The police arrived and arrests were made while Victor was send to the hospital. It would take few days for Victor to recover but in the end there's no lasting injuries so all is well despite the fact that James Dillon was never caught. The police are still looking for the psycho but the important matter is that the whole thing is finally over but unfortunately...there are some repercussions due to good number of students sending out death threats to Victor's home.

Also there are some "evil eye" whenever some of the students from the school walks by.

Talk about ungrateful bastards, guess they like having their school shot up and themselves killed. Maybe they wanted something exciting to spice up their lives, well that or they're as fucked up as some other people are. If that's how it is, then fuck them.

As for my friends from the group when Victor was still the leader, ironically they're pretty grateful and are actually glad that we did what we did. Granted I did most of the work but still, whatever.

"So Andrew, since you're not from this state let alone this school, what are you going to do now that it's over?" one of them asked.

I thought for a moment and said, "I don't know, I did sign up for the air hockey tournament several months ago but there's seem to be a problem right now..."

"How so?"

"Lack of participants."

"No not that, they actually have a tournament for that?"

"I thought it was odd but yeah, they actually have one for that, well it,'s not like it'll be broadcasted on ESPN, that'll be silly!"

I went my way and wonder what will happen to James Dillon since he's still on the run. I hope they'll catch that guy, but in the end we'll never know until then.

At least it's finally over!