-Year 3101-

I have forgotten how long I had been lying on here. The sun shined on me and then the moon over and over again. Sand under the left side of my body felt damp so I know it is time that waves from the ocean would hit on me again. I opened my eyes and find myself looking aimlessly into the pale red sky. I turned my body sideways facing towards the shore. Crimson red ocean water splashed onto the sand which also turned red because of the ocean water that recolored it over the last decades.

I sensed footsteps coming my way, footsteps of four legs. I turned my head to where it stood. My eyes widened with mixed feelings too hard to describe in one word. Sorrow in between joy, astonishment, and excitement. It has been over a decade since I have last seen a living thing that I have almost forgotten what it's called. It's a cat, a black one, with bells hanging from a red ribbon tied around its neck. Ocean water splashed onto me again. The cat ran away from me to avoid getting wet, it ran away for good. For the first time in over the past decades of lying here, I had a feeling in which human kind in the past had called, loneliness. Why do I have this kind of feeling? I had never felt like this even in the past decades, before the appearance of the cat. Aha! I know now! The cat must had left this feeling behind to me while it ran away. I don't like this feeling at all. I must return it to the cat! And so, for the first time in over the past hundred years, I tried to get up from the shoreline's sand. My non-living right leg and right arm still moved as responsive as it could like it never had experienced any movement stoning in the hundreds of years before. The mechanical smoothness of them had never changed.