You batter with my heart

Like a cat with string,

But soon you turn away

Lose interest

Just like the cat

And what is left?

Do you even think?

Do you even care?

Cause its just what you left,

When you finished.

I won't understand

Why, why, why

You never tried

To love me

I might have worked

I know you don't think so

But you never even tried,

Never tried to try

How could you know?

You always tricked me,

Into thinking it might be

And you said always

'I don't want a relationship'

'I don't want to deal with the emotions'

But still you now

Spend your time with other

Dating her

Why won't you explain?

Why can't you tell me?

What are you hiding?

I can't tolerate

Not all this hurt

It stings so badly

But you won't

You won't acknowledge

Or tell me why, what

She has, that I don't

Please tell me.

I would do anything for you,

You know that.

You always knew that

So why?

Why does it have to hurt so?

Why did you leave me like this?

Why, Why, Why?