Author's Note: Hey all :D You're probably wondering, what happened to all of the chapters, right? Well after some through thinking, I decided that I will be taking down all my stories on this site. Now you're probably all hating me right about now, right? Well no worries, if you still want to read Blooming Iris or some of my other stories, you can go on wattpad (dot) com and you can still enjoy reading there...though I only have like four chapters of Blooming Iris up on wattpad (I will upload the rest soon). If you don't have an account on Wattpad, and like fictionpress a lot better and will NOT make an account on there, then that's can still read the story even if you're not a member on wattpad. If you really want to comment or something you can make an account, and vote on my story on wattpad...if not then just enjoy reading there.

I have only been on wattpad for maybe two months or so, and so far I'm loving it's so much safer to need to worry about people stealing your work or anything, and they even have a chat box, where you can enjoy chatting with your fans, and they have great clubs, and you can meet lots of new people there. I so far made a lot of new friends on wattpad, and I feel like wattpad is a very welcoming place to be at.

Sadly inkpop (another writing site I was on) is now also gone...and a lot of the inkies from inkpop have moved to wattpad and they are also loving I'm not saying you should move to wattpad or anything, but I'm just telling you it's a lot of fun, and I really am sorry for doing this...I just feel a lot safer on wattpad, and it's really an enjoyable site to be on...So PLEASE DON'T HATE ME!

Also, I will still be on this site, reading stories and all, but I will probably not update on this site anymore...I will on hopefully I will see some of my fans from fictionpress there? Again sorry!