Miss Me

1.) I don't think you know

I think bout us a lot...though

And I never resist

The urge to text you…I missed

Hearing from you all day

My mind says no, I always disobey

And I text you, then I have to run

I ask if you want to text me (STUN!)

You say it doesn't matter bye…

And I let out a big sigh

2.) Sorry to say but it matters

And it really shatters

My heart; its very painful

Maybe you're very disdainful

That's what I want to believe

I just hope you're not native

I think it's obvious

That I really like you

I always miss you

Do you ever miss me?

3.) Every time I think of you

I wish you knew

How much I miss you

Maybe you have a clue

I hope you do

You're like a tattoo

In my brain, you won't go away

I think I want you to stay

Many in my life leave

I wouldn't want to grieve

Over you too…but remember

*Repeat 2 (Chorus)*

4.) I hope you miss me

That'd bring me glee

I wonder if you think

Of me…we'd be in sync

Miss me (x3)

I hope you agree

That we

Should belong together

But you remember

*Repeat 2 (Chorus)*

5.) Miss me (x2)


Make it easy

Just miss me (x2)

You know you do

(Miss me)