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Chapter two: Unwelcome Thoughts

"So how'd it go?" Emma asked me the next morning at school. I rummaged through my locker to distract myself. I didn't want to seem too excited about last night.

"It went alright I suppose. Other than him taking me to Club Red." I told her and she gasped. I smirked at her reaction.

"Club Red? You're kidding!" I shook my head and she stared at me shocked. "Wow. I'm surprised you went. Were you the only human?"

"Let's just say I could count the number of humans on one hand. And that's including myself." I thought about the girl that was allowing her date to feed off her and shuddered. Thankfully Emma didn't notice and I didn't have to relive it by explaining. "The food was surprisingly good but I felt really awkward."

"Did he kiss you goodnight?" She asked with a grin. I hit her arm playfully and closed my locker.

"You know I would have killed him if he had." I couldn't stop myself from wondering what his lips would feel like. Would they taste like blood? Ugh. What was he doing to me? "As much as I hate to say it, I actually did have a good time."

"Good enough to do it again?" I jumped and turned around to see Alec smirking at me. I glared at him.

"Don't get your hopes up." He chuckled and we walked to homeroom together.

"So speaking of dates,"

"No one was talking about dates." I interjected. He ignored me.

"I hear someone else has a date coming up." He eyed Emma who in turn looked at me.

"I didn't tell him." I defended as I sat at my desk.

"No, actually Demetrius did. He sounded pretty excited about it in fact." He winked at her playfully. She blushed and started talking again about how she should cancel. She was too self-conscience for her own good.

"Emma, chill. You're going to go out, have a good time, and he's going to kiss you good night. And then you better call me and tell me how awesome it was." I said and she grinned. We kept talking about her upcoming date until class started.

Maybe it was the not-date we went out on last night, but I found myself being able to put up with Alec much more than I used to. I actually forced myself to make a rude comment a couple of times just to make sure he knew I still didn't like him. Wouldn't want him to start thinking I had feelings for him. I shuddered at the thought.

"So what do I wear?" Emma asked while we stood by her locker just before lunch. I was only half listening. This was the third time we'd had this same conversation that morning. "He hasn't said where we're going yet so I don't know if it's a casual thing or a dressy thing. God, I hate dates. They're too much trouble than their worth, you know?"

"Just ask him where he's taking you. If he doesn't tell you, tell him your dilemma. That you need to know what's appropriate. You don't want to wear a dress if he's taking you to the beach." I said and she looked at me funny.

"We don't live near a beach, Julia." I rolled my eyes.

"You get what I mean." I zoned her out again as she started her self-conscience rants again. I'd been listening to it all morning between classes. I was spacing out when a familiar laugh caught my attention. I turned to look down the hall before I realized what I was doing and saw red. Literally I saw red.

Bethany Moore was probably known best for being the prettiest girl in our school. You wouldn't think it'd be a red head but man did she rock the ginger look. To top it off, she had the best eyes, the best style, and a body that made every guy want her and every girl want to be her. I had Spanish with her but I never spoke to her. We hung out in completely different circles. She was with all the rich kids who seemed to be so happy all the time and I had...well pretty much just Emma. We were content with just having each other while Beth had to be surrounded by people who love her. She was also known for getting anything she wanted and was spoiled ridiculously by her parents. Apparently she'd found her newest plaything.

As I watched Alec laugh at her distastefully obvious way to flirt, I could help but feel a little annoyed. The annoyance continued as I tried reminding myself that I didn't care. But all my mind wanted to focus on was how she was touching his arm and smiling at him in the most sinful of ways. I wondered if he was oblivious to her advances or if he was enjoying them. Again, it's not like I cared.

"Hello? Earth to Julia. Did you hear what I just said?" I blinked and looked away from the couple.

"What? Sorry. I was spacing out." She raised an eyebrow at me. If she'd noticed my staring, she didn't comment on it.

"I was saying that you should come over and help me get ready. Like I did for your date." She said with a smirk. I decided not to correct her on the fact that it hadn't been a date, or that laying on my bed while reading a magazine didn't count as 'helping'.

"Yeah, of course. And I'll take pictures like it's prom night." I teased as we walked to the lunchroom. I used to love lunch. It was one of my favorite parts of the day. Now I dreaded it. I mean, as if the food wasn't bad enough already, they had to add blood to the menu. The principal thought it would be funny to add in Type A or AB Positive to the menu depending on the day of the week. We sat at our usual table and I frowned at the tinted windows that used to let in some actual sunshine. With all the vampire additions, I was beginning to forget what sunshine looked like.

"So my parents said yes, by the way." Alec said as he plopped down beside me. That was one thing about him that I didn't understand. He had to be one of the most ungraceful vampires I'd ever come in contact with. And he didn't understand what a greeting was. He always just started up a conversation like he'd been there the whole time. It was one of his more annoying traits but at least things were never awkward with him. He wouldn't allow it.

"Yes to what?" Emma asked. I tried to pretend like I didn't care.

"Yes to having dinner with her family."

"Wait, what? What dinner?" I was thoroughly confused. He chuckled at whatever ridiculous expression I was wearing.

"Don't tell me you forgot already. Your parents invited us over, remember?" He smirked when my expression turned horrified.

"I didn't realize you were being serious! You can't bring your parents to my house!" My face was turning a little red. He looked a hurt.

"Why not?"

"Because they'll think we're dating. Or that we'd like to be. Either way, not happening." He rolled his eyes then.

"Please, they'd only have to listen to one conversation between the two of you to know that's not true." Emma smirked at me like she knew some super special secret. I think she was thinking too much again.

"Would it make you feel better if I told you that Phoenix and Sheila would be joining us?" He asked me and I snorted.

"Are you asking me if more vampires coming into my house would make me comfortable?" I raised an eyebrow at him before continuing. "But yes, actually it would. But only because it's the two of them."

"Tell your parents we're available Friday night if that's okay with them." He looked annoying smug after that. Stupid vampire.

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