Most people believe that angels live heaven and demons live in hell, but they don't. Heaven and hell don't even exist. God and the devil live on earth mixed in with everybody else.

After God created the earth he got bored looking after the humans, The Devil decided to cheer him up by playing a game with human souls.

"Get out here" a voice shouted through a house. This house was an average looking house on a battle axe block. One story, made out of bricks. It didn't stand out, it didn't look special. A sixteen year old boy walked out the door; he had Brown hair and blue eyes.

"You better run"" the voice shouted again.

"Yes mum" said the teen. He headed off for school.

"Lukas, wait up" It was Dani. She was Lukas's friend from preschool. She was average size, blonde short hair. She was sixteen today she lived near Lukas.

"What do you want?" Lukas asked with disgust.

"That's a great too way to greet someone on her birthday" Dani said while she smirked.

"I'm sorry happy birthday" Lukas apologized

"You never remember do you" Dani started to laugh

"What do you wa-"Lukas was interrupted by another voice.

"Why is it that whenever I catch up to you two your always fighting?" it was a girl with black hair.

"Nyx, you have great timing than" Dani answered and they started on their way to school. "Should we go get Caleb, he is problem still asleep"

"He is such a lazy fuck" Lukas shouted

"Calm down," Nyx told him " he is the reason you're getting though school"

"Shut up Nyx"

"Did you not sleep last night" Dani giggled "again"

"Shut up"

Nyx and Dani look at him and then each other.

"Yes, that's the reason" Dani started

"I wonder why?" Nyx Continued

"Just shut up. The both of you"

Everybody was silent. Dani and Nyx still where think about why Lukas was so angry. They finally made it to Caleb's House.

"Get up Caleb" Lukas yelled.

"Why is this house a mess" Dani noticed that everything seemed to be cover in dust. The chairs were everywhere the only think clean was the couch which his were Caleb slept.

"Get up" Lukas yelled jumping onto the couch

"I didn't ask for a wakeup call" Caleb muttered. He was half asleep and still wearing jeans. He was also wearing a button p shirt with orange and white checked pattern on it. He had very dark hair.

"Too bad, Now get up" Lukas was very angry

"What's his problem" Caleb asked Nyx and Dani

"We don't know" Nyx answered

"What time is it" Caleb asked again

"It is time I to get up" Lukas screamed

"8:45" Nyx answered

Caleb stood up grabbed a black shirt and started to head for the door grabbing some bread on his way

"finally" Lukas cheered.

The four of them ran off to school.