One day a blonde name Brandy Simmons was babysitting her neighbor's infant son when she came across a video on you tube called "Dynamic Exercise for Babies!". After spending hours and hours rewatching the video all over with a disturbing fascination, she came up with a brilliant idea. She believed that by doing what the woman in the video did, the baby will get a nice workout despite the fact that it was anything but. With that she went to the yard to see if the weather's good and fortunately for her, it's sunny with barely any clouds at all. Decided that is a good time to have a workout with her neighbor's baby, Brandy went back into the house to get the baby.

"Okay little Charlie, time for us to go outside and play!" said Brandy with a smile on her face

After taking the baby outside, she went on to swing the infant like a rag doll. Soon the dumb blonde started to twirl the infant like a leek before proceeding to use him like a jump rope, it was a miracle the baby didn't stretch as his clueless babysitter eventually stopped after ten jumps. Soon the baby became shaken and starts to vomit but the crazy woman didn't care. Soon Brandy prepares herself for the encore and said to the baby, "Okay Charlie, time for the encore!"

All of a sudden, Brandy begins to swing the baby around like a rubber chicken until she lost her grip on little Charlie and flung him right over the fence.

"AAAAAAH! CHARLIE!" she screams

It's too late however as several cars are heard screeching to a crashing halt.