The sun peaked up over the hill, the light gleaming red off of the bloodstained grass on the lawn of Old Main. Even the Greek theatre served as a grisly reminder of the horrific events of late, it's stone steps littered with the mangled bodies of former students, torn apart by the zombie horde. The poor bastards never had a chance. The university has been almost completely annihilated. G-Unit was the first to fall. The upperclassmen were disbelieving and lazy, and fell easily. Next was Yocum and Humphreys. With their central campus ally fallen, they did not have to resources to repel an invasion of this magnitude. Reid served as but a mere hindrance to the horde, providing the fuel it took to overcome the Maple's, Holcombe, and Futrall. The Quads seemed like they were going to survive, and perhaps even rid the campus of the zombies, but Ryan Mallett had misthrown the last explosive, and it destroyed their last remaining building. There was one last safe haven left, the fortress at the bottom of the hill. Pomfret.

Pomfret held the only true believers. The Hall Senate had been siphoning off funds for the last year and a half under the noses of the CREs, stocking the senate closet with weapons. Our resident tactician, Sable, had opted instead to draw up escape and battle plans. Building adjustments had been made, and little did housing know, Pomfret 2.0 was secretly completed, awaiting the day that all Pomfret knew was coming.

Not all of Pomfret were privy to the post-apocalyptic plans, however. It would be unreasonable to try to save everyone. There were only so many Chartwells cookies to go around, and a force of 30 was much easier to feed than a force of several hundred. It was a sobering fact, but some survivors were better than none at all.

It started as many things do, with a text message. At exactly 5:30 in the morning, RazAlert sent out the message saying that Solanum, aka the zombie disease, had been spotted on campus, but that classes would still be in session until 10 am. The message brought distress to a great many students, and a somewhat smaller number were also concerned about the zombies and their lives. But those select few knew what to do, and what they had preparing for. This was Pomfret after all, and they were not about to give it up. Not to all freshman, certainly not to Maple Hill kids, and ALSO not to zombies.