In the town known as Tanis Town, people were shaking in their boots every second of their lives each day. They had a right to for the notorious outlaw known as El Lobo claimed this town as his and his alone. Each person every week had to pay him 2 sacks of gold and if they didn't comply...well, they would get a taste of Lobo's bullets down their throats.

El Lobo [The Wolf in English] was 6'3, had grey fur, souless black eyes, fangs that could scare the deadliest creature around, and black hair that went down to his shoulder as a poney-tail. He wore a black blood-stained shirt with a tan jacket over it where he kept sticks of dynamite on straps, black pants that kept his Magnum 60s, and brown boots with spikes at the tip of them. Lobo wore a sick grin as the people in front of them payed their dictator's money. However, the last one, a dog-boy who was no older than 9 step forward with only 6 pieces, making El Lobo angrier than the people thought possible as he snatched the boy by the colar of his shirt.

"Are you trying to piss me off boy?!" Lobo shouted as he grabbed one of his Magnums and aimed them both at the boy, "Because if you are, you did a good job."

"P-please Mr. Lobo, but my mommy doesn't have all the gold yet." the boy said as tears streaked down his face. The boy was a Dalmation Anthro with a black spot over his left eye and had blonde short hair. He wore a red shirt and black pants, no shoes and the clothes wore torn seeing as his mother was poor. Despite this, Lobo through the boy into the dirt, laughing like the madman he is.

"Listen up and listen good!" Lobo shouted, loading his pistol, "When oyu piss off El Lobo, I don't give a shit about your excuses!" and with that, Lobo aimed the gun at the boy and pulled the trigger without even flinching. The bullet flew through the air, ready to kill the boy when


something had collided with the bullet, making it fly away away from the boy. El Lobo sneered at this and took a closer look to notice something...there were two bullets in the dirt.

"Who's the dead man who shot that..." he called out, justing waiting for someone to answer...nobody did. "Well?! Who shot it?!"

"That would be me." said a cool and calm voice coming from the west side of town which was on Lobo's left, where the bullet was fired. Standing their was a man...a Gecko Anthro actually who green skin, red hair that was under a black cowboy hat, and brown eyes. He wore a red shirt with black open vest over it, black pants that held to gun holsters, a red neckerchief around his neck, and tan boots. He also held a Desert Eagle tight in his grip.

"Who the hell are you?!" shouted El Lobo as he pulled out a stick of dynamite from his jacket and readied a lighter.

"My name is Jacob. And unless you wanna die now, I suggest you surrender now." the gecko warned as he pulled out a golden star-shapped badge that said 'Sheriff' on it. El Lobo only laughed at this.

"Do you know how many people have been after my head?! 13! And it looks like you're #14!" he laighed as the wolf quickly lit the dynamite stick and through it straight at Jacob and quickly exploded where he stood. "Heh. Damn lizard. He wanted to talk, but couldn't back up those words." he laughed.

"Oh really?" asked that same voice. heads turned to see Jacob on top of The Saloon, which was a building away from where he stood, looking dead serious as he pointed his Desert Eagle at Lobo. "Is that your final answer?" Jacob asked calmly. Lobo glared at the Gecko. He was mocking him! Lobo quickly pulled out his pistols and aimed them right at Jacob.

"Hell yeah!"

And with that, Lobo's gun fired bullets straight at Jacob. Jacob's tail then spun itself into a spring as he jumped intot the air, avoiding the projectiles. As he was right above Lobo, Jacob aimed his Desert Eagle right at Lobo and unleashed a rapid-fire assualt of bullets down onto the wolf's head, cuasing it to explode and kill said wolf.

"The thing about the 13 people you kiled Lobo..." Jacob said, putting his gun back into his holster when he hit the ground, "They weren't Sheriffs." With that, he photographed the dead body and pulled out a wanted poster of El Lobo and scratched his name off the list. "Hey kid." he called out to the Dalmation boy, "What's your name?"

"'s Spot." he said, shacking in the spot he never moved from since Jacob saved him. He tensed up when he saw Jacob reach into his pocket and pulled out a bag.

"Take this to your mom and tell her 'It's from Jacob'. he said as he threw the bag at Spot for him to catch. After that, he started to leave. Spot quickly opened the bag and saw something that made his jaw drop. It was a bog filled with gold and silver. That would be more than enough to feed himself and his mother for a year!

"Thank you Jacob!" he shouted as the other townsfolk also shouted their thanks. Jacob only shoved his hand into the air and gave a piece sign.