As he lay in bed with his arms wrapped around her, he lowered his head slightly and breathed in her scent. He exhaled lightly, smiling; she always smelled so sweet to him.

He froze as she shifted in her sleep and let out a soft sigh. He smiled again as she rolled from her side to her back, giving him a better view of her face. He lifted his hand and slowly traced her face, then her jaw line, then her lips. At his touch, her lips parted slightly, making her look very peaceful in her slumber.

"You're so beautiful," he thought. He could almost hear her contradicting him, as it was always in her nature to do so whenever he complimented her: "You're biased." Of course; she was his wife. But that didn't mean he wasn't right.

He propped himself onto his elbow and indulged in watching her sleep for just a little bit longer before going back to sleep. His eyes trailed down to her bare legs that were tangled up in the sheets. Tonight, she had again decided to wear one of his tee shirts with her shorts to bed. The shirts had always been too large for her to wear anywhere except to bed with him. He enjoyed her choice in pajama-wear. She looked quite adorable in them.

When he felt his eyes grow heavy, he lightly kissed her forehead and pulled her closer to him. She followed in her sleep, snuggling closer to her husband. He relished in the warmth of her soft skin against his. He closed his eyes in complete bliss.

This was perfect.