Sweet tiny thing, sings without holding back
She went willingly and never considered you a cage
And you never held her back
or tied her down
You let her sing to you,
sweet songs of love,
And you even sang them back.

You used her to find your way,
out of the dark and winding pits,
And she led you to safety every time
You followed her voice and the black abated.

But one day you forgot how to sing back
And no matter how loud she sang,
you couldn't hear the tune
And the less you tried to listen,
the more the bars clutched around her,
Until you were deaf,
And the sweet tiny thing,
wings and heart fluttering
-- fragile --
was caged.

But still she sings, only for you,
even though you've forgotten how,
Softly she sings --

Till your heart remembers the melody.

(A/N: Please tell me what you think. I'm always desperately seeking opinions of my poetry, as its not something I do very often. As always, thank you for reading.)