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Gareth checked the sun impatiently. She should have been here by now, besides, Anna was always here by midmorning, he checked again. He was getting a little angry. No, he told himself, maybe he wasn't angry, maybe he was disappointed. What the heck was taking her so long? He sighed; Merlin was probably waiting for him by now. Not that he had to go to his mentor; in fact he should probably do it on his own. Nah, he thought, what's the fun of getting in trouble without company?

Merlin sat by the ash tree, with the noonday sun beating on his shoulders, so deep in thought, that he almost didn't hear young Gareth coming, but the lad tromped by so loudly it was almost impossible not to hear him coming. "What do you want Gareth?" Merlin asked knowingly. Gareth was that type of student that when he found something, he would go straight to their teacher, or mentor. Gareth bowed his head; he did not want to seem selfish.

"It's about Anna," he said. Ah, Merlin thought, young love.

"Well? Out with it! I haven't got all day you know," he said with a twinkle in his eye.

"Umm, well I haven't seen her all day," Gareth stammered, "that is since this morning, and well, usually I would have seen her by now." For it was at least sun high by now

"Hmm, well I haven't seen either hide nor tail, and most young ladies would have been out and about by now," Merlin added, "since it is May day" he observed Gareth as he said this. Gareth blushed

"Actually I did see her this morning." He stammered. Merlin looked suspicious now

"Oh good lord! What did you do now?" Merlin snapped.

"I uh, I uh, I uh, I uh… I kissed her" he whispered, he knew Merlin had keen hearing.

"YOU WHAT? WHAT THE HECK WERE YOU THINKING! WHAT IF HER FATHER KNEW ABOUT THIS? YOU'D BE IN NECK DEEP TROUBLE!" Merlin shouted then his voice then quieted down to normal, "Come to think about it I'D be in neck deep trouble."

Gareth shrank at this, he knew his mentor would be angry, but he didn't think this angry. "Don't worry" he said, "It's not like he's ever going to know about it."

Merlin seemed to calm down at this, he looked up then he noticed that Gareth's lips were a greenish hue. He groaned.

"Gareth?" he asked weakly, his student looked up, "how long has it been since you had that potion?" His students eyes widened with terror, "oh no," Merlin groaned.

Merlin and Gareth raced, no flew, to Anna's home. Please let it not be too late, Merlin begged, please. Suddenly a roar came from the house that was just a few paces away, a huge earth shattering roar. "Oh fewments" his student muttered. "Yup," Merlin said with a half sigh, half bitter laugh, "There's gonna be a lot of fewments"

There were screams from inside the house, and the top of the roof came off. "Meap," Gareth whispered in terror as a beautiful dragon (if you were a dragon) came towering out, and what it seemed to be crying.

"Anna!" he cried, as the dragon stretched its wings, "Anna, no wait!" he said just as the dragon took flight "Anna, no." he tried to blink back the tears, no you have to be strong, you have to be strong, you have to be strong, he told himself, oh who am I kidding? Just as he was on the verge of tears, Sir Lamorak came bursting from the house practically purple from anger and embarrassment.

"Merlin!" he shouted, "I have a bone to pick with you!"

Merlin looked a little frightened; after all he wasn't the best people talker. "Y-yes, umm what do you want?" he asked

"W-what do I want?" Sir Lamorak fairly trembled with anger, "What do I WANT! You ask me what do I want, after my daughter has just been attacked by a dragon, and been taken away? And you dare ask me what do I want?"

Merlin regained his composure and was the picture of calm, "Yes I do dare," he answered, "Now come on, I haven't got all day! We're wasting sunlight."

"I want my daughter back!" Lamorak shouted.

"That can easily be arranged, seeing that my student has just finished his training on dragons (passing with flying colours if I do say so myself) and how to defeat them, he will see to it that your daughter is brought back to safety."

"Well see to it that he doesn't harm a hair on her head, for if he does…." He started mumbling a few threats. Just as Gareth was about to protest that he would never ever harm a hair on Anna's head, Merlin shoved a bunch of hemlock needles, not the poisonous ones but the ones that turn your spit green. Merlin stepped in front of Gareth and shot him a warning glance over his shoulder. "Gareth accepts." Lamorak just nodded dully and turned to go back to the house.

As they were walking back to the oak, the ash, and the thorn, Gareth started talking excitedly. "Can you believe it Merlin? Its going to be my first quest, just think to defeat a dragon!" He started bouncing like a little puppy that wanted to play.

"Mind you," Merlin said, making sure the mind numbing chatter didn't continue, "This is Anna, you're going to have to remind her about her human self."

"So how do I do that?" Gareth wondered aloud.

"Well, you may want to find her most prized possession, or something that she loved, then show her something that is relevant to dragon life to show her how horrible it is. Then you may want to show her something from a fond memory, that both of you have shared."

"What do I do after that?"

"If she is willing? Then mutter 'redeo!' " Merlin said.

"What does that mean?"

"You studied Latin, come on what does 'redeo!' mean?" Merlin gently prodded.

"It means 'come back' it does, doesn't it?" Gareth's voice wavered undecidedly.

"Correct, with that her body should be restored to her original form. But you'll need some proof that you killed a dragon."

"What? Why?" Gareth asked confused, "why do I need to prove that I killed a dragon?"

"Because you're not actually going to kill a dragon, remember, the dragon is Anna." Merlin answered gently.

"Right, blanked out on that one," Gareth sighed, "so how are we going to get proof? It's not like we can cut out her tongue. Her father would kill me!"

"Yes," Merlin said thoughtfully, "we need something that won't hurt Anna, but something that will prove that"

"Oo! Oo! Oo, I know," Gareth said, "I'll get a back spike!"

Merlin was considerate, "that actually might be a good idea, and then you don't actually have to hurt her. In fact I think that her hair might be just a tad shorter, so make sure that the rest of her hair is the same length before you come back. "

They reached the oak, the ash and the thorn. "Now," Merlin said as they were getting seated, "about your quest, what are all the answers to the questions?"

Gareth sat with a thump, thought for a second and answered, "Well for the first one I think I'll give her a daisy. For the second one I think some cattle bones or a villagers bone will do. And for the third I think a white rose for third one." Merlin raised an eyebrow at the last comment. "What?" Gareth answered defensively, silence answered him, "Look, the white rose represents when she was crying because her… her... well it doesn't matter what happened, to me that is the fondest memory I have of her."

Merlin considered all of these possibilities. "Okay, but be sure to have a backup for that last one." Gareth nodded "thank you," he murmured.

"Now go and get your things ready for your quest, you'll leave as soon as possible. Call Sheridan, you'll need his help to find Anna." Merlin said, his eyes were a little cloudy, but since it was twilight, Gareth couldn't be sure.

"Thank you Merlin," Gareth said softly, and bowed slightly. He whistled a tune and an owl came fluttering in just gulping down a mouse. Ech. Cough, cough, cough cough. What is it? The young owl asked. I barely got up! Your whistle startled it so I barely managed to get it. Gareth smirked, well with your expertise hunting; I'm not surprised that you caught that mouse. The owl blinked in surprise, fine, I'll help you out of this. What's the problem this time? Gareth swallowed nervously. You know Anna? Sheridan nodded. Well she kind of turned into a dragon, and now we need to turn her back. He closed his eyes, waiting for the owl's response, sure enough the owl practically exploded. A dragon! How could a fool like you make a huge mistake like that! I mean this is bigger than that let all of our fears come out and confront us spell! The owl sighed. Well chief, what do you want me to do? Gareth was surprised that the owl even offered. Could you please try to find the dragon's path within the two towns' area, I have to get a few things. Sheridan nodded and flew away. Gareth breathed a sigh of relief. He definitely thought the owl was going to put up a fight. Oh well. Merlin looked surprised, but he shook it off. "You best get the rose, daisy and cattle bone."

Gareth nodded. A few minutes later he was sliding down to the place where the brook stopped into a clear pool and a small waterfall that slowly dwindled into the forest. The water music and the little birds tune pleasant to his ears. Stay focused, stay focused, he thought, find that bush. He spotted the roses near the middle of the waterfall. With his dagger he cut off a single rose, put in a little rag, and then put the rag into his knapsack. He sighed, as he stood up to leave, he loved this place dearly; some of his best memories took place there. The climb was short and sweet as he went up into a cow pasture and picked a bouquet of daisies. They… the flowers, they cheered him up somehow. He shook off the strange feeling in his gut. The cattle bones weren't the easiest to find, but he managed to beg some from the butcher.

The sickle moon was halfway up in the sky before Gareth and Sheridan were a good way from any towns. They could barely see the Wicklow Mountains in the distance. It had rained earlier that day, so the evening was pleasantly cool for a summer night. Gareth and Sheridan were so tired that they could barely stay awake on their feet or wings in Sheridan's case. At the first sign of dawn, they dragged their bodies to the nearest forest pool, drank some water, and fell to sleep before they even closed their eyes.

Gareth woke up just as the sun was going down, and you could see the morning star. He felt refreshed after eating a few berries and a strip of tough dried meat. The drink of cool clear stream water made him a little more alert. Wake up Sheridan, he said, it's time to get up. The owl cautiously peeped one eye open and then the other, then closed both of them. Sun still up, she peeped, go back to sleep, wake up at dusk. Gareth sighed; he would just gather some berries until dusk.

A thunder storm started as they were halfway to the mountains. Gareth started jogging to make up for the time that they had lost sleeping. The Wicklow mountains got bigger every hour or so. By the time the moon had almost finished its course, they were almost at the base of the mountains. Where is Anna? He asked Sheridan, we should find her before she gets hungry. Then he got a bad feeling, when he had the potion he got hungry after a day or two, so she should be hungry… now. When he told Sheridan this piece of information, she wasn't very happy. Besides, she said, how are you supposed to communicate with her? Hmm, then he got it! As a dragon, Anna understands everyone! I just can't understand her, that's where you come in, you'll translate everything she says, it's perfect! Sheridan snorted, that is if she were human she would have snorted, just one thing dummy, you have to make sure she doesn't kill you first! He gulped, he forgot about how to get to her without being hurt. I'll just approach her and say that I mean her no harm. She rolled her eyes, good luck. Come on let's just get this over with.


Anna's dragon's senses were quite helpful; even though the sky was turning lighter, she recognized a familiar figure coming towards her with an owl on his shoulder. She laughed, which soon died into silence as soon as the traveler trembled, and covered their ears. This made her frown, "What do you want, Gareth?" his eyes grew wide.

"How did you know who I was?" he stammered.

Anna sighed, "I have known you since birth, Gareth, what do you want?"

"I've come to change you back." He said. Anna was shocked.

"How can you change me back? I thought this was all a curse or by mistake. Wait is it painful?" she was talking a little fast and got a coughing fit. After the dust subsided, Gareth cleared his throat.

"Umm, I uh, do you want to be changed back?" he asked gently.

"I-I don't know," she said, "I mean being a dragon has so many possibilities." "Yes, but we'll miss you, I'll miss you" Gareth said looking away, then slowly looking back at her.

"Can I try to persuade you otherwise?" Anna nodded. "Okay, thank you." He said as he started taking out a few things out of his knapsack, "I wanted to show you these." He said softly. Anna was, well she was stunned. A white rose, a daisy and some cattle's bones. Not normal things you give to a dragon, that is with the exception of the cattle's bones.

"What are these for?" she asked slowly.

Gareth answered, "The rose represents when we found our secret spot, the daisy represents a thing that you love most, and the cattle bone represents how horrible a dragon's life can be. All you do is destroy and kill innocent things, you're better than that Anna, I know you are." Anna closed her eyes and thought for a few moments, Gareth was getting a little nervous, after she didn't speak.

Finally she whispered "I'll become human." Gareth smiled.

"Good," he said, "but I have to get one thing. May I cut off a back spike?" Anna nodded.

"Thank you," he whispered, he started climbing up the tail and onto the back of her. Gareth sawed off a huge spike on her back, and slid down triumphantly.

"Okay," he said, rubbing his hands together. "Time for the magic word. Redeo!" he shouted. The cave walls repeated the word several times before finally fading away. He coughed a little because there were quite a few dust clouds thrown up for Anna was a little frightened with the sudden and loud noise. As the dust cleared, a sweet musical voice came from the middle of the dust cloud.


"Anna! Anna, make for the sunlight!"

"Okay Gareth." A pretty maiden came out of the huge dust cloud, and Gareth took her arm and said jokingly, "My lady," Anna smiled. "Now let's get you home," Gareth said nervously, "unless you want your father to tan my hide." Anna laughed.


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