The Death Scene: A Monologue

By: Alfred Symon

Settings (Formal): Eloise must be in proper clothes. Only prop needed is a body of a man (Abelard, no dialogue) and environ must be clean and empty.

Settings (Informal): No props or costume whatsoever.

Characters: Eloise (First character) and Abelard (No dialogue)

(Curtains open)Abelard! Abelard! (Eloise kneel to Abelard in formal setting)Abelard, my dearest Abelard, why, oh, why did you leave me? I gave my love to you, and now, and now you lay on the ground where my tears fell and the blood of innocents was shed.

I do still remember the first time we met, on the ranch where you worked as the animal attendee. I was madly in love at first sight. I remembered how I clumsily fell into your arms on the first time I tried to ask your name. You gave me a flower, which I kept until now, wilted and dry.

Do you remember the first time you asked me out, to the lake? You assisted me to the skiff. As I touched your immersed hands, I watched your eyes glimmer under the moonlight. I remember the shine of the lampposts' light that shimmered on the waters. I still remember what I felt.

I was a risk avoider, and I feared love. I remembered mother as she cries because my father had left us, then she said that I should not love, that I would protect myself from the greatest harm possible to man, heartbrokenness. Why would I bother with it when I know it will be like what happened to my parents? But you are an exception; I started to believe as I had looked into your eyes that day on the lake.

You're the best thing I had. You changed me, there are hard times when we fight but, you always said, after our bickering, that you still remembered the day you proposed to me on the hummock and the times we kissed under the oak tree, such heaven.

But now, you are gone. On a battlefield of the war of the British and Americans, you lay, with others, some whom I know and some not. Like the others, I will remember this day, my love. Do not worry, I will remember.

(For formal setting: Eloise found the letter on Abelard's left coat pocket and read it in her mind) I love you, my Abelard.

(For informal setting) I remembered the letter I found in your left coat pocket and its contents, I love you, my Abelard.