The Forbidden Nights

By Alfred Symon

I hear their whispers,

Echoing in the darkness

The blunt kisses

And lonely embraces

No living lives here,

No insect or bird

No cats or dogs

Only the dead resides here

If I were you,

I would turn away

And hide in my kitchen cabinet

But I can't get out of here

We are alone, in the night of nights.

I would mourn for those souls,

Who followed up to this point

But, to whom their name must be?

Only their dreams can answer

Is it the cold air

That touched my neck?

But I can feel no fear

Especially, since I have no heart


They're near

If they get to you,

The unimaginable happens

But I can feel no fear,

I know I belong here

It's inhabited

If I hid my heart here

For you to find

Will you look for it

In this drear?

If there is a secret

Place here

Where I hid my life

Will you try to find it?

Can you hear the screams

Of the departed?

How sad and gloomy

I will soon sound like them

Will you still be with me?

I see bones and hair and blood

But I see no hope

Will we linger?

Can you still see me?

On the walls are paintings

Of people whom I do not know

Are they

One of us? Of our kind?

Soon we're lost in a maze

Of shadows and shifts

Lanes and drifts

We slowly fade away

Were did I hid my heart again?

It's in a chamber

Somewhere in this castle

In that door, I need no key

I just need to hear

The thump, the pound

The beam, the sound

To hear

Sooner or later

As I hear those screams

And shrieks of the dead

I remembered where it is

I pulled you to me

And I lay my head on your chest

I felt the hidden box,

And heard my heart beating

Don't be afraid

I'm always here

Right beside you