Made: Monday, September 6, 2010

Time: 12:41a.m


I'm a poor excuse
For a human being
I don't understand
Just what I'm seeing.

Is it Heaven?
Is it Hell?
It's too dark—too light—
To tell.

I'm falling
For failing
Slowly dying
Skin paling.

These bloodshot eyes
Can't figure out
If this is real
Or what it's about.

I want to close them
Go back to sleep
But when I try
I always weep.

So help me figment
Of my mind
Save my memories
Turn back time.

The clock keeps on spinning
I don't know what to do
So I reach out blindly
Hoping to find you.

But when I close my eyes
You disappear
My insides clench
Can't stop my fear.

Then I'm dreaming
There's so many of us
We know who we are
We understand our trust.

And one by one
You face away
Your backs to me
To make me pay.

I'm losing it
As I fall to my knees
They all fade away
Leaving behind keys.

They keys to my heart
To my soul—my mind—
Rust and recycle
For no one to find.

He was better than me
Didn't he know it
I couldn't catch up
I'll always resent it.

She left me behind
The sun has no shadow
We found our limits
As she was the one to grow.

He could never love me
Knew it all along
My heart hurts and crumbles
I was always so wrong.

He needed more than laughs
I couldn't offer more
The want was there, really
But it was too much to afford.

They all had it figured out
Why drag me along?
Dump me to the side
Like a long forgotten song.

Then I wake
With a gasp
There's a hand
In my grasp.

There's a face
And a smile
And a line
Reaching miles.

I'm confused
But I smile still
It's a dream
Or I've been killed.

Life doesn't work
The way we want it to
But you know that
Don't you?

They never left me
Further down, I careen
I can always pretend
In my dreams.