I looked up at Violet. She was looking down at the desk, concentration contorting her face. She was working on a math project. It must have been hard because that cute little vein in her forehead was sticking out again. It stuck out whenever she was in deep concentration. I looked quickly down when she looked up at me. She smiled at me and laughed. It was a boisterous and adorable laugh. She blushed and looked down. "I hate my laugh" she muttered. I looked back up at her. She was concentrating on her work again. She has brown hair with black in it (from dying it) and little natural blonde streaks. She has the most beautiful blue-gray eyes. I always catch myself staring at them. She was wearing her metallic white half of the yin yang best friend necklace. Her best friend Katherine had the other one. They spent all their time together and they were insufferable. I looked back down at my own work. It was algebra. Ugh I hate algebra, I suck at it. I fall asleep most of the class. Just then something was thrown at Violet. It flashed past my head and I could barely make out what it was. It was smooth with groves along the sides. It was a foam kush ball. It audibly hit her head and she went down. My protective senses kicked in and I rushed over to her. Checking to make sure she was ok in hushed tones before looking around to see who had thrown it. I saw no one around. The whole class had backed up in account of the fact that I was fumed. Everyone knew not to mess with me. Whoever did this must have a death wish. I was about to start asking questions when someone who I had never seen stepped out of the crowd of scared students. He was about 5 foot 7 and skinny as a twig. I got up to pummel him right as the teacher stepped in to break it up. "What's going on here?" Mr. Ventra demanded. "Nothing "I huffed. I was so mad that I was shaking. "Someone threw something at Violet." Mr. Ventra raised his voice. "Who threw the kush ball at Violet?" everyone was quiet. "I did it." The new kid piped up. He was confident about it. Like he was proud that he had hit the most beautiful girl in the world in the face with a ball. "It's not like it hurt. It was a kush ball." Violet looked up. She had tears brimming her eyes. That was enough for me. "what's your name?" I asked him. "Brenman. Why?" he said. "so I know whos name is going on the tombstone!!!" I lunged at him. The teacher just backed off. He knew not to interfere. After I got off of Brenman, he had two black eyes already forming and maybe a broken nose. It was hard to tell with all the blood. No one told the principle. Not even Brenman. He knew what was good for him. I walked Violet to my car with my arm over her shoulder for support. She looked dizzy and she still had the red mark from the kush ball. I helped her into my car. As I got in, I looked over at her with a worried look. She looked flushed and a little sick. "maybe you should come over to my house. Since no one is home at your house. I really don't want you to be alone. You don't look very good." She looked over at me with a weak smile and nodded. I always felt safer when she was with me. I don't know what it was, maybe that she was 2 years younger than me. Or maybe I was just too overprotective. i looked out at the grey worn-down road for the rest of the ride. When we got to my house, I got out to open the door for Violet. As I opened It and she got out, she fell. I caught her right before she hit the ground. I picked her up in my arms and carried her into the house. I set her down on my bed and let her fall asleep. For the next two hours she slept. I didn't blame her. It would've taken a lot out of me too. Just from the shock. When she got up she looked groggy. It was sooo cute. She came to sit down next to me on the couch. I was watching 'kicked in hysterical places'. I looked over at her. Her hair was messy, she had tired eyes and her clothes were misaligned. Even now she is the most beautiful girl in the world. I stared at her, contentment in my eyes. She groaned as she picked up a mirror. "I look horrible" she put the mirror down and looked at me. "no, you don't Violet. You are beautiful." She blushed, as did i. my gaze lingered on hers for longer than was proper. The gaze was finally broken after the doorbell rang. God. "What the hell...?" Violet giggled at my frustrated tone of voice. When I got to the door I realized it was my teriyaki I had ordered about an hour ago. I paid the guy and gave him a tip. "Yay!!!!! I LOVE teriyaki!!" Violet said. I could smell the sweetly savory sauce from the chicken. It smelled like heaven. As we ate, Violet would take little bits of my rice and teriyaki just cause she wanted to. It was cute. She was cute. All the time. It made it hard to resist just grabbing her and kissing her. "you know, my dad always thought we would end up together" she said between bites. "really?" the longing palpable in my voice. At least to me it was.