In a fantasy you are always happy.

In reality you are miserable.

In a fantasy all your dreams come true.

In reality they are all lost.

In a fantasy life is easy.

In reality it is everything but.

In a fantasy you are in control.

In reality you are only the puppet.

In a fantasy your best friend is always there and you can trust them most.

In reality they're the the ones stabbing you behind your back.

In a fantasy your family is perfect.

In reality they're horrible.

In a fantasy there is no work only fun.

In reality there is work and your fun is done.

In a fantasy you are young forever.

In reality you would age and it would be over.

In a fantasy you get whatever you want whenever you want.

In reality you have to wait and sometimes never get it.

In a fantasy your the best.

In reality your not even close.

In a fantasy your deceased is still there.

In reality you see them nowhere.

In a fantasy you are loved by your partner.

In reality your enemy took them away .

In a fantasy pain never really hurts.

In reality it always does.

In a fantasy there are happy endings.

In reality there are none there are only beginnings.