Our mission

"Fac apel la voi, cei care s-ar asculta-ma! E timpul sa actioneze, timpul de asteptare s-a terminat! Cei care nu reusesc sa auda si asculta ... doar spune ca tatal insusi va personal se ocupa cu tine."

This is the start of the same speech I have heard many times over, and I now can say it word for word, right along with the empty minded drone of Andy's.

"You have a mission....it must be done, do not fail..." I mumbled along with him and sighed. There was still so much work to be done and yet I was stuck here, listening to this junk. As soon as thought crossed my mind, I froze and ducked my head, praying none of the others heard me. If any of them even thought for a second that I was anything but loyal to the father...i would be doomed to live the rest of my life as a mere human, the same fate that was given to my sister Ikira, bringer of joy.

I should explain. We are known as Angelus, protector of that which is holy, just, and true. I am Isharra, the one who sees. I'm also the only other that follows another. To live the life I do is our biggest crime, but it is who I am.

A poke in my side made me jump in alarm, who heard how much? I calmed down and looked to my right, it was Nekos, the perfect one who everybody inspired after. His wings were a light silver, which showed he wasn't angry. He sat straight and motioned for me to pay attention. I breathed a sigh of relief, he knew not my thoughts. I would have to go find Ravina and thank her for showing me how to guard my thoughts. How did she manage to get out of this? She should be right beside me, going through the same painfully boring lecture as me. But she was probably out in the fields wandering around, that's where I found her most days. Finally we were done and I was free to go back to work. I stood and luxuriously stretched my baby blue wings, anybodys wings would get cramped if they had to sit for that long. Nekos walked over to where I stood and smiled.

"I personally get to lead this mission, this should be exciting."

I nodded sleepily and shook a cramp out of my wing.

"That's what you said last time, when all we did was sit and wait. How exciting."

He obviously didn't hear the sarcasm in my voice for he continued on.

"You and Ravina get to come along too-by the way where is my sister?" He continued on without waiting for an answer. "Never mind. I know you'll fill her in on the details later." He stretched out his wings and made sure that when he did, they got hit by the sunlight, momentarily dazzling me. When I could see again, he had moved closer to me, his honey colored eyes fixed on mine. "The rest of the day is ours, and you still have yet to accept my dinner invitation. What holds you back from accepting it?"

His fingers brushed along the insides of my wings and it took everything I had not to give in. Everybody knew that was the way to get whatever you wanted with another Angelus, and it is impossibly hard to fight it off. I don't know why I was fighting it, I had no reason to fear, but I did.

"No, not today Nekos, I have other plans." My voice sounded feeble to even my ears, but he smiled and straightened to his full height.

"Later then, Isharra, eventually you will come." With a smile he spread out his wings and flew off into the distance. After making sure he left, I went to find Ravina.