, "A whole banquet waiting for you."

Nike: "Yep, and this is your banquet for you my love." he kissed her cheek and then went and got dressed in just plain jeans and a tee-shirt.

Rose: "Thank you." she ate all of it.

Nike: laughed, "Someone was hungry. I must have done a good job last night."

Rose: "You were wonderful." she looked down at her stomach and gasped.

Nike: "What?" he looked over to her, worried something had happened.

Rose: pointed to her stomach, it had a bump.

Nike: "Well, yea, you just ate a banquet for four by yourself."

Rose: shook her head. "That's not why the bump is there."

Nike: cleared his throat. It felt dry. He looked away, "Oh?" he managed to get out.

Rose: "Nike I think I'm...pregnant again."

Nike: " least I know about it this time." he looked over and smiled at her slightly. What was he supposed to say?

Rose: smiled slightly and nodded. "Are you hungry? I can give you some red liquid if you want."

Nike: "Does that hurt the baby?"

Rose: "No, I don't think so. Ali is fine."

Nike: "You didn't even have a stomach with her."

Rose: shrugged. "Starnight bit me every time he was hungry and everyone's okay."

Nike: nodded slightly, "Okay. But I don't need to drain you. I need to save my hunger to unleash on the victims on the island."

Rose: nodded, "I understand." she changed her underclothes and then pulled on a tee-shirt and jeans.

Nike: " hasn't been one month yet."

Rose: nodded, "I marked it on the calendar see." she pulled out her calendar and showed him when it started and when it ended which was that day.

Nike: "Was it really that bad you had to mark it?"

Rose: "No, but I wanted to make sure I didn't short it."

Nike: "But what about our date with you wearing that paint outfit and nothing else?"

Rose: "We can still do that."

Nike: smiled again, "Okay." he went and knocked on Ali's room door.

Ali: "Coming."

Nike: "Okay. Come and say hi to your sibling too."

Ali: something made a loud bang. "What?"

Nike: chuckled, "Must I repeat myself?"

Ali: "I heard something really weird so you should."

Nike: "Just come out here."

Ali: walked out.

Nike: pointed to Rose and then walked and patted her stomach, "Hello little sibling of Ali's."

Ali: "Wow you know I'm feeling lightheaded."

Nike: "Awww, is it from jealousy? Get over it."

Ali: "This is not a mental illness dad."

Nike: "Then what is it?"

Ali: "I don't know."

Nike: "You've got a bruise on your arm. What'd you do in there that made that loud bang sound? I'm rich now, you know, but I don't wanna be wasting my money on patching holes that you make unnecessarily with your 'non mental illness'. After all, I have a baby to raise."

Ali: "I fell."

Nike: "Exactly. Fell into what?"

Ali: "The wall and a wooden desk." she shrugged

Nike: smiled slightly and shook his head, "Poor girl." he said sarcastically.

Ali: "Are we going to go or what? I'm starving."

Nike: "Yep." he looked to Rose, "Ready, my baby carrier?"

Rose: smiled and nodded.

Nike: teleported them to the island.

Ali: looked around, she smiled this was going to be fun.

Rose: she put her hand on her stomach. "If you need me I'll be in a tree."

Nike: "A tree? Um...why?" he asked Rose confused.

Rose: "Cause it's fun."

Nike: "And you get a better view of the game." He smiled at her.

Rose: smiled back, "Yes I do indeed."

Nike: "Okay, go climb a tree." He turned to Ali, "The rules are simple. Hunt as many humans as you can drink until you are full. Kill no more. Drink the ones you hunt; drink them DRY. Do that as many times until you are full and then stop. We will compare deaths afterward. The most deaths wins." He explained to her, "Make it a fun game, where we are the hunters and the humans are the deer running away. Chase them, play with them and have a blast killing them."

Rose: climbed a tree carefully. She sat on a couple branches and rested her feet on a limb below her.

Ali: smiled, "I can do this in my sleep." She smirked, "See ya dad." She ran off to begin the wonderful game of nature and the wild.

Nike: watched Ali go and then looked up at Rose, "Don't fall out of the tree and hurt yourself or the baby." he urged, and then ran off in the opposite direction from which Ali had run.

Rose: "Alright." She relaxed.


There was a group of people huddled together and frightened about what was going to happen here in this strange place. They whispered frantically to each other while some were even too nervous to speak, so they just stared where they looked. So much were they frightened that they didn't even see Ali as she emerged from the trees into the clearing where they stood.

Ali: knocked them off one by one, making as much sound as possible.

Someone jumped out of a tree and onto Ali's back, trying to be a hero.

Ali: smiled a picked the person off her back and started to drink.

Someone from behind another tree shot a makeshift arrow made from wood, right into Ali's shoulder, like a stake.

Ali: pulled it out of her shoulder and stabbed him with it.

He slowly died a bloody death.

Ali: cleaned it up and continued to feed; chasing the running people.


Nike: walked around in plain sight.

Ali: finished all that she could take.

Nike: laughed at Ali as he walked by.

Ali: "At least I don't need a lot cause I'm not old!" she commented.

Nike: "Then I win! Muahaha!"

Ali: "How many father?"

Nike: "Ummm..." he ran away.

Ali: laughed.

Nike: "Don't laugh at your father." He said from behind her.

Ali: "Answer my question then." She turned to face him.

Nike: teleported behind her again, "What will I get if I do?"

Ali: "You will know if you won or lost."

Nike: "I drank 39 people. That's my limit." He patted his stomach, "Should last me a month." He smiled.

Ali: "25 people for me. But I still beat you. I won more events." She pointed out.

Nike: ""

Ali: "Whatever dad."

Nike: "Fine. Here." He tossed her a box he pulled from his pocket. It was the size of a wallet.

Ali: looked almost confused but opened the box, expecting a bomb or something.

Inside the box was a small pin that read "#1 Snyde".

Nike: "A bomb? Really? I should be offended."

Ali: smiled and took out the pin, "Not really. It means you aren't losing your touch."

Nike: "True. I'll remember that next time when I want to act like a sore loser." He started to walk back to where Rose was supposed to be.

Rose: jumped out of the tree.

Nike: "Careful hun. You're pregnant, remember?"

Rose: looked down at her stomach that now had a baby bump, "I remember."

Nike: put his hand against her stomach lightly.

Rose: put her hand on his. There was some movement in her belly.

Nike: smiled and moved his hand and picked Rose up, spinning around with her. As he lowered her back to the ground his lips found hers as he nibbled against her skin, "The prospect of having a baby makes me want you THAT much more my little flower." He whispered into her mouth.

Rose: giggled.

Nike: "So what do you wish to do now love? My game with Ali is over."

Rose: her finger traced his chest, "Your choice."

Nike: smiled slightly. He caught her hand and rubbed his thumb lightly over her palm, "You have any preferences?"

Rose: "Not really..."

Nike: "Alright well, let's just all go back to the hotel then." He suggested.

Rose: smiled and nodded, "That makes me smile. I love that idea." She kissed him excited.

Nike: chuckled and kissed her back, "We need to let Ali know we are heading back then, so she doesn't think we ditched her or whatever."

Ali: "Have fun in your room. I'll be in the casino."

Nike: "Sure." He teleported with Rose back to the hotel.

Ali: now that the game was over she was completely bored. She teleported to the casino to see if that would help rid her of her boredom.

Nike: pulled off his shirt.

Rose: kissed him, wrapping her arms around him.

Nike: picked her up and set her on the bed, kissing her back.

Rose: continued to kiss him.

Nike: smoothed his hands up Rose's legs and hiked up her skirt as he kissed her passionately. Be interesting to see her naked with a baby bump, he thought to himself.

Rose: returned his kisses.


Rose: lay beside him.

Nike: got up off of the bed, "That was fun."

Rose: smiled slightly, "I'm glad to make you happy."

Nike: patted her leg, "You do." He assured her, smiling slightly in return.

Rose: "For that I am thankful." She sat up slowly.

Nike: sighed, "Well, what do you want to do now?"

Rose: "Anything you want."

Nike: "I should go check on my fish. Your fish is probably dead too."

Rose: looked sad, "I guess I wasn't good enough for a fish."

Nike: chuckled, "Good thing your fish was an actual fish and not a mermaid like my fish, or else you'd feel even more sad, I bet."

Rose: nodded, "I still feel bad, though."

Nike: "I'll get you another." He got up and pulled on his jeans.

Rose: got dressed, "Thank you."

Nike: "Sure." He slipped on a t-shirt.

Rose: waited.

Nike: got everything together and left a note for Ali, signed them out of the hotel and then teleported back home with Rose.

Rose: ran to her fish that was swimming around.

Nike: "It's alive!" he said dramatically.

Rose: giggled.

Nike: "I'm going to go check on my fish." He announced.

Rose: "Can I come?"

Nike: "Sure, if you can handle whatever sight may be down there. Like I said, I do not even know if my fish is alive, like yours is, or if mine is dead." Nike chuckled, "Have you ever got a whiff of dead fish? Nasty smell, love. If my fish is dead, it might smell." He purposefully did not use the terms 'she' or 'her' or 'girl' or 'woman'. The stupid fish didn't deserve that type of honor. It was an it, and nothing more. Ever.

Rose: nodded, "I can handle it."

Nike: "Alright. Feed your fish or something before we go to the basement. You don't want your fish to die of starvation, do you hun?"

Rose: shook her head and then quickly ran over and fed her fish.

Nike: waited for her. He opened the door to the basement and then took a breath. Well...nothing smelling rotted. That was a good sign.

Rose: came down with him.

Nike: closed the door behind him and walked down the stairs, turning to the door that harbored the room where the mermaid was kept.

Mermaid: was sitting at the bottom of her tank, head back against the glass. Her tail scales were a dull gray green, showing how much bad shape she was in. Her water was murky too. Not good to breathe in. She was weak.

Nike: smiled widely, "Look she's alive!"

Rose: smiled, "Cool."

Mermaid: looked up and just stared at Rose. Her eyes followed her; hollow and void of emotion.

Rose: touched her hand to the glass, "You need to clean this."

Nike: laughed, "You're funny Rose."

Rose: "I'm serious, actually."

Nike: "It's my fish, not yours. I'll deal with her how I wish, and right now I wish for her to live in murky, filthy water."

Rose: nodded slowly. She backed up from the aquarium.

Mermaid: continued to stare at her.

Nike: "Don't be sad Rose."

Rose: was staring back at the mermaid, "It's your fish, it's fine." She looked away.

Mermaid: her eyes turned black, watching Rose.

Nike: was watching Rose, "Really, love?" he took out a knife from a sheath which he had picked up from the ground by the tank.

Rose: "I will listen to my husband." She closed her eyes tight and put her hand over her mouth.

Nike: "Rose, hun, can you go make me some of that delicious food that you do? I'll be up in a bit."

Rose: nodded, "Yes Nike." She left quickly.

Nike, "Oh mermaid..." he said in a sing song-y voice once Rose had left, letting his voice turn serious, "It's not nice of you to scare my wife." He walked over to the tank and jumped in.


Rose: was busy at work, careful not to get her tears in the food.

Nike wasn't back for a few hours that passed.

Rose: was on the couch crying, still unaware her energy was about to run out. She passed out after two hours.

The next thing Rose knew there was a warm liquid of melted chocolate being pressed to her lips, urging her to drink to get her to wake up. "Rose," came the voice, but it wasn't a man's voice at all, not her husband. It was a woman. "Rose darling wake up." came the voice again. It sounded like little bells ringing each time she spoke. A perfect voice, with the gentleness of water.

Rose: "Mmm..." she drank a little more, "Where's my husband?" she whispered and opened her eyes a little.

Mermaid: smiled at her, "Where he deserves to be. Come on Rose, gain your strength back." She stood on two legs. She was wearing one of Rose's dresses.

Rose: "What do you mean? He's okay, isn't he?" she asked, starting to get frantic. She drank quicker.

Mermaid: "Oh, you care about him being okay, and not me?" her voice grew sour, "How nice." She walked away into the kitchen.

Rose: "Why did you help me?" she sat up.

Mermaid: "We both needed to be saved from him." She called back.

Rose: "I don't need to be saved from my husband."

Mermaid: "I saw it. You do. He's horrible."

Rose: "He's a wonderful husband and father."

Ali: walked in, "Weird. Hey, where's dad?"

Mermaid: looked at Ali. She smiled, "Hello daughter." She looked at Rose, "Then you've been fooled."

Rose: "I have not."

Ali: walked down to the basement.

Mermaid: shifted forms now, looking and sounding exactly like Nike, "I made you cry, love."

No one was in the basement, but the water from the tank covered the floor; the tank was shattered. The knife was lying on the ground, wet and shimmery from the water.

Rose: "So? That doesn't matter."

Ali: picked up the knife.

Nike: "Remember, I don't like to see you cry. You hungry?"

Rose: "I'm fine. I'm sorry."

Nike: smiled slightly, "It's okay love. I've decided to be nice to mermaids. They're my friends." He leaned back against the counter.

Rose: "I won't question your methods."

Nike: "Question me all you want. Now, where's our daughter?" he looked around.

Ali: walked up the stairs, "Oh, hey dad."

Nike: "Hey hun. Want to go for a run?"

Ali: "Sure."

Nike: kissed Rose's cheek, "Bye love." He walked outside.

Ali: followed quickly.

Rose: "Bye."

Nike: went for a run with Ali.

Rose: sat on the couch, not sure what to do with herself.

Nike: came back with Ali later.

Rose: was still sitting on the couch.

Nike: sat on the couch by Rose, "What's wrong love?"

Rose: "Nothing."

Nike: "I should clean up that mess I made downstairs. Silly me." He got up and went to the basement.

Rose: followed.

Nike: "No need to follow me my dear. I've got it." He walked into the room with water, "My my, what a mess." He shifted back to mermaid form without the tail, making sure to keep dry. She was back in Rose's clothes, stretching her hand out over the water, starting to collect it together.

Rose: "Where is my husband?"

Mermaid: "Give me a moment Rose." She evaporated the water, then went and started to clean up the glass.

Rose: "She's going to figure it out."

Mermaid: "Who?" she spoke as she cleaned.

Rose: "Ali."

Mermaid: shrugged, "She'll be glad."

Rose: "No, she won't."

Mermaid: "I'm certainly glad. At least I'm not dead." She looked at Rose, "I thought you were better than that."

Rose: "And I thought you were different too. But you're not." She turned away and tried to feel for Nike with her mind.

Mermaid: "Not to people who hurt me, darling. I hated you too till I realized that you were trapped just like me. So I decided to help you." She finished cleaning up the room.

Rose couldn't feel him.

Rose: "I wasn't trapped!" she cried. "I'd do anything for him! I'd even die for him!" she exclaimed, whirling to face the mermaid girl.

Mermaid: "Exactly. So much so you were willing to do anything for him that you were going to let me die." She shook her head, "Snyde or not, mermaids have the upper hand in water."

Rose: "I should have stayed.

Mermaid: "No Rose!" she started to cry, "You should have helped me! I thought you were better than what he made you!"

Rose: "He made me a better person! I would never kill my baby's father!"

Mermaid: shifted back to Nike's form.

Rose: ran up the stairs, she looked through the cupboards.

Rose could feel Nike now.

Rose: felt to see where he was at.

Nike: came up behind her, "Here love. What are you looking for?" he smiled slightly, reaching behind her to close the cupboard doors that she had opened.

The presence was behind her.

Rose: backed up away from him.

Nike: watched her, "What's wrong? Do I smell?" he chuckled.

Rose: "Just stay away from me."

Nike: shrugged slightly, and then went to take a shower.

Rose: looked through the cupboards again, "There has to be some."

Mermaid: a lovely singing voice sounded from the shower.

Rose: found a grape. She smiled.

Mermaid: was still in the shower.

Rose: took a breath and took a bite. She fell to the floor.

Mermaid: was still in the shower.


Nike: came out of the shower and walked back into the kitchen. "Rose?" he tilted his head, wondering what she was doing on the floor. He knelt by her, pressing a hand to her forehead.

Rose: was cold.

Nike: watched her, shifting to her mermaid form with legs. Her face was sad.

Ali: came in, she stopped dead in her tracks, "Mom?" she ran to her, "Mom wake up!"

Mermaid: looked at Ali, "I'm sorry." She said softly.

Ali: looked at the mermaid and hissed, "You did this! She was carrying a child!"

Mermaid: "I didn't mean to!" she looked back at Rose, "I'll fix it I promise." She pressed her hands to Rose's chest, over her heart. Her hands started to glow as energy was transferred from her and into Rose.

Ali: "You've helped enough!" she yelled at the mermaid girl.

Mermaid: her breathing grew weak as she gave Rose her life. She fell back, dead, as Rose's eyes opened.

Rose: groaned, she cried.

Ali: held her.

Nike: came into the room, appearing there, dripping wet. He took a breath, "Hmmm...maybe I should learn more about mermaids before I mess with them."

Rose: looked up, "Nike?" she sniffled.

Nike: looked at her, "I hope so. Otherwise I've been fooled these whole years."

Rose: scrambled over to him and hugged him, crying.

Nike: looked at the mermaid, her tail back, as he hugged Rose. He smiled slightly, "What'd you do to my fish?"

Rose: "I..." she released the hug and backed up.

Nike: looked at her, "What's wrong?"

Rose: "I'm so sorry Nike. I didn't mean to."

Nike: "It's did what I couldn't." he wasn't mad at all. He looked at Ali, "Hey hun." He waved.

Ali: looked up from where she still sat on the floor in the kitchen, "Hi."

Rose: "I thought you were dead."

Nike: "No. More like stuck in some seaweed in the Pacific Ocean."

Rose: "I'm glad."

Nike: smiled slightly and chuckled, "Yea...cuz being trapped in seaweed underwater is great..." he said sarcastically.

Rose: "Better than death...unless I'm so horrible you wanted that."

Nike: "No love." He kissed her.

Rose: kissed him back.

Nike: "How's the baby?"

Rose: "I don't know." She admitted softly.

Nike: put his hand lightly to her stomach.

There was nothing.

Nike: his eyes grew hard. He knelt down and used x-ray vision to see inside Rosemarie's stomach.

The baby was sleeping.

Nike: breathed a sigh of relief, "Okay." He sat back, his eyes softened.

Rose: "I'm sorry." She repeated quietly.

Nike: looked up at her, "For?"

Rose: "Everything."

Nike: "No need, love." He stood and made the mermaid's dead body vanish.

Rose: nodded slowly.

Nike: "I think I will have...other pets from now on."

Rose: "Like?" she asked him.

Nike: "Like...not fish. Perhaps stick with humans. If Ali permits, of course."

Ali: "Why would I care?" she called.

Nike: "Because you wanted to kill me before for it."

Ali: "I don't care what you do as long as I get to be a part of it."

Nike: "As long as you do?" he raised an eyebrow.

Ali: nodded. "Yup that's what I said."

Nike: smiled slightly and did a playful punch at her cheek, just lightly like a tap, "That's my girl."

Ali: laughed.

Nike: "So you can come help me look for someone."

Ali: smiled, "Awesome, let's go."

Nike: looked at Rose, "Is that alright with you?"

Rose: "Sure, just as long as I don't see her."

Nike: smiled, "Sweet. We might get two." he kissed her forehead, "Be back later." he looked to Ali and nodded, "Let's go to town." he vanished.

Ali: vanished with him.

Rose: just sat on the couch and pulled her legs up to her.

Nike: landed in the center of town, he yelled, "HELLO PEOPLE!" he laughed and ran around the vicinity of it with his speed and herded all the people in a tight circle.

Ali: watched then grabbed the people that tried to get away and put them in the circle.

Nike: made a trampoline appear in front of them and he jumped on it to make him be above everyone. He chuckled, "Hello people. I'm looking for two servants. Anyone volunteer?"

One woman in the center looked around a raised her hand slowly, "I volunteer."

Nike: smiled, "Good." he teleported her to the trampoline. "Ali come here; get your person to torture. Boy or girl; pick your poison."

Ali: looked at them, "You." she pointed to a man in the back and teleported them beside him.

Nike: looked at the woman, "You must have a crappy life to volunteer for this."

Woman: "I just don't want anyone else to suffer."

Nike: sighed, "Ew. Nobility is boring. I don't want you anymore. Get off of my trampoline."

Woman: got off and went back to the other people, she looked down.

Nike: scanned the crowd. He smiled and pointed to one girl who was trying to hide behind others, "YOU!"

Ali: smiled, "Does this mean we can have our fun now?"


The girl trembling quickly came to him.

Nike: gripped her hair and lifted her onto the trampoline, "Let's have a show."

Ali: smiled, "I'd like that."

Girl: she cried out from the tension from her hair.

Nike: "Let's see how The Great Ones take this." he smacked the girl across the face and flung her into a nearby tree.

Girl: screamed the tears running more and more as many of her bones were broken.

Nike: looked to the woman who had volunteered, "I'll bring you home for my wife."

There were protests in the crowd, "Who are you!"

"You're a sick person!"

Other people ran to help the girl.

Girl: "Yes sir," she walked up to him.

Nike: "Ali stop them please." he motioned to the people going to the girl.

Ali: vanished and appeared over by them, she pushed them all back and rounded them up stopping them from getting to the girl. "Nope."

Nike: "You people seriously think you can out run us?" he laughed, "Snyde's? Nice try." his fangs came down.

Ali: watched the people ready to stop them when necessary.

Nike: hissed. He ran into the crowd.

There was a lot of screaming and running.

Ali: waited for her dad, watching over the two people that they were going to take home.

Nike: he killed twenty people, drinking three, just for the fun of it. "ALI GO! Your turn sweetie!"

Ali: after she hurt the man to her satisfaction she killed some more people drinking until she was full.

Nike: "Now watch this." he got an anvil and got back on the trampoline. "I'll bounce this, and whoever of the crowd it lands on and kills, that will be the GRAND finale." he bounced the anvil on the trampoline and watched it come down.

It came down on just a little child and killed her.

Nike: smiled; he erased everyone's mind and made his trampoline vanish. He picked up the two girls and teleported home, letting everyone in town clean up the mess.

Ali: just before she left she cleaned up the mess so everyone could go on with their day.

But even then other people realized something had happened; people were missing and the parents of the little child who had died were devastated, not knowing where she was or what happened to her.

"She was right here!" the mother cried.

Dad: "I'll look hun I'll look." he ran around frantically.

Ali: without her dad knowing she came up to the parents, "I think you lost your little girl."

The girl alive and well ran over and hugged her parents and cried.

Ali: turned and walked away.

The mother scooped her daughter up in her arms and hugged her tightly, "Thank you!" she called to Ali.

Ali: "Sure." when she was out of sight she teleported back to the house.

Nike: "Here you are my flower." he shoved the woman to her.

Rose: "Umm...thanks?" she said confused.

Woman: just stood there and looked at Rose though she kept her eyes down.

Nike: "You know, your own personal servant girl. She volunteered so it's not like she's here unwillingly. Do what you want with her." he was still carrying his servant girl on his shoulder.

Rose: nodded, she stood and took the girl to the kitchen.

Nike: walked down to the basement carrying his girl.

Girl: was crying still.

Nike: threw her on the floor, "Will you stop if I say be quiet?"

Girl: she tried to get up and tried to stop herself from making any noise. She shook from fear. "Please don't hurt me." she begged in a whispered.

Nike: "You're my servant. Of course I will hurt you. If you don't do as I say ALL THE TIME. Understood?"

Girl: "Understood." she whispered.

Nike: smiled, "Good." he healed her broken bones and made her completely healthy, "Now...this is your space. And I will call you when I need you. I better not need to call more than once." he turned and walked back up the stairs.

Girl: nodded in understanding, she stayed lying on the floor even though if she wanted she could stand.

Nike: walked back over to Rose and kissed her cheek.

Rose: smiled a little, "Welcome back, did you have a good time."

Nike: "Yep, I just told the girls the rules. Where's Ali?"

Rose: "In her room I think making use of her new man servant."

Nike: smirked, "In her room?"

Rose: nodded

Nike: "Interesting. I have you for that though." he kissed her on the lips.

Rose: kissed him back, "Yes you do." she said softly.

Nike: "Which is why we will be having a little one soon."

Rose: smiled and nodded she looked down and placed a hand on her stomach.

Nike: "Something wrong?"

Rose: looked back up at him, "Of course not. What could be wrong?"

Nike: "The baby's okay right?"

Rose: nodded, "Yea the baby's fine."

Nike: "Would you like to go for ice cream?"

Rose: "Ice-cream sounds nice."

Nike: "Let's go then." he took her hand and they walked outside.

Rose: went with him, she smiled a little. She was glad to have her husband back with her.

Nike: "Want to walk there? Or are you not up for it because you are pregnant?"

Rose: "We can walk."

Nike: put his arm around her waist and walked with her.

Rose: set her head softly on his shoulder.

Nike: took them to town and bought Rose the ice cream she wanted. He sat down at the table in the diner with her.

Rose: sat down and enjoyed her cone.

Nike: did the same.

Rose: finished hers first she waited for Nike.

Nike: finished his cone and got up, "That was good."

Rose: stood and smiled, "That it was."

Nike: took her hand again, "Need or want to go anywhere else before we go home?"

Rose: shook her head, "No, that's okay."

Nike: "Alright." he walked home with her.

Rose: walked home and didn't say a word the whole way home, she was too busy thinking.

Nike: "What are you thinking about Rose?" he asked her softly.

Rose: "The baby..."

Nike: "What about it?"

Rose: "If it'll be a boy or a girl, what it'll look like. If it'll like me...just things like that."

Nike: "I remember when you used to be sad because you said I didn't want kids..."

Rose: "Would you rather I be like that?" she asked quickly.

Nike: "No I'm just saying that I only didn't want kids if I didn't know about them. Like Ali...but I know about this one and I know about Ali now."

Rose: nodded in understanding.

Nike: kissed her cheek again, "Don't be so skittish."

Rose: "I'm sorry."

Nike: "It's alright. Must be nerves."

Rose: nodded, "I think it is."

Nike: "I wonder if there is a species out there that the man carries the baby."

Rose: "That would be weird."

Nike: he chuckled, "I agree."

Rose: smiled slightly, "Do you want it to be a boy or girl?"

Nike: "I don't care. Ali is fine and she's a girl so I can take any."

Rose: nodded, "What would we name it?"

Nike: "You named the other child by yourself just fine." he said kind of bitterly.

Rose: "I'm sorry." she whispered and looked down her smile vanished.

Nike: shrugged slightly.

Rose: "If you want to go ahead home I can walk by myself."

Nike: "Why?" he looked down at her. "You don't want me to walk with you?"

Rose: "I do want you to walk with me." she said quickly, "I just don't want to make you anymore angry then you are"

Nike: "I'm not angry." he smiled slightly and kissed the top of her head, "Just speaking truth love."

Rose: nodded and looked down again.

Nike: "I'll think of some names."

Rose: nodded, "Okay."

Nike: was silent.

Rose: she just watched the ground as they walked waiting for him

Nike: when they got back to the house he opened the door for her and they walked inside.

Rose: "Thank you." she said softly.

Nike: "Sure thing love."

Rose: she sat on the couch.

Nike: sat next to her.

Rose: "Is everything okay?"

Nike: "Someone called me a sick person today."

Rose: "You're not a sick person."

Nike: "Perhaps not now. You used to think so."

Rose: "I was a fool then, maybe I still am but I know better nevertheless."

Nike: "Or maybe you've been brain washed."

Rose: shook her head, "I don't think so."

Nike: yawned, "Alright." he rested his elbow on the arm of the couch and his head on his hand.

Rose: "Are you tired? We can go to bed if you want."

Nike: "It's fine. We only have one room and if Ali is in there then no."

Ali: "If Ali is in where?" she asked coming out of the kitchen.

Nike: looked over at her, "You have fun?"

Ali: smiled, "Tons."

Nike: "Good." he got up, "Night then." he walked to his room.

Rose: stood and followed him.

Nike: was getting changed for bed. He climbed in.

Rose: just took of her daily clothes and got in bed.

Nike: smiled slightly and pulled her close. "Love the sleepwear."

Rose: smiled a little, "Thanks."

Nike: snuggled his face into the back of her neck and closed his eyes.

Rose: she didn't move, she just listened.

Nike: fell asleep.

Rose: eventually closed her eyes and fell asleep too.


Nike: when the light came through the window he opened his eyes.

Rose: was still sleeping.

Nike: kissed the back of her neck.

Rose: she slowly woke up, "Nike, will you bite me?" she whispered.

Nike: "After you have the baby." he promised her, kissing her neck again.

Rose: nodded, "Okay." she said softly.

Nike: "I'll drain you too if you want."

Rose: "I'd like that."

Nike: "Mmmm..." his breath gently tickled her skin as he ran his lips softly back and forth over the back of her neck.

Rose: giggled softly.

Nike: "Shhh love. Don't giggle. It ruins the moment I'm creating here." he said softly and kissed her neck again, "Not that I don't love to hear it. Just not right now."

Rose: nodded, she stopped giggling and closed her eyes enjoying it.

Nike: shifted on the bed so Rose fell on her back to lie. He leaned over, bracing his arms on either side of her. He gently leaned down and kissed her cheek, moving his lips from her cheek to her nose to her other cheek and back to her nose. His eyes were closed too. He was doing this all by feeling and not sight or sound.

Rose: she smiled slightly but didn't say or do anything else.

Nike: gently he moved his lips to hers and kissed her for one moment before he moved his lips down her skin more; over her chin, across her jaw line...down her neck and to her collarbone. He couldn't help it now his fangs slid down. Nike acted like nothing happened but Rose could feel the slight points of them each time he kissed her.

Rose: kissed him back for that short minute, she bit her tongue to hold back a giggle.

Nike: "If you like something I do, just tell me and I will make sure I continue doing it..." he kissed her shoulder.

Rose: "I like this very much."

Nike: "Then I will continue to do it." he didn't have any clothes to remove so he just continued to kiss her all over. Moving slow and methodically.

Rose: she smiled and one time a giggle did slip out but she stopped it.

Nike: smiled slightly but said nothing. He continued to do this for hours...

Rose: just laid there for hours enjoying it and kissing him back when she could.

Nike: "I better get you food. You're weak." he climbed off of the bed.

Rose: she opened her eyes, "I'm okay."

Nike: "It's been a few hours. Can you even move?"

Rose: "Probably not." she admitted.

Nike: "Then food it is." he left the room.

Rose: she closed her eyes again, how quickly time flew.

Nike: came back in with some hot chocolate. He sat on the bed by her and slowly poured it down her throat, being gentle.

Rose: drank some of it and started to move she took the cup in her hand and finished the cup.

Nike: smiled slightly, "Good?"

Rose: smiled, "Very good."

Nike: patted her leg, "Good. Then you can go and get a real breakfast."

Rose: she smiled slight and brushed her lips against his in a kiss and then got up and went to pick out clothes to wear.

Nike: sat on the bed and watched her.

Rose: pulled out a mini skirt and threw it on the bed then got out a cream shirt and put it on, then walked back over to get the mini skirt.

Nike: laid back, "I don't know what to do today."

Rose: "Well you have many options." she put on the mini skirt and sat on the bed.

Nike: "Tell me them then."

Rose: "Go to town, Hurt your new girl, See your brother and mother, stay here with me..." she started to name those off.

Nike: sat up, "Yea I haven't seen Nicodemus in awhile. Perhaps I should. Then you can see your sister."

Rose: "I'd like that."

Nike: "Have they met Ali?"

Rose: "I don't think so."

Nike: "Then we could bring her with us."

Rose: smiled and nodded.

Nike: got up and walked into the bathroom, freshening up, "Do I need a shower?"

Rose: "No, you're all good." she walked over and started to brush out her hair.

Nike: "Alright." he came back out after he had shaved and brushed his teeth. He picked out a pair of torn jeans and a black shirt with writing on it. He stripped off his night clothes and put those on.

Rose: smiled as she watched him, then she turned back to the mirror and started to apply some makeup lightly.

Nike: "I'll be out getting Ali." he walked out into the living room and tossed a pillow at Ali, "Wake up sleepy head."

Her servant had his arms wrapped around her as they lay on the couch; she opened her eyes and pushed the man away. "Good Morning."

Nike: "Are you controlling him or is he really that easy and he wants to love you?"

Ali: "Controlling him of course, love ick." she tilted the man's head back and bit his neck and started to drink, afterwards she just pulled back and the man collapsed back.

Nike: "Killed him?"

Ali: "Nope, just made him unconscious, I'm not done with him yet."

Nike: smiled slightly, "Alright. Well, throw him in the basement with my girl. Your mother and I are going to visit our brother and sister so you are tagging along."

Ali: "Do I have to?"

Nike: "We want you to meet them. So...yes. Go get dressed."

Ali: sighed and picked up the man and after throwing him downstairs she went and got changed.

Nike: sat on the couch bed, waiting.

Rose and Ali came out at the same time.

Nike: "Ready?"

Rose: looked to Ali and nodded, "Yup."

Nike: teleported the three of them to Nicodemus house outside. He walked up and knocked on the door.

Nicodemus: "Someone get that." he called to the girls.

Avecita: ran and opened the door and frowned, "Oh, I thought you were someone else." she looked back, "Dad it's for you!"

Nicodemus: sighed and got up, "Hello Nike, please come in."

Nike: "You don't sound so thrilled to see us." he stepped in with Rose and Ali.

Nicodemus: "I never said that." he closed the door, "Please have a seat, excuse me a moment." he walked into the bedroom and got Kah-lee. "You're sister's here to see you."

Kah-Lee: was putting on some earrings, "Oh? Okay. I'll be out in a moment."

Nicodemus: "Alright." he kissed her cheek and walked back out, "And who is this?" he gestured to Ali.

Nike: "This is our daughter Ali." he smiled, "She's just like you and me." he told Nicodemus.

Nicodemus: smiled amused, "Oh really?"

Ali: smirked, that evil look to her eyes, "Why don't you come over here and we'll find out."

Nike: watched to see what Nicodemus would do.

Nicodemus: smiled, "I think you're right." in that instead there was a blur and Ali and Nicodemus fought.

Kah-Lee: came out, "Rose!" she smiled and waved, "How are you?" she fell back as the blur ran into her and knocked her into the wall. "Ouch."

Nike: "Careful."

Rose: pulled her back as the blur came again, "Yea just stay away from the blur."

Kah-Lee: "What is it?"

Rose: "Ali and Nicodemus fighting."

Kah-Lee: "Nicodemus don't hurt yourself! Take it outside you're ruining my house!"

Nicodemus: didn't hear her.

Kah-Lee: told him mentally.

Ali: after a few minutes Ali had him pinned, she smirked and got off. "I win."

Kah-Lee: "That's so..." she shook her head, "You lost to a girl."

Nicodemus: "She's younger, she had the advantage."

Kah-Lee: "I'm not even talking to you right now." she motioned to Rose, "Let's get something to drink." she went to the kitchen with her sister.

Nicodemus: "Okay then...anyways."

Nike: laughed, "It is funny." he high fived Ali.

Ali: smiled.

Nicodemus: smiled and rolled his eyes. "I admit. She has skills."

Nike: "That...she gets from me."

Nicodemus: "I would not doubt that."

Nike: "We had fun yesterday, making a show in town."

Nicodemus: "Hopefully something The Great Ones won't come after you for."

Nike: smiled, "I purposely challenged them."

Nicodemus: sighed, "You really want to die don't you?"

Nike: "I think we cleaned it up. Their memories were all erased. Only thing missing are the three people we took and the one little girl I killed."

Nicodemus: nodded. "Shouldn't be so bad then."

Nike: "You have any servants?"

Nicodemus: nodded, "I have five as of the moment."

Klara: walked out and sat on the couch.

Nike: looked at her. He slowly smiled, "She one?"

Nicodemus: "Yes."

Nike: "How is she for...working?"

Nicodemus: "You're not taking her."

Nike: "Why not?" he looked at his brother.

Nicodemus: "Because I went through the trouble of saving her, she's mine."

Nike: nodded, "I guess so."

There was a knock on the door.

Nicodemus: Answered the door.

Kennith: "It's Monday. I am here for Klara."

Nicodemus: sighed, "Alright come in." he walked over to Klara. "You're going with Kennith for a week, go pack your things." he told her in her language.

Klara: nodded and got up. She went to her room and collected her things.

Nike: "That's not fair. You won't let me take her but you let him?"

Nicodemus: "He's borrowing her."

Nike: "Well so could I."

Nicodemus: "No. I'm not sharing her with anyone else."

Nike: sighed, "Fine."

Nicodemus: waited for Klara.

Klara: came back out with her bag of stuff.

Nicodemus: "I'll see you in week." he told Kennith

Kennith: smiled, "Of course." he put his arm around Klara's waist and led her from the room and outside.

Klara: she didn't like his arm around her, but she couldn't protest it.

Nicodemus: watched them go then shut the door.

Nike: "We should create havoc or something today. I'm so bored."

Nicodemus: "What kind of havoc?"

Nike: "Like kicking people out of their house. I need a new place to live. My family is growing and my house now is just too small."

Nicodemus: "Well let's go."

Nike: "Alright. Ali you want to come?"

Ali: "Sure, I like kicking people out of houses."

Nike: "Alright." he left to town with them.

Ali: helped them kick people out of the house then she decided she wanted to go to a nightclub so she said bye quickly and vanished.

Nicodemus: "Alright then."

Nike: sighed, "Her and her night clubs."

Nicodemus: "I think those might be more interesting than us."

Nike: "Oh of course. She can't be sexy around us but at a nightclub she goes all out."

Nicodemus: laughed, "Wow."

Nike: "Yea, I found her one time in this short red dress...I guess that's her normal attire." he walked around the house, "It looks nice, now I need to just move my stuff in."

Nicodemus: "Well I'll help if you want."

Nike: "Thanks." he nodded, "Let's go then." he teleported back to his house.

Nicodemus: did likewise.

Nike: "That house has a basement right?"

Nicodemus: nodded.

Nike: "Okay." he went and transferred the servants first.

Nicodemus: started to move some of the other stuff.

Nike: came back and helped Nicodemus finish moving everything over. "Hopefully Rosemarie likes the place."

Nicodemus; "I'm sure she will."

Nike: "Now Ali can have her own room." he smiled. "And the baby."

Nicodemus: "I'm sure she'd be happy about that."

Nike: "I think we are closer to you and Kah-Lee now."

Nicodemus: "That's good."

Nike: "Yep." he finished changing over the houses and setting things up.

Nicodemus: "What's going to happen to the other house?"

Nike: "I am thinking about destroying it."

Nicodemus: nodded.

Nike: "Unless you have something in mind to use it for?"

Nicodemus: shook his head. "Nope."

Nike: "Okay. I just don't want people to find it in case I left something there." he went back to his old house and set it on fire.

Nicodemus: watched it burn.

Nike: "We're done." he left back to Nicodemus house.

Nicodemus: went back to his house to. Ali was still nowhere in sight.

Nike: "Oh Rosy baby guess what?" he walked over to her in the kitchen.

Rose: smiled, "What?"

Nike: "I got us another house so there is space for Ali and the baby to each have their own room."

Rose: smiled, "That's wonderful."

Nike: "Yep. The other house I burned so it's gone."

Rose: "Was everything moved?"

Nike: "Yep."

Rose: "Awesome."

Nike: looked at the time. He took a seat.

Ali: came back, she sat on the couch still wearing her black dress.

Nike: "Well at least you have diversity in color."

Ali: smiled, "Yea."

Nike: "Do you really need to show off so much skin to get a guy? I mean...some girls can just wear baggy jeans and such and still drive men crazy. Apparently you can't do that."

Ali: rolled her eyes, "You can't wear baggy jeans in a night club dad. Everyone knows that. Tony will kick you out."

Nike: "I bet your mom could."

Ali: shook her head, "Tony would throw her out."

Nike: "She's just too beautiful she can rock anything. He wouldn't dare."

Ali: rolled her eyes, "You have to say that."

Nike: "No, actually, I don't."

Ali: sighed, "I'm not going to fight with you father."

Nike: "That's right because unlike your weak uncle, if you did fight me, you'd lose."

Ali: "You wish."

Nike: "No, I know. I've done it before."

Ali: "I'm older now."

Nike: "And I'm wiser."

Ali: "Then I guess we'll just have to test it."

Nike: "You'll have to cover yourself up first. Unless you don't mind something happening in the course of the fight and me seeing," he motioned to her, "Something."

Ali: snapped her fingers and she was wearing a jump suit. "Outside then."

Nike: got up and walked outside.

Ali: followed him outside, then she attacked.

Nike: flipped her off of him easily. He slammed her into the ground and just stood there.

Ali: used that to her advantage soon she just became a blur.

Nike: watched where the blur was and after a moment he put his leg out and tripped her, grabbing her from the back, gripping her hair. He made her kneel, "Done yet?" he smirked.

Ali: flipped him over and made it to where he can't move.

Nike: "That all you got?"

Ali: lifted his head and bit him and started to drink, then she let go and let him fall though he was still alive just weakened.

Nike: growled, "That's it." he said, purely angry now. He got up off of the ground slowly.

Ali: turned and walked away.

Nike: as she turned he used his power to bring her back, slamming her into a tree and a force holding her there as he walked slowly to her. His fangs came down. "You know...that was low." he bit her in the neck, hard and painful, draining her blood.

Ali: didn't make a sound, she pushed him off her and just started to walk on the trees.

Nike: spun and landed, his strength returned, he had a strong force knock all the trees down so Ali fell and was smashed between them, unable to move.

Ali: let out a breath. "No matter what you do now I still one."

Nike: "I didn't' think the fight was over. Not until you knock your opponent out. You know that."

Ali: "Then I should have taken more." she let out another breath and all of the trees moved and started hitting Nike.

Nike: flew back on the ground. He knocked several away and rolled on the ground out of the way of the rest. He got up quickly and brought out a lighter. "Fire harms Snyde's badly." he turned it on and teleported behind Ali and lit her hair on fire.

Ali: "Am I supposed to be scared and beg for your mercy now?"

Nike: "Maybe. Maybe then I'd go easy on you." he knocked her out.

Ali: but she wasn't knocked out and the fire came back on him and stopped on her hair.

Nike: blew the fire out and punched Ali in the face.

Ali: avoided his blow.

Nike: sighed, "Let's just get this over with."

Ali: "Well if you want we could just call it a draw."

Nike: "I don't think so."

Ali: "If I beat you will I gain respect from you?" she wondered.

Nike: "Does it matter?"

Ali: "To me it does."

Nike: "I already love you enough."

Ali: "But do you respect me?"

Nike: "Hey, you beat Nicodemus girly that deserves some respect."

Ali: smiled slightly, "I suppose."

Nike: "So are we going to fight or talk?"

Ali: "Well let's go father."

Nike: "You first hun." he walked around her.

Ali: rolled her eyes and tackled him to the ground.

Nike: flipped her off and gripped her by her hair, dragging her. He slammed her into the ground and knocked her out.

Ali: was unconscious.

Nike: picked her up and carried her back inside Nicodemus house and set her on the couch. He went to the kitchen and opened the fridge and got out a cold drink of red liquid.

Rose: "She's knocked out?" she asked him.

Nike: "Yep." he smirked and looked at Nicodemus, "You're a wimp."

Nicodemus: rolled his eyes and laughed.

Nike: shrugged and sipped his drink.

Nicodemus: was sitting on the couch.

Nike: "I guess we should spend the night."

Nicodemus: "If you want."

Nike: "Would you mind if we stayed the week?"

Nicodemus: "That I would probably mind."

Nike: "Hey, you have a houseful. My house is boring."

Nicodemus: "So?"

Nike: "So I'd like to hang out."

Nicodemus: "How about half a week?"

Nike: "How about a whole week, but we go home at night?"

Nicodemus: "Alright."

Nike: smiled, "Cool." he looked at the time, "It's late now. All the time flew past from moving the house." he motioned to Rosemarie, "Let's go look at the house. You can see your sister tomorrow."

Rose: "I'll see you later." she hugged, Kah-lee then went over to Nike

Kah-Lee: smiled, "Bye Rose. We will have to do some things together tomorrow and the rest of the week when I get back from work." she promised.

Nike: "See you guys tomorrow." he teleported them home.

Rose: looked around.

Nike: "Like it?"

Rose: nodded, "I love it."

Nike: smiled, "I'm glad. The family who had it before I am sure loved it too."

Rose: "You didn't kill them did you?"

Nike: "No, they are in the basement with the other two servants. I don't know what to do with them."

Rose: nodded, "Okay."

Nike: "Why you want to see them?"

Rose: shook her head, "No that's okay."

Nike: nodded, "Okay. Oh, hold on." he teleported back to Nicodemus house and picked up Ali, "Forgot her." he vanished home again and set Ali on the bed in her new room.

Ali: groaned.

Nike: "Yep, it'll be painful." he walked back out to Rose, "Well, feel free to look around. We have a second floor now. Our room is up there but Ali's is on this level. The basement, again, is for the servants. Except it's so big now I don't need to keep them anywhere but there." he smiled.

Rose: smiled and nodded, "Very nice."

Nike: smiled back, "You'll love the kitchen too. It is so large. We can make use of that girl who I gave you for a maid."

Rose: smiled and nodded.

Nike: "Can you speak love or is it so wonderful it's made you speechless?"

Rose: "The last one."

Nike: smiled slightly and kissed her cheek. "I'm going to go take a shower." he walked off and skipped up the stairs and walked down the hall, going through one door into his and Rose's new room.

Rose: looked around the house.

The house was large. It had about five bedroom, a living room, dining room, kitchen, three bathrooms and one half bath, and an attached garage, including the basement.

Rose: "It's so huge."

There was a small knock on the door that broke the silence.

Rose: went down and looked through the peep hole.

It was a little girl. She was dressed in rags.

Rose: answered the door, "Hello?"

The little girl stepped back, "Hi." she looked up at her and glanced to the side, "Have you seen..." she swallowed, "Have you" she backed away another step and fell off the stairs that led up the door of the house. There was no front porch. She got up quickly.

Rose: "You're what sweetheart?"

The little girl cried, "I'm sorry."

At the same moment Rose suddenly sensed someone coming up behind her and injecting her with something. Then she was knocked unconscious.

Rose: ducked, she picked up the girl and ran off.

Man: "Stop!" the man voice commanded her and ran after her. Many footsteps followed Rosemarie as she ran.

Rose: looked behind her to see who it was.

It was no one she had ever met before. Two other men followed him. One raised a stun gun and shot it right at her.

Rose: 'Nike!' she shrieked in her head, she ducked again, "Who is that?" she asked the girl.

The little girl sobbed, "I don't know but they are paying me to help them capture people. They said I had to or else they'd kill me. I don't want to die." she buried herself into Rose, "I'm sorry."

Nike: appeared in front of her and stopped her, "What?" he looked behind her, "Oh my." he wasn't wearing anything but a towel around his waist.

Rose: "It's okay sweetie." she just kept running.

Nike: just teleported Rose and the kid to Nicodemus house. He went after the men.

Rose: cried.

Kah-Lee: came out of the kitchen, "Rose? What's wrong?" she went over to her quickly and knelt down beside her sister and tried to comfort her, wondering at the same time who the little girl was.

Rose: "Someone's trying to kill me." she whispered "Nike went after them but I'm worried about them."

Kah-Lee: looked at Nicodemus, "Can you help him maybe?"

Nicodemus: nodded and vanished to help Nike.

Nike: had fought one of them off and killed them.

The man who had yelled to Rose before called again, this time to Nike, "Kill us. There is only more to come."

Nicodemus: "What do they want?"

Nike: "As far as I know they want my wife." he growled and went after the other man.

Nicodemus: went after one of them too.

Nike: snapped the neck of the man he was fighting and then looked to Nicodemus, "You got it, I'm getting dressed." he teleported home and then came back two minutes later.

Nicodemus: had fought and killed everyone.

Nike: teleported to Nicodemus house.

Nicodemus: teleported back there too.

Nike: "Rose are you alright?"

Rose: "They're going to kill me." she cried.

Nike: "They can't. They are dead." he looked suspiciously at the little girl.

Rose: "They'll find me."

Nike: "They can't. They are dead." he repeated and walked over and lifted the little girl from Rose's arms.

The little girl was so scared she didn't do anything.

Rose: "Don't hurt her, she's innocent." she reached for her.

Nike: "And how do you know?" he scanned the child, scrutinizing her, "What were you doing here in the first place?" he commanded her.

"I didn't want to die." she said weakly, "Don't hurt me."

Nike: "So you set my wife up for death instead?" he shook her to get her attention, "DID YOU?"

The little girl just cried and said nothing.

Rose: "Nike stop!" she took her from him and started to comfort the little girl.

Nike: stepped back and muttered curses, "Fine. But I need to watch you constantly, and the girl needs to be watched too."

Rose: looked up at him, "Where's Ali?" she asked suddenly worried.

Nike: "At home. I'm not worried about her."

Rose: "They might be after her too."

Nike: sighed and went and got Ali bringing her back and dropping her on Nicodemus and Kah-Lee's couch.

Rose: looked down at the girl, "Are you okay?" she asked softly.

The little girl nodded and hugged Rose tightly, wrapping her arms around her neck.

Rose: hugged her back.

Nike: looked to Nicodemus, "I guess we are staying here. Does your shield work well?"

Nicodemus: nodded, "No one that I don't want in can't get in."

Nike: "Good." he sighed and looked to Rose, "Let's get some sleep."

Rose: "You go ahead, I'm not tired."

Nike: "I need a shower then." he walked back to one of Nicodemus and Kah-Lee's bathrooms and shut the door behind him.

Nicodemus: sighed.

Kah-Lee: got up and looked at Nicodemus, "What?"

Nicodemus: "I have a feeling life is about to get much harder."

Kah-Lee: "You mean for us, or them?"

Nicodemus: "Both of us."

Kah-Lee: nodded slowly. She looked at the little girl, "She needs clothes."

Rose: "Do you have anything she could borrow for a while?"

Kah-Lee: "Avecita or Adrielle might have something she can wear. She can keep it. They don't wear the same things twice anyways." she walked off to find her something to wear.

Adrielle: came out and set some clothes in front of them, "I hope these will work." she got on her knees beside them.

Rose: "Do you like these?"

The little girl looked at the clothes and nodded and smiled slightly, "They are pretty."

Rose: "They're yours then."

The little girl looked at Rose, "I can wear them?"

Rose: smiled, "Of course you can wear them."

The little girl hugged Rose again, "Thank you." she let go and picked up the clothes.

Rose: "Here why don't we find you somewhere to get changed." he took her hand and took her to a spare room.

The little girl stepped inside and then started to change into her new clothes.

Rose: waited for her.

She came back out. The clothes fit perfectly. She smiled, holding her old ragged clothes in her arms.

Rose: smiled, "Beautiful." she took them out to the living room.

The little girl looked for Adrielle, "Thank you for the clothes." she said to her.

Adrielle: smiled to her, "You're very welcome. I hope that you enjoy them."

Nike: came out of the bathroom, dressed in his clothes again.

Kah-Lee: was standing by Nicodemus.

Andraia: came inside, "Hmm, looks like a party."

Rose: she hugged the little girl.

Andraia: "Alright, everyone ignore me then." she walked back to her room.

Nicodemus: watched her, "Alright then."

The hours ticked by slowly, but nothing more was happening that night.

Kah-Lee: went and kissed Nicodemus on the cheek, "I have to get sleep for work tomorrow."

Nicodemus: "Alright."

Kah-Lee: "Good night." she went to her room.

Nicodemus: "Night."

Nike: "Well, I guess I will go to sleep too. It seems to be safe anyways." he looked to Rose.

Rose: "I'm going to stay up."

The little girl was asleep in Rose's arms.

Nike: nodded, "Don't go outside." he kissed her cheek, "I think I'll just sleep on the couch." he walked over to the couch, "Ali move."

Ali: was still unconscious.

Rose: nodded.

Nike: picked up Ali and put her in a spare room and then came back out and crashed onto the couch.

Rose: watched him.


Nike: came out of the bedroom, "Rosemarie has that Kientian Vice in your system wore off yet?" he asked, walking up to her as he buttoned up the last few buttons of his shirt and knelt down by her, "Why don't you go sit on the couch, by the way? It will be more comfortable."

Rose: "I'm fine." she looked down.

Nike: picked her up, with the little girl in Rose's arms, and set her on the couch.

Rose: sighed but didn't stop him.

Nike: "Rose you need to find some way to relax. I'll protect you and so will Nicodemus." he tried to assure her, brushing her cheek softly with his fingertips, "Perhaps you should relax in a bath or something."

Rose: shook her head, "That's okay."

Nike: "I could massage your shoulders or something for you."

Rose: "I don't want to force you or anything." she said softly, and closed her eyes for a short second before she quickly opened them again

Nike: watched her intently, "You know it's not safe for you not to get sleep. If they come after won't be awake and alert to get away."

Rose: "I just need some hot chocolate and I'll be fine."

Nike: smiled, "You need sleep." he moved closer to her, gently moving his hand from her cheeks and brushing it against the nape of her neck. His eyes moved to follow, "Don't you..." he said softly.

Rose: she nodded slowly.

Nike: "Can you put the child down?"

Rose: she set the little girl gently on the couch beside her.

Nike: coerced Rose onto his lap and brushed her hair from her neck. He leaned close and nuzzled her skin, breathing softly against it.

Rose: smiled, she closed her eyes softly.

Nike: his fangs came down and he bit her neck, entering his fangs quickly, but made sure it was gently. He began to drink.

Rose: smiled a little wider, she was starting to go to sleep.

Nike: he just drank enough until he felt Rose's body go limp in his arms as she slept. He wasn't going to drain her because of the baby inside her. He pulled back and closed the wound, standing as he held her to his body gently in his arms. He walked into the room he rested in that night and set Rose on the bed and pulled the blanket over her.

Rose: looked so peaceful just laying there.

Nike: sat down on a chair and just watched her.

A few hours later the little girl came in, as she had woken up and didn't know where Rose had went. She walked around the house, down the hall, looking for her. A lot of the room doors were locked, but she finally opened the one with Rose in it and went in and climbed on the bed and sat there, watching her a moment and then just looked around the room, daydreaming.

Nike: "Don't wake her." he warned the little girl softly.

The little girl nodded, "Yes sir. I won't."

Nike: went back to watching Rose.

Rose: as she was getting some more blood back she moved a little.

Nike: bent forward and drank a little more to keep her sleeping longer. She needed a full day rest, he guessed.

The little girl watched him and whimpered. She was scared for Rose, "Why won't she wake up?"

Nike: leaned back and closed the wound again. "She's sleeping. Quiet please."

The little girl wrapped her arms around her legs. She didn't like it, not at all. It reminded her of...her of...she didn't want to think about it and so she just looked around the room again and moved her attention to the window.

Rose: the same smile that had been there all along was still there even through sleep.

The next day, Nike came in with hot chocolate and candies he had bought for Rose, and a small red rose flower he put on a tray. He also brought her in a bowl of chocolate cereal. He set it on the edge of the bed as he went back and sat in his seat as he waited for her to wake up.

The little girl was always there, sitting, waiting for Rose. She didn't know what else to do and didn't want to bother anyone else. She only left when necessary.

About an hour later she woke up and yawned, she looked around and saw the hot chocolate; she smiled slightly and drank some hot chocolate.

Nike: "Good you're well rested now." he smiled slightly, "You want the scar cream?" he asked, just to make sure.

Rose: shook her head softly, "That's alright."

Nike: nodded, "Alright. Enjoy breakfast."

There was a knock on the front door.

Nicodemus: answered the door.

Kennith: he looked distressed and was wringing his hands together, then running one through his hair. He walked in before Nicodemus even invited him in, "I have a problem." he blurted out. His body was tense and every one of his actions was done with worry.

Nicodemus: "What's wrong?" he shut the door behind him.

Kennith: "Klara is gone. Klara is gone...along with three of my wives. My...perfect wives." he kicked the back of the couch and then leaned over it resting his hands on the top of it, closing his eyes as he tried to calm himself, but knowing he couldn't. "Missing."

Nicodemus: growled, "What happened?"

Kennith: "I don't know." he turned around, his eyes hard, "If I knew do you think I would be here? Nothing was on the cameras. Nothing else was disturbed in the house. I don't even know how they got in. And Klara was at my house! The one I was staying at! How could I not protect the girl right there in my own home! I'm a horrible protector and a horrible husband!"

Nicodemus: "I'd just like to know how they can magically appear and disappear without a trace." he shook his head, "They were right more and more just keep coming." he let out a thick sigh. "Kah-lee come here please."

Kah-Lee: walked over to him, "Yea?" she looked from him to Kennith and back, wondering what was going on exactly.

Kennith: "What do you mean? You know about this? About them and you didn't think to mention it to me? Why are they taking MY perfect women, hmmmm? They didn't want the others. They just wanted THEM."

Nicodemus: "You're not going to work today. They seem to have a pattern now and I know I won't be able to take care of them myself. You have to call your dad and say for your life's sake your staying home." he looked Kennith, "I thought it was a freak thing, at the time I had no idea that it was going to happen to them too."

Kennith: "Watch your wife then, that's a good idea. I have nothing else to worry about now." his fists clenched, "Stupid." he muttered to himself and kicked the couch again.

Kah-Lee: "I will." she looked to Kennith, "Don't ruin my furniture." she walked off.

Nicodemus: "Thank you and I don't want you going out of my sight or answering doors, I don't want you to be attacked like your sister was."

Kennith: just growled and leaned against it.

Kah-Lee: "Yes Nicodemus." she said as she picked up the phone and called to talk to her dad.

Rose: came out, "What's going on?" she wondered.

Kennith: looked over at Rose, "Another one." he said as he scanned Rose.

Nike: came out with Rose, putting his hand on the small of her back, listening too.

Nicodemus: looked to Nike, "How's she doing? Is it out of her system yet?"

Nike: nodded, "Yes. Kientian Vice wears off in a day, normally. She seems to be doing fine now."

The little girl skipped up and stood by Rose and held on to her pant leg.

Rose: lightly placed her hand on the little girls shoulder.

Nicodemus: "Just be sure she doesn't open the door again, it seems Rose's case is not just random it's happening that have that characteristic."

Rose: looked up at Nike. She held a worried expression on her face.

Nike: his eyes were still on Nicodemus, "What do you mean, characteristic? What characteristic?" he looked at Kennith and then down at Rose. He kissed the tip of her nose lightly.

Nicodemus: "Any woman that looked like Rose or Kah-lee they're targeting. Kennith had three plus that one you saw yesterday and now all of them are gone."

Rose: put her head on his shoulder.

Nike: "If I was watching her it wouldn't have happened."

Kennith: glared at him and growled, "Watch yourself."

Nike: smirked, "Just saying."

Nicodemus: "Okay, both of you stop." he sighed.

Nike: "I have an idea." he moved and went in front of Rose and picked up the little girl suddenly, sitting her on the kitchen counter, moving there in the blink of an eye. He shined the lamp on her face, "Talk."

Rose: "Nike..." she sighed.

Nike: glanced at Rose, "She may know something. I could have Nicodemus just beat it out of her. So it's either that or this."

The little girl was frightened. She didn't moved and just kept her gaze on Rose.

Rose: push him away. "Will you please tell us all that you know about these men that were forcing you to help them get these people?"

Nike: "Hey." he let go of the lamp.

The little girl looked down, "I don't...I don't know." she said softly, "They said I had to help or else they'd kill me. I don't want to die."

Rose: nodded, "That's all you know of these men? How many others do they have?"

The little girl whispered, "A lot. They had...a lot. And always got more. The more was killed the more was got. They are mean, they make a...make a..." she shook her head and cried, burying her face in her hands.

Rose: hugged the girl, "It's okay."

Nike: "Make a what?"

Rose: comforted her, "To make a what, honey?"

The little girl sniffled and stayed close to Rose, "I heard them say they wanted to make a superior race and start a new population on a new planet..." she whispered slowly.

Rose: nodded she comforted the girl more.

Nike: "Well I could see how they'd be good for that." he almost smiled. "I wouldn't mind visiting the planet."

Nicodemus: "How many of them where there?"

The little girl whispered, "There were 189 when I was there. I don't know..."

Kennith: "With my wives and Klara it makes 193."

Nicodemus: nodded.

Rose: "What's your name?" she asked softly realizing she never asked.

Leena: "Leena." she whispered.

Rose: "I'm Rose, you don't have to be scared anymore, and I'm going to take care of you from now on."

Leena: looked up at Rose, "But I am scared for my mom. Kameela...they took her. She's one of them there."

Rose: "We are going to find her and make sure she's safe."

Nike: "If they get Rose and Kah-Lee that will make for 195 all together, and that's the number of countries on earth...hmmm...they must be the last two to get."

Leena: "Thank you." she hugged Rose again.

Rose: hugged her back.

Nike: "I'd like to find out where they are and go check this out." he almost smiled.

Kah-Lee: came back and stood by Nicodemus again.

Nicodemus: "I'm sure you would."

Nike: "Well wouldn't you?"

Nicodemus: "No actually I wouldn't."

Nike: rolled his eyes, "Why not?"

Nicodemus: "Because I have enough." he wrapped an arm around Kah-lee's waist.

Nike: "I didn't say we'd do anything I said just to see."

Nicodemus: "I'd rather not look."

Kah-Lee: smiled at him and hugged him from the side, resting against him.

Kennith: "I think you've been house broken." he said to Nicodemus.

Nicodemus: "I know I have." he kissed Kah-lee's forehead.

Kennith: "So I take it you're not going to join the Gentleman's Club are you?"

Nicodemus: sighed, "Probably not. I don't think I'll be able to."

Kennith: "That's just so sad."

Kah-Lee: "The Gentleman's club sounds nice."

Nike: looked back at Rose and leaned against the counter, watching her.

Rose: she looked to Nike, "After the child is born I think I will go in public and allow to be taken. So that I can find Leena's mom."

Kennith: smiled, "The Gentleman's club is nice my dear. You should convince your loyal husband to join." he said to Kah-Lee.

Nike: shook his head, "I don't like that idea. Can't we use Kah-Lee as bait?" he looked over at her.

Rose: "No I don't want her hurt in any way."

Nicodemus: "If I could I would but I can't so..."

Kah-Lee: looked at Nicodemus, "Why can't you?"

Nike: "I'd rather have her hurt than you." he walked over to them.

Nicodemus: "Because it would involve some things you wouldn't approve of."

Rose: "No, Nike please let me do this."

Kah-Lee: "Oh?" she said, still slightly confused.

Nike: "Hey Nicodemus..."

Nicodemus: gripped her tighter, "Yes like having more than one wife." he looked up, "What?"

Nike: "Rose has this great idea to use Kah-Lee as bait to reel the bad guys in. She's not pregnant, like Rose is. She can do it."

Kah-Lee: looked at Kennith, "That's not a Gentleman club at all." her eyes cold.

Kennith: "Gentleman enough. We're nice."

Kah-Lee: "If you were nice you wouldn't have broken Amadora's heart."

Kennith: "Who?"

Kah-Lee: glared at him, "Exactly my point."

Kennith: "Who are you talking about though? I don't know any Amadora." he sounded confused and annoyed.

Kah-Lee: "She's your FIRST wife."

Kennith: "O...oh." he looked down and shrugged slightly, "Women latch onto things it's not healthy to do."

Kah-Lee: stepped forward, though she was held back by Nicodemus, "She latched on to you! Her HUSBAND! You're supposed to do that. You were supposed to latch on in return."

Kennith: looked at Kah-Lee, "I don't have to say anything to you."

Kah-Lee: growled.

Kennith: "Don't show me disrespect Mrs. Ediuqil. I can't believe your husband lets you act like that."

Kah-Lee: "Maybe because my husband loves me." she stepped back.

Kennith: "Or maybe he just doesn't know what to do with you."

Nicodemus: "ENOUGH!" he yelled, "There is not going to be any more talk on this subject."

Rose: "That's not what I said." she turned Nike to look at her, "I have a responsibility. I have to be the one to do it."

Kennith: smirked.

Kah-Lee: looked away from him, standing at Nicodemus side, "Sorry Niccy." she said softly, crossing her arms.

Nike: "Well apparently since Nicodemus is ignoring me, I will ask, what responsibility?" he said to Rose.

Nicodemus: "It's okay my dear." he brought her face up to his and kissed her.

Rose: "The help Leena."

Kah-Lee: kissed him back softly.

Kennith: "Well the reprimand seemed to do its job."

Nike: "Who cares about Leena?"

Nicodemus: ignored him. He looked at her, "Anyways hun..."

Rose: "I do."

Kah-Lee: "I think Nike asked you a question."

Nike: "Yes, and I care about you."

Rose: "I'll be fine."

Nicodemus: "Yes Nike?"

Nike: looked back at Nicodemus, "Rose wanted to see if Kah-Lee wanted to pose as bait to catch the bad guys, since Rose is pregnant and Kah-Lee is not. It would help." he repeated.

Rose: "That's not what I said!" she complained.

Nicodemus: "Kah-lee is not going to be bait."

Kah-Lee: "I've had practice before." she shrugged slightly and looked to Nicodemus, "I wouldn't care."

Nike: put an arm around Rose, "Shh, love, it's okay."

Nicodemus: "You may not care but I do."

Rose: "I don't want my sister harmed." she told him and a tear slid down her face. "Please Nike."

Nike: looked at Rose empathetically, "Please hun? For me?"

Kah-Lee: "You can watch..."

Rose: she put her hand on the side of his face. "Please." she begged him.

Nicodemus: "I'm not going to watch you be mistreated."

Kah-Lee: "What if Rose and I go together?" she suggested.

Nike: closed his eyes, "I don't want to let you."

Rose: she started to cry, "Please Nike, I'll do anything." she begged of him.

Nicodemus: sighed, "If Nike agrees."

Nike: opened his eyes, "Anything?"

Kah-Lee: looked over at them, "Nike?"

Rose: nodded, "Anything if you let me go." she promised.

Nicodemus: watched Rose and Nike.

Nike: looked at Kah-Lee, "What?"

Kah-Lee: "Send us both."

Nike: "Hold on." he looked back at Rose, "Like, this time a month with nothing on, not even the bra and underwear like you did before?"

Rose: she nodded, "If that is what you wish."

Nike: "Will you go with your sister?"

Rose: nodded.

Nike: looked at Kah-Lee, "Okay."

Kah-Lee: looked at Nicodemus.

Nicodemus: nodded, "Alright, but after Rose has her baby."

Kah-Lee: looked at Rose, "When is that?"

Rose: "Tomorrow."

Kah-Lee: "Okay."

Nike: "We all satisfied now?"

Rose: nodded.

Avecita: "Dad I'm going somewhere." she was dressed in a dress and walked by them to the door, carrying a small bag.

Nicodemus: "Where?" he stopped her.

Avecita: "Somewhere..."

Nicodemus: "Where Avecita?"

Avecita: "With my friends."

Nicodemus: "Where?"

Avecita: "Kingdom Hall."

Nicodemus: "No."

Avecita: "Why not!" she stomped her foot.

Nicodemus: "Because we don't need that garbage. Now go to your room young lady."

Avecita: "It's not garbage." she sniffed. "Please dad?"

Nicodemus: "No."

Avecita: tears fell down her cheeks; "I hate you." she stormed off to her room.

Nicodemus: sighed. "All this over a stupid religion."

Nike: "What's that?"

Nicodemus: "Avecita wants to be a Jehovah's Witness."

Nike: "Why do you care?"

Nicodemus: "Because I will not have that in my house."

Nike: nodded slowly, "Okay. Then just kick her out of the house."

Nicodemus: "No."

Nike: shrugged, "Anyways."

Nicodemus: sighed, "Kah-lee can I talk to you in the kitchen a moment?"

Kah-Lee: nodded, "Of course."

Nike: looked to Rose, "You really do need sleep then if you are going to have the baby tomorrow. Sleep and rest and comfort."

Kennith: "I better get home to check on my family. Chao." he left.

Rose: "I'm fine."

Nicodemus: "Should I let her go?" he sighed.

Nike: "Fine...just...spend all your time with the stupid little girl." he sighed heavily and walked to the living room, sitting on the couch and flipping on the television.

Kah-Lee: "It's up to you. You're the husband. I don't see what it could do to make her act worse...maybe it could help her. I don't know."

Rose: followed him, "I wanted to spend it with you, I thought maybe we could relax together but...if you would rather I didn't."

Nicodemus: "Alright." he sighed and knocked on Avecita's door.

Nike: looked over at her. "Oh." he smiled slightly, "That sounds perfect."

Avecita: "What?" she said sourly.

Rose: smiled slightly and sat down beside him.

Nicodemus: "You can go on one condition."

Avecita: quickly opened the door and looked up at him eagerly, "What?"

Nike: put an arm around her.

Nicodemus: "If you don't share that...stuff with me. You can go."

Rose: laid her head on his shoulder.

Avecita: hugged him, "I love you dad thank you." she grabbed her bag again.

Kah-Lee: smiled slightly and went and got Niko.

Nicodemus: "You're welcome."

Avecita: left.

Nike: watched T.V. with Rose.

Rose: "Nike, will you bite me?" she looked up at him.

Nike: "No I already did that earlier." he said simply.

Rose: nodded softly, "Okay." She would have to try to rest on her own then.

Nike: rubber his hand on her arm, "Just sleep against me."

Rose: nodded, she would try at least, she closed her eyes.

Nike: held her.

Leena: walked over and sat on the floor by the couch.

Rose: she tried to go to sleep but couldn't, she sighed.

Leena: "What's wrong?"

Rose: "I can't go to sleep." she said softly.

Leena: "Why not?"

Rose: "I don't know, I am just too awake to sleep. I feel like I should be doing something."

Leena: "Then go do something."

Rose: "I don't know what to do."

Leena: "When my mom is not sure what to do, or she can't sleep, she makes cookies and cakes. Sometimes she sits on the swing on the porch."

Rose: smiled, "That sounds like a wonderful idea." she got up and went to bake some cookies.

Leena: got up and followed her.

Nike: just watched T.V.

Kah-Lee: came into the kitchen with Niko.

Rose: was baking.

Kah-Lee: "Rose," she whispered, "Did you meet Niko?"

Rose: shook her head, "I haven't had the chance." she whispered to her and put them in the oven, she turned to face her.

Kah-Lee: "Niccy and I had a kid." she smiled and looked down at Niko.

Niko: watched Rosemarie with his blue and red eyes and smiled, showing his baby fangs yet, even for a toddler.

Kah-Lee: "It's actually his. Not...originally another's." she kissed Niko's head.

Rose: smiled, "Kah that's wonderful." she smiled down at Niko

Kah-Lee: "I don't know if Nicodemus wants more though. We have a houseful already." she smiled, "I know it is."

Rose: smiled, "Maybe you should talk to him about it."

Kah-Lee: "I can't." she said sadly, "My dad said no. Not with my job."

Rose: put a hand on her shoulder, "I'm sorry Kah."

Kah-Lee: smiled slightly, "It's alright." she kissed Niko's cheek and set him down. "There's no way to conceal a stomach anyways...if there was then maybe that would be a way around it if we did have more."

Rose: "I heard there is this man named Arsenrios and he has a sort of stone that hides a stomach."

Kah-Lee: smiled slightly, "I know him. Nicodemus is friends with him."

Rose: smiled, "Maybe you could pull a few strings then."

Kah-Lee: "Maybe I could. But I can't leave the house right now. I'm not allowed."

Rose: nodded, "I understand."

Kah-Lee: "I won't...not listen again. That hurt me too much." she sat on the counter, dangling her feet back and forth.

Rose: she hugged her.

Kah-Lee: hugged her back, "Thanks sis."

Rose: "You're welcome."

Kah-Lee: "So what are you making?"

Rose: "Moon cakes."

Kah-Lee: smiled, "Of course you are." she laughed.

Rose: smiled, "What's that supposed to mean?"

Kah-Lee: patted Rose's stomach, "Duh. I'll just make sun cakes." she laughed again and jumped down from the counter.

Rose: laughed, "Oh."

Kah-Lee: "You're tattoo Rose. You forget?"

Rose: "I remembered after you said something, I don't see it since I've been pregnant so it slipped my mind."

Kah-Lee: "Why not since you've been pregnant?"

Rose: "My stomachs to big."

Kah-Lee: smiled slightly, "Oh." she nodded, "I know of mine all the time because of my job. I have to constantly cover it with makeup. So I see it all the time."

Rose: smiled, "I'm glad everything is okay between you and him, have the kids been able to meet him yet?" she checked the cookies and since they were still not done she closed the oven door and leaned against the other counter so that she could easily look at her sister.

Kah-Lee: nodded slightly, her eyes lightening as the sweet scent of whatever was in the oven reached her nose. "I took all the children there a few weeks ago."

Rose: smiled, "That's good, where's Declan by the way? And Madison?"

Kah-Lee: "Oh, that." she rolled her eyes, and her voice lowered, "They decided to get married so Madison would be freed from her servant status and allowed to live with her parents. It was rather noble of Declan but it made Nicodemus so mad, I didn't like it."

Rose: "Oh...I see."

Kah-Lee: "So Madison is gone now and Declan is...traveling elsewhere to find more servants to free through marriages that he will annul. I just hope he doesn't break any girl's hearts."

Rose: "I don't think he would."

Kah-Lee: "I know but sometimes things they shouldn't." she smiled slightly, "Or so my dad used to tell me before when I met Nicodemus."

Rose: smiled and looked down slightly, "And other times it happens both ways."

Kah-Lee: "You mean with you and Nike?"

Rose: nodded.

Kah-Lee: "But I think my dad likes him now."

Rose: smiled, "That's good to hear." she checked the cookies again and pulled them out of the oven and put the other batch in

Kah-Lee: "Those smell good."

Rose: "They're delicious too, there's chocolate in the middle so we can eat them."

Kah-Lee: smiled, "Good." she looked around for Niko, "I should put him in bed first."

Rose: nodded, "I'll be here."

Kah-Lee: went and picked up Niko and took him and tucked him into bed and came back out into the kitchen and leaned against the counter.

Rose: waited she smiled a little and then it faded slightly.

Kah-Lee: "Something wrong?"

Rose: "No of course not." her smile returned.

Kah-Lee: "Are you worried about us being...bait?" she picked up a cookie and looked at it.

Rose: "Not so much that but that's on my mind too."

Kah-Lee: "What else is on your mind?" she popped the cookie in her mouth.

Rose: "I was just thinking about how you were the lucky one." she smiled slightly again and started to clean up the kitchen.

Kah-Lee: swallowed her cookie, placing her hand on her chest, "Surely you don't mean..." she glanced in the direction of the living room and her voice lowered as she looked back at Rosemarie, "Husband wise?"

Rose: shook her head, "No I mean with regards to mom and dad."

Kah-Lee: blushed slightly, "Oh."

Rose: smiled a little, "Yea." she continued to clean up when she was done she leaned against the counter again.

Kah-Lee: "Rose I wish I knew before...about you." she looked down.

Rose: "It's okay. I don't think it really would have changed much besides it would have made dad angry if you knew."

Kah-Lee: "I don't think he would have been so angry. I mean..." she looked up, "Rose did you know we have a brother?"

Rose: "A what?"

Kah-Lee: "A brother. An older brother."

Rose: shook her head, "It isn't possible." she said softly.

Kah-Lee: took Rose's hand and pulled her out of the kitchen and down the hall, knocking on the third door down on the left side, "Dem?"

The door opened but it was completely dark inside and you could see no one.


Rose: took a step back

Kah-Lee: turned on the light, "Demecius meet your other sister." she held Rose's hand tightly.

Demecius: shielded his eyes from the light, he was sitting cross legged it on the floor. "Hello Rosemarie."

Rose: "H...hi." she managed to get out.

Kah-Lee: walked into the room with Rose in tow, "Don't be scared Rose," she said looking back at her sister, "Dem is very nice and kind. See I know dad would have been mad with you but he would get over it like he got over me finding Demecius. I was SO mad at Dad. He treated Dem so horrible."

Rose: nodded softly.

Demecius: got up and hugged Rose softly.

Kah-Lee: let go of Rose's hand.

Rose: was at first kind of stiff then loosened up. She hugged him back.

Demecius: smiled like he had just found a long lost friend. "It's so good see you little sister."

Kah-Lee: "I'll go bring in some of the cookies and some milk for you two. Give you two time to catch up." she dismissed herself from the room and went to the kitchen again.

Rose: sat down beside Demecius and they talked, catching up. Sharing stories of their younger days and what their father had done to them which drew them closer together.

Kah-Lee: slowly she got out the plates and the cups, filling them with cookies and milk. She walked back down the hall quietly; about to push open the door again and come inside when she paused just long enough to hear the conversation Demecius and Rosemarie were having. Her countenance fell slightly, and she knew it was stupid. But Rose was wrong. Maybe she wasn't the lucky one. She didn't have these...connections with her siblings in this way. She sighed softly and with her eyes a bit misty over emotions she didn't even know she would get over such a conversation she just set the tray outside the door on the floor and walked back to hers and Nicodemus room and shut the door behind her and slid down the door and just sat on the ground, looking at her hands as they rested on her knees.


Rose: "I should go back to the living room so I can get my rest for the baby tomorrow."

Demecius: "Sleep well." he hugged her again.

Rose: hugged him back then excused herself and closed the door behind her and went out to the living room and laid on the couch.

Nike: was already asleep. Kah-Lee had shut off the television for him.

Rose: laid down beside him but because she wanted to give him more room she moved and slept on the floor.


Nike: he had woken up at some point in the night and moved out the couch bed so both he and Rosemarie could sleep on it comfortably. He had his arms around Rose, sleeping soundly.


Nike: jerked awake at the sound of a bedroom door slamming, "Hmm?" he said, trying to get his eyes open.

Avecita: poked her head out of her room door, "What's wrong dad?"

Nicodemus: "Your mothers gone."

Avecita: "She left?"

Nicodemus: "She was taken more like it."

Avecita: gasped, "Taken!"

Nike: sat up, "Kah-Lee is gone?"

Nicodemus: "Yes." he growled.

Nike: took a breath, "As soon as Rose has the kid we shall go." he promised.

Rose: she woke up softly and looked around.

Nike: was looking down at her. He kissed her cheek, "Hi Rose." he said softly, though his eyes betrayed him with the anxiousness he had as he waited.

Rose: "Hi." she rubbed her eyes.

Nike: "How are you feeling love?"

Rose: "Okay, I suppose. But in about an hour I'm going to have my baby." she said softly.

Nike: "What if we go to the doctors now and induce labor?"

Rose: nodded, "Okay."

Nike: "Good because we sort of need to hurry to get around to finding your sister now too."

Leena: was on the floor. She sat up and yawned slightly, covering her mouth.

Nike: "Ready to go then?"

Rose: got up, "Yes."

Nike: teleported them to Maxwell's office, "We'd like to induce labor."

Maxwell: looked up, he nodded and stood, "Very well. Lay down please."

Rose did so.

Within 10 minutes their baby boy was born.

Rose: was so exhausted.

Nike: "Thank you Maxwell." he kissed Rose's forehead, "Good job, my flower." he whispered to her as Maxwell handed Rosemarie their baby boy.

Rose: smiled down at the baby boy, "What are we going to name him?" she whispered.

Nike: "What color are his eyes?"

Rose: "The same color as mine."

Nike: "What about Neel?"

Rose: smiled, "I like Neel."

Nike: "Do you have any other choices? That one is an Indian name meaning blue."

Rose: shook her head, "I like Neel best."

Nike: "Neel Ediuqil. It fits."

Rose: smiled and nodded, "It does." she agreed.

Nike: "Let's go home then." he waved to Maxwell and teleported him and Rose and the baby back to Nicodemus house.

Rose: Lay on the couch.

Nike: "Rest up love we need to get out there soon."

Rose: "Just 5 minutes." she nodded to herself and saved up that energy for 5 minutes then kissed Neel's forehead, a tear sliding down her cheek, she wiped it away. "I'm ready."

Nike: took Neel from her, "Hun you don't have to do this."

Rose: nodded, "Yes I do." she kissed him, "I love you."

Nike: kissed her back briefly and then kissed her for a moment longer, passionate, showing her his love, "I love you too. I'll be close by."

Rose: nodded, "I just hope it works." she kissed Ali's forehead then using Nike's mind went back to their new house.

Nike: put Neel in the room with Niko and then he just...waited.

No more than ten minutes after Rose entered the house, someone walked in. He came up to her, standing ten feet from her, "You're back I see."

Rose: backed against the counter she nodded softly.

Man: "So where are the others? This is a trap of sorts, isn't it?"

Rose: "No this is not a trap, it's just me."

Man: stepped forward, "Will you come gently or do we have to try to knock you out again?"

Rose: she swallowed, "I will come peacefully." she whispered.

Man: motioned her forward, "Come here then please darling. You don't think we would hurt a pretty face like yours, do you?"

Rose: "You already tried once." she said softly and came towards him.

Man: "The back of your head would heal." he took out a black bandana and lifted it and covered her eyes and tied it behind her head.

Rose: let out a breath slowly, "What's going to happen to me?" she whispered.

Man: "You're a fine specimen love. But seeing as how we already have one girl who looks just like you, I don't think we will be needing you for breeding purposes. But don't worry. We will find something." he took her wrists and tied them behind her back together with ropes and then gripping the top of her upper left arm he tugged her to the door.

Rose: went with him, she bit her bottom lip. "Then why do you want me?"

Man: "With you dear, we complete the collection."

Rose: nodded softly, she understood, she just like the others were nothing but a prize.

Man: "Just wait until you find out what we will be doing with all of you." he smiled slightly, and it could be heard in his voice, "You will love it." there was a prick in Rose's neck as a needle pierced her skin and the man put Kientian Vice in her system. As soon as he stepped outside, he thrust Rose to another man and they teleported away with her as the first man dropped the syringe to the ground.

Rose: she felt dizzy and was getting a little weak but she could still stand and walk a little.

The second man spoke. Rose could hear many sounds all around her. "Are you losing strength or something? Stand up girly. I don't want to have to drag you." He pulled her along. "You Kientians think you can get your way all the time because you're so smart. But listen, we have you out numbered."

Rose: stood up straight as instructed, "I know that I don't stand a chance, I never believed I did." she whispered.

Man: leaned close and whispered in her ear, his breath tickling her, "Don't be scared, sweet Rosemarie." he said softly, "You will love what we have planned. After all, you'll get to be around people just like you. Is that not appealing?" in a swift movement he moved Rosemarie to the wall so he was standing close in front of her. The blindfold was still on Rosemarie's eyes and the man was so close, ready to kiss her. Rose could feel his hot breath touching her skin and making it prick with the most disgusting annoyance and fear.

Rose: "It does sound appealing." she whispered, she just hoped right now that she was in control of her body so she could not do what her initial reaction was.

Man: lifted his finger and encircled some of Rose's hair around it and then gently stroked her skin down her neck, following his finger with his eyes, "I don't know if I want to wait for the transfer to the planet before the breeding starts..." he smirked slightly. "What man can resist your power? And I am not speaking of your Kientian powers, dear."

Rose: nodded softly, she didn't want to say anything.

Man: lifted his eyes to hers after a moment, "Tell me truthfully, dear, what do you think?" he had a mischievous glint to his eyes.

Rose: "I'd rather no one touch me." she moved her face away from him. If he could have seen her eyes he would have saw true, pure fear.

Man: "Not even your husband, interesting." he leaned closer still, knowing the blindfold kept Rosemarie from seeing anything.

Another man approached the sound of his boots on the floor made Rose aware of him as he drew closer. "Benjamin, don't toy with the girls. Put her away."

Benjamin: leaned back and sighed. He took Rose by the arm again and dragged her off as he walked with her again.

Rose: let out a sigh of relief as she was dragged down the hall.

Benjamin: opened a door. Rose could hear it creak. He shoved her into a room and shut the door behind her.

Rose could hear rustling in the room as there were others in there.

Kah-Lee: "Rose?" came the whisper.

Rose: fell to the floor and just stayed there. "Kah?"

Kah-Lee: went over to her and untied her wrists and pulled off the blindfold and smiled at her softly, "Yea." she whispered.

The room was full of maybe thirty other women, all gorgeous in looks and from all walks of life and different ages and worlds. It was decorated with soft pillows and cushions the floor, a soft color with a soft glowing light. There was a door open slightly that led to a bathroom, as Rose could see from where she sat. But other than the room was bare.

Rose: hugged her tightly.

Kah-Lee: "Nicodemus doesn't think I left on purpose, does he?" she worried.

Rose: shook her head. "He knows what happens."

Kah-Lee: "I'm glad you're here." she said as she pulled her sister into a hug, "I mean, that I'm not really alone."

Rose: smiled a little. "Me too." she sat cross legged. She worried about her baby.

Kah-Lee: "How is the little one? I assume you had it since you are here."

Rose: "Good I hope."

Kah-Lee: "Is it a boy or girl?"

Rose: "a boy." she smiled slightly.

Kah-Lee: smiled also slightly, "Name?"

Rose: "Neel."

Kah-Lee: "That's cute. I wish I could see him."

Rose received a pinch in her head.

Rose: "he looks just like Nike only with my eyes." she checked her message.

It was from Nike,

~I don't know if this will go through, because the mental talk did not. But if it does love, Nicodemus and I are watching through your eyes so what you see we can. Nicodemus might do it through Kah-Lee I don't know. At least, we can as long as the Vice is in your system. Kennith is here too occasionally. Love you.~

Kah-Lee: "And my eyes." she gave a dry laugh.

Rose: smiled she didn't try to send a message back just in case she got caught. "Yup."

Kah-Lee: Lay back on the pillows around her.

Rose: she laid back

Kah-Lee: "It is kind of...the truth though." she said after a moment.

Rose: "What is?"

Kah-Lee: "What they had me write. That I found some place I fit in. Not that I want to be here," she said quickly, "But that I fit in here."

Rose: "You fit in at home too."

Kah-Lee: "In some ways I do." she agreed with her sister.

Rose: "Still you and Demecius have stuff in common."

Kah-Lee: "Like what? Besides being related."

Rose: "You've had hardships too."

Kah-Lee: "Name some."

Rose: "That I don't know. I wasn't around then."

Kah-Lee: sighed, "Exactly." she rolled over onto her side.

Rose: "Okay how about how for a lot of your lives you were lonely."

Kah-Lee: "I wasn't really lonely my parents were there. I was just an only child, I thought."

Rose: "But you can't play with mom and dad."

Kah-Lee: "Well...I had my stuffed animals and my job to keep me busy. Then I met Nicodemus."

Rose: "But stuffed animals also don't talk back."

Kah-Lee: "I had books for my free time, if I had any."

Rose: nodded and smiled slightly, "Books are always a good friend."

Kah-Lee: "So we have absolutely nothing in common. Not like you and him have in common."

Rose: "Not everyone can have the same things in common besides the only thing me and him have is that mom and dad despised us."

Kah-Lee: "And also what you both went through."

Rose: shook her head, "I was surrounded by plenty of other kids he's the only one that spent his life in a room."

Kah-Lee: "I guess so." she sighed, "But sometimes you could feel alone even if you were surrounded by people." the words reminded Rose of a time when Nike had said something similar.

Rose: smiled slightly at the reminder of Nike, "I suppose."

Kah-Lee: "I never felt alone, Rose. Not like that. Only sometimes I felt an emptiness. But it was never loneliness."

Rose: "See there is one right there." she pointed at her.

Kah-Lee: sat up and looked at her, "What is? I think the emptiness was just because I never really got to be a little kid. As an only child I did a lot of things myself, grew up that way. I started a job when I was 11, Rose. A modeling career. My dad even said that I did some when I was a baby." she chewed on the cheek as past memories came to mind and she pushed them away, "A modeling job is for a child of 11. So I had to learn to be an adult at 11."

Rose: "There is another one. First because of the emptiness and having to learn to be an adult at age 11."

Kah-Lee: "How is that even the same at all to you or Dem?"

Rose: "Dem had till he was 500 and I had till I got out of the orphanage. That's the point see, you did have some problems."

Kah-Lee: "Problems I know existed but that my dad erased from me, like I know problems with Drakul existed but my husband erased for me. So I don't remember, not like you two do."

Rose: "But still you know they are there."

Kah-Lee: shrugged slightly, "I suppose in a way I do. But they don't affect me anymore and I don't dwell on them."

Rose: "It's better that way."

Kah-Lee: "Yea." she sighed, "I'm getting hungry."

Rose: she nodded.

Kah-Lee: Lay back again on the pillows and closed her eyes.

Rose: she closed her eyes, she realized she didn't have any pillows around her but that was okay.

Kah-Lee: "I guess we just wait here until we get to where ever they are taking us."

Rose: nodded, "I wonder how long it'll take." she murmured.

Kah-Lee: "Who knows?"

Rose: nodded, she closed her eyes.

Kah-Lee: her eyes slid closed. But no more than a few minutes later she snapped them open as a gas seeped through the vents and into the room the girls were in. She sat up abruptly, wondering what it was.

Rose: opened her eyes and looked around, she stared at the vents, she swallowed.

Kah-Lee: "Don't breathe." she said.

Another girl in the room spoke up from her whispers to others so that Kah-Lee could hear, "That wouldn't do any good. It will seep into your skin."

Kah-Lee: "What is it?"

"Who knows." the girl replied and her eyes watched the vents again.

Rose: a tear slip down from her eyes and she wiped it away.

Kah-Lee: "They wouldn't be killing us." she said firmly and looked over as a girl in the room fell over onto the floor, her eyes closed, her breathing even.

"Sleeping gas." the girl said.

Kah-Lee: nodded, "Yea." she whispered.

Rose: she took a breath; "Of course." she lay back down and closed her eyes.

One by one, each girl in the room fell into a deep slumber as the gas filled the empty space.


When they awoke, they were in a different space. The lighting was brighter, and there were beds. It was like waking up in a movie...a perfect scene for daybreak.

Rose: looked around she bit her bottom lip.

She looked down and got off the bed instantly she looked around for Kah-lee but didn't find her there.

Instead the room contained for beds, each with a girl in it. One bed had been Rosemarie's. There was a vanity and bench with perfumes and girlish things on it. Four closets and four dressers. Connected to the room was a large bathroom. There were the most gorgeous rugs and curtains and bedspreads in the rooms, and at the foot of each bed was a chest.

Rose: opened the chest.

Inside were pictures of her and Nike, her neatly folded up wedding gown; long and white, and an album full of pictures of their wedding with a large reception.

Rose: smiled and looked through the pictures. That wasn't how she remembered it but she still loved the pictures of her and Nike. She picked up the dress and smelled it.

It smelled of the scent of Nike's cologne and the perfume Rose wore on their wedding night.

Rose: smiled, she smelled the scent of Nike, in fact she didn't even remember having a wedding dress either but that's okay. It smelled like Nike and that was all she needed.

The other girls in the room also got up and, seeing Rose looking through the chest, they did so too.

"I'm not even...I don't remember being married." one girl whispered to herself as she looked through her chest and took out a wedding dress.

"This is how it's happened for me..." another girl said, looking through familiar pictures and memorabilia.

Rose: she put them back in the chest and then went over to the closets and looked for hers.

There was a closet full of plenty of clothes to Rose's liking, many, many more than what she had possessed at her house with Nike.

Rose: she looked at them; "I've never had as many things." she said softly and felt the fabric of some of the garments, a part of her mind wondered if the vice was still in her system.

The fabrics of all were soft to the touch, and very well made.

The door to her room opened and a man strode in. But the reaction for his enter was not quite met the same as the other men.

One of the women looked up and stood quickly, "Ewan!" she exclaimed and ran to him and wrapped her arms around his neck as she jumped up and kissed him.

Ewan: "Hello my dear." he said softly, wrapping his arms around her back and kissing her in return.

Rose: looked down and just went back to the closet.

There was a gently touch that felt along the skin of the back of Rosemarie's arm, gently, delicately, it ran the touch up and down her arm over the hair just barely touching her skin. It reminded her of the man, only this touch did not spark annoyance or disgust. It's effect was quite different.

Rose: she turned quickly and before she even looked to see what or who it was she backed away from them.

Nike: "What?" the bright light in his eyes slowly faded to a look of worry. "What did I do?"

Rose: "Nike!" she hugged him and cried into his shirt.

Nike: stroked her back. "Hi dear. Don't cry okay? It's alright."

Rose: "I missed you so much."

Nike: "I wasn't gone that long." he still held her and smiled slightly. "Good to be missed though."

Rose: "How did you get in here?"

Nike: "I walked?" he patted her back, "The door was open. If you girls wanted to sleep in longer you should have locked it." he chuckled lightly.

There was a pinch in Rose's head. And then another, and another.

Rose: she checked the messages; she smiled, "Of course."

They were from Nike~


2.) IT'S NOT ME!


Nike: kissed her cheek, "Let's go." he took her hand and walked with her towards the door.

Rose: her smile faded, "I don't know if that's such a good idea, I'd like to stay here for a while long."

Nike: stopped and turned to face her, "Sure. But I thought you want to leave?"

Rose: "Well, where is it that we will be going?" she asked softly.

Nike: "I wanted to show you around the place. It's actually pretty nice. And you've been sleeping a long while I thought you'd enjoy the fresh air and exercise." he watched her curiously, "Your demeanor has changed, love. Has something happened?"

Rose: smiled slightly, "Of course not. I think I'm still just a little sleepy. Some fresh air sounds nice. I don't know what I was thinking."

Nike: "Well I mean if you want to stay here we can. It's up to you." he looked over at Ewan and his wife, "If you don't mind...them..."

Rose: "We can go ahead and go outside."

Nike: "The other girls staying here?"

Rose: "I'm confused." she admitted.

Nike: "I mean do you want them to come with us or stay here too? There are two other girls in this room."

Rose: "I would like them to come too."

Nike: whistles and motioned to the girls to come, "Nicodemus is here too, but I think poor Kennith had to stay behind with his duties or something." he turned and walked to the door again, holding Rose's hand.

Rose: "Can I see Kah-lee?"

Nike: "I think she's a little busy with her husband right now."

Rose: "Oh..." she whispered.

Nike: walked out of the room and down the spacious, light green hallway and turned a corner into a foyer room. There were about twenty men there.

The two girls who had been walking with Nike and Rose stopped and looked around. One of them whispered a name and stepped closer to one of the men who looked at her. One of the men walked up to the other girl in the hallway.

Nike: kept walking along with Rose.

Rose: "Who are all these people?"

Nike: "A lot of the girls here had husbands or boyfriends or just loves they knew a long time ago and never forgot the feelings for. That's who they are."

Rose: "Sounds interesting."

Nike: opened the door once they reached it and walked out with Rose, shutting it behind them.

The world was bright, like a dream, with vague colorings of trees and plants and the outline of the stone walkway beneath them.

Nike: "I know what we should do. We should take a walk in the rose garden." he smiled slightly at the idea.

Rose: "Sounds good, but can I ask you a question?"

Nike: "Sure, anything dear."

Rose: "Where are we?"

Nike: "Some planet..." he shrugged slightly, "It's away from earth. How am I supposed to know really? I just got here." though in his eyes it showed he did know where they were.

Rose: she looked away, "Of course."

Nike: "Rose, I..." he sighed, "I know it's the planet that they brought you to. But there seems to be no threat now so there is no need to worry. Would I let you stay here if there was? We'd be off this planet so fast both our heads would spin."

Rose: "If they'd let me." she murmured and sighed, she just looked at the surroundings.

Nike: "They'd have too." he looked around with her, "It's nice here. We could live here, you know. Away from everything." he started walking with her to the gardens again.

Rose: "They don't have to do anything." she sighed and closed her eyes.

Nike: "What do you mean? You don't want them to let you go?"

Rose: "I do. I want to get out of here and return home."

Nike: "What if we just made our home here?" he suggested again, stepping onto the path surrounded by bushes, "You have everything here, it seems. And Kah-Lee is here."

Rose: "But I don't want to live here."

Nike: "How about...a vacation for a bit?"

Rose: "Where?"

Nike: laughed a bit, "Here, love." he said with a bit more strength to his voice.

Rose: "A forced vacation how lovely."

Nike: "It's not forced. I'm asking." he looked away, "Whatever."

Rose: "I'm sorry." she looked down.

Nike: "It's okay." he sighed and stopped walking. They were in the center of the large rose garden. He turned to her and pulled her to him and kissed her.

Rose: kissed him back and then drew back.

Nike: "What?"

Rose: "Nothing I just...I don't know." she sat down on the ground.

Nike: sat on the ground with her and leaned forward and kissed her again, placing the palm of his hand behind her head as he did so.

Rose: kissed him back.

Nike: gently his molded his lips with hers and prodded her mouth, trying to get her to relax and be calm with him.

Rose: she kissed him back but would not let down her guard.

Nike: "Please dear?" he whispered gently, just for a moment before he kissed her again. "Be calm."

Rose: "Not while I'm here."

Nike: "And why not?" he whispered again, kissing down her neck tenderly.

Rose: "Because I don't trust this place." she stopped kissing him and just looked away.

Nike: almost growled but stopped himself, "You said you'd do anything for me."

Rose: "But not here."

Nike: "That wasn't in the promise."

Rose: "I wasn't taken here at that point in time."

Nike: looked her square in the eyes, "Kiss me." he ordered her. And because Rose had freshly been injected with Kientian Vice during her slumber sometime, she had to listen.

Rose: she couldn't stop herself, she kissed him but it was short.

Nike: "Now do it again and don't stop until I command you to stop."

Rose: a tear slid down her cheek as she obeyed.

Nike: gripped beneath her chin and pulled her back, "Stop. Tell me why you are crying. The truth now." he commanded, looking at her.

Rose: "You've never commanded me to do anything since our wedding."

Nike: "Well you're being unreasonably rude." he said sternly, dropping his hand. "I have to do something."

Rose: "What?" she whispered.

Nike: "This. If commanding you helps makes you less rude, then so be it. You could do it on your own but you don't want to, it seems."

Rose: "You used to care what I thought." she whispered and looked down.

Nike: "Yes, when what you wanted wasn't unreasonably rude."

Rose: nodded and closed her eyes.

Nike: "We are living here Rose. So I hope you get used to it." he stood.

Rose: she watched him stand.

Nike: "And we aren't having anymore children." he turned and walked back from the way they came.

Rose: cried.

There was another pinch in her head.

Rose: checked the message.

It was from Nike.

Rose, it's not me. So don't let it bother you, please my flower.

Rose: she calmed down and nodded and wiped away her tears she drew in the sand. 'I just don't know what they will do to me now I was supposed to reproduce.' she looked at it for a minute and then smoothed it to nothing.

No, I think the man told you they already had one like you so they didn't need you for reproduction... After a long pause the message ended with one exclamation, Crap. The message ended.

Rose: was confused. She stood and went back to her room and lay on the floor beside her bed.

There was another pinch in her head.

Rose: checked her messages.

Rose, you need to go check on Kah-Lee. If it's not you they wanted for that it was her. The message was a bit urgent, We've tried the messages with her but right now they aren't going through.

Rose: got up and went to looked for her sister.

When Rose finally did locate her to a room, she found that her room door was locked.

Rose: knocked on the door, "Kah?" Her finger traced what looked like random squiggles on the door, 'What am I supposed to tell her?' it read.

The pinch in her head came. When she read the message it was this;

Whatever you deem necessary but we are trying to get to you as soon as possible. Find out the name of the planet and we will get there faster.

There was no answer from behind the door.

Rose: knocked louder, "Kah!" she called getting worried now.

Nike: walked up behind her and put his arms around her waist from behind, "What's wrong hun? Calm down." he kissed her ear lightly. "She's busy. Why bother her?"

Rose: "But she always answers." she whispered.

Nike: "Perhaps her husband told her to be quiet for once."

Rose: "I don't think he would do that. He loves her too much."

Nike: "Who knows? My brother is unpredictable. Just because you love someone doesn't mean you can't get irritated at hearing their voice." he shrugged slightly and kissed Rose's ear again.

Rose: "I guess so." she said softly.

Nike: "You got tired of being in the garden, dear?"

Rose: nodded, "I just figured I'd look around."

Nike: "Go ahead, though, most of the other rooms are taken by the women. The ones that are not are...well, they are rooms for a purpose."

Rose: "Oh..." she shrugged and sighed looking at the door and walked down the hall.

There was another message;

Rose! Find out the planet's name and we can get to you. Understand that? Nicodemus is getting worried not being able to see Kah-Lee.

Nike: followed her. He put his arm around her, "You won't be useful in the rooms though. I think you should be more comfortable in the gardens."

Rose: "What are the rooms for?"

Nike: "I think the people who brought you here intended those for the girls to be bred and the other rooms for their offspring to stay in. Other rooms are for scientific study."

Rose: nodded, "Right." she looked down.

Nike: "What's wrong my rose flower?"

Rose: "Nothing. I'm fine. I just wish I knew where I am."

Nike: "I already told you."

Rose: "Where?" she turned to look at him.

Nike: "Where the men brought you."

Rose: "That's not very helpful." she sighed and continued to walk down the hall.

Nike: "Why would it be helpful to know?"

Rose: "Because it would make me feel better. I feel so lost and having no purpose." she sighed and bit her bottom lip.

Nike: stopped her from walking and turned her to face him, "You don't need to feel lost love, I found you. Your purpose is to be my wife and love me and I will do the same. And we will help this world to grow." he pulled her into a kiss, "I'll make you feel better." he promised.

Rose: "You said this was only a vacation." she pulled away from him.

Nike: "Maybe I like it here. Why don't you?"

Rose: she shrugged, "No one's special here. We're all the same."

Nike: "Isn't that good? To be all the same? No one has to worry about looks or try to be as good as one another. They already are."

Rose: "Maybe for you but not for me." she turned and continued down the hallway.

Nike: grabbed her arm and brought her back to him, kissing her again.

Rose: she kissed him back then looked away

Nike: "What?"

Rose: "I just don't want to be tempted," she turned and walked down the hall quickly.

Nike: "Tempted for what?" he followed her.

Rose: "You said no more children so I don't want to be tempted." she walked a little faster.

Nike: "Stop Rose." he ordered her.

Rose: stopped as directed.

Nike: walked up to her, "Are you running away from me?" he asked accusingly.

Rose: "I wasn't running."

Nike: "Walking away then. Why?"

Rose: "I told you I wanted to look around the place so I'm walking." she shrugged.

Nike: "We can still have fun even if it is not our time to have children." he said softly, looking into her eyes. He lifted his hand and gently stroked her cheek with his finger and then wrapped a strand of her hair around it. The touch was nice, familiar. But the more Rose thought about it, it wasn't Nike's touch at all. It was...what felt like Benjamin's...but the moment passed just as quickly as Rose's instinct spoke to her about it and it became Nike once again.

Rose: "Do they believe in food here? I'm starving."

Nike: smiled slightly, "Yea they do. But wouldn't you rather enjoy a nice meal first?" he stepped closer and put his arm around her waist.

Rose: "I just think I should eat first." she took a step back.

Nike: "I'll feed you afterwards." he promised and kissed her once again, holding her tight to his body.

Rose: she tried to get away, "No please, I'm hungry now. I'll pass out if I don't eat."

Nike: leaned back, his eyes a burning flame of indignation but he kept his voice...sort of calm. "I'll get you food, and then do you promise me no more distractions?"

Rose: "I'll try." she promised.

Nike: "Try? No, Rosemarie. You WILL. You're my wife darn it you do as I say, understand me?" he dropped his hand. "Speak, woman." he ordered.

Rose: "Yes Nike." she looked down.

Nike: took her hand and walked down the hall with her and turned into a room, walking through it into the kitchen. He let go of her hand and looked through cupboards for something for her to eat.

Rose: 'I'm sorry Nike, I tried. I can't get away from it anymore; tell Neel I said hello and Ali. I love you.' she sent the message quickly to him.

Rose do NOT give up! Giving up to it is just like you letting him! Plug your ears or something! Stab him when he least expects it! I don't care what you do! Go find out where you ARE! The message was firm.

Rose: she stared at a knife, she picked it up and stabbed him with it and ran off as fast as she could, and she wasn't all that hungry. She ignored everything around her so if he was yelling for her to stop she wouldn't hear him, she was zoned out.

Nike: since he wasn't a true Snyde; he didn't even have fangs, his reflexes were a little slower than even Rose's. His arm grabbed her wrist and he ordered her to stop, but she was stronger than him, and it failed. The knife plunged into him.

Rose: 'I think I killed him.' she sent the message, she was scared. She was just running looking for anything that might tell her where she was at.

But there wasn't anything around in that house. Only people. Men. And the only men who were in the house were the ones who pretended to be the good guys when in fact they were not. And Rose had a short amount of time to get out before Benjamin's body was found.

Good girl.

Rose: she ran out of the place and ran outside she just ran and looked for another building she hid in some tall grass and with her mind pressed the button in her pocket to get her location.

The device failed, of course. But it was nice to try anyways.

Up ahead, past the blinding unnatural light of the day, there was a dark shackle of a building, hidden behind some brush. It was almost completely obscured by sight with the bright reflections. But Rosemarie spotted it. It was there, and it didn't look like anything around the house she just came from. It reminded her of a slaves quarters, as if little time had been put in it to even set it there.

Rose: got up and ran towards that building she made sure that she wasn't seen; she zoned out again so no one could stop her.

The doors were unlocked. Upon coming inside the smell of stale air and mildew penetrated her senses. When her eyes finally adjusted, she saw the room was filled with perhaps seven or ten children who were all staring back at her from the dusty fixings in the place.

Rose: "Oh my..." she whispered and closed the door so as not to be seen. "Hi..." she smiled weakly at them.

The children took a step back from her; some stopped what they were doing.

Rose: "I'm not going to hurt you." she promised and looked behind her.

There was no one in pursuit, though she could not see past the blinding light through the small window.

One of the little girls tripped backwards and fell down and cried as in her fall she cut her hand.

Rose: got down beside her and ripped the bottom of her shirt and binded the girls wound, "There you go." she said softly.

"Who are you?" a little boy in the room demanded quietly.

The little girl looked at Rose and her eyes brightened as she sniffled.

Rose: "My name is Rose." she looked at him and stood.

"What are you doing here?" the little girl asked in her little voice.

Rose: "I ran away. I want to go back home but I can't until I know where I am. I came here because I thought it might give me answers."

"You're one of the perfect girls. You shouldn't be here." an older girl walked over and picked up the little girl, holding her. She watched Rose.

Rose: "And I'll be dead in a couple moments unless I get some help."

"What do you need to know for help?" the little girl asked quietly.

Rose: "Just what the name of this planet is."

All of the children looked at each other and the eyes fell on one of the boys in the room. He was about the same age as the older girl who held the smaller one. Not yet a man, but well past children years. He stepped forward, "I only know the name because I overheard it one time. It may be wrong." he said hesitantly, not wanting to lead her in the wrong direction.

The little girl spoke up quietly, "Nothing bad will happen if we tell you, will it?"

Rose: "No I hope not."

"They said they made the name, it's not official yet. The planet had no name because it was barren when they got here. They just call it 'Perdu.'" the boy answered.

Rose: "Hmm..." she nodded, 'Can you find it?' she sent a message to Nike.

No, came the message back, Find out if he knows the location we can't find it because the name is not official so it isn't in any records.

Rose: "Is there any planets in the sector that have official names?"

"There's Gredon and Yurtak I think...they pointed it out on a map once when I was with them to find the girls." he looked down, a bit ashamed he admitted to such a thing.

Rose: 'Will that help?' she nodded, "Did they have you under the same thing that they would kill you if you didn't?" she wondered.

The boy nodded yes.

"All of us." the older girl said. "They took our mothers and then took us." her eyes were angry at the thought.

"If they wanted they could kill us in a second. They put something in us that would make our blood congeal if they wanted it to." the boy kept his eyes down.

There wasn't an answer from Nike.

All of sudden there was a pounding on the door and it flung open.

The children all looked up and snapping to attention they stepped back; some ran and hid.

The little girl that had fallen earlier buried her face in the bigger girl's chest to hide. She was afraid, as they all were.

One man stepped in, "ROSEMARIE!" he growled and walked towards her in the small building.

Rosemarie: backed up, the fear had returned to her eyes.

The man walked forward and reached his hand out, grabbing Rosemarie by the neck, anger showing in his face, "You're extra anyway, who really needs you? Maybe you should die like Benjamin, hmmm? You don't seem to care about life anyways, not others lives. So why care about your own! Hmmm!" as he spoke he squeezed his hand tighter and tighter around her neck.

Rose: she let out her breath and just closed her eyes. "You're right." she mouthed not having the power to make any words.

His eyes had pure hatred in them.

Just as Rose was on the verge of passing out and her eyes slid shut the hand was yanked from around her neck and there was a thud as the man's body hit the wall. Then there were many other thuds and crashes as things broke and hit the walls.

Rose: collapsed to the floor, with every last strength she had she looked up to see who it was.

Nike was there, though every so often he was just a blur. Nicodemus teleported in, as did Kennith.

The children stayed up against the wall, even more frightened, "Something bad is happening." the little girl whispered even more fear penetrating her voice.

Rose: she smiled slightly and just laid there, her eyes open.

One of the men who had come into the building ran out and signaled to other ones, right before Nike snapped his neck from behind and watched his body slide to the floor. "Waste of blood." he muttered to himself, just barely being heard before he was a blur again as he zoomed off to the others.

And one by one, the children coughed and their hands went to their throats and wheezing for air, they fell to the ground. The older girl dropped the little one. Her eyes slid shut.

Though the men tried, one by one they were fought off by Nike, Nicodemus, or Kennith.

The little girl who was dropped didn't even notice hitting her head hard because she was already passed out too.

Rose: she cried and because her power had returned anyone near the controls died in that moment.

Nike: came back to her side and grabbed her arm and lifted her up, then scooped her up into his arms, "Thanks. Make's my job easier when you use your mind to kill people." he smiled slightly at her, "Glad the Kientian Vice wore off." he leaned forward and licked the tears gone and teleported out of the house as everyone was dead who he needed to kill in there.

Rose: "Just leave me here and go to Nicodemus."

Nike: "Hmm? I am not leaving you. I've been worried about you for over a week. I just got here. Nicodemus can handle himself. Despite that he lost fighting to Ali." he smirked.

Nicodemus: teleported to where Kah-lee was.

Rose: "I missed you too." she whispered and closed her eyes.

Nike: "Can you stand, love?" he asked, "Or would you like me to carry you?"

Rose: "I...I don't know." she admitted.

Nike: "Alright I'll carry you." he kissed her forehead, "It's over alright?" he assured her, and walked back to the large house.

Rose: "If they see me they're going to kill me." she whispered.

Nike: "I'll kill them before they get close to you." he promised, his voice had an edge that said even more that he would. His arms around her held her tighter to him more firmly.

Rose: she nodded softly, "Varvara." she whispered and then passed out.

Nike: "What?" he said confused. Did that mean she wanted him to get her or that she just called her with her voice? He walked into the house. The house was filled with the sound of many girls crying over their 'husbands' or 'boyfriends' or 'first loves' who had died. They cried over the bodies. Some noticed that the dead body wasn't their husband or boyfriend or first love at all. It was someone completely different. Their looks of confusion spread. Nike sat Rose on a couch and watched her, still alert to things around him in case he needed to move fast.

Rose: she groaned.

Nike: killed the men who came in the room. At one point he left and scoured the building and killed off the rest of the men while Rose slept.

Rose: she opened her eyes and looked around.

Nike: walked back into the room.

Rose saw all the women in there, some still crying some just still with their confusion.

Rose: sat up.

Nike: smiled at her, "Hi love."

Rose: smiled slightly, "Hi..."

Nike: "Now what's with Varvara?"

Rose: "I was wondering if I could call a friend." she looked up slightly.

Nike: pulled out his cell phone and handed it to her.

Rose: dialed her number and only talked for a few short minutes before she hung up and handed the phone back to Nike. "Thank you." she whispered.

Nike: nodded and put the phone in his pocket, "Ready to go home?"

Rose: "Not yet. We have to find the mom and I have to wait for Varvara."

Nike: "What mom? For who?"

Rose: "The girl who's staying with us."

Nicodemus: walked out of Kah-Lee's room, his arm around Kah-Lee who was beside him, and met up with Nike and Rose.

Nike: "Fine." he sat on the couch next to her, "Why do you need Varvara?"

Kah-Lee: walked with him and ran up to Rose, "Rose!" she exclaimed, hugging her sister tightly, "You're alright."

Rose: "Because the kids, their dead." she whispered and hugged her sister back weakly, "Kah." she whispered.

Kah-Lee: leaned back, "What's wrong?"

Nike: "Does it matter?" he said to Rose.

Rose: "It does to me." she told him, she smiled slightly, "Nothing wrong I'm just a little wore out." she got to the edge of the couch and tried to stand she relied on the couch for balance.

Nike: "What happened to your strength?" he got up and helped support her. "You need food?"

Kah-Lee: gave her space. "Did anything happen to you?"

Rose: nodded to him a little, "I haven't eaten for a long time." she looked to Kah-lee, "Just was almost choked to death because I killed someone."

Nike: scooped her up suddenly and carried her off to the kitchen to get her food before Kah-Lee could do anything more than gasp and say, "Oh my."

Rose: she rested in his arms, she closed her eyes again.

Nicodemus: watched her go.

Nike: set her in a chair in the kitchen and gave her some chocolate to eat to gain her strength back.

Kah-Lee: turned, "Kennith here for Klara?"

Rose: ate it slowly.

Nicodemus: nodded, "Yes."

Kah-Lee: "Good." she looked around her and then sat on the couch waiting for Nike and Rose to return, "Are we waiting for them or can we go home now?"

Nike: sat on the counter.

Nicodemus: "You want to go home right now don't you?"

A woman walked over to them and waited.

Rose: she finished the chocolate and stood able to stand on her own.

Kah-Lee: "Yea I do." she said softly, "I don't want to be here. I never did." she looked at the woman and stood slowly. "You don't look like the others." she said almost accusingly, thinking she was bad like the men.

Nike: smiled and jumped off the counter, "Ready? Full?"

Varvara: turned and looked at her, "I don't belong here, I came on a call."

Rose: smiled and nodded, she walked with him back out with him.

Nicodemus: "Then let's go."

Kah-Lee: "Oh. Call by whom?"

Nike: went back out to Nicodemus and Kah-Lee.

Varvara: "Rosemarie, your sister."

Rose: smiled and hugged Varvara. "Hi."

Varvara: hugged her back, "Hi."

Rose: "Do you think you could help me?"

Varvara: nodded, "Already done, I just need to stop by Nicodemus' house to get the other girl."

Rose: nodded, "Thank you so much."

Varvara: smiled, "You're welcome."

Kah-Lee: "What did you do?" she asked, watching them.

Nike: looked at Rose and then to Varvara.

Varvara: "I'll see you later." she vanished.

Rose: smiled slightly. "Let's go find the girls mom and I'll be ready to go."

Nike: "Okay. You know her name it might be faster."

Kah-Lee: sighed, "Fine. Don't answer." she looked at Nicodemus, "Home please?"

Nicodemus: Nodded, "Varvara brought all of the kids back to life." He teleported her home.

Rose: called the mom's name.

A woman of beautiful character and soft features like the rest of the girls, came up to Rose, running down the hall, "Yes?" she breathed. You could tell from the look in her chocolate brown eyes that she didn't know what was going on either. Her long curly brown hair framed her face.

Rose: "I need you to come with me please. You're daughter misses you."

"My daughter?" she said, her voice brightening, "Where is she? With the other children?"

Rose: shook her head, "Come on I'll show you." she took her hand then looked to Nike for them to take them back to Nicodemus' house.

The other children poured through the door into the house, looking for their mothers.

Nike: "Are we leaving them all here?" he said to Rose as she came up to him.

Rose: "I'd like to come back after I join these two together."

Nike: "Alright." he took them both back to Nicodemus house.

Rose: smiled, "There you go." she gestured to her daughter.

"Leena!" the woman said seeing her daughter.

Leena: looked over, "Mom?" she said happily and ran up and hugged her mom.

Her mom scooped her into her arms, "Hello baby."

Rose: smiled slightly, it made her miss her own mom but she said nothing.

The woman looked to Rosemarie, "Thank you."

Leena: "Rose!" she reached out and hugged Rose. "I missed you too."

Rose: smiled and nodded, "You're welcome." she hugged Leena. "I'm glad you're alright."

Leena: "I'm glad you are too. You've been gone over a week. I was scared." she went back to her mom.

Rose: smiled slightly and went back to beside Nike.

The woman held Leena: "Where are we exactly? I need to know so I can catch a ride home."

Nicodemus: "You're in Tibet."

Kah-Lee: "We need to get back to California."

The woman nodded, "Thank you. Come on Leena." she walked to the door, still trying to make sense of things. But she would figure it out.

Leena: waved, "Bye Rose!" she said as her mom went through the door.

Rose: "Bye." she waved slightly.

Nike: "Okay now that that's done I suppose we should go clean up the mess. Unless we just leave it for The Great Ones to get."

Rose: nodded, "Let's go." she wanted to see her baby so bad but she would wait. "The Great Ones won't leave Earth."

Nike: "Neel isn't here babe he's back at Nicodemus house in California." he took her hand and went back to the planet.

Rose: nodded, "I know." she went and helped the children find their parents then with the allowed access she took them all home.

Nike: cleaned up the bodies.

Rose: went to see him afterward.

Nike: was still cleaning up. He was thinking about what to do with the house and the clothes and the pictures of him and Rosemarie and the chest with the wedding dress...

Rose: she helped him with the bodies.

Nike: "Rose you don't have to do this. I got it." he was putting them all in a pile to catch on fire.

Rose: "It's okay I want to help." she helped not showing any emotion while she did so.

Nike: sighed, "Fine." he said as he zoomed around, moving fast. Once he made sure they got everyone, he lit the pile on fire.

Rose: watched as they burned.

Nike: grabbed her upper arm lightly, pulling her away. "Don't watch it Rose." he whispered to her.

Rose: she looked away as instructed quickly her mind still thinking the vice was in her system, she closed her eyes.

Nike: put his arm around her and went back into the house. He couldn't stand the lighting out here.

Rose: went with him, she didn't say anything she just looked ahead.

Nike: "Did you want to keep anything from this house? The clothes or something?"

Rose: "Yea hold on." she went into the room her bed was in and grabbed the albums and pictures, she looked at her closet and went over to him, "Okay, I've got what I want." she said softly.

Nike: "Just the pictures and albums?" he wondered. "No clothes?" he looked at the pictures with her, "You know that's you with the Benjamin dude, right?"

Rose: "But he looks like you, I can pretend that he is you." she shook her head, "I don't need so many clothes."

Nike: nodded, "You could." he sighed, "Do you wish that it was real?" he asked softly.

Rose: "It doesn't matter." she looked down, "We should go."

Nike: "I'm sorry." he said softly. He never thought he would say that about how they were married, but for some reason seeing the pictures made him feel sorry. There was no other way to describe it. He teleported them home.

Rose: "It's okay." she said softly and took the pictures to the room and put them in there for safe keeping. Then she went to see Neel.

Nike: sighed and sat on the edge of their bed.

Neel: looked about three years old by now. "Who you?" he asked looking at her.

Rose: "I'm your mom." she said softly, she smiled a little.

Neel: shook his head, "No you not. I have no mommy."

Nike: walked into the room, "Neel this is your mother." he went and picked Neel up, holding him to Rose's eye level. He had heard the conversation in his room so he figured he better come fix this. "All babies have a mother."

Neel: "My mommy died." he looked away from Nike and Rose.

Nike: "No she did not she's right there. Look."

Neel: looked at Rose then shook his head.

Rose: "I think..." she said softly, "I'm going to go make hot chocolate." her smile had faded some time ago. She sighed and turned and went to the kitchen.

Nike: looked at Neel, "Stop this right now Neel your mother has missed you for a long time and you are not being very nice and making her feel welcome." he scolded his son.

Neel: shrank a little, "I'm sorry daddy." though in his mind he still said she was not his mom.

Nike: "No you're not I know you still don't think she's your mother. It's only been a little over a week. What made you think she was dead?"

Neel: "She didn't care otherwise she wouldn't have left me it's better to think her dead then that she abandoned me."

Nike: "She did it to save her sister. You have to understand. Your mother loves you."

Neel: shook his head no.

Nike: "Fine. Then I'll just abandon you too then you won't have any parents." he set him back down.

Neel: cried, "No daddy."

Nike: "Oh don't bother crying. Wait a week you'll forget me." he walked out of the room.

Neel: "Daddy!" he cried.

Rose: came in and picked him up and tried to calm him

Neel: let himself be calmed down by her, he put his thumb in his mouth and just closed his eyes as his head was on her shoulder.

Nike: smiled slightly to himself and went and sat on the couch.

Rose: rocked him to sleep she just held him; she went and sat on the couch beside him. "Thank you." she whispered to him, the sparkle back in her eyes.

Nike: kissed her cheek, "You're welcome babe." he whispered back.

Rose: smiled slightly, she looked back to their child.

Nike: leaned back in his seat.

Rose: she kissed Neel's forehead softly.

Nike: "I'll be in my office." he said, getting up. He went and turned on the computer and wrote in his blog.

Rose: nodded and watched him go.

Nike: came back into the living room, being done with his blog.

Rose: was still holding Neel.

Neel: opened his eyes a little, "Momma."

Nike: sat back down on the couch by them both. He looked over at Neel.

Rose: "Yes Neel?" she asked softly.

Neel: "I love you."

Rose: smiled a little, "I love you too."

Nike: "Glad to see we're a happy family now."

Rose: smiled slightly and kissed Nike's cheek.

Nike: his smile in return was weak, but just because he was still thinking about the wedding pictures.

Rose: smiled at took Neel into bed since she knew he need to get a good night sleep and tucked him in. Then she came back out, "What's wrong?"

Nike: "Nothing really."

Rose: "It's the pictures isn't it?"

Nike: nodded a little, "Yea." he admitted with a small sigh.

Rose: "I'll fix it." she stood and took the pictures and album outside and burned them. She just stood outside watching them burn.

Nike: stopped her before she burned the things. He moved quickly so he caught the pictures and album before it hit the fire. "Hun don't." he said softly, "It's not the pictures themselves." he set them aside and put the fire out.

Rose: "I want to make you happy, come on just let me do this." she said softly. "Then we can all just forget this big ugly mess and move on."

Nike: "I just want to know, do you wish we were married with a wedding like these pictures depict?"

Rose: "It doesn't matter Nike, we're married and have two kids. Our lives are perfect, everything is good."

Nike: "But it didn't start out that way." he reminded her solemnly.

Rose: "Who cares? That part is over now."

Nike: "Apparently you care since you want the pictures."

Rose: "I tried to burn them, remember?"

Nike: "Not because you wanted to burn them but because you thought I wanted you to burn them."

Rose: "You didn't ask me to. I did that willingly. Because I love you."

Nike: "I didn't ask you to because I wasn't going to. Getting rid of the pictures won't make me feel any less better." he walked over and handed them back to her.

Rose: she sighed and sat on the ground and pulled her legs up to her.

Nike: dropped his hand to his side, still holding the pictures and album in it, "Okay..." he said confused.

Rose: she set her head on top of her knees.

Nike: "What did I do?" he asked hesitantly.

Rose: "You didn't do anything." she said softly. "Actually there is something. You saved me both from that place and from death. That's what." she said softly.

Nike: "So that's why you seem upset?" he asked slowly.

Rose: "I'm not upset."

Nike: "The way you are sitting says you are."

Rose: stared at a spot on the grass beside him. It caused fire that was blue. "Please just put the photos and scrapbook in the fire."

Nike: sighed and dropped them in reluctantly.

Rose: watched them burn she kept all emotion away from her face.

Nike: didn't even watch. He just walked back into the house.

Rose: got up after it was burned stopped the fire and went into the house.

Nike: was already in bed, back turned to her.

Rose: she sighed and just sat on the ground beside the bed. She lay down and closed her eyes and she didn't know why but tears just started to fall from her eyes, she didn't make one sound though so she wouldn't wake him up.


Nike: got up early without disturbing Rose. He saw her on the floor as he went to get dressed for the day but he didn't ask why. Rose just did weird things like that sometime. He wrote her a note and placed it on her pillow and then grabbed his jacket and went out the front door.

Rose: some time later she got up and read the note.

Going to fix something, and going for my morning run. Be back tonight.


Rose: her eyes saddened, she went and got Neel and fed him then just spent the day with him and Ali, masking her real emotions with one of happiness.

At a little past eleven Nike opened the door. He was carrying a bag in his hand that looked as if it contained something heavy. He shut the door behind him, set the bag down, and kicked off his shoes then took off his jacket.

Rose: was sitting on the couch, "Welcome back, did you fix what you need to?" she asked softly.

Nike: smiled slightly, "Yea." he picked up the bag and leaned over kissing her cheek as he set the bag on the couch, "Neel in bed?"

Rose: nodded, "Yea." she smiled slightly and kissed him though her kiss was on the lips, it was soft.

Nike: "How was your day?" he leaned over the back of the couch, his arms on the back of it.

Rose: "It was okay. I missed you."

Nike: gave her a small smile again and leaned back, "That's for you by the way. I'm going to go get something to eat." he left to the kitchen, "Did you make any of that special stuff or do I have to hunt?"

Rose: "I made a few cookies and a drink from a recipe I heard of once, but if you want something more fresh you can drink from me." she looked the bag and opened it up and looked inside.

Nike: "I did promise I would after you had the child, didn't I?"

Inside was an album with pictures in it of Nike and Rose's wedding. The pictures were different than the ones Rose had before; more real. But in a way they were the same in that they depicted the wedding as an actual wedding, and a reception.

Rose: nodded, she smiled looking through the album. "Yes..." she said distractedly.

Nike: came back in a few minutes later with some cookies and a glass of the drink. He sat on the free end of the couch.

Rose: hugged him, "Thank you."

Nike: "What?" he said with a mouthful of cookie. His hands were full so he couldn't hug her back, though when she hugged him it was from the side so that would have been hard to do anyways.

Rose: "For this." she gestured to the book and photos

Nike: "Oh." he nodded and swallowed, "Yea. Wasn't hard to get."

Rose: "Still, I appreciate it." she smiled slightly.

Nike: "Well you know, that's what it would have been like if I didn't rush things."

Rose: she smiled, "It looks wonderful." she said as she looked back at the book.

Nike: "You made me a copy of them so yea, it would."

Rose: looked up, she was confused. "Huh?"

Nike: shook his head, "Nothing."

Rose: nodded, "Okay." she wasn't going to press it, she looked back down and looked through the pages.

Nike: "I didn't want the pictures of after the wedding though, because...well, considering how we were wed in those pictures and you wanted it, we kind of had children earlier so it wasn't Neel and Ali who were born. Though, there wasn't that problem with you being kidnapped by Ali either because of that."

Rose: smiled, "That's ok, this is wonderful."

Nike: "Yea I figured that would be good enough for you. At least it's nice to know we had that wedding in some time line." he smiled slightly and finished his drink.

Rose: smiled a little, she held the book close to her.

Nike: "And those pictures don't bother me so much because they weren't forged and they are actually you and I, not you and Benjamin. And anyways." he pointed to a picture in the album, at Rose's dress, "That dress is prettier."

Rose: smiled and giggled, "Yes."

Nike: smiled back.

Rose: kissed him again.

Nike: kissed her back.

Rose: "I love you so much."

Nike: "The same for you. If I didn't I wouldn't have done that."

Rose: smiled, she kissed him again and put a hand on the side of his face still kissing him. She set the album on the coffee table so it wouldn't get destroyed.

Nike: "My breath probably smells like red liquid cookies or something." he said between kisses, wrapping his arm around her and pulling her close.

Rose: "That doesn't matter." she continued to kiss him, she climbed on his lap.

Nike: "Doesn't that smell make you Kientians sick?" he said again between kisses.

Rose: "I'll live." she paused "but if you don't want to then I'll stop."

Nike: "Well I certainly hope you'll live." he said ignoring her last statement. He eased her back onto the couch, laying her on her back as he continued to kiss her.

Rose: kissed him back.


Rose: was lying next to him she was happy, satisfied.

Nike: was drifting to sleep on the couch, holding her close to his body.

Rose: smiled, she eventually fell asleep as well.


Rose: woke up early in the morning and started to make everyone breakfast.

Nike: still slept on the couch. He rolled over to fill the empty space once Rose left.

Rose: finished making breakfast she placed some before him and went to get Neel since he was crying.

Nike: woke up, smelling the food. He opened his eyes slowly and sat up and stretched. Then he began to eat. He turned on the television for the news.

Rose: came back and sat down beside him and she fed Neel.

Nike: "I'm going to go for a run after I eat so I'll be back in thirty minutes then from when I leave." he kept his eyes on the television as he ate.

Rose: nodded, "Okay." She looked over at him, "What's wrong?"

Nike: "Just watching the news." he glanced at her, "Breakfast is good babe thanks." he continued to eat.

Rose: "You're welcome." she looked down.

Nike: "What's wrong with you?" he asked her.

Rose: "Nothing you just don't seem like yourself."

Nike: "I always go running in the morning so I don't see how I'm not."

Rose: "Never mind." she stood and got Neel ready for the day, she still wasn't dressed; she didn't even have a robe on.

Nike: "Your sister's on TV." he said to her as he ate.

Rose: came back and watched the T.V. "What about?"

Nike: "She's was just on the red carpet." he motioned to the television. "I don't see Nicodemus though."

Rose: she sat down, "That's weird."

Nike: "Who knows...he doesn't like parties and things."

Rose: nodded, "You're right. He's not a very social person."

Nike: pointed to the screen real quick, "I think that's her date I don't know." he watched as they went into a building and they switched over to other people. "Well anyways I bet that was fun."

Rose: nodded, "I'm sure it was." she smiled slightly.

Nike: looked over at her and kissed her, "You could be a model too if you wanted, love. You're even more gorgeous." he finished his food and shut off the television and stood.

Rose: "Not as gorgeous as Kah-lee besides that's her thing."

Nike: "You guys look the same and I know you are more beautiful. You don't have as many scars on your neck and body and whatnot. I bet Kah-Lee uses a lot of makeup to hide it."

Rose: shrugged, "If I was thought to be anything more than an orphan I would be."

Ali: came out, "Morning."

Nike: "Not would be. You ARE." he looked at Ali, "Morning. Want to come run with me?"

Ali: stretched, "Sure."

Rose: smiled a little and looked down.

Nike: "Alright. Bye Rose." he already had pulled on his jeans before he ate. He went and slipped on his shoes and walked to the door, "Rose, you should at least hide yourself when Ali is around." he smiled slightly, "But thanks for keeping your end of the deal. Love you babe." he opened the door and went outside.

Rose: "Bye honey." she watched them both exit and then sat on the couch and played with Neel, making up for the time she had lost.

Nike and Ali returned thirty minutes later.

Rose: when Rose heard them come in she got a robe and wrapped it around her.

Ali: came in, "Well I'm going back to my room."

Rose: watched her go then took it back off again and played with Neel some more.

Nike: "Bye." he said as he took off his shoes again and came into the living room. He kissed Rose's cheek.

Rose: smiled, "Welcome back darling. How was your run?"

Nike: "Good, as always. We going back to visit my brother? That week I was there by myself doesn't really count for our week of visiting since you weren't there."

Rose: "May I get dressed?" she asked

Nike: "You look like Kah-Lee, Nicodemus sees Kah-Lee all the time does it matter?"

Rose: "I guess not, I just thought maybe you would just want me all to yourself that's all."

Nike: "Will you be fine in the robe? I know that place is full of people."

Rose: nodded, "The robe is fine."

Nike: "We can bring Neel. Where is he? Ali can do what she wants." he paused, "Do I have a servant somewhere?" he walked to the stairs.

Rose: "Down in the basement, he's taking a nap, hold on let me get a quick shower first." she walked into the bathroom and got in the shower.

Nike: "Take your time." he went down into the basement and opened the door.

Woman: was down there starving for food as was the other two.

Nike: "You're supposed to be doing the cooking and stuff, GET UP THERE!" he yelled at the woman, "Your Rose's servant not mine so stop taking up my space." he grabbed her by the neck and threw her to the stairs.

Woman: she fell against the stairs and quickly crawled up them.

Nike: looked for the man, "Your Ali's..." he looked at the girl that was his servant. "I forgot about you."

Girl: she whimpered and took a step back.

Nike: "How long has it been since I've fed you?"

Girl: "Over a week sir."

Nike: "Oh." he nodded, "Alright. Well, have fun with your friend." he left the room and shut the door again.

Girl: she lay back on the ground, she was really feeling weak, and she had a feeling that she was going to die of hunger.

Nike: went back upstairs to see what the girl was doing.

Woman: was cleaning the house since the food was already made.

Nike: "Eat something. You look horrible." he ordered her and went back to the bathroom to see if Rose was done.

Woman: complied immediately.

Rose: was unconscious in the bathtub a big bump on her head.

Nike: went in quickly and lifted Rose up out of the water. He tried to see if she was bleeding and if she was breathing and how long she had been passed out.

Rose: she had just slipped so she was still alive, and she wasn't bleeding she just had a big bump on her head.

Nike: lifted her out of the tub and took her to their room, even though she was wet he set her on the bed.

Rose: coughed up water.

Nike: "Rose?" he wiped the water away from her face with the comforter.

Rose: she opened her eyes, and looked around, "Sorry." she rubbed her head and went to sit up.

Nike: "Hun just stay laying down." he pushed her back down, "You slipped in the tub. Why are you sorry?"

Rose: she nodded and stayed lying down. "Because I slipped."

Nike: "Well don't be sorry." his eyes were caring as he watched her, "I'm just glad you're alright."

Rose: nodded, "I'm glad you saved me...again." she smiled a little.

Nike: smiled slightly, "Let's just hope that's how it always is and that it never turns into I didn't make it there in time to save you."

Rose: "You're perfect; you have all the time you need."

Nike: "Not where your life is concerned, I don't, and never would I take my time. Not even for Ali or Neel, either. All three of you."

Rose: smiled, "I'm glad." she kissed her hand and pressed it to his cheek.

Nike: chuckled a bit, "We'll stay home today." he kissed his hand and pressed it to her cheek in return and then stood.

Rose: "Are you sure?"

Nike: nodded, "Yes you need rest."

Rose: "I'm okay really." she assured him.

Nike: "Yea, well, just till the bump is gone."

Rose: nodded, "Alright." she looked down and felt the sheets. "I have to dry the sheets I got them all wet.

Nike: laughed, "Yea." he looked to the door and called the girl to come dry the sheets and put clean on. Before she came in he wrapped Rose in the comforter and took her back to the bathroom to dry off. He threw the wet comforter back into the bedroom.

Woman: came got the sheets and left.

Rose: dried herself and the floor.

Nike: smiled, "You're beautiful." he said as he watched her.

Rose: smiled, "Thank you." she took the brush and brushed out her hair and pulled it back into a tight bun.

Nike: stopped her, "Don't." he said softly, "Leave it down."

Rose: nodded and put it back down she smoothed it out.

Nike: walked up to her and kissed her cheek and then kissed her neck, "Better."

Rose: smiled, "I'm glad." she said softly.

Nike: "Don't ever cut your hair, alright?" he whispered into her ear.

Rose: smiled, "I won't." she promised.

Nike: "Good." he kissed the back of her neck over her hair.

Rose: giggled.

Nike: leaned back and sighed.

Rose: "What's wrong?" she stopped giggling and looked at him worriedly.

Nike: "What did I tell you about doing that when I am trying to create a moment?"

Rose: "I'm sorry." she apologized, "I won't do it again, I promise." she looked down ashamed of herself.

Nike: "It's alright. Thought we will have to wait until another moment comes up."

Rose: nodded, "I think it's just a hobby to ruin things." she said softly.

Nike: "No, you're fine. It's not like I won't be in the mood again soon." he kissed her cheek, "Anyways want to come relax on the couch with me?"

Rose: smiled and looked up at him and nodded excitedly.

Nike: scooped her up and carried her to the living room again, sitting on the couch with her. He turned on the television and found a movie for them to watch.

Rose: laid her head on him though she was careful not to get him wet with her hair.

Nike: put his arm around her naked stomach and held her close as they lay on the couch, him behind her.

Rose: smiled slightly, she enjoyed the movie she hoped he did too.

Nike: stayed there on the couch with her, handing her the remote.

Rose: she turned it to something that she knew he would like.

Nike: "Let me know if you want to do something else." he said, moving his head and resting his chin on her neck lightly, facing the television.

Rose: "Okay."

Nike: watched what Rose had changed the station to.

Rose: even though it wasn't what she was into she watched it too.

Nike: some way through the movie he started to kiss her neck again gently.

Rose: smiled but didn't giggle, she wasn't going to ruin this again.

Nike: turned Rose onto her back and kissed over the front of her neck and then kissed her lips gently, then growing passionate.

Rose: kissed him back

Nike: slipped is hand behind her head and put his fingers through her hair. He also at the same time felt to see if the bump was gone.

The bump was indeed gone; Rose continued to kiss him back growing more and more passionate.


Rose: was so close to him that it was not possible to get any closer.

Nike: "Seems you're feeling better." he smirked, watching her.

Rose: smiled, "I am, much better." she smiled back her eyes sparkling.

Nike: "That's always good to hear." he kissed her gently again.

Rose: kissed him softly back.

Nike: put his arm behind her back and kept her close to him, so close she even had to entwine her legs with his. He stroked her back gently, "Though we may not have to stay here anymore because of your bump, I would still just like to spend the day like this...when we go back to my brothers house...we won't get to do this except in private and I don't care too much about privacy. It's nicer to be able to do the things you want to do in your home without having to worry about such things."

Rose: "That sounds good to me."

Nike: smiled slightly, "Good." he laid his head back on the arm rest of the couch and closed his eyes.

Rose: closed her eyes too she loved this, he was so perfect. She couldn't help feeling so wonderful right now.

Nike: stayed with her just like that.


Rose: woke up softly she looked at the clock.

It was a little after 4 pm.

Nike: was watching her, lying next to her.

Rose: she smiled, "Hello." she said softly.

Nike: "Hi babe. Nice nap?"

Rose: nodded slightly.

Nike: kissed her cheek. "Good."

Rose: she smiled, "I love you so much."

Nike: "Love you too."

Rose: she kissed him softly then leaned back and looked in his eyes, hers were still sparkling.

Nike: "Your eyes look even more gorgeous than normal." he commented.

Rose: smiled, "Thank you."

Nike: "You're welcome."

Rose: she rested her head back on him.

Nike: "Hungry?"

Rose: "A little." she admitted.

Nike: nodded and sat up.

Rose: she watched him, "But I'd rather stay with you." she said quickly.

Nike: "Then stay with me. The kitchen may be a little farther away than in our other house because this one is bigger, but still." he shrugged slightly.

Rose: nodded, she sat up to and draped her legs over the edge of the couch.

Nike: stood up and walked to the kitchen, indifferent to his nakedness.

Rose: walked with him.

Nike: opened cupboards and got out things to make.

Rose: "If you want me to I can make something."

Nike: "Well you're going to help me. Look up a recipe."

Rose: got out the cookbooks and was looking through them, "What about this?" she moved the book in front of him so he could look.

Nike: crinkled his nose, "Chocolate Tart? You're the one eating it."

Rose: nodded, "Then I figured we could make this for you." she set another one on top of it that was entitled 'red liquid in a blanket' which was sort of like pigs in a blanket.

Nike: smiled, "Sounds good. Now...who is making whose food? We going to make each others? I'm sure you're good at making it the special way I like it."

Rose: smiled, "Sure, if you need any help just ask." she started to get out some of the materials for the red liquid in a blanket.

Nike: "Me? Need help?" he scoffed, "Psshhh never." he went about getting the things for the chocolate tart.

Rose: smiled and in no time at all they were ready for the oven though at first they had ran out of some red liquid so she had to make due with a few substitute ingredients. She set the timer and watched him work.

Nike: his tarts looked like something had run over them.

Rose: smiled but didn't say anything.

Nike: "This stuff taste's so disgusting I'm not even testing it anymore." he said putting the spoon back in the bowl and away from his mouth.

Rose: smiled, "Alright."

Nike: "So it might taste disgusting to you too. Who knows if it's just me or if it's the stuff itself." he poured the chocolate over the tarts.

Rose: "It'll be perfect just like you."

Nike: "Sure." he said, not believing her because he knew it wouldn't be.

Rose: smiled she still watched him.

Nike: "Here." he handed her the empty mixing bowl and the spoon and then picked up the tarts and put them in the freezer.

Rose: smiled and licked it to where there was nothing on it and then washed it.

Nike: "And was it gross to you like it was to me?" he asked, leaning back against the fridge.

Rose: smiled and shook her head, "Perfect like I said."

Nike: "Sure..."

Rose: smiled and rolled her eyes, "You know you could have your own cooking show.

Nike: "I wouldn't be able to eat any of the food I cooked though."

Rose: "Be a chef on the red liquid channel."

Nike: laughed, "I could. Though you would have to do that show. I don't cook food with red liquid, love. I just eat the few selections you make and the rest I hunt for fresh."

Rose: smiled a little, "I suppose. Though I'm not experimental with foods, they can just go get a cookbook and make it from there."

Nike: "Who has time for cookbooks now-a-days? They would rather watch T.V."

Rose: "I suppose so."

Nike: "Why you want to have our own cooking show?"

Rose: "I was just saying that you could have your own cooking show your food is so good."

Nike: "And I am asking, do you want a cooking show?"

Rose: "Nah, I'm not good in front of cameras, I'll break them." she smiled slightly.

Nike: smirked, "So will I...but not the way you think you'll break them. I'd punch them and they'd break."

Rose: smiled and laughed softly.

Nike: "Well the tarts should be done in an hour according to the cook book." he walked over and closed the book.

Rose: "Yours will be done in like 20 minutes." the cookbook was already away.

Nike: "And what should we do in that time we have to wait?"

Rose: "Anything you want."

Nike: "The reason I ask you is because I want you to choose."

Rose: thought for a long minutes, "I'm not exactly sure." she admitted.

Nike: "Okay." he picked up the newspaper on the table and sat down and opened it, reading it.

Rose: watched the timer count down.

Nike: continued to read.

Rose: when the timer went off she brought them out and let them cool a little bit then put some on a plate for him and made the plate look all pretty by drizzling red liquid down the sides. She placed it before him.

Nike: looked over and folded up the paper and set it back on the table, "Thank you my dear." he picked one up and ate it.

Rose: "You're welcome." she watched his reaction praying that he liked it.

Indeed, he did like it because after he ate that one he reached for more.

Nike: "Never thought I'd say this but I think there are some things I will eat that aren't just red liquid."

Rose: smiled, "I'm glad."

Nike: finished his food.

Rose: after he was done she cleaned up his plate.

Nike: "Well I think I am going to go out." he stood and stretched. He looked to the fridge, "Those should be done soon for you."

Rose: nodded, "Okay, have fun." she smiled a little.

Nike: kissed her cheek then went to his room and got dressed and then came back out, grabbed his jacket, donned his shoes, and left.

Rose: before they were done she went into Nike's office just looking around, curious about the blog she knew he had. She got on to read the last entry.

Blog #291,005; Day # 673

Hi again. I am not sure who exactly reads these things, but I think I mostly write them to just let myself rant about what I wouldn't normally talk about with other people. So whether they are read or not, it's fine...I guess. Been alive long enough to learn not to care about what other people think.

Except for maybe my family. Now that a new addition has been added; we call him 'Neel', he makes the perfect addition to my little family. Rosemarie, Ali, Neel, and myself. Like a perfect picture family.

Only sometimes it's not.

Take the past two weeks for example. Horrible and crazy. My wife didn't even get a chance to be with her baby when he was born. And the sad thing about it was that when she did get back, when my brother and I and this dude named Kennith finally found them and brought the girls home, Neel didn't even recognize his mother. Hopefully though, with a few swift actions on my part, I fixed that. They seem to be getting that mother/child bond together once again.

Maybe now we can just relax.

Though in times that I relax I keep thinking about those pictures.

It's not that I dislike them. It's just; I keep thinking...I could have done better.

I could have proved The Parents wrong about me.

But I didn't, and so, they are right.

I just hope I'm not showing people that to get what they want they need to just take it. That's not what I want to do at all. It's just sometimes I think that I need to do that, when in reality, I find out it would have been just fine if I waited for what I wanted to come to me.

I'll get over it. Hopefully.

-Nike Ediuqil

Rose: she closed the computer down and got up and left the room.