The Beast

By Matt Hurt

I stood nervously on the wooden platform I had been slowly making progress walking on. At least a hundred people had been standing in front of me an hour ago. Now it was down to two. I was shaking badly even though I had been waiting for this moment the entire day. The sun had just gone down making for a perfect setting. I move up a couple of inches as the people at the front begin their departure. I couldn't believe how much I was shaking. I have done this exact thing only twice before.

Before I could think I moved up to the front. I felt as if I were going to throw up. After what seemed like only a few seconds later I crossed the small gate. I made my way across the last of the small wooden platform and sat down in the small cart. I placed the metal bar across my lap and got relatively comfortable. The cart started to move with a thud.

Me and the people in all the other carts made our way on the wooden tracks around a curve. The front cart caught onto the chain and started to go up. This is the part that I usually closed my eyes. NOT THIS TIME! I came here the first time to conquer my fear of them and was victorious twice in a row! This time I came for something different. To face yet another fear that had been haunting me my entire life. An acrophobic fear. My fear of heights. Now midway up the large hill I look to my right and see the people that were in front of me in line smiling in their cart. Still shaking severely I struggle to keep my eyes open, and they do. I reach the top, and brought up the nerve to look down! I was high up. Within a second I go down steeply and off I am on my five minute ride. Screaming in joy as I have done twice before.