1.) Be yourself, follow your heart

That's what they say to do

But that's so hard when

I think I might like two guys

One I've liked for a while

We are apart – but we still talk

The other kids with me

Helps with my homework

This makes my innocent heart

So confused on what to do

2.) They both make me laugh

They both make me smile

They both seem to like me

And now my heart is torn!

I don't wanna feel this way

It feels like I have to choose

I'm not good in confrontation

So why am I the one?
That has to be torn?!

Torn between two

3.) I promised my good friends

I'd give the other a chance

They say he flirts with me

Which I'm too native to see

A promise is a promise

But now I feel bad

For the soul left behind

(Repeat 2 (Chorus))

4.) The other doesn't answer his cell

Way more than half the time

It really upsets me sometimes

Since I rarely see him anymore

But when he does answer

Nothing could be better

But sometimes my thoughts drift

From him to the other

This is making me torn
Because of what they do

(Repeat 2 (Chorus))

5.) This isn't fair to either

They are so nice to me

Why do I like them both?

Why can't I like just one?

Maybe I wouldn't be torn


(Rewritten Part of Chorus – Bridge)

2.) They don't make me smile

They don't make me laugh

They don't seem to like me

6.) But they do – back to reality

And my heart is torn

So maybe if I follow my heart

It will lead me right

So I don't have to be torn

Torn anymore…