He was sitting in the same corner that I thought I had seen him in this morning. I started out walking towards him, my breath cold in the night air, but as I thought of how he seemingly had been sitting there the whole day, looking like he was waiting for someone, my strides became longer and angrier.

Finally, I stood in front of him and my words came out sharply.

"How long have you been sitting here? Six hours? Are you waiting for someone?"

He looked up at me in surprise, slowly unhooking his iPod earbuds from his ears. "What?" His voice came out heavy with a foreign accent.

I was starting to shiver, despite my winter coat. "Looking at you makes feel so cold. Have you been here for at least six hours??"

It looked like he was processing these words in his mind as he nodded slowly. "I'm from Russia…I'm waiting for my ex-girlfriend…She goes to this school…"

I stared incredulously at him. "Do you know if she'll come?"

He held up his phone. "I…I'm calling her."

"But will she come?"

He paused and it didn't look like he was searching for words this time, but instead, it was like his words were reluctant to come out.

"…I don't know." And his hand sunk down to his lap sadly.

I stood there, not knowing exactly what to say. "…Are you cold? Do you want to come inside? I can sign you into the school building."

The way he moved his hand toward his mouth, like he was trying to pull English from his brain into pronounceable words… "No…I'm okay here. Just…just one more hour. Please."

"…Okay." And I nodded and slowly started to move away. I wasn't sure if I was intruding on whatever thoughts he was deep in and I wasn't sure if he wanted to be moved.

However, once inside the school building again, I couldn't stop thinking about him outside in the cold. He must've been there the whole day, just waiting for this girl who had yet to show up. Actually, had I seen him on Tuesday as well? And on Wednesday? He looked so familiar, in his thin trench coat that didn't seem to hold up against the wind at all. Exactly how long had he been there?

After one hour of wasting time on the computer, unable to concentrate, I quickly packed up my stuff and went outside again. He was still there.

And as I stood in front of him, I realized that he looked at me in surprise and with a bit of fear.

I laughed shortly. "Don't worry. I'm not here to arrest you." I pointed at the spot next to him. "Can I sit next to you?"

He nodded so I plopped down on the bench unceremoniously. "So…who's your ex-girlfriend?"

He pulled out his cell phone quickly and showed me a picture. "Her name is Carrie. She goes to this school."

"What's her full name? Can you spell it?"

He pulled out a piece of paper and wrote her full name down. I examined the letters formed by a hand unfamiliar to the curvatures of the English alphabet and at a small picture on the phone. "That's a very…common name. But she's very pretty."

He smiled faintly. "Yes I know."

"So…does she know you're here?"

He shrugged. "She might. I told…I told our friend who knows us both to tell her that I would be coming to wait for her…and I called and emailed her many times to tell her."

"But she never picked up? And she never responded?"

He looked down at the pavement and slowly shook his head. "No…she never did…"

This guy was incredible and I couldn't help staring at him incredulously. "So you've been waiting here all day, hoping that she'll come here and you'll be able to see her?"

He nodded.

"But it's Thanksgiving weekend right now so most of the students are gone…so it seems like you won't be able to see her today."

He opened his mouth hesitantly. "Yes…but I came here on…Tuesday..."

I gawked at him. "So you've been here every day since Tuesday?" Wow. Five days. "Do you have anywhere to stay? Have you been here at night too? How long are you staying here?"

He shook his head. "No…I arrived here on Tuesday and I come in the morning and leave at night…I'm staying at a hostel and I leave tomorrow morning."

"But you stay here the whole day?"

He nodded.

I looked at him and shivered in the cold. "Looking at you makes me feel so cold! Aren't you cold?"

He grinned, a surprisingly large smile lighting up his face and nodded. "Yes yes, it is so cold." Then, he fumbled in his pockets and nodded in apology. "I'm sorry." And he took out his gloves. "Please…take these. Don't feel cold!"

I laughed- his hospitality was so stereotypical. "No no! You wear them. See? I have a hood! And it's not your fault at all." I put up my hood and turned back to him. "So what year is your ex-girlfriend?"

He paused and looked at me and then put up a finger. "…one time?"

I looked at him confusedly. "So she's in her first year?"

He shook his head. "No I…can you say one time…"

Ohhh he wanted me to repeat what I had said. This time I took care to enunciate the syllables more carefully. "What year is your girlfriend in?"

He nodded in understanding. "She's in her fourth year…"

"What's her major? Finance? Business?"

He thought for a bit. "…Accounting?"

"So do you know where she lives?"

He shook his head sadly again. "I only know that she goes to this school…I have been hoping to see her while she went to class but when it was Tuesday and Wednesday, there were too many people here and it was hard to see…then…it was Thanksgiving and…nobody was here."

I looked at him carefully for a minute and then made a decision. This guy was harmless and he was so sad. It must've been a messy break up but how could he help it, being heartbroken like that? He had come all the way to New York City from halfway across the world, with absolutely no knowledge of American holidays and traditions and he had waited for five days with no results. And he was going to leave tomorrow. I wanted to cry and laugh at the same time in the desperation, stupidity, and utter foolishness of the idea. Was this kid for real?

But looking at his hopeful, but now resigned expression, I knew that this guy had really waited here for five days, completely alone because his ex-girlfriend couldn't even spare any time to come see him.

That's when I decided that I was going to help him. "Can I see her name again? I have a lot of friends in Stern- wait, does she have a Facebook?"

He nodded.

"Okay, I'll be right back, okay? I'm going to go look her up online to see what mutual friends we have, okay?"

He looked so scared, like I was going to leave him forever and I'd never come back again. "I'm going to be right back in a couple of minutes." I repeated, making sure to enunciate clearly and he nodded.

Facebook yielded that Carrie had one mutual friend with me. As I sat down next to him again outside, I quickly called our mutual friend.

She didn't pick up.

"I'm just going to sit here until she calls me back, okay? And maybe she can tell us where your girlfriend lives."

He smiled and it lit up his entire features, almost lifting the melancholy out of his eyes. "Thank you. Thank you so much. I'm just…sorry that my English isn't better and it's difficult for me to get my words out because I haven't spoken to anyone in five days…and it's so different from what I am used to."

I raised my eyebrows in surprise. "You mean I'm the first person to come talk to you all this time?" He nodded. "But how? I'm surprised that nobody else noticed that you were here!"

He shrugged. "I thought- when you first came up to me, I just thought that you would arrest me…"

I laughed. "No! Of course not! I just knew that I had seen you this morning and somehow I had suspected that I had seen you earlier this week…did you used to sit over there?" It was really weird that no one else had even come up to him. How had they not noticed that he had been sitting her the whole time? Or had they just not had the curiosity to go up to him? I only wished that I could've come up to him before, on the first day that I had seen him… "So you were the person that I noticed on Wednesday! Wow."

I shook my head at him. "You're so sad! I can't believe that you came all the way here from across the globe but you still didn't get to see her!"

He fidgeted slightly with his scarf. "Yes…but I'm really glad that I met you, because I'm so happy that you're helping me and keeping me company after all of these days…" He fumbled in his bag and pulled out a package. "Actually, I would like to share some of my favorite Russian candy with you…because I'm so glad that you're here."

The labels on the candy were full of unfamiliar characters but it was sweet and tangy at the same time in my mouth. I grinned. "Thanks. It tastes good. These aren't poisoned, right?"

He look horrified. "No no, I would never feed you poisoned things!"

I laughed. "It was a joke, calm down." Suddenly, something vibrated in my pocket.

My friends hadn't known who Carrie was and our mutual friend hadn't called me back yet. I smiled apologetically. "Sorry it's taking me a while to get hold of her, she's older than I am and I don't know that many upper classmen."

He nodded his head. "Don't worry, I am just very grateful that you're helping me. Thank you so much."

I smiled. "There's no need to thank me- you're really interesting." I sucked on the hard candy thoughtfully. "So how did you meet her? Especially since you're in Russia and she's in America?"

"I came to America in high school for an exchange program and I met her then. I stayed with her family. And then when I went back to Russia, she came to my house and stayed with my family for a program. And then we talked a lot and we dated for three years."

"Wow that's really long. How long were these programs?"

He thought for a while."The program was for a month and then she stayed at my house for ten days."

I raised my eyebrow in disbelief. "Wow, so you guys knew each other for a month and ten days and then you decided to start a long distance relationship? That's so…so reckless. Didn't you feel like a relationship is hard enough to maintain across half the world?"

"No! We saw each other every summer and winter and we talked on Skype every day."

I had to stop my cheeky grin from surfacing. "Wow, you're incredible. I broke up with someone because they were going to UPenn in Philadelphia and I considered that long distance. Don't you miss the physical part of the relationship? How can you stand it?"

"I think…" He paused and fiddled with the hole in gloves. "I think she is a very special person and that…she was worth it." He looked up and smiled. "It also helped that we saw each other twice a year."

"So how did…" I was trying to figure out how to the broach the delicate topic carefully. "Uhhh so how did you two break up?" I hoped he wasn't going to burst into tears at the mention of the break up.

He didn't seem to be that disturbed. Maybe he was even expecting it. I tried not to look too eager to hear the answer as he averted his eyes. "She never explained why…"

Ah so that's how it was- the unexplained break ups were always the hardest to get over, especially when you didn't know how you went wrong and then spent so much time afterwards, agonizing over every single moment of the relationship and examining it under the spotlight of "How did this happen? To me? To us?"

"So…she broke up with you?"

He half smiled, as if to say, Isn't that obvious? "She came to Russia last summer…for a job. It was hard work for her and she worked many hours. And I would usually go to her apartment after work…I think I was very annoying for her because I was not mature at that time…I didn't understand things. And when it was October, she wrote me an email and she said that it wasn't working out anymore and that she was not going to come again." He lifted his head, almost bravely. "But I'm going to be more mature this time and I will support her."

"Did she say why?"

He shook his head. "She said it was for complicated reasons."

Complicated reasons- they always said that and it never helped, even when they said "It's me, not you." There was no comfort in those words. "But it couldn't have been your fault- you wanted to see her and it wasn't your fault that she had to work so many hours!"

He was struggling to get his meaning across. "No…I was not mature enough for her…I only wanted things for myself, I was childish and selfish…I should've supported her more."

This was the period of self blame, there was no helping that, so I would just have to let him be. "So…did your parents approve of you coming here?"

He laughed. "No…they did not but I was determined, so I came and I sat here to wait. My friends also told me to let her go, but I can't."

I tried to pick my words carefully so as not to offend. "Has it…occurred to you that she might not want to see you right now?"

"Yes…but I want to see her and I want to show her how I have grown up and am ready for her now."

"But don't you think that absence will make a heart grow fonder?" I tried to explain my thoughts at his confused expression. "I think she might think you're intimidating right now... isn't it better to leave her alone for a while until she forgets all the bad things that she didn't like about you and then starts remembering why she liked you in the first place? And then she'll come back to you? But right now, you keep on trying to contact her and she isn't able to forget about why she broke up with you, which makes it difficult for you…"

"Yes but…I don't want her to forget about me. I don't want her to find somebody else. I need her so I will wait for her. During the summer, she suffered because of me and how childish I was. So this is nothing- it is right that I should suffer for her now as I wait for her."

Oh man, this was more serious than I thought. I had to cough to hide my smile. My phone vibrated again.

Nope, still no sign of Carrie's whereabouts and our mutual friend had still not called me back. "Hang on, ok, I'm going to call our mutual friend's roommate." He nodded patiently.

Our mutual friend's roommate informed me that she was in Canada but was going to come back later that night. So all that there could be done was to wait. I returned my phone to my pocket.

There was a slight silence before he spoke again. "I am still very glad that I came here though. Even though I had to wait here for many days…I am glad that I met you. I am glad that this was my first experience in America, even though it was colder than I expected, I am glad that I learned about how students go to school here, so it's like I'm learning about how Carrie went to school every day."

I smiled sadly. "I really hope that my mutual friend will come back soon and call me. It'll really suck if you didn't get to see her before you left. Do you know where she might live? Did she ever mention a dormitory name or a roommate's name to you?"

He shook his head.

"Do you think she might be studying somewhere?"

He looked up at me hopefully. "Do you think…maybe, could you get me into this academic building?"

I looked at him at surprise. "Of course I can! Why didn't you ask me earlier?" I was also freezing, despite my reassurances to him that my hood was sufficient for the cold.

"I didn't know…" Haha, so he hadn't understood my previous offer.

I took him on a tour inside the business school. "Yeah, so this is where classroom usually are- she probably studied around here…this is where I slept homeless over the summer because I didn't want to pay rent…this is where the student advisors are…" I also questioned any upperclassmen that I came across about the whereabouts of Carrie. None of them knew her.

Nevertheless, next to me, he looked absolutely enthralled despite that ever present expression of melancholy on his face. "All of those days that I sat outside, waiting for Carrie to come…I never would have thought that I would finally be able to come inside here. Thank you so much!"

I waved it away. "You really don't need to thank me, I'm just glad that I can help you in some way. I have to do some work for one hour though, okay?" One of my project members stood next to me – I had forgotten about revising my part of the project. Whoops. "Do you want to stay inside here?"

He stood in the lobby, contemplating the glass front of the building that overlooked the plaza. "It is warm here…"

"Yes and with this glass front, you can see anyone who is walking up the plaza to this building!" I glanced at my project partner who was waiting uneasily. "Listen, I'm just going to be in that room for about an hour, okay? How long do you think you'll be here?"

He thought for a bit. "It is my last night here so I think I want to wait a little longer tonight…I think 9."

"Okay, well, before you leave, I want you to email me with your phone, okay? Just so I can see you out." We exchanged email addresses and as I walked away with my partner, I saw that he had set up post on the rail, staring out at the plaza.

I came back a couple minutes before nine o'clock. He was still there and he waved when he saw me.

I stopped myself just in time from saying, "So still no sign of her?" That seemed too harsh, given the circumstances.

Luckily he spoke first. "I would like to give you something…" He fumbled in his bag and pulled out a sealed envelope. "This is a letter for Carrie…can you-"

"Yes of course, I'll deliver it to her."

The smile that lit across his face was stunning each time and he did another one of those half nods/half bows of gratitude. "Did you eat dinner yet?"

I thought of my makeshift dinner at 5:30. Wow so I had already basically spent two hours with him. "Yes, did you?"

"No I don't usually eat normal meals these days…"

I looked at him curiously. "Why? Do you usually pack meals for lunch and dinner while you were waiting during the day?"

He grinned sheepishly. "Well, I usually went back to the hostel and I would…just buy something from the machine, the vending machine, there."

"That's not healthy! Why didn't you eat something proper?"

He seemed even more embarrassed now. "My English is…not good." He rubbed the back of his neck. "Once…I went into a McDonald's and I ordered a hamburger and a coffee but I only got a…hamburger. I was very sad that they did not understand me…"

I laughed. "That's not true! I understand you perfectly fine! Maybe they did not hear you."

"Yes maybe…I have just been too embarrassed to order anything since that time though. So I only ate from vending machines and Japanese restaurants where I could point to the picture…"

"Oh dear." I couldn't stop the smile from spreading across my face. "Let's go, we're going to get some dinner and I will order for you, okay? Because I can understand you perfectly well!"

He grinned. "Okay."

After trying to figure out whether there was a special hamburger with mushrooms (Carrie's favorite from McDonald's), we settled down with his regular order of a hamburger, fries, and a small coffee with two sugars.

I sat next to him, chewing thoughtfully on my own order of cookies. After about three hours of companionship, it seemed like we were going to have to part after this dinner. He did have a 9 AM plane to catch after all. Nevertheless, I didn't want to leave after such a chance meeting- did things like this occur twice in a lifetime? It would just be too sad to leave with an ending like this. Oh wait, my mutual friend! She still hadn't called back!

And that's how we ended up walking to my friend's dormitory. "Maybe she'll be coming back from Canada! Or maybe we can go sit in her room and wait for her to come back!" I rationalized as we waited in the lobby of the dormitory.

Suddenly my phone rang. It was finally her.

But unfortunately, she also didn't know where Carrie lived either.

I glanced at him standing next to me. How was I going to break the bad news to him?

He seemed to already know though. "It's okay- I'm just really glad that you helped me. And I'm glad that my letter will be able to get to Carrie."

I stood awkwardly. "Yeah..." So that was probably the last straw or excuse I had to spend any more time with him- there was no point in pretending or drawing out the time. "So uh, I guess-"

"You know, I still haven't seen a lot of the city though. I was always waiting by the business school so I didn't get to explore and sight see. I only went to see things on Thanksgiving but everything was closed…" He was looking at me expectantly and I beamed.

"I can take you to see the good things in New York!"


That night, I took him to see many of the New York City sights that were still open at the late hour of night.


First, there was St. Marks, which was very unimpressive looking with its usual tattoo parlors, smoke shops, sex toy stores, and random assortment of hipster trends and restaurants along the dirty street. I smiled apologetically. "Um, this is usually a famous place because it has a lot of history…and some films were shot here."

Even though he didn't protest or anything, I could tell that he wasn't very interested. Okay, it was time to upgrade. We got on the subway to go the Rockefeller Center.

"So do you think the sex culture in Russia is very different from the sex culture in the US?" I asked, my mind still on the sex shops we had seen on St Marks.

Next to me on the subway train, he nodded vigorously. "Yes of course- I think Americans are very open about their sexuality…even things like hugging each other when people see each other, that is not done much in my country. We only hug or do things like that when we really know the person and it is still very rarely."

"That's interesting- I always hug people that I see, even if I saw them a couple of hours ago!"

He nodded understandingly. "Yes- it was very interesting to see it too, when I was waiting for Carrie." He glanced around the subway car. "Do you think…do you know if it is true that American girls will sleep with anyone? Even if they only know the other person for very little time?"

"Well…I think that American girls are more open about sleeping with other people than girls in other countries, because the culture is more open here, but not all of them are like that. I think it's like- if you were dating a Russian girl for three years, you might never get to sex, but if you were dating an American girl for maybe half a year, you would get to sex."

"Oh…that is very interesting." He thought for a bit. "But I think that America is much more open about everything in general- such as feelings, for example."

I grinned mischievously. "What, they don't talk about feelings in Russia or is this a man thing?"

"It is bad but I think it is a whole country's culture. For example, when I commute to school every morning, there are often delays, because somebody killed themselves by going in front of the train."

"That's terrible! But is it also because there's a lot of work and school pressure in Russia with placement tests and the burden of families and the general work atmosphere?"

"Yes…but I also think that it is because it is shameful to talk about your feelings of failure with other people and so people hide it in themselves until they can't hold it in anymore."

"Wow…" I looked at him. "Listen, if you ever have those feelings and you don't think you can tell them to anyone, you can tell them to me, okay? Especially because I come from a culture where it is okay to talk about feelings like that!"

He smiled gratefully. "Okay I will."

"Also, don't ever commit suicide, okay? I know it is very sad when a life is lost, but…" I thought of my father and it was hard to prevent my words from coming out sharply. "I really have no respect for people who kill themselves, especially if it is something that is able to be fixed. Unless you are going to die a very painful death in something that you cannot prevent, there is no reason to kill yourself. Because there are tons of people, people suffering from diseases, who would love to live just a couple more days or years, and then there are these people who are ungrateful and throwing away such a precious thing like life."

I took a breath after my long spiel and looked warily at him. He didn't seem to be too turned off by my strong opinions. "Yes, that is true."

Minutes later, we got off the subway station and wandered around, trying to find the Rockefeller Center. For something that was supposed to feature the largest Christmas tree in the world, it was very hard to find. I had to admit that I was ashamed of myself as a native New Yorker.

"I'm sorry that we're lost…I don't come here often because I stay by my school usually."

He shook his head kindly. "It is okay and it doesn't matter- I am very happy to just talk to you while walking."

I smiled as we turned the corner, not just because we had finally found Rockefeller Center, but also because I glowed at his words.

The giant Christmas tree wasn't lighted up but at night, Rockefeller Center was still stunning, if not a bit intimidating, with the giant Prometheus statue overlooking the ice rink. "It's too bad that the Christmas tree isn't lighted up right now – it should be decorated and everything in a couple of days though."

Next to me, he nodded as well as he could while craning his neck to look up at the tree. "Yes I have heard about this. It is very big!"

I laughed. "I'll send you a picture when it's Christmas time, okay?"

He turned to look at me. "Yes- I would also…because you've been so kind to me, I would like to buy you a coffee or something, because I am so grateful to you…"

I shook my head in protest. "No no, you don't need to! Absolutely not, I was really happy to do all of this for you. It was really interesting for me, especially in the middle of midterms week."

"You know that in my country, it is very custom for somebody to treat another person from gratitude!"

I stuck out my tongue childishly. "Yes and I also know that it is custom for the person to protest and not accept!"

He laughed and inclined his head, as if to say touché.


We went to see numerous things afterwards, such as the Christmas shop windows on Fifth Avenue, the Empire State building, Madison Square Garden…and we ended up on the Brooklyn Bridge, which was very beautiful even this late at night, with the sparkling night lights on both sides of the river.

He leaned on the railing and smiled slightly at the riverbank. "This…this is very nice. I like it very much. Thank you for taking me here."

"Yeah the scenery is really great- I cross this bridge every morning because I live in Brooklyn, so I guess I'm a little disenchanted." I laughed slightly.

There was silence as we took in the scene in front of us. He shuffled slightly next to me. "So do you usually do this? Do you usually speak to strangers like this?"

"Actually…" I thought for a second and remembered the time that I had responded to a note from a stranger that I had found upon waking up in a random study lounge. "Actually…I think I might be abnormally open to strangers- I mean, I always talk to the people that I sit next to on the airplanes. I must be a very annoying stranger- the kind that doesn't shut up or doesn't respect personal boundaries. I think I am just overly curious about everyone, even in things that don't concern me." I laughed uneasily. "But some of them are good- I became really good friends with this guy that I met on an airplane once because we both liked anime."

He grinned. "I thought so- otherwise, you wouldn't have come up to me, but I am glad you are like that. I think more people should be like that."

I turned to look at him. "But I have to say- you, you are definitely one of the more interesting strangers that I have ever met."

"I am glad…I hope nobody else is as crazy as me to sit outside for many days, waiting for someone, especially during a holiday weekend. The next time that I come to America, I will research more carefully and I will properly see everything in New York."

"Yes and when you come, you have to tell me! I will take you to see places and they will be proper tourist spots because we won't be going at late night!"

He smiled. "Yes and when you come to Russia, I will also take you around! Russia is very beautiful."

"Thank you. I hope I will visit Russia one day and I will definitely come see you."

We lapsed into silence again.

It was late night/early morning already and I had a midterm in two days which I still needed to study for. But at the same time, I didn't want to leave. He was so interesting and I wanted to learn more about him- more about Russia, more about culture differences, more about his thoughts on relationships and soul mates and marriage.

He held up his camera. "Can I…take a picture?"

I waved my hand carelessly. "Of course you can, I don't own the Brooklyn Bridge."

"No no, I meant, can I take a picture of the both of us? So I can remember my experience in America?"

And the picture that he took of both us- with the city lights of the Brooklyn Bridge in the background, we were pale in the light of the flash, I was pale from the stress of midterms week and staying indoors too often, locked in my room to read my books, and he was pale because he was Russian (?), but the smiles across our faces were wide and genuine.

It was a good picture, if I may say so myself.


Later, we said our goodbyes in the grimy subway station as we had to board our respective trains.

I stopped him before he could say anything. "Listen, I know you're going to thank me again, but you really don't need to. I mean it." I took a deep breath. "Because I just have to thank you instead- without you, I would've probably been holed up in my room, studying for midterms and stressing out over my grades. It was really bad for me, there were some days where I wouldn't see sunlight at all in my enclosed room. But then I met you and this is the most fun that I've had in two weeks. So instead of you thanking me, I really should be the one to thank you." I grinned. "Can I hug you goodbye?"

The hug we shared was brief, but warm, in the breezy subway station.

He smiled. "We'll email and Skype, okay?"


Then, the last thing that I saw of him that night was him waving at me on the platform as my train plunged into the dark tunnel to my destination.

It was ironic- I had teased him for being so quick to start a serious long distance relationship after only physically knowing a girl for a month and ten days. However, even though we had only had physically been in each other's presence for that night, we had managed to uphold a strong friendship for almost two years through emails and Skype.

Sometimes, I would pass by the spot on the bench where I had first seen him and I would remember how I had remembered him from his unique looking bag and that's how I had been able to pinpoint that he had been sitting there for so long. And then I would sigh at my memory, this wistful experience, and continue with the rest of my mundane day.


However, one day, as I walked past that place, he was sitting there.

At first I couldn't believe it. He hadn't told me that he would be coming to the United States in our last Skype session! Was this an illusion?

But as I walked closer to him, I knew it wasn't. He was actually here and he smiled as he caught my eye.

My voice returned to my throat. "What are you doing here?" I grinned mischievously. "I really hope you're not staking out in front of the business school for days, waiting for a girl of your dreams again."

He smiled and stood up, his face level with mine. "I guess it's too bad that I am."

His voice was now not as heavily accompanied with an accent, the result of many Skype sessions over the past two years that we had kept in touch.

I sought to keep my tone light hearted and teasing, but seemed to have trouble meeting his eyes. "Oh, really? Who is it? I hope she's not going to keep you waiting for days again." My voice cracked slightly at the last part of my sentence.

I felt him step closer so that our heads were almost touching, his breath warm in the cold fall air.

"No…I don't think that'll be a problem because…she's already standing in front of me."


And with that, I launched myself into his arms, feeling his warmth encircle me in our happy laughter.

Author's Note:

True story.

Names/locations/time slightly changed. The country he was from wasn't really Russia- I don't really know anything about Russia, so anything that I said about Russia definitely doesn't apply to that country.

Please review! Did anyone think it was too long or that any dialogue could've been cut out?